FBI Agent John Connolly’s Death Sentence: Trump’s Russia Cover-up

Nothing has spelled the doom of FBI Special Agent John Connolly’s hope to be released from his unjust, and cruel and unusual sentence to a Florida prison than Trump’s desire to stop the investigation of his involvement with Russia. The plan concocted by the White House and Chairman Devin Nunes of the House intelligence committee is to bring the FBI into disrepute so that the everyday working agents are  no longer trusted and the work they do in protecting America and investigating Russia’s interference in the American way of life can be called into question.

One thing no one can deny is that John Connolly was an FBI agent who retired with honors after serving in that bureau for more than twenty years. If you believe as Trump asserts that the FBI is a corrupt outfit then it must follow that John Connolly being part of that outfit was corrupt. You cannot assert John Connolly was not corrupt and argue everyone else is. Especially when it is clear that John Connolly’s alleged corruptness is going to be used as an exhibit in Trump’s attack on the FBI.

We have already seen this happening. The Herald Columnist Howie Carr who socialized with Trump has already pointed to him as being corrupt. You can be sure he has used his vendetta against Connolly to influence Trump’s  crusade against the FBI. Having done so, you can imagine the impossibility of anyone doing a fair and impartial review of Connolly’s mind boggling sentence which is equivalent to a death sentence.

For those unfamiliar with Connolly’s case the facts are simple: it was his job in the FBI to handle top-level informants who were criminals of the highest level willing to give FBI information. Two of his informants and their gangster associates were indicted for racketeering. One of the gangsters Martorano had murdered 20 people – among them he did a contract hit of a business man (Roger Wheeler) in Oklahoma and then murdered the guy (John Callahan) who paid him to do the hit.  To get out from under the murder charges he implicated Connolly. He would get 12 years for 20 murders.

Martorano said that one of Connolly’s  top-level informants, Flemini (who had also murdered a dozen or more yet never did time as a federal or state prison inmate but was protected by prosecutors) told him that Connolly said if they did not murder John Callahan they would all go to jail. He said that was the reason he murdered Callahan.

That was the sole evidence of Connolly’s involvement in Callahan’s murder. Truly, that was it. A gangster saying he acted on what a gangster informant told him. The absolute truth is nothing Callahan could have said would have hurt Connolly. It was never shown he knew anything about Wheeler’s murder which was the only thing Callahan could implicate anyone on.

Connolly was tried in federal court in Boston alleging his involvement in Callahan’s murder but was acquitted. The jury did not believe anything testified to by Martorano. He was again tried in Florida where he was convicted and given a sentence that will have him in prison until age 100.

Connolly will spend the rest of his life in prison even though his alleged involvement in a murder came from the mouths of murderers who got unheard of deals for implicating him and even though the guy who did the murder (he wrote a book telling how he routinely murdered people who could hurt him or his friends by giving evidence) never met Connolly.

The Connolly imprisonment is the height of injustice. It is only matched by Trump’s attack on the rank and file FBI agents for the purpose of covering-up his activities with Russia. Trump to justify his unwarranted and malicious attack on the FBI must spurn any attempt to right the wrong committed to Connolly. So will his Republican allies such as Florida governor Rick Scott or the Florida judiciary fearful of Trump’s wrath.

This is a great tragedy. Connolly will die in prison. The FBI is being tarnished.  Trump in his ongoing attempts to destroy an investigation against him is damaging America’s system of justice. The great beneficiary of this is Russia.





  1. Apparently the majority of the respondents to this blog believe that there is (not was) no attempt by Russians to influence US elections, Trump aids have no culpability in this attempt and if they have any part to play, the Big Kahuna had no idea what was happening five floors below his living room. His own family never discussed this meeting when they went upstairs to drop in on papa.

    Another mind melt is the Trump apologists want us to believe that Hillary and Slick Willy colluded with the Russkies and picked up some jingle. If this was true, why didn’t they bust their thieving, murdering asses to get Hillary elected. They had her by the short-hairs and could call the tune if she got in. Unless you are saying it was they who colluded with the Russians to beat Big Kahuna.


