Early Morning Report – August 1, 2013 – Dealing With Slime

P1010069Today we look forward to another 7 or 8 witnesses to be called by the defense. They will all have something to do with the informant files or with the death of the young women who were in a sexual relationship with Stephen Flemmi. A part of the latter issue is to show the corruption that flows through the veins of the government’s star witness, Stephen Flemmi, aka,Benji Ditchman.

The grossest thing that flows through the benji ditches in Japan or the sewers of the U.S. is clean when compared to Flemmi. There has never been a more vile person than him. I’m not using hyperbole. I’m speaking down-to-earth facts or as some would say, the gospel truth.

Put aside most of his murders committed from an early age, put aside his murdering people and then yanking out their teeth, also put aside setting off a bomb in a car to blow up an attorney or murdering a friend who fled town with him out in the Las Vegas desert, and all the other murders like shooting a man waiting at a bus stop in broad daylight, and just for a second concentrate on this.

This lowest form of life murdered a young woman who he entrapped when he was 40 and she was 17 by gifting her cars, jewelry and cash and keeping her held  into a bondage to his material offerings. Not very unlike what Ariel Castro did to his three women, he used gifts as psychological bars to her ability to gain freedom. When he learned she wanted someone clean as a friend he murdered her and blamed another. This young woman had a younger sister who he also despoiled who turned to drugs to wipe out the horror of his touch and died as a drug addicted young woman. Two beautiful young woman captured in their teens by a villanous slothful pig in his 40s. That is a pretty horrid picture. But I’m not done.

This oozing slime of a man also took his step-daughter, a girl who called him father, yet he denied his paternity when confronted with it saying he was not her biological father, as if raising a child from 2 years old as one’s daughter relieves one of the name father because of a lack of blood connection, and stole her youth from her by his repeated sexual use of her, which he had the appalling gall to say was consensual, as if any girl could consent to sex with her father. She too he murdered and blamed another for her murder and tore from her head, his daughter’s head, some of her teeth to hide her identity, but did not know how many and when shown a photograph of her disinterred skull to help him refresh his recollection he refused to look at it. Her actual skull should have been put on the stand in front of him and he should have been required to look at his handy work and count her teeth.

Do you comprehend how vile this man is? Do we have words in the language to describe such a person?

But I’m not finished. There is also evidence he took his biological daughter, younger than his step-daughter, and gave her the same treatment as he gave her older sister. She too, like the younger sister of the 17-year-old girl, turned to drugs to blot out the recurring nightmares of the monster father devouring her, his offspring, to satisfy his insatiable lust, and she too, ended up being destroyed by them and dying at a young age.

Four women’s deaths directly or indirectly attributed to this man’s actions. And we’ll hear in the court today, the U,S. government arguing strenuously that the evidence of his sexual abuse of the two youngest sisters should not come into evidence against him. Yes, the same U.S. government prosecutors who called this man to testify on behalf of you and me want to keep from the jury the truth about this man. Is that something you want done on your behalf? Are you proud of your government using this man?

This is a man whose testimony your government did not need for everything he spoke about had been told by others. This is a man your government let keep more than two million dollars worth of property he gained from his life of crime and evil. The government also made sure this man who deserved the death penalty if ever anyone did escaped from it. It made his life as easy as possible in prison.

Yet it doesn’t end there. This man has testified he expects to be released from prison some day, The government has said it can’t do that because his sentence would have to be changed by a Rule 35 motion and such a motion has to be filed within a year and the year has long passed.

We are relieved until we learn there are exceptions to that year deadline which the government did not tell us about. The government says it is difficulty seeing how the exceptions would apply in this case.

What is missing in all this. What is it we need. We need an affirmative declaration by our government that it will never file any type of motion to have this man ever released from prison. We seem unable to get that. What does that tell you?


