Bring Back The Draft or Change The National Anthem

(1) American-FlagI was watching a PBS fund-raising program about the old Folk Songs of the past. Some of the old timers who were still alive performed on the stage although it is hard to believe they weren’t just faking the voices while their recordings of fifty years ago were piped over the loudspeakers. It didn’t matter to me since it looked real and brought back good memories of when my world was young and we were all brave. Yes, brave .

That’s where we lived in the home of the brave and the free and in my day we all knew at one point or another we were going to have to put on the uniform and serve our country. Not the girls, of course, but they too were brave having to put up with us.

None of my friends knew there were ways out of the draft like some who would eventually run for president who ducked it like Clinton, Howard Dean, Dick Cheney and others. I went into the service before Vietnam. The closest I got to it was when I got off a Marine plane in the Philippines which was heading there with a “crash truck” and some Recon guys. Things were relatively peaceful at that time.

I never blamed some who could get a legitimated deferment to duck going to the rice paddies fighting and dying for our country that could not decide whether to really fight or to bug out. LBJ knowing we had taken the option of winning off the table decided he’d keep the thing running so he would not be the first U.S. president to lose a war. The last thing he and his cronies cared about was how many young men died.

The big scam came about under Nixon in 1973 when on January 27 we sign the accords with North Vietnam betraying  our South Vietnam allies. We did this because the people at home had turned against the war and the Democrats in Congress refused to fund it.  That wasn’t the scam, that was the betrayal. The scam came about on the same day. That was when the draft ended. Once that happened it was clear the American people would never again rise up in opposition to a war since it would not endanger 99% of them. Only “volunteers” would war and die in the future. The American people no longer cared.

Without a draft we could all become little Donald Trumps thinking only of ourselves and our pleasures. We no longer had to be brave; we could be greedy and selfish and do nothing for the country. We could live in our own little cocoons without interacting with and understanding other Americans. Like the Trump supporters we could think evil thoughts of others who didn’t think like us. Or, we could think evil of Trump supporters.

No one had contact with any of the others. No one was forced into association with others as they were with the draft. We’ve become a nation of strangers where we have a hired military who have little or nothing to do with the rest of us.

How bad it has become is shown by  the president of Emory Nursery School seeking desperately to keep his job –  all the nursery school leaders are walking on eggs now – who had to confront students upset about seeing signs written in chalk across campus supporting Trump.

One student who met with the president reportedly said: “I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe (here). But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well … I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school.”  It is almost as if he or she was afraid of tripping over the chalk on the sidewalk?  Or was it the student deserved to have everyone think like him or her?

The president after meeting with the students empowered them by suggesting they had a legitimate beef. He sent an email saying:

After meeting with our students, I cannot dismiss their expression of feelings and concern as motivated only by political preference or over-sensitivity. Instead, the students with whom I spoke heard a message, not about political process or candidate choice, but instead about values regarding diversity and respect that clash with Emory’s own.”

In other words, supporting Trump meant you were against diversity and lacked the proper Emory respect. The president had to do something so he came up with some steps he was going to take to make sure that in the future no one at the nursery school hears or sees anything that upsets them which may include issuing free pacifiers.

Ah, America, no longer will we sing: “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”  But instead: “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet appear; O’er the land of the many who live in great fear.”

Save America. Bring back the draft!


  1. for more on Garland see


    The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite
    Meritocracy, Myth, and Power
    by James Petras / March 26th, 2016

    Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court marks a continuation and deepening of the lopsided ethno-religious representation in the US judicial system. If Garland is appointed, Jewish justices will comprise 45% of the Court, even though they represent less than 2%

  3. Paul "lefty" Hutch

    We all know how equitable the draft was. It wasn’t the protesters that stopped the war…it was the elites whose sons were running out of deferments and would have to serve that got on the phone (Southie, Savvy and Charlestown were depleted).

  4. Matt, my draft number was 242.

    Yes, it’s a volunteer army, but seems to me that those who volunteer are brave, and that they have plenty of support.

    I really like Bill C’s comments about the “ouch” generation.

    But I think that all of this “safe space” stuff is just another version of political correctness.

    The lefties have found yet another way to try to impose thought control.

    To me, whatever you call it, smacks of what the sovok commies called “counter-revolutionary” talk, for which you could be summarily arrested and sentenced.

