Did Asian Hitmen Murder FBI Agent Brown?

CharlatanThe Denver Guardian reported that the FBI agent Michael Brown, 42, investigating the Clinton emails killed himself, burned down his house, killed his wife, Susan, 33, but save his beagle dog, Dixie.

Wow! Speculation has it that the Clintons were at work again making sure everyone kept their mouths shut. Leaks from the FBI seem to confirm that the agent was killed by Clinton forces brought in from Asia on a private plane, believed to be owned by Jeffrey Epstein, for the purpose of killing Agent Michael Brown so that the other agents would get the message that they too better lay off.

Director Comey upon learning of his death immediately set his teams off to investigate. Brown was known as a guy most unlikely to kill himself. The initial assumption is that these weren’t really hardened killers who would carry out the murder in a callous manner; they had a heart since they put the family dog out of harm’s way.

That is how the plot unraveled and the connection to Clinton and the Asian assassins was discovered. The FBI upon finding their agent with a bullet in his head and his wife with two bullets in the back of her neck immediately brought in a trained K 9 agent with his specially trained German Shepard called Dart who had been bred to have high intelligence. They immediately took the beagle Dixie and placed him in a secure location with Dart.

In was less than an hour that Dart came out and advised his handler, FBI Agent Tryand Ketchme, that Dixie laid out the whole story on what had happened. Dixie pointed out that she had been patted by all of the Asians, there were three who were dressed in black but ungloved, and they must have left their fingerprints on him as well as DNA.

The FBI technical team immediately fine tooth combed and scoured the beagle and discovered the identity of the three Asian men. They were identified as Ded Lee, 28, Bahdhit Mahn, 26, and Gno Rhee Grett, 22.

The FBI acted quickly after discovering their identity and checked all flights leaving the United States. They learned they had already boarded a Singapore Airline flight on their way back to Asia. Two F35s intercepted the flight and forced it to return to Travis Air Force Base where it was met with several Chinese speaking FBI agents out of the San Francisco office.

They were taken back to the FBI offices in San Francisco. They were given their rights but refused to talk. Shortly afterwards three attorneys showed up to represent them. These attorneys were known to be connected to the Clinton Foundation. Seeing that it became clear to the FBI that the Clintons had to be behind the tragic murders and arsons.

Because this happened so close to the election it is not being carried by the national media which had a tradition not to file anything negative about the Democratic candidate within two weeks of an election.

The Denver Post updated the story here. As you figured reading this it is all a big hoax.


  1. Was the identity of the airplane’s pilot Hugh B. Foo-Ling?
    Didn’t he formerly fly for Asiana Airlines?

  2. What isnt a hoax is the murder of Seth Rich a DNC staffer and the possible Wiki leak source. He was shot in the back walking home in Washington DC. The Clintons somehow corrupt and infect anyone, anywhere and everything around them. Bill Clinton left his stench on the WH and if Hillary gets elected the both of them will leave a stink that will last one hundred years.

  3. Hoax or not it makes more sense than anything else Comey has made public.

  4. Well, at least we know where Whitey is, right?

  5. Matt, I understand completely. We’re all feeling punchy, I suppose, at the end of this long, bumpy road.