FBI Agent John Connolly’s Inexplicable Actions: How To Figure Them Out? 1/5

John Connolly the retired FBI agent who is in prison in Florida according to Whitey Bulger cannot accept that he is going to die in prison. It is hard to tell how Whitey feels about this. He presently has intense dislike for Connolly because of one thing. Connolly set up an informant file on him with the FBI. Whitey says he was never an informant. Janet Uhlar has indicted that on two occasions she has asked Connolly to admit Whitey was not an informant. He ducked the inquiry suggesting the whole story will come out after he is released from prison. Kevin Weeks said Connolly told him that 90% of the information in his informant file did not come from Whitey.

The informed reader would suggest that if Whitey is right Connolly’s side of the story will never come out. You would think if he had a side to tell he would have told it by now. That he doesn’t suggests to me there’s not much there; but also during the Wolf hearings Connolly did state his view then. I’ve suggested before that he blames the Department of Justice for his situation when he should be looking at the FBI.

I have stated before that Connolly being in the Florida prison with the next parole date set when he is 98 years old is shameful. He was convicted in 2002 in Federal court in Boston on some of the minor charges which he faced; he was found not responsible for the more significant charges. He was sentenced to ten years, a harsh sentence, but still within the guidelines at the upper most end. I had no problem with that having attended his trial and written a book about it. He should have been out in 2012 at the latest. Before that however he was charged with a murder in Florida which in my humble opinion he really had nothing to do with even putting aside the legalistic mumbo-jumbo that upheld his conviction.

I have the utmost hope that he finds some legal route to his freedom. I admire that he has been able to keep up his spirits and persevere under this enormity. However I have to admit there are things he did that I find inexplicable but even with that his initial sentence of ten years certainly more than punished him for that.

This does not have anything to do with his performance as an FBI agent. But it has to do with what he did after leaving the FBI in 1995 up through 1997 or perhaps even later. There are things he did as an agent which have given me some concern which I’ll mention later.  His actions when working in the private sector though really have me scratching my head.

Yes, some will argue he was an FBI agent and no longer had to act like one. I don’t buy it. I suggest that retiring from the FBI does not mean you jettison things you were supposed to do and believe in as an agent. After agents retire the door is open for them in many areas because they were FBI agents. Being one has always been an endorsement of their good character. FBI agents are able to secure prominent places in the community based on their having served in the FBI. They are believed to have knowledge of and a dedication to the laws of the country.

That is what I always believed anyways. I appreciated their service and figured they were totally trustworthy and on the level. I did have my trouble dealing with their job when I was in the DA’s office because of the way they interacted with local law enforcement; but I never questioned their ethics or honesty.  Never did I ever believe one to be a crook or on the other side of the law both when one was an agent or after retirement. Call me naïve but that is how I felt and still feel about almost all FBI agents.

So imagine my shock when I learned about Connolly actions in 1995.


  1. MS Freeh:

    Do you know Dr. Kevin Barrett? He’s been working on the twin towers bombing for years. You might like his stuff. He’s written a few books on the subject. Thermite figured, prominently, in at least one of them. I don’t always agree with him, but, he’s a good guy, and, a solid scholar, did his PHD work on Moroccan folk tales. There’s a lot of bickering between 911 conspiracy talking heads, but, he’s remained above all the pettiness that goes on. Catch his blog “Truth Jihad.”

  2. Matt You meant indicated not indicted
    in your hip hop lyrics above?
    Why is it every time I see a Bill C
    response I feel like I am reading WAR AND
    PEACE ?

    And no Bill C most snitches doing time
    do not get murdered. They are either put
    into protective custody or have a rep where
    they are left alone.