    Say the “wrong thing,” and someone could “denounce” you and you would up in a stalinist show trial, and dead or in Siberia.

    It’s the same damn thing.

    Orlando Figues wrote a book called “The Whisperers”. Why The Whisperers? Because that’s what the sovok commies created – one had to whisper even in front of one’s children, to be careful not to say the “wrong thing,” lest one’s own children “denounce” you.

    The sovok commies even had a hero, little Pavlik Morozov, who was much esteemed because he “denounced” his own parents.

    The “ouch generation” is a tool for silencing any clear thought.

    Everything is not their fault, but the fault of Donald Trump, who must be silenced, because they have no choice but to disrupt by violence, because The Trumpster is saying the “wrong thing”.

    “Counter-revolutionary talk.”

  5. The DOJ and the FBI don’t deserve to be afraid at work. More sensitivity is required. Feelings must not be hurt.2. Remember when BHO drew a red line in Syria. He asked Congress for authority to attack. The American people said no after the Brits did. That prevented our direct involvement. So Kerry’s incredibly small attack was stopped. The American people are war weary and do care about unnecessary foreign conflicts. Minimizing American losses seems to be the main principle. The idea of putting tens of thousands of US troops in Jordan to invade Syria is a non starter. Assad is not our enemy ISIS is. Regime change in Libya, Syria and Iraq, promoted by BHO and Hillary, has proven to be a total disaster. HAPPY EASTER.

    • NC:

      1. The DOJ and FBI abets the fears of the fearful so that they can increase their power.
      2. The Obama doctrine as recently enunciated after the Brussels attack by ISIS is that we ignore the attacks and go about living as if they never happened. Or, as he says, they win if they alter our plans. Never mind that the plans of hundreds of others who were killed or injured were altered; the professor president is only concerned that his plans for golf, a baseball game, a tango, or a mountain hike not be interrupted. He let Assad trample over the Red Line because he feared that if he did something to stop him his plans for a weekend outing might be interrupted.

      Obama pusillanimity when it came to Syria is connected to his desire for pleasure. Like all academics all that is important is how the matter affects him personally. Because we did not recognize the threat from ISIS millions of people have been pushed out of Syrian and Europe has been destabilized. Assad is a threat and remains a threat. Sure the American people are war weary with the Republican intrusions into the Middle East in Iraq. We are going to be a lot more weary when ISIS opens a couple of fronts in this country.

      The idea of putting an overwhelming American military force in Jordan and moving it into Syria would have saved countless lives. There would have been little the opposition could have done against us if we did it right. We would have opened up a part of Syria that would be a safe area for millions of Syrians. We could have ensured a force of non-radical Syrians to fight with us. Assad would have fled. Russia stayed home. Iran would think twice seeing that we are serious. We could have wrapped up ISIS with little trouble.

      I’ve often heard mainly from the liberals and leftists such as Howard Zinn the many criticisms of the actions of our country. Obama is from that school as was Oily Bill and as is his wife. They go through the world pissing and moaning about the mistakes America made. Have any of them ever thought what would the world be like if America did not exist and was not active in trying to better it even though some of our actions were misguided or we were tricked into them by people looking for personal gain. How many people in the world if given the chance would want to come to what the leftists like Bernie Sanders call this “country of evil” if given the chance.

      Your prescriptions for national defense remind me what I heard Bernie say the other day. His solution for fighting ISIS is to have others do it. The people who ask him the question listen to his answer and nod their heads as if he is imparting some great wisdom. Sure, I think, it would always be nice if someone else did it. What astounds me is no one asks what will you do if the others refuse (as they always have) to do it. I yell: “ask the logical follow-up.” No one does.

      America’s mistake since WWII – even in Korea – was the refusal to win. Prime example is Vietnam. Oh, we did win in some places. Yes, we defeated the mighty Grenada – was that a city in Spain that held the American students hostage? Yes, we went into Panama to seize its dictator Noreiga – yes, the government made him into the equivalent of Whitey Bulger a supposedly great menace when he was really a small time hoodlum. We’ve seen our military (except for a few) slowly diminishing. Did you read about the Navy Captain Dusek giving away national secrets to Fat Freddie so that he could spend a couple of nights with hookers. Freddy apparently was supplying the whole 7th Fleet including the admirals. The Navy has too much time on its hands. Its admirals have more ribbons than the Russian generals that Grouch Marx used to deal with – or was it Charlie Chaplin – yet most have never been near danger. I recall seeing this young Coast Guard officer when I was in DC at a conference. He had a chest full of ribbons. I was impressed. I asked him about them. He smiled and said: “don’t be impressed – you get these things by the dozens just by hanging around.”

