() HareThe heavy money is now coming in. The betters are saying  that Whitey will not see 87; John Martorano will not make it to the New Year; and that Steve Flemmi will be seen on the streets in Boston?

Is Donald Trump the ultimate Manchurian candidate on the payroll of the Clintons?

How is it people do not see that John Connolly was only doing what he was supposed to have been doing and what was done in every other FBI office in America?

Isn’t comparing Whitey Bulger to John Gotti a little like comparing Washington Street in Boston to Fifth Avenue in New York?

Is there any greater example of judicial corruption than the appeals decision in John Connolly’s case that says any time you handle a gun during the preparation stages of a crime and a murder follows, even if the person is strangled, you can be found guilty of murder by gun?

I wonder what satisfaction AUSA Fred Wyshak gets out of indicting people who are not criminals?

What threat to society is Robert Fitzpatrick who dedicated his life to the FBI and law enforcement who Wyshak indicted for perjury while overlooking all the perjury committed by his own witnesses who also happened to be confessed murderers?

Has no one figured it out yet that the United States with its choice of only two candidates is the perfect place for bringing in a Manchurian candidate for the White House.?

Has Stevie Flemmi been living at Fred Wyshak’s house?

Have the Clintons long ago figured out that the best way to win is to ensure that their opponent is basically unelectable?

Why is it a scandal for a college student who plays NCAA hockey to gamble while it is fine for owners of professional teams to own companies in the business of gambling?

If a guy on the MBTA with a base pay of $85,000 can earn $315,000 with overtime wouldn’t it make more sense to hire two other workers at $100,000 to help him and save money?

Why if the fantasy leagues are legal and games of skill do the owners of professional teams forbid or restrict their players from participating in them?

Is there so little federal criminal business in the Boston area that the U.S. attorney has to create crimes or wait until the local media tells her what she should be pursuing?

Is the FBI overlooking terrorists as it goes around looking to make prosecutions based on lying to an FBI agent?

Will the personal assurance by Chief Justice Gants to the Muslim community of his intent to protect them balance the scales of justice toward that community giving them a higher standing in the Massachusetts justice system than others?

How can the NCAA teams take advertising money from fantasy football groups while suspending student-athletes who play those games?

Meadowlark Lemmon’s passing reminds me how my father would take me home from Boston Garden after the Harlem Globe Trotters played and before the Celtics began.

Is legal internet gambling any less pernicious than illegal internet gambling?

How can you say things have improved in Massachusetts under Charlie Baker when you visit a local Registry of Motor Vehicles office?

If we legalize some form of gambling – lottery, race track, casinos, fantasy football — what rationale is there to making other forms illegal other than we are being controlled by big money?

Why Is it fine for “good guys” to make money from gambling but not “bad guys”?

Why do the owners of fantasy businesses teams say they are not involved in gambling when they register their businesses in England as gambling enterprises?

How can something be a form of gambling and not gambling?

How is it that when Congress exempted fantasy betting from the gambling law that it turned it into a game of skill?

Is Congress that powerful that it can make something into other than what it is and if so should it not it go into the practice of alchemy?

Would someone explain what it was that made Boston’s U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz mention those City Hall calls in a federal indictment? Are not there some minimum standards she should follow before impugning the integrity of others?

Do we expect that Boston’s U.S. attorney will indict that mean old taxi cab owner for not treating his workers more civilly?

How come no one criticizes the former MA attorney general for working for a gambling outfit and lobbying her former employee, the present AG, and legislators on behalf of it, especially when her job as AG was to investigate gambling?

Do you recall the outrage when a former DA when he tried to go into the legal business of selling medical marijuana because his former job was to investigate illegal marijuana?

How was it no one considered John O’Brien the former probation commissioner and his two top assistants who led crime free lives as threats to society until Wyshak decided to make patronage illegal?

How do you indict a 50-year-old criminal defense lawyer with an impeccable reputation for attempting to interfere with an FBI investigation when you have no real investigation other than one on paper?

Does it bother Wyshak and his fellow U.S. attorneys that they deprive honest people of their livelihood so that they can pretend they are busy doing something?

Did Boston’s U.S. attorney Carmen Ortiz learn nothing from her thwarted attempt to pull a Whitey Bulger by stealing a two million dollar piece of property under false pretenses from a guy who worked all his life, 7/24, to keep it up as she did in the Caswell Motel case?

Did Boston’s U.S. attorney learn from the Aaron Swartz case that all stealing is not alike?

How is it constitutional to be charged with lying to an FBI agent when one denies committing a crime or sordid act?

Why is it we do not know how many informants of the FBI have committed terrorist acts?

How is it the FBI tries to recruits Muslims as informants and then hides the fact they tried to do it after their potential informants commit terrorist acts?

Did the FBI attempt to recruit Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

How does the FBI justify allowing some people to engage in crimes and not others while pretending the former are not doing that?

Will Romney come out of the woods and rescue the Republican Party?

If the FBI knows who committed the Gardner Museum robbery as it says why won’t it tell us who did it and what happened to the stolen art?

