Elizabeth Warren The Mirror Image Of Trump: Time To Throw Them Into The Trash Bin

I just read on of the most satisfying articles that has been written in a long time. It spells out exactly what has been happening in the country. Emblematic of it is the Trump of the left Elizabeth Warren. Like Trump, she’s an anti-American politician. She’s against all those things that made us into the fine country that we are and will again be if we avoid demagogues like Trump and her.

We are set upon by them because the electoral system became corrupted; the less than 20% of electorate of the far right or of the far left controls and decides who runs for the presidency. Over 70% of Americans have little choice when Election Day comes around. The last race in 2016, Trump’s opponent, though not of the far left, would have been an ideal candidate and would have been elected had she not had so many warts in her life and a crass reputation who epitomizes one of the deadly sins: greed. Now we look at Warren (and Sanders) as potential Democratic nominees.

What exists is a call for others beyond these Luddite anti-historical fringe groups to involve or re-involve themselves in politics. It is time for those who are of the great middle who appreciate what our country gives us to take it back from the fringe. Under the vainglorious Trump we’ve seen the frightful glimpse of America thrown into becoming an authoritarian country when the Congress that was established as a stop to such a happening became a doormat.

Warren in a recent speech  on December 14 at Morgan State University in Baltimore  a historically black college said:  “The rules are rigged because the rich and powerful have bought and paid for too many politicians. . . . Two sets of rules: one for the wealthy and the well-connected. And one for everybody else. That’s how a rigged system works.” Echoes of Trump trumpeting out that the election was going to be rigged when it looked like he was going to be soundly defeated until Comey and the Russians set about doing their dirty deeds.

How can you not hold in your laughter when Warren who lives in a 2 million dollar house, brings in with her husband one million a year, has a net worth in the eight figures, is a professor at Harvard points to the American system and says it is rigged by “the wealthy and well-connected?”  Isn’t she one of them?

Didn’t she become one in the system she now slams? She was raised in Oklahoma as a Methodist and said her family lived “on the ragged edge of the middle class” and “kind of hanging on at the edges by our fingernails.”   Doesn’t she see the absurdity of her contention: if it was so rigged she’d be back in Oklahoma stuck as a waitress in her aunt’s restaurant.

Isn’t it time we elected an American as president who loved America and what it has been over the years for most of us as it strives to make it better for all of us? Isn’t it time we accept that America with all its imperfections despite the enormous efforts of Trump to make it ugly still is the hope of many in the world? America is not perfect; but it is not even in the same ball park as almost all other nations when it comes to trying to make us all equal – trying a new experiment where no matter what race, nationality or creed you are equal to all others.

It is disgraceful for Elizabeth Warren to tell an audience at a historical black college that the American system is rigged. Isn’t that a message to these young college kids that they have no chance in America to better themselves? Are they to throw in the towel before they begin? What extreme narcissism comes out when Warren purports to suggest that somehow she with all her wealth and privilege will unrig the system?

No, the system isn’t rigged. We have two greedy blockheads – Trump and Warren – who have done quite well under it. If they can do it under the system we have had for the past seventy-five years so can we all. Time for Americans to appreciate what we have accomplished as a nation; time for America to elect a person who appreciates all Americans, rich or poor or on the edge of middle class, believers and non-believers, black or white or any shade in between, gay or straight, and even those who are immigrants like what our families were not too long ago.

Let’s Love America Again.

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays


  1. Christmas comes one day late—BC romps. Merry Christmas all.

  2. NC seems to enjoy accusing all Democrats with a love of the Progressive Leftists. It is simply not true. This helps his alarmist take on moderates who believe in social justice to fan fears of anything smacking of cooperative actions. It plays well until the truly dangerous path is revealed. The trampling of our capitalist allies and the rush to the dictatorships of Russia, China and, of all things, North Korea indicates the depths of this man’s depravity. The buffoonery of Senator Warren bodes ill for anyone who considers himself a “lunch-pail” Democrat.

    He wistfully touts the leadership of the murdering crews. What has he in store for the rest of us?

    Matt’s appeal to sensibility and a return to thoughtful discourse and mutual respect is what NC et al fear most.

    • Hey, who knows more about how to use our military; A draft dodging billionaire or a combat hardened 4 Star General?

      To blindly support someone that is rotting away the plinths that support the columns of our Republic, regardless of the consequences, is one of the most unpatriotic acts one can perform.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Matt, and to all commenters and readers of MOB (MattOfBoston.com)!

  4. Trump only said the election may be rigged. He never said the country was. Pocahontas said the country was. Calling the police racist and claiming the country is rigged is Democratic party gospel. Two patently false claims. At that speech she even announced she was not a woman of color refuting her own DNA test, 2. Trump should use the Reagan playbook in the border wall funding dispute . When the Boland Amendment passed prohibiting taxpayer funds for the Contras he went to other countries to raise the money. He should tell the UAE and Saudi Arabia to come up with the $4 billion for the wall or we sign a non aggression pact with Iran. Problem solved. MERRY CHRISTMAS.