FBI Agent John Connolly’s Inexplicable Actions: How To Figure Them Out? 2/5

You all know Steve Flemmi. He is the worst person who ever walked the streets of Boston. Truly, he is even worse than even John Martorano by many degrees. He murdered his girlfriend of many years because she tired of him; he murdered the daughter who called him Dad after she fell apart because he molested her as a child. He cavalierly suggested he many have murdered up to fifty people.

One of the most shocking things I heard about 84-year-old Flemmi was what he said during the trial a month or so ago where he was put on the stand to testify against his one time best friend, Frank Salemme.  According to a report Salemme’s lawyer “pushed him. He leaned into the microphone and slowly asked him, “You’re hoping to leave prison before you die?” “Where there’s life, there’s hope,” Flemmi finally said. “Anything can happen in this world.”

Yes, that is shocking. How can a man who admits to murdering up to fifty people think he can get our of prison? Has he been promised some unconscionable deal by the man who has had him as his star witness, Fred Wyshak? Has Wyshak befriended Flemmi? Is there a judge on this good earth who will reduce his sentence so that he can get out?

With all due respect to Pope Francis who said “that capital punishment can never be sanctioned because it constitutes an “attack” on the dignity of human beings” I suggest a person like Flemmi has no dignity. The dignity of human beings is attacked by keeping such a monster as him alive; isn’t society supposed to be able to act in self-defense? Isn’t the response to a fiend like Flemmi as one would respond to an attacker in a just war? Where do we honor the dignity of man if a  man such as Flemmi is let back on the street?

It is in this light, the knowledge that Flemmi is consummate evil, that one must find Connolly’s relationship to him incomprehensible. I’m not talking when he was an FBI agent and protected him in the Top Echelon Informant Program, but after he left the job when he had no need to have anything to do with him.

Wouldn’t  you expect that Connolly as an FBI agent retiring after 22 years on the job  would have an indication of the type of person Flemmi was? Connolly at one point said the FBI made him work with murderers. Did he believe Flemmi was one of those people?

In January 1995 Flemmi was arrested on charges of racketeering. He was sent to the Plymouth County Jail to await trial on the charges. Connolly at the time had a nice easy job with a Boston utility company, Boston Edison, as the head of its security department. He’d been gone from the FBI for four to five years. While an agent his job was to interact with Flemmi; once he left he was no longer required to keep the company of murderers. What does it tell us about him that he did? Weeks said he also stayer in contact with Whitey after he left but that is for another time.

There is no doubt that he did. We learned that from Kevin Weeks who became his  Pony Express rider from Boston to Plymouth and back carrying messages; we learned it from an FBI Investigation afterward that showed he was in contact with Flemmi’s lawyer; we learned it from Kevin Weeks’s brother a legitimate guy who took messages from Connolly; we  learned it from Connolly’s secretary at the utility who took messages from Kevin Weeks who called himself Chico. Connolly had joined forces with the most despicable of men Steve Flemmi to undermine the case against him and other gangsters. Why?


  1. ugh


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  2. Matt wrote: “He’d been gone from the FBI for four to five years.”

    Connolly had been gone four years not five. He was called FBI Agent John Connolly in the November 11, 1990 Boston Globe and called recently retired FBI agent John Connolly in the February 8, 1991 Boston Globe.

    The Globe reported on 11/12/2000 that “When Connolly retired in December 1990, the FBI dropped Bulger and Flemmi as informants and began targeting them.”


    “It matters because “former FBI agent John Connolly, who handled Bulger as an FBI informant, has written in letters to a reporter that after leaving the agency’s Boston office in 1990, his former bosses asked him to approach Bulger about the Gardner crime. Connolly said that Bulger told him that he did not know who had engineered the theft or where the artwork had been taken.”

    The Gardner Heist was March 18, 1990. Why did Connolly’s former bosses ask him to talk to Bulger about what he knew about the Gardner Heist AFTER he retired when he should have in theory been asking Bulger about it BEFORE he retired. Note: Connolly has “written in letters” about this.

    And as with Flemmi, why would Connolly still have contact with Whitey Bulger after he was retired? Why would there be any kind of hope or expectation at the FBI that he would still have some kind of rapport with him?

  3. John King McDonald

    Barry was Executioner in Chief for the CIA Predator drone program. He has much blood on his hands, as well, if one chooses to apply unrealistic standards to Presidents . It is , as mentioned, a matter of scale.

    Is Barak Obama a Baboon ???

    Leave your baboons out of this.

  4. Chamayou reports that the Hellfire missile has a ‘kill radius’ of 50 feet (15 metres) and a ‘wounding radius’ of 65 feet (20 metres); the GBU-12 Paveway II has a ‘casualty radius’ of between 200 and 300 feet (within which 50 per cent of people will be killed).Dec 8, 2013.