Why when every other profession in existence has changed do lawyers still practice and follow the rules established in the 18th Century?

Will Black Lives Matter realize some day that they are playing into the hands of those who believe black lives don’t matter?

Are there any left that regret Boston will not be hosting the Olympics in 2014?

Is there no way to control the MBTA which is the most expensive transportation system by far in the United States?

Should anyone have a guaranteed job for life?

Has Pat Buchanan finally found true love in Vladimir Putin?


  1. Rather ,

    W.C. Fields used to call Death ” The Fellow in the Bright Nightgown .” He comes shuffling around the corner eventually. Do your Best . As Annie Dillard wrote … ” The World is fixed, but it was never broken .” ( THE PILGRIM AT TINKER CREEK)

  2. Matt:
    Elbows Wychulis send you a big shout out from the top of John Brown mountain
    in Vienna Maine.

    2015 was a year of many suprises for me culminating in watching
    the life changing documentary SIRIUS

    So best wishes for you and the wife in the new year.
    and as Elbows likes to say

    When a pickpocket stands in the middle of a group
    of saints
    all he sees is their pockets

    from a never writer to an ever reader, newes!

    Courtney Brown – Death in Dallas: Remote Viewing JFK Part Two

    December 23, 2015
    Courtney Brown 8.2

    Farsight Institute director Courtney Brown discusses their latest remote viewing project The JFK Assassination. This is a two part interview. Part one is here.

    Part one probes the identity of the shooters, while part two examines who or what was behind the


  3. Matt:

    You ask: Is there so little federal criminal business in the Boston area that the U.S. attorney has to create crimes or wait until the local media tells her what she should be pursuing?

    Someone said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

    And the question you left out: Why are senior law enforcement officials above the law?


  4. Gentlemen,
    Matt….Thank you for the excellent summary response. Dead on….with just the right little touch of cynicism…that I love.

    John…good ta see ya,…how ahhhh yaaaa?

    How about a Romney/Trump Republican Ticket……….that could work, both tough and successful businessmen, and tough on foreign policy/terrorism. NOT career lawyers (no offense, Matt ) or politicians…..Trump would be on a short enough leash as V.P., but still have Romney’s ear.
    These two could restore some FEAR & RESPECT (1532, Machiavelli N.) for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  5. I AM 🙂

  6. The NEW year will be full of more injustice, more inhumanity, and more insanity, more domestic terrorism, more televised beheadings,…more bullshite…
    Just like the NEWS and the NEWSpaper is every day.
    This country is “going to hell in a hand-basket,” and we are at least halfway there.
    Matt, maybe Romney can come out of the shadows and save us, ……
    but I’m liking Trump more and more each day.
    It’s time to put a solid brass set of “Cajones” back in the Oval Office.
    The world is laughing at us.
    FDR, Harry Truman……R.I.P.

    • I forgot Ike and JFK.

      Don’t get too dizzy rolling over so many times, Gentlemen.

      God help us.

    • Rather:

      2016 will be a decisive year. Much will depend on whether ISIS continues in power and how Russia decides to act. Obama has checked out on foreign policy and Putin smells this so he’s going to run his whole army into the vacuum. Obama will do dictatorial things at home and Congress and the courts will have no idea how to stop him. The election will consume most of the news (outside of beheadings, terrorism and natural disasters).

      I start the New Year off talking about Trump. He’s a Trojan Horse. If you like Hillary vote for trump. Romney really is the only hope and I am not a Romney fan. All the others will get steamrollered by Hillary.

  7. I usually look forward to a hopeful New Year, but 2016 looks like a horror film, and i want to go back to 1981 and start over. Be safe all of you and Good Health and Fortune for 2016!!

    • Doubting:

      Good description of the upcoming year. It will be all of that. Obama will start acting like a mini-dictator putting in “executive orders” here and there while Congress will squabble back and forth. I cover the presidential race with my first three posts of the New Year. You too and all yours have a Happy New Year.

  8. “Why when every other profession in existence has changed do lawyers still practice and follow the rules established in the 18th Century?”

    OK, what exactly should change in the practice of law (other than getting FULLY on board with technology–digital signatures and the rest)? [Maybe the courts can lead the way on this. Good laugh, I know.]

    At any rate, Matt ,by virtue of your post today, our full plate has just become more full…for the rest of 2015, at least.

    On to 2016! Happy New Year all!

    • GOK:

      First, cut down on the number of crimes; do most of the work over computers; eliminate the “personality” parts of the law where some judges have favorite litigators; set up a system where the lawyers representing the litigants are anonymous; get rid of the jury in many situations; have experts in certain areas decide matters; don’t provide lawyers for people who won’t go to jail; don’t use probation for people who don’t need it; free up the judges to concentrate on important matters and not the nonsense; do away with juvenile courts; etc. There are many things that could change if all the people involved were not on the public payroll where they get paid whether they produce or don’t. In every other industry you have people who have to produce or get out; in law you hand on whether you do or not.

      Have a happy New Year’s.