    As Dostoevsky said at the D Street projects

    “ the degree of civilization in a society can
    be judged by entering it’s prisons”

    and remember

    “ if you don’t like the newes
    go out and make some of your own”

    in other realities


    Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

    Article (PDF Available)  in The Open Chemical Physics Journal 2(1) · April 2009 with 548 Reads
    DOI: 10.2174/1874412500902010007

    also see


    North Liberty man part of FBI ‘invisible army’ that protects infrastructure


    Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who made anti-Trump comments, fired by the bureau, report says

  3. I can’t wait for Janet to tell us what else Whitey told her. I want her to explain why when Whitey was first arrested he said John Connolly was an honest cop, then after he found out he’d been used as an informant for 10-plus years he got mad and started changing his story. Whitey couldn’t be a snitch. Snitches get killed in prison.

    Also Janet please explain why Morris, Connolly’s boss, repeatedly said under oath that Whitey was an informant and was being carried as an informant.

    And yes, John Connolly had a dozen other Top Echelon Informants under his command and he got most of his inside info on the Mafia from Flemmi and others, so it’s not surprising he got 90% of informant info from informers not named Whitey Bulger.

    John Connolly has been telling his side of the story for over twenty years . . .he was interviewed on radio and television and called his accusers liars. He has maintained his innocence for over 20 years. He’s restricted from writing and publishing books by the rules of the Prisons. But he keeps in contact with many friends and former FBI agents who know his story, the true story, and men like former FBI agent Dick Baker has repeatedly shared John’s story on this blog and elsewhere.

    That Morris has blood on his hands was known 20 years ago when Morris confessed that he leaked the names of informants so that they would be killed and so that they couldn’t tell anyone that they were paying him off. Morris, Connolly’s Supervisor, admitted taking about $10,000 from the mobsters. Morris admitted being corrupt and admitted being an attempted murderer.

    John Connolly has denied taking any money from the mobsters. Any FED attempt to prove he has taken money has fallen flat on its face. Moreover, it is only sleaze serial murderers like Flemmi and Whitey who claim they gave John money. Flemmi said so after saying for 8 years (twice under oath) that John Connolly was an honest agent. Flemmi changed his tune when facing execution and when Wyshak offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse. Whitey, as said, when first arrested attested John Connolly was an honest agent.

    Not only does John Connolly not have blood on his hands, John Connolly is responsible for saving hundreds of lives and for putting behind bars Mafiosa responsible for hundreds of murders.

    2. I can’t wait to hear what Matt says John Connolly did wrong after 1995 . . .of course it was be based on the serial killers testimony, serial killers manufactured stories elicited after the FEDs promised them leniency and after the FEDs even gave Martorano $20,000 to re-start his life and the FEDs told Martorano he’d only serve a few more years in prison for 20 admitted murders plus he could keep all his illegally acquired assets and illegally acquired cash, plus he didn’t have to say a word about his brothers’ murders or any of his associates’ murders. What a deal? Wouldn’t you squeal anyway the FEDs wanted, sing, compose, lie through your teeth with that deal hung in front of your face?

    And Weeks, admitted accessory to five murders including the murders of young women, why he’d be out in a year of two if he sang the tune the FEDs wanted to hear. And so would Morris. And poor Whitey would keep his mouth shut too or there may be some hell hole of prison he could be sent to.

    So, we await with bated breath to hear what “evidence” we’ll hear from these stellar witnesses who’ve imparted nothing but the truth to Janet and others . . .why their whole lives through Weeks, Whitey, Martorano, Flemmi, Morris . .all of them have done nothing but live honestly and speak truthfully to one and all . . .

    The Juror I believe is the man who saw John Connolly’s petty “crimes” . . .four of which are non-crimes in my book . . .in my books (read Three Billboards . . .and Character Assassins . . .and The FIX . . .) and the one crime he was convicted of during his 22 year Stellar career as an FBI agent, being the man most responsible for taking down the entire New England Mafia (so said Joe Pistone, “Johnny Brasco”) . . .the one crime John was convicted of by the Boston Federal Jury during his 22 years as an honorable, courageous FBI agent was this: “Handing a Case of Wine to his boss John Morris; which case of wine contained, according to Morris, an envelope, which contained $1,000 in cash.”