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  2. Folks: Please remember that the primary sources for the Herald and Globe writers, in their columns, op-eds and books, about all these matters, are: (1) The vile, villainous, vicious serial killer, Stephen Flemmi (2) the vile, villainous vicious serial killer John Martorano and (3) the accessory to five murderers and lifelong bullyboy Kevin Weeks, Whitey’s “virtual adopted son”, according to one writer. I recall what my lifelong friend said, “How does a prosecutor or reporter believe a single word that comes from the mouths of these vile serial killers?” I wonder if Wyshak believes Flemmi’s story that John Connolly, around 1995, while a five-years-retired FBI agent and chief of security at Boston Edison, got Edison to deliver electricity at a reduced fee to the Boston Globe? I understand Cullen’s recent book offers as a fact the FBI agent John Connolly sold C-4 explosives to the IRA. Cullen’s sole source of this malarkey? Flemmi. There was a storeowner on Broadway in Southie named John Connolly (no relation) who was involved tangentially with the IRA, as I’ve read. But, according to the meticulous Cullen, he with clean hands and no motive to lie or exaggerate except to enhance his fame and make more money selling his deceptive books and columns, according to Cullen whatever Flemmi says must be believed: from Flemmi’s sordid mind to Cullen’s columns and books: a direct pipeline: Same with Gelzinis, Carr, Lehr and O’Neil. Of course what Flemmi and Martorano say must be factual!!!! I wonder what step on the ladder of low-life acts, what low rung, is occupied by those people, prosecutors or reporters or judges, who perpetuate the patent fabrications of serial killers?

    • William:

      Gangsters do lie in fact to become a gangster you have to lie. But then again, there are the bodies and some of those gangsters knew where they were and you can’t forget all the people that you speak ill off were friends of Mr. White, in fact his only friends.

  3. Great post. The U.S. Attorney’s Office routinely files Rule 35 motions to reward cooperation after the passage of 1 year. Write letters to the editors of the Boston papers. Write letters to the U.S. Attorney. It is shameful that our government put this sick cretan on the stand. He needs to die in jail. I do have to note once again, by going to trial, Whitey has forced the sanitizing light of sunshine on the machinations of the government. Apparently, no one at the Mass U.S. Attoney’s Office has the balls to exercise adult supervision over Wyshack. Sickening stuff. The government lost its way!!

    • Tommy:

      Good point. We were again treated to a parade of governmental corruption by Whitey’s decision to go to court. However, it is too deeply a part of what government is about to expect any change. Yes there are a lot of sick things that happened and still are going on. If the government entertains a thought of releasing Flemmi then nothing anyone can do can change it. As you know I’m in absolute awe that the FBI could kill Todashev and tell us nothing about it going on to three months afterwards.

  4. Another Matthew in Texas

    I always get in trouble when I say this but I apparently have not learned from my past mistakes.

    Why would the government do such a stupid thing?

    There isn’t any benefit to releasing him and one would presume they have squeezed him dry as this is apparently the last major mob trial. If they let him out, it significantly increases the already substantial stain. Wouldn’t any deal regarding this have to be disclosed already as part of his original deal? If not, then wouldn’t this have to be an undocumented gentleman’s agreement?

    It makes so little sense and would be so detrimental that it seems implausible. I look at how the government entities have behaved from 50 years ago right up to today and I think…..Damn, MTC may be on to something here….It fits a revolting pattern of behavior.

    • Another:

      The US Attorney in NY just released a Mafia head of one of New York’s five families who pleaded guilty in 2006 to eight murders even though he was suspected in over 100. It did that because of its cooperationg. The feds took Tommy Sperrazza doing two natural life sentences without parole out of Massachusetts custody and released him after 20 or 30 years for some reason The DOJ having put Whitey at the top of its most evil list will be eternally grateful to Flemmi for his help in getting Whitey and will let him out just to show they can do it. What care they for stain, it is an in the ball park game where they are only responsible to themselves and the magic world they have created.

      They deny it was part of any original deal, but that’s their game. A witness who testified in this trial testified against his jail mate and said he had no promises from the federal government. Everyone backed him up. Then 3 months later he filed a motion to be released on account of substantial assistance to the government which the government supported and he was let out. No one could prove he had a deal before he testified since he and the government denied it and it was not in writing So things can be done with understandings. The governments failure to come right out and say it will never file a Rule 35 motion leads me to believe it intends to.

      Nothing has changed in the FBI or the government. It’s just you must do everything in your power not to get caught up in its maw.

  5. How do we stay on top of this issue? Is there a specific office holder that we could petition? Could we draft a statement for them to sign declaring that this thing will not be let out until it dies?

    I think a petition would at least put them on notice that we’re watching & won’t be going back to sleep once Whitey is put away.

    • Jeff:

      You ask a good question. I’ve been wondering that myself. We do have to stay on top of it to make sure he never gets out. Let’s keep in mind and I’ll see if I can find some way that it can be done. Even if they know we are watching, and we’re watching them now, it doesn’t seem to make much difference to them. Wyshak has all but said he won’t get out but there’s been no formal commitment. I wonder if I can find a way to have that happen.