    That’s a lot of dead people. They’re not white, but, they are still people. Not to Glorious leader, of course. Baboons are very vicious.

  5. John King McDonald

    Now go enjoy your spanking, Khalid. Because we know you do . When you come back on the blog try to bring the wit in a somewhat more elegant fashion, the exasperating reality being that you are capable of that, and impress with the use of what the Buddhists call .. Skillful means …. rather than this rancid rant .

  6. John King McDonald

    ” Give credit where credit is ” do ” ” ???


    Khalid if we thought you had wit, imagination, and class as a thinker and a writer we would suppose that the above was a deliberate play on words.

    In your case considering your well documented fascination on this blog with the scatological ; regaling us with personal anecdotes with … Elvis … as your stand in fictional protagonist … mixing shit and baby oil in a great salad bowl as you stirred it all up and anointed yourself before the prison guards would come in to …. Wrassel… you. Naughty Khalid !!!

    Now, Dr. Freud is going to grab his cigar and give his favorite Muslim Marxist goatherding garcon an interpretation of his prose : My patient, wrestling with his shit preoccupation now announces his metaphor of a US President as a …. Great Orange Baboon …… With his ass hanging out . My patient accompanied this fond image with a seemingly innocent reference to …. Do… When he meant to write … Due .

    The Unconscious of Khalid has spoken.

    Kant may have said … To do is to be ; Nietzsche …. To be is to do ; And Sinatra …. Scooby Dooby Doo , but with Khalid it is a simple movement in the bowels of his Unconscious from ….Do ….. To….. Doo Doo.

    Yes, the upturned face of Khalid.

    Eat shit !!!

  7. wa-llahi! Small time killers don’t deserve all this attention. Glorious Leader has already hugely surpassed their meager body counts. Give credit where credit is do. What’s the difference between putting a thirty-eight to an individual’s head, as opposed to incinerating whole families by hell fire missile attack? Scale. The Big Orange Baboon has already killed hundreds, if not thousands ( I’m calling him that, because, his big red presidential ass is always hanging out in public).

    • Khalid, THIS IS A BIG STORY: IT’S ABOUT INJUSTICE. THE ABUSE OF FEDERAL POWER. THE FEDS ABUSE OF PROSECUTORIAL POWER IS ONE PART OF IT, but it is a part we must wrap our minds around until we are convinced of the evil within government, the evil that pervades government, and the evil that surrounds us . . .and you are right . . .it’s been the cause of death and suffering to millions . . .but let’s never forget the individual who is being persecuted or the family, village that is being bombed.

      What deserves attention is INJUSTICE. . .the abuse of federal prosecutorial power . . .the framing, prosecution and persecution of an innocent man, the obscene payoffs( lenient deals) the FEDs gave to serial killers, the Corruption of our Justice Department and Federal Prosecutors, THE JIHAD: Wyshak as Javert and Javert’s Jihad and Liberal-Leftists’ Society’s Jihads and the FEDs Jihads and the Globe’s Jihads, the Media’s Jihads, against innocent people . . . . .

      As J’Accuse was written by Emile Zola about a corrupt French society, I accuse today’s liberal-leftist American Society and today’s administration of justice and press/media.

      As Dickens wrote a Tale of Two Cities, a worse Tale of Two Cities, Boston and D.C. under corrupt FEDs abusing power is in play today

      And Khalid, the same folks who give us endless wars, who gave us Weapons of Mass Destruction, (the Deep State as some say, or as I say the combination of the BOMBASTIC neo-cons and leftists = MAFIA . . .liberal-leftists mainly plus neocons = Media, Academia, FEDs, Interventionistic-Internationalists (hillary’s helpers + neocons) and Atheistic-Antagonist ( not all atheists/agnostics, but those who are trying to drive faith and religion out of the public square, out of the public sphere) . . .it is the today’s MAFIA and it is the world’s worse nightmare . . .and it was foretold by Orwell in his brilliant novel 1984 and and equally brilliant novella Animal Farm.

      • Bill:
        Could you define what you consider “leftist” ? There’s a world of difference between the ideologies of bourgeois democrats, and, Trotskyites. A liberal is a bourgeois by definition. I don’t like them either. It’s time for a radical change in the system. If you want to scare yourself about the Left, read Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon.”

        All praise to Keith Ellison. All power to the dialectic!

  8. When the institution is inherently evil
    (FBI) it becomes a evil magnet and
    toxic waste site contimating entire
    cities (Boston)’ States (DC) and
    countries (USA)

    You understand that FBI Director Comey
    got Donald Trump elected President by
    declaring Hillary Clinton under investigation
    3 days before the Election and by
    committing voter fraud since at least
    the 1980’s.

