Black Massacre – Boston’s U.S. Attorney’s Woeful And Evil Pursuit of A Good Man

hare_2074103iNone of us like to be wrong. That goes in spades for government agencies such as the U.S. attorney’s office in a place like Boston or the FBI wherever it is located. You make a bad decision based on warped ideas or biased inputs and then find having started down the road you fear turning back toward the truth. So you double down and twist and turn situations to have them fit your erroneous original assumptions.

The most fundamental error in the Whitey Bulger saga which when looked at objectively is how the truth has been massacred. To do this, Whitey Bulger has had to be elevated far beyond his second-rate hoodlum status to one, as described by one of the authors benefiting from this elevation, as the most evil man on the planet. How that could possibly apply to Whitey, when even among his associates greater evil was to be found, shows how having erred in the beginning the Whitey pursuers have to reach to heights of absurdity to keep the show going on.

The U.S. Attorney’s pursuit of Whitey was not because of who he was but because it was wrongly believed that there was an illicit connection between Whitey and his brother Billy which no person in the Commonwealth ever believed until the purveyors of misinformation with hostility toward Billy Bulger such as the Globe and Herald Reporters and Alan Dershowitz and his friends infected the minds of the federal prosecutors with their malice. None of them had any idea of what was occurring in state law enforcement.

I happened to have been a top prosecutor in the county where Whitey lived and the top prosecutor doing wiretaps in Massachusetts during these times. I know that I would have taken Whitey down had I ever obtained the evidence against him to do so; and, those who know how Whitey felt about my office, as indicated in the FBI files and shown by his thrusts against my office, know that was the case. I had done tens of wiretaps against organized criminals involved in gaming and shylocking who belonged to Whitey’s factions in search of their leaders. Climbing the ladder from a low-level gaming office to the highest levels of organized crime was my tactic. It was not that of others who would later claim they first did it. The bottom line is Whitey was a target and I worked with cops, especially those in Quincy, who were almost successful in capturing him.

That we failed is clear. The reason as it now seems is Whitey and his partner Stevie Flemmi had high level connections in the FBI and the state police who were protecting them. But we did not fail for lack of trying. Nor did we fail because of anything Billy Bulger might have done.

I knew Billy and Whitey were brothers. I grew up in the same project that they lived in. I had dealt with Billy professionally and I knew him a little socially since our kids went to the same school and as project guys we had something in common. Never had I an inkling that he and Whitey were connected other than by blood; never had I a thought not to pursue Whitey because of Billy. Never did any of the aggressive law enforcement officers I worked with ever mention Billy’s name in connection with Whitey. The slander that was spread by those who had a grudge like Dershowitz or who could gain monetarily by linking the brothers in other than their sibling relationships is one of the most shameful events that has existed in the history of Boston and Massachusetts. Truly, it will forever be a disgrace to our state that a thoroughly good man who labored so hard for the public good was so libeled.

The Boston U.S. attorney being convinced by these malefactors of hate and slander and aided by ignoramuses with no idea of the happenings during the years of Whitey’s ascendency set out to get Billy. Of course that goal could not be achieved because Billy with his 37 years in public life had led a morally upright life. He for all that time was a man of integrity. Despite it grand deals given to the most evil and corrupt of men the prosecutors came up with nothing against him.

Yet, despite this, lead prosecutor Wyshak said after John Connolly was wrongfully convicted in Florida that Connolly got in trouble because of his relationship with “the Bulgers and South Boston.” 

It persists in its way. In one of the most disgraceful exhibitions of prosecutorial misuse of power the prosecutors continue to go after Billy Bulger by charging Catherine Greig with criminal contempt subjecting her to more time in prison. Greig who is doing 8 years for a non violent crime involving fraud may only be able to fight off the prosecutors for so long. To her credit she has remained steadfast to this point.

The prosecutors seek to have her lie and implicate Billy in something, anything, to justify their wrongful pursuit. That, my friends, is an example of pure evil.


  1. Matt: My wife and I saw Black Mass yesterday. Have you seen the film, and if so, do you want to discuss it?

  2. Matt: What are Greig ‘ s options here, if any? She’s pretty clearly in contempt for failing to obey the judge’s order to testify. Is there any way out of this for her short of giving the government what it wants? By the way, Sienna Miller, an accomplished actress, ( Foxcatcher American Sniper ) was chosen to play Greig in the Bulger movie, but all of her scenes were cut from the film.