    John Connolly was never convicted of taking a dime. Never convicted of being involved in any violent act or in any murder, directly or indirectly, by the Boston Jury, and the corrupt Judge Tauro (I use corrupt here decidedly as I believe Tauro was biased and his sentence not just excessively harsh but absurdly harsh and his sentence bespeaks a hostile animus disproportionate to the crime . . .”within the sentencing guidelines” is crock, because the judge must be guided by the facts, not the legalistic mumbo jumbo (obstruction of justice; lying to an FBI agent . . . .read the books and you’ll laugh and ridicule as I do the innocent acts that the FEDs packaged as OBSTRUCTION, for example, telling someone you heard an indictment was coming down . . .and it’s too bad Tauro didn’t think like the Juror who said he wouldn’t have convicted John on even one count if he thought he’d spend one day in prison . . .and corruptly Judge Tauro sentenced him to 10 years . . . .I mean folks, there is kind of a gap, a gap the size of the Grand Canyon, between Tauro’s conceptualization of the offenses and at least one of the jurors. 10 years versus “not one day” in prison. They both heard all the same evidence.

    And remember, too, the next day in the Boston Globe, the sub-headline was “Connolly acquitted of all the serious offenses” . . .Globe Reporters thought that he basically had beaten the rap . . .and John’s own lawyer was celebrating, too, publicly, speaking and acting like she’d won . . .and expecting, no doubt, probation or a year or two sentence, suspended, or some sort of slap on the wrist . . .

    Tauro’s exceedingly harsh sentence can only be explained by a biased mind and hateful, heartless disposition that disregarded the facts . . . .perhaps Judge Tauro’s mind too was poisoned by the Federal Prosecutors and the biased, hateful Talk Show (Carr et alia) and Press (Boston Globe et alia) coverage of the Trial and the prejudicial leaks from the FEDs to the press . . . .

    Well, I await for Janet to tell us the details: Please Janet list the names of all the other agents, Boston Police, State Police that Whitey told you he was paying off . . .and let’s hear the details of those murders he’s told you about . . .I’m sure detectives will be interested in your stories . . .

    And, Matt, let’s hear your views . . . .Monday Morning Quarterbacking . . .on what John Connolly did after 1995 . . .and keep in mind your views are based on perjurious serial killers stories, like Kevin Weeks, a career bully-criminal-gangster who hired a BU professor to help him write a book . . .we know Kevin didn’t write it . . . .to tell Kevin’s version of what someone (Whitey or Flemmi) told him 30 years ago . . .when he was in his late teens or early twenties and a worldly wise young man who knew it all and who never could be conned or mistaken or deluded. . .

    And we all remember, when Kevin said Whitey showed him 20 envelopes with “the names of 20 police officers on the envelopes”, with cash in the envelopes, Kevin could only recall one name, which turned out to be a cop’s name who never got within ten miles of Whitey . . . .and it never dawned on Kevin, that Whitey would not write down the names of people he was paying off on envelopes (in his own handwriting) . . .and it never dawned on Kevin that Whitey was showing Kevin these envelopes so Kevin would think Whitey had cops on his payroll, so if Kevin saw Whitey meeting with a Cop or heard he was meeting with a Cop or FBI agent, Kevin would think:”That’s because Whitey has them all on his payroll.”

    So, let’s hear from Janet her conclusions about who killed whom . . .Grand Juries love to hear this stuff . . .who knows Janet may have uncovered facts the FEDs missed . .

    .and let’s hear from Matt what he concludes John Connolly did wrong after 1995, since it seems Matt is invoking some special new law that applies to retired cops, FBI agents, retired lawyers, retired doctors, that these retirees must not act like the private citizens they are, but must continue to act only as cops, agents, lawyers, doctors for the rest of their lives . . .or else Judges like Tauro and Fed Prosecutors like Wyshak will send them to prison for the rest of their lives for acting like private citizens, when in fact, they are private citizens, but as we all don’t know, a retired physician, cop must be held to a higher standard under some non-promulgated rule or else he’ll be subject to ten years in prison for writing a defamatory letter to a judge . . .while retired . . . .or else . . . .yuh, let’s create a society where everyone lives in fear of FEDERAL PROSECUTION for speaking their minds, following their consciences, criticizing colleagues, communicating with judges and lawyers as private citizens, calling lawyers’ offices . . .how dare they . . . .

