Commission O’Brien Vindicated! The Federal Prosecutors Slammed. The Globe’s Gambit Exposed

Youlibertybonds Can’t Say I Didn’t Tell You O’Brien Would Walk. It is sort of comforting to have called out the rogue prosecutors and those who inspired them and worked with them and be vindicated. Judge Young should have known better than to allow the case to go to the jury.  No fair minded prosecutors would ever have brought the case. It was a pure matter of everyday patronage in which judges, prosecutors, legislators, officials of government, unions and businesses engage in every day – although it is only looked upon with a suspect eye when public funds are involved which makes it a little tawdry but not illegal.

How sweet it is to read these words: “We find that the government overstepped its bounds in using federal criminal statutes to police the hiring practices of these Massachusetts state officials and did not provide sufficient evidence to establish a criminal violation of Massachusetts law under the government’s theory of the case”

An honest court following long established law rebuked the judge and the prosecutors for their gross overstepping. It returned sanity to Massachusetts federal authorities who fortunately are on their way out. Good riddance to those who sought to ingratiate themselves with the Boston Globe by joining in its endeavor to punish Probation Commissioner O’Brien whose crime seemed to be he was Irish and graduated from Boston College and sought to run an effective probation department by giving jobs to qualified people who were recommended by politicians and judges. Did anyone but me ever point out that under O’Brien crime was down, recidivism was down and the probation department doing its work effectively?

How cruel was it to ruin this man’s life because the Globe demanded he be indicted by Carmen Ortiz and her henchmen headed by Feddy Wyshak. How ignominious were the Federals to bring down all the government forces on him to push him into bankruptcy and to steal from him his good name. For shame! For shame! To make up a crime and then expand it into a racketeering charge by adding in two other innocents to make it a criminal enterprise. How disgraceful to charge these three who did not put a penny in their pockets but sought to make things better.

Imagine being charged with not hiring “the best people.” The prosecutor arrogated to himself the decision on who should have been hired. And deciding that O’Brien did not meet his standards indicted him on a felony carrying a twenty year sentence. The prosecutor whose whole carrier had been on the public payroll as a prosecutor suddenly decided he knew better who would make better probation officers than a man and two others who spent their career in that  field.

Did anyone other than me call out this huge abuse of power?  If this stood as I poined out years ago you could charge a woman selling T shirts with racketeering. Anyone doing a lawful act like picketing could be charged with racketeering.

Where is our watchdog media? Unfortunately it has made bed with the federal prosecutors. Where are our federal judges at the trial level? Is it that they are too close to the prosecutors? Or is it they curry favor with the media like the prosecutors and cozy up to  malicious destroyers of reputations like Howie Carr. Think of how many of you enjoy Carr’s mendacity and how evil and wrong he is in grinding his sordid pen into the underdog.

Go from this Globe/Ortiz/Carr vendetta to others perpetrated by this combine. Think of how they soiled the name of a great public servant of 37 years who rose to the pinnacle of power without a blemish to his name other than their fabrications about him. His crime was he had an older sibling who was a evil criminal. A Globe writer called upon people to shun him as if he belonged to an outcast race.

In these dire days when we face an uncertain future with the take over of our government by a new force of  vandals we can be thankful for the one bright light held out by he federal appeal judges. Our civilization may well rest on their shoulders.

Congratulations to O’Brien and the few who stuck by him. 



  1. Honey's Grandson Jim

    Matt now that he is vindicated does he have any recourse? What is prosecutorial misconduct and does this meet that standard. The old saying”where do I go to get my reputation back”certainly applies in this case. An honest man was brought to his knees by our Government.

    • Honey’s

      That is the problem. Prosecutors are usually immune to suit. The courts assume they act in good faith and since you do not want prosecutors worrying about being sued they are protected. Prosecutorial misconduct is usually remedied by throwing out a conviction but not in having someone go after the prosecutor.

      Unfortunately you not only don’t get your reputation back you don’t get any of the time and money or your job or the years you lost from your life. We read in the headlines about his prosecution and his acquittal is hardly mentioned. The tragedy is it should have been stopped earlier since it was all about political patronage which the Globe did a Spotlight series on and then the Globe’s person of the year felt compelled to make up a crime. I never understood why the federal judges did not see how obvious it was that thre was nothing more to the case than that.