    The Atheistic Antagonists include the ANTI-FA and the Anti-life Forces, including the Abortionists, Feminazis, Drug Pushers, and Political-Correctionists who cannot tolerate The Truth, the Light and the Way, nor can they tolerate free speech, free association nor diversity of opinion.

  3. M.A.F.I.A. = LEFTIST CABAL attacking America

    Who are the FEDS. They are gluttonous bureaucrats who overfeed themselves with delegated power and use it to excess; mostly overzealous, power-grasping federal prosecutors and federal judges who think they are legislators . .or executives . . .and also state judges and prosecutors who abuse their power . . .they are drunk with power . . .The Feds have stuffed themselves with excessive power . . .overfed, stuffed full of themselves, power mad, power abusers . . .
    The FEDS are the unjust among us in positions of powers . . . .THE FEDS stand in stark contrast to those who hunger and thirst for justice’s sake . .

    We’ve seen the FEDS infest the judiciary and prosecutors’ offices in Massachusetts, for decades . . .

  4. What’s not true in the Nunes memo?

  5. Trump is warned…”we’ll get you”

    “Former CIA counterterrorism official Phil Mudd: The FBI people “are ticked” and they’ll be saying of Trump, “You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win” http://cnn.it/2GEPZD3

    “So, the FBI people — I’m going to tell you — are ticked, and they’re going to be saying, I guarantee it, you think you could push us off this because you can try to intimidate the director, you’d better think again, Mr. President,” he continued. “You’ve been around for 13 months; we’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played, and we’re going to win.”


  6. “I[i]t is clear that John Connolly’s alleged corruptness is going to be used as an exhibit in Trump’s attack on the FBI.” What cloud of medicinal marijuana was that plucked from? If it is so used, so what? Such a specious argument will damage those who spout it. That would score a point for the Heroine Of Tuzla team.

    The Nunes Memo named specific individuals and demonstrated that they filed criminally false documents with the FISA court. Nothing more.

    Query. If the FBI has in its employ corrupt individuals, example, Morris, should the corruption be ignored in order to propagate the myth that the agency is populated solely with angels? If so that would assure the agency should be held in contempt.

  7. You’ve been alerted:

    Today’s modern malignant MAFIA is an intolerant oppressive power-abusing Leftist Cabal.

  8. Note, no rational person today can deny that these groups are predominantly leftists:
    Main Stream Media
    Atheistic Antagonists

    Today’s MAFIA is a LEFTIST CABAL, deeply entrenched in modern America, frequent abuser of power, crusher of free speech and other constitutional rights.

  9. John Connolly was wrongfully prosecuted and imprisoned in Boston and Miami by corrupt Leftists, Democrats. Their initial goal was to get the Conservative Democrat Bill Bulger. The Left was furious because the Southie Vets beat them to a pulp in the St. Pat’s Parade Case and Bill Bulger had beat them to a pulp intellectually and morally for forty years.

    Their plan cooked up by Wsyhak, Sterns, Derham, at the instigation of Dershowitz and the Boston Globe and Howie Carr (all Bill Bulger haters for decades) was to get John Connolly to impugn Bill Bulger and use John to nail Bill.

    Who are these nefarious abusers of powers. That Nebraska Jurist who was with the Military Police in Hawaii (MPH) by the name of William M. Connolly . . . look up Justice Connolly in Nebraska . . .was not the source of the acronym MAFIA, rather it was our local William M. Connolly MPH, JD.

