Blog Programming Note: Upcoming Guest Post: Letter to Hollywood By Retired FBI Agents

(`) Joe BltzThis Sunday I will post a copy of a comment sent here that consist of a letter sent by former FBI agents to Hollywood regarding the movie Black Mass. It contains many things I agree with and some I have a different view about but I believe it fits in with the blog and sets forth ideas that are well worth considering.

It is too lengthy for a normal blog but if you are the type that enjoys having a cup of coffee on Sunday morning and reading the paper perhaps you can take time to read this. If you plan to watch the Patriot’s game you can mute the TV during commercials and read the compelling presentation that shows Special Agent John Connolly should not be in prison.

I hope you enjoy reading it.



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  2. It’s too bad the few bad eggs in law enforcement ruin it for the good ones. There seem to be many cover ups and lies going on in MA. View my timeline for a tiny bit of it. It’s quite sickening and yet everyone seems to be afraid to do anything . I can’t even get a response after 5 years, over 250 letters, faxes, emails, and thousands of documents. I married one of the bad ones.