    • To grandson:

      No, he has no recourse. Prosecutors, and judges for that matter, enjoy absolute immunity. The exceptions to that rule are exceedingly narrow, and usually only around pre-trial investigation similar to acting like a cop. A good example of the narrow exception is Fields v. Wharrie, 740 F. 3d 1107 (7th Cir. 2014). There, prosecutors knowingly used false evidence at trial that they fabricated before trial.

  2. The mayor of NYC the honorable baby killer Bill de Blasio and the Governor of NY and life long Democratic hack Andrew Coumo could not agree on how to save a deer, Massachusetts might not be the most pathetic bunch of Libtards in the Northeast

    • Daniel:

      They did finally agree and in doing so scared the poor deer to death. A truly pathetic performance.

  3. The NYT bought the Globe for $1B and sold it for $75 million, now that is a crime



  5. Google : john king mcdonald + jack o’brien. I wrote numerous times in his defense. Like Connolly, ,though I prefer not to take a victory lap in upper case.

    Carr had his usual jaded view, and writes for the Herald. Kevin Cullen is the Globe columnist with the axe grinding, although MTC unnecessarily distorted his dyspeptic views at the time.

    On balance, Victory as usual has a thousand fathers and Defeat is an orphan, here. I am willing to share paternity in this case with the irascible former Norfolk County judicial scourge, Matt Connolly, while noting that there was strong. Connolly/Mahoney blog support piping up, at the time.


  6. Kudos to Matt for being an advocate of justice in the Probation case. My guess is that two opinions were written in this matter by the Appeals Court. One a rescript ruling upholding the finding which would have been issued if Hillary won. A Democratic victory would have left the same gang of bandits in charge of the DOJ. The ruling yesterday released during Christmas week to minimize it’s impact was forced on the Appeals Court by the Trump victory. Had the Court upheld the conviction every judge in the First Circuit could have been indicted for not hiring the most qualified law clerks. This ruling was self protection by the Courts to prevent Sessions and the new DOJ from having a field day. 2. O’Brien and the others should get some good tort lawyers and sue Ortiz, Coakley, Wyshak, the Globe, the Feds, the local tv stations and the Herald for billions of dollars. Malicious prosecution, abuse of process and defamation are obvious torts that occurred. 3. The new U S Attorney in Boston should impanel a grand jury to see if there was a conspiracy to violate the Constitutional Rights of the Probation officials. Their Constitutional Right to Liberty was implicated in both the State and Federal actions. The targets of this investigation should include the media, the SJC, Ware, Coakley, the State Police, Ortiz, Wyshak, Federal law enforcement and most importantly the Globe. How many others were framed by the corrupt cabal above? Flaherty, Fitzpatrick, Connolly, Rico, Swartz, Turner and Finneran to mention a few. 4. Boston has seen twenty five years of prosecutorial abuse by the local DOJ. Hopefully a new sheriff can drain the swamp. The sole reason for the malicious attack on O’Brien was his hiring of Chris Bulger. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  7. I pray that this is the beginning of the collapse of Ortiz and Wyshak’s house of cards.

  8. O’brien was and is an honorable man who was wrongfully publicly smeared. Howie Carr and the Globe should be ashamed of their vendatta.

  9. Dear Matt,
    I think you have been the only person to publicly maintain a vigorous defense of Commissioned Obrien since the investigation was initiated.That took courage knowing how vindictive that office in the glass house at the Seaport can be.They are best at ruining reputations. Hopefully some will get retribution in that same system,

  10. Matt: Right on! Finally, some justice in Boston. A unanimous decision of a three-member panel of the appeals court slams the ever duplicitous freddy wyshak and his overly zealous prosecutorial gang. Think of all the others they’ve intimidated and ran roughshod over, twisting facts, contorting statutes, abusing federal power.

  11. This is great news!

    With all the illegal acts that get a pass from so many people, these Fed jerks kept pressing in regard to these legal acts by O’Brien et al. Shameful.