    CONCLUSION: Let the whirling dervishes whirl . . .and let’s not ever miss the big picture . . . .John Connolly, an innocent, honorable man, was framed in order to target another innocent honorable man, Bill Bulger . . . . like a Federal Judge recently said, admonishing federal prosecutors: “You FEDs want him to sing or compose against somebody else” . . .NEWSFLASH: In our more recently corrupted society, the FEDs abuse the Criminal Justice System and squeeze witnesses to go after folks, oftentimes to settle political scores . . .not to administer Justice . . .
    Janet’s been fooled by Javert . . .let’s hope Matt sees through the corrupt Federal Prosecutor’s plots and ploys . . .

    • Bill:

      The snitches who are in the process of testifying are housed together in special units (Sandstone FCI). Once they finish ratting, they’re transferred into the regular population. The lower a stand-up con gets in security level, the more likely he/she will run into government cheese-eaters. By the time one gets to camp, 90% of the people you’re housed with are squeaking rats. The only way to ferret them out is to bust into their locker, and, get a peek at their PSI. They can’t really be ostracized, because, most of the inmates at the lower security levels are rats. The lower security classification (camp) is one of the ways the G rewards them for snitching. Violence? I didn’t see any. Nobody wants to screw up their bit and get more time.

  4. Mueller and Wyshak withheld the critical Fitzpatrick exculpatory evidence for 10 years. Prosecutors are obligated to disclose all Brady material. Along with the other violations of his Constitutional Rights ( Due Process and Double Jeopardy } any fair judge would throw out his Florida conviction. 2. Three new judges in the Federal Court in South Florida are about to be confirmed. They may be honest individuals unlike Tauro, Blake and Rottenberg. Connolly has to file a pro se writ of habeas corpus asserting those violations of his Rights. If he is given a hearing he will be freed. 3. Calling the Tauro ten year sentence somewhat harsh is comparable to saying that Stalin treated the Ukrainians harshly. It was a cruel and preposterous sentence. Martha Stewart got 90 days for similar acts. Tauro was totally dishonest and corrupt to the core. Earl Cooley who had an agenda against Whitey and Bellotti who had an agenda against Sen. Bulger were his close friends. He should have recused himself. He was biased and partisan. It was an effort to squeeze Connolly into providing info on Sen Bulger as you have previously noted. The Deep State wanted him to sing or compose a corrupt act involving the Senator. 3. When a career criminal and serial killer states that a cop is crooked when he previously stated he was honest he has no credibility. Only a buffoon of a prosecutor would credit that.. 4. Catherine Grieg gets ten years for being Whitey’s girlfriend. Usama Bin Laden’s wife is never arrested. John Gotti’s wife and Al Capone’s wife are never charged. Is that Equal Protection of the Law? The media have defamed South Boston residents for years. They can be deprived of basic fairness? Thus Wyshak can engage in a gross abuse of power. Trump has to drain the swamp and bring the Deep State to it’s knees.

  5. There are corrupt individuals in every organization. To say that Connolly was corrupt in no way condemns the Bureau as a whole. I know retired FBI agents whom I have great respect for.
    Connolly believed that he would be out of prison by now. He intended to tell his story when released. His refusal to comment on the authenticity of the FBI file on Jim Bulger does not in anyway indicate that the file was authentic or that Bulger was an informant. It simply means that Connolly still has hope for telling his own story one day.
    The file was created to explain why Connolly and Morris met so frequently with Bulger. According to Bulger, they sold him information; information they knew would lead to the death of certain individuals. According to Bulger, Morris is guilty of being an accessory to murder in more than 2 cases, and Connolly has blood on his hands as well.