    MAFIA =

    M . .leftist Main Stream Media (Boston Globe et al
    A . leftist Academia (Alan Dershowitz, et al)
    F = leftist FEDS including Wyshak, Sterns, Durham, Judge Tauro, and also State Judges like Judge Rottencrotch in Florida, an Israeli, likely friend of Dershowitz who broke every rule of Statutory Construction to find John Connolly guilty of Murder by Gun . .So, the F stands mainly for corrupt leftist FEDS but also includes corrupt leftist prosecutors and judges on the state level
    I = INTERNETIONALISTS …these are mainly the Imperialists, Interventionists, neo-con Internationalists, and corrupt malefactor who suck other countries dry . . . these do no t include worthile international orgs. like Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, Catholic Charities
    A – Atheistic Antagonists and Amorlists who wish to tear down Western Civilization and destroy Judaeo-Christian values/culture . . .The Atheistic Antagonists include the Feminazis, Antifa, and other radical leftists: promiscuists, agit-prop programmists. political correctionists, equality of outcome-commies, and other disdainers and would be purgers of traditional values.

    Remember the acronym MAFIA

    It’s big in art circles, already. Malignant Media, Academia, Feds, Internetionalists (braiwnwashing purple hazed digitized blue-tube conformists) and Atheistic Antagonists

    A also includes Agnostic Antagonists who stand for nothing and despise any and all who stand for something, especially their faiths.

  10. Trump and his supporters have never attacked the rank and file FBI. Trump, Sanders his spokesperson and all his allies on Fox news have attacked the top level of the DOJ and the 7th floor of the FBI. Their criticism has been directed at Comey, McCabe Strozk, Page Ohr, Yates. Baker and Rosenstein. They have gone out of the way to praise the rank and file. 2. Remember two Boston Cops Robinson and Acera went to prison for filing false affidavits to obtain search warrants in order to rob drug dealers. The Obama DOJ and FBI used false information, the fake Russian dossier, to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Republican campaign. This is the biggest political crime in American history. Comey et al have shredded our Bill of Rights. McCabe testified they couldn’t have gotten the FISA warrant without the Russian dossier. Comey told Trump months after he had used it that the dossier was salacious and unverified. They essentially admitted they used false evidence to get the warrant. Nunes said the only verifiable facts in the dossier were Russia was a country and Carter Page was a person. Crimes were committed on the FISA Court and the American people by this Democrat cabal. A Special Prosecutor , along with a Grand Jury is needed. Our democracy is at stake. The Deep State conspirators have to be removed. 3. All should see the sixties movie Seven Days in May. A coup by the Air Force leadership to remove the duly elected President is attempted. James Mattoon Scott heads the plotters. Fact follows fiction. James Mattoon Comey headed this coup against Trump. This one was by law enforcement not the military. 3. Russia’s influence in America is restricted to the Democrat Party. Hillary gets $140 million on the Uranium One deal. Bill gets a half million from a Russian bank. Hillary’s campaign boss Podesta and his brother get $30 million in lobbying fees from Moscow. The Democrats blame their foes for their own crimes. This is an old Soviet trick. The Soviets murdered 20 thousand Polish Officers in the Katyn Forrest then blamed the Germans. After WW2 the Democrats sold hundreds of millions of Eastern Europeans into Soviet bondage. It was the Republican President Reagan who liberated them. Nice try attempting to blame the Republicans for the Democrats crimes. 4. Connolly was framed by the Democrats. Stern and Dershowitz, a Hillary voter, started the process under the corrupt Clinton DOJ. He unfortunately ran into corrupt liberal judges in Boston and Fla. Tauro, Blake and Rottenbird. No honest judge would let a Mafia hit man testify against a cop he never met. The trouble O Ceasar is not in the Republicans but in the Democrats.

    • NC your usual well-argued and constructed comments have taken a bizarre and disturbing turn. Particularly disturbing and patently unfair is the nonchalant slide from Russians murdering 20,000 and Democrats enslaving Eastern Europeans all in the context of protecting your bully Trump.

      This is totally out of character for such an honorable, fair-minded, and kind hearted person you are known to be.

  11. Stephen Cohen


    The partisan fight over Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo is consuming Washington and even leading prominent liberals to question if Nunes is a Russian agent. Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University, says Russiagate has now become “much more than McCarthyism.”

  12. wa-llahi! Florida might as well give up statehood, and, officially, become part of the District of Columbia. The alphabet people have way too much say down there.