F.B.I. – Agents Acting Adversely Against America’s Advantage

BlackbirdAmerica’s advantage in the world was the perception that it was a country where things were done right. We were the City on the Hill that all could look to for an example on how a government should operate. We had a presidential election every four years and there was the peaceful exchange of leaders. The military and other government forces such as the FBI stayed out of the elections. It was only in corrupt nations like Russia where the secret police were a force in the election.

Things seem to have changed this year. FBI Director James Comey has intruded into the presidential election within two weeks of the date on which people will vote. Now it appears that he has done that, in part, because there are some in the FBI who will leak information out to others for the purpose of embarrassing him if he did not follow their wishes.

What kind of organization is it that can force the hand of its leader to come down on one side of an election?  Paul Waldman in an article in the Washington Post entitled: “Republicans are now vowing Total War” writes that there is a “war going on inside the FBI . . . a group of rogue agents, mostly in New York, may be in such a fervor to destroy Hillary Clinton that they may be aggressively leaking damaging innuendo to the press against her in the waning days of the campaign. They succeeded in their apparent goal of making FBI director James Comey a tool of their campaign — . . . “

Recall that is one of the reasons given for Comey to have sent that letter to Congress, he feared leaks in his outfit. Whether any of this is true or not it is apparent that unlike at any other time in its history the FBI is perceived as undermining the American way by using its power to investigate crime and then using it against a person who its agents do not like.

Are you surprised the FBI is a political outfit that uses its investigations to favor one party over the other? You shouldn’t be if you ever heard of Deep Throat the person who provided inside information to the Washington Post reporters during Watergate times. He was second in command of the FBI but he had a grudge against Nixon. He wanted to be the director after J. Edgar Hoover died but when Nixon appointed another he sought his revenge. He played in politics and here it is so many years later the FBI is again doing it.

An op-ed piece  in the Wall Street Journal called upon Comey to resign. Another piece in the same paper tells about a feud between FBI agents and prosecutors over whether an investigation into the Clinton Foundation should be undertaken. This is really astounding when you think of it.

When was the last time news about the FBI was all over the media implicating it in trying to sway a presidential race. I do not recall it ever happening before.  Perhaps this cartoon says it all about what is going on behind those FBI walls:



  1. There is something that is totally upside down about your post, Matt.

    FBI agents investigating crimes of Lady McBubba in the course of her unbridled lust for power and a dictatorship wherein she is above the law – somehow, I don’t think that FBI agents are to blame.

    Rather, it seems to me that Lady McBubba and Obumbler got together and notified Comey of impending death by Arkancide if he did not once again “clear” the Pantsuit right before the election.

    Obumbler desiring, of course, a “legacy” for Cash for Clunkers and Kash for the Klinton Krime Family.

    In this case, Obumbler thought “c’mon man” – a phrase he has used often of late to campaign for Killery in the effort to preserve his “legacy” – she’s likeable enough to conspire with.

    Politics makes strange bedfellows – and co-conspirators.

    Thank God that there are FBI agents willing to do their job against unbridled corruption, breach of national security, and perversion of government for the benefit of the Klinton Krime Family.

  2. Finally, MTC is making an assonance of himself….couldn’t resist!

  3. By my estimation, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy ain’t what it used to be–cut in half, I’d say.

    That’s right, now it’s Half-Vast.

  4. (1) It’s over: Once again, Comey tells us Hillary is Snow White.
    (2) He said in July, about 100+ emails were “classified” on Hillary’s server and “three” had “classification markings.” Yesterday we learn at Huma’s home all emails between Hillary and Huma were searched and it’s reported they were all duplicates. But where any classified? He doesn’t say. And how about Hillary’s maid who copied classified info? He doesn’t say. I guess that all falls under the “extremely careless” category, in Comey’s eyes. She’s Snow White!
    (3) Hillary, of course, blames her “lawyers” for scrubbing work-related stuff—remember Comey told Congress he found “thousands” of work-related emails Hillary failed to turn over – – – but what difference does it make? She was ordered to turn over all work-related emails, she claimed she did, she didn’t. So what? She’s Snow White!
    Once again, Snow White dodges Sniper Fire from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

  5. The first thing the next president should do is sanitize the FBI from doorman to director. I don’t mean to shred it. There are plenty of good, honest, hard working people in there. Just a good power washing will suffice.

  6. Two days before the election, Comey says “Never Mind.” Amazing.

  7. This would NEVER happen if J Edgar was alive today! On organization founded on extortion …..mercy