      That’s why we’ve got to bring back the draft; exercise our military power to save Syria by implanting two heavy divisions with all the support we can muster in Jordan and move into Syria. Israel will help although it will be under the table. We’ve got to stop being sissies and kick a little arse here and there until we can put the world back into shape. No one else can do it –

      HAPPY EASTER – (I see the response from Cadbury Candy to complaints it is downplaying Easter: “”Most of our Easter eggs don’t say Easter or egg on the front as we don’t feel the need to tell people this.” Do we take from that the idea that we will no longer be able to say Easter because there is no need to mention it. So just to be correct I amend my greeting to you to: “Happy” – you can figure out the rest)

  6. Matt, the “me” generation has morphed into the “woe is me” generation, a.k.a. the “ouch” generation. Everything hurts them. Ideas hurt. Images hurt. Lack of “diversity” hurts. To them, lack of diversity means too many white people. We all know how much it “hurts” to be around too many white people in the U.S. which is over 70% white. “Respect”, as the Emory President and most academics see it, is respect for leftist, liberal values: big government, affirmative action, secular-humanism, moral relativism, expansive welfare, open borders, sanctuary cities, legal drugs, anti-military, soft on crime, etc. History “hurts”, so Stanford stops requiring courses in the history of Western Civilization. (True!) Soon, they’ll stop requiring physicians to pass examinations in western medicine. Soon they’ll say western medicine, western science and western engineering is “racist”, hateful, hurtful and disrespectful.
    Emory’s President erred when he said the objections to the word “Trump” chalked on steps and walls was not about politics and over-sensitivity. That is precisely what it is about. Leftist politics and oversensitivity motivate today’s mindless young fascists of the “woe is me” generation, the “ouch” generation. All persons and ideas must conform to their world view or be confronted and corrected. Offenders will be sentenced to diversity training and sensitivity training. You should read about the new sensitivity training in the Marine Corps where Marines are told about how wrong “white privelege is” and how wrong it is to be ” a healthy white male heterosexual Christian.” Don’t believe it? Look it up!
    All must agree with the leftists “values” or be silenced: that’s their plan for academia (largely accomplished) and America ( its in the works). What a wonderful world it will be when there are no offending ideas, no opposing viewpoints, no harsh words, no bruised egos, no skinned knees, no c-minuses, no drill instructors and we all agree.

    • Bill:

      At one time people in America believed that our ideals of freedom and liberty grew up along with the Protestant Christian religion which as you may recall had a very many people who rebelled at the dominant teachings of the Catholic Church and sought to express their own views on how to gain salvation. Henry the 8th, I believe, put his Church, the Anglican Church of England in place of the Catholic Church but it was closely modeled after the Catholic one. That’s what a lot of the “dissenters” objected to and they spoke out and rebelled against it and were driven out of England and many ended up in America.

      America up until the middle of the 20th Century was pretty much a country dominated by Protestants who believed that God created man to be free and that meant he was to be free from oppression. As long as they remained in charge all of us benefited by their “liberal” views on this and we were comfortable living under their umbrella and going about our lives as we deemed best. Things were not perfect for many — there were lingering biases against the new strangers but it was overcome by the good will of others.

      As America became more secular and God was put to the side and their was no one who could be used as a lode star for any idea of morality or right and wrong the sluice gates were open for an anything goes type of country. it was the natural fall out from what our Protestant forefathers gave us as long as there was something that would ensure our freedoms and liberty remained. Having done away with the Protestant ethic there is no where we can look to suggest that we are entitled to freedom or liberty other than our fellow man. As you point out our fellow man has a tendency to assume that liberty only goes as far as agreeing with his positions and any deviation from it must be grave error. The absence of religious guidelines gives us no reason to object to the authoritarian tendencies of people on the left who demand compliance with their thinking in all things who seek to impose on us a dictatorship of thought and speech. All speech is fine but some speech is more fine.

    • I would argue that all the rape that occurs is the reason for the training in the military.