    You are only as high as the people you hang
    out with.
    Can you really distiguish between John Connolly
    and Flemmi?
    J Edgar Hoover and James Comey?

    The FBI protects the Deep State,eh?

    in other news for the Matt Connolly Irregulars


    HACK YEAH: 11-year-olds infiltrate, change results on mock version of Florida election site in minutes

    AUG 14, 2018 | 2:00 PM

    also see


    Hackers take on new voting machines at Defcon
    From The 3:59 show: Here’s a vote of no confidence.
    1:41 / August 13, 2018

    also see


    Why won’t the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate electronic vote fraud? Is it because the DOJ and FBI have long been involved in it, themselves?

    “If you did it right, no one would ever know,” said Craig C. Donsanto, head of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Election Crimes Branch, Public Integrity Section (from 1970-2010) in a July 4,1989 Los Angeles Times article about electronic voting machines and vote fraud.

    Craig Donsanto

  9. Matt:
    I understand the likelihood that Flemmi’s life has been threatened, but I’d still like to see some vague, general assurance that he actually remains under lock and key. It’s very hard to understand what Flemmi had to gain by becoming the star witness at still another criminal trial, since he is presumably spending the rest of his life in prison.

    I think John Connolly was corrupted by Bulger and Flemmi, and I think that helps to explain his post-FBI behavior. He must certainly have sized-up Flemmi as a man who would rat him out in a New York Minute, and therefore decided to stay on his good side. I know. I know. Flemmi doesn’t have a good side. Point taken.

    What strikes me about this case is the relatively small amount of money and favors that actually changed hands. I’m not talking now about Flemmi’s fantastic claims of hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid out each year. It seemed to be a thousand here and a thousand there. And a case of wine or two for the loathsome John Morris. I believe the amounts were small enough to convince Connolly and Morris that they weren’t really being bribed, but large enough for Bulger and Flemmi to believe that both men were on the pad.

    That said, Connolly is not a murderer, and he has paid for all of his sins and then some. He should be released from prison immediately in order to spend a few years in freedom with his family.

    • John King McDonald

      800k in Jimmy Bulger’s Santa Monica ” hide ” in the wall recesses of his and Cathy Grieg’s seaside apartment may well have been … The Poke. I have never been one for the ….. Whitey Hallelujah Job Security Chorus…. when it comes to safety deposit boxes scattered world wide like gems strewn on the ground of the pirates cave on Treasure Island.

      Feds spent millions in field trips to exotic locales, Worldwide, for sixteen years , to catch our elusive Irish Chieftain .

      Talk about pirates and scattered jewels !!!

      Time for a Parley ???

      Mebbe no, hey ?!?

    • John Connolly under oath in Miami, at the post trial hearing, was directly asked by Wyshak, “How much money did you take?” And John replied for all the world to hear in a clear, convincing voice that shook Wyshak to his core, “I never took a dime.”

      The hundred FBI agents who worked with him over their careers, and the hundred friends who knew John Connolly over his lifetime, know he was an honest man, an innocent man framed by the FEDs in order to get another innocent man, Bill Bulger.

      Ask yourself, why did the FEDs cut obscene deals with serial killers and why go after the lowest man on the FBI ladder, and not his supervisor, John Morris, who admitted taking bribes and admitted leaking names intending men be killed.

  10. While working at Boston Edison, former FBI AGENT John Connolly walked into the dental practice in downtown Boston where I was at the front desk…Patient Connolly told me that John Iuele had referred him…His identity was confirmed by the dental hygienist who met him at a Boston Edison Christmas Party where her husband also worked…more confirmation that he remained on the dark side after leaving FBI.

    • confirmation he remained “on the dark side”? He was never “on the dark side.”

      Using someone’s alias is confirmation he was on the dark side?

      Why would he need “John Luele”, a name invented when John Connolly was in his 50s, to find a dentist for himself . . .living in Boston almost his entire life, and over 50s years of age, he needed John Luele to recommend a dentist for himself?

      Sounds preposterous . . .

      But even if that happended, so what!

  11. John makes a good, fine point about the difference between a conscienceless killer and a killer simply not conscious, not meditative, not reflective of the evil he’s doing, the havoc wreaked in others’ lives . .

  12. Matt, you know we disagree, respectfully, but allow me to hit hard:

    What preposterous illogic!

    Let’s see: That a man had “contact” with a suspected murderer or a known Mafia man makes him what?

    Any idea how many murderers work out at L-Street, the Brighton Y, attend AA meetings, go to church every Sunday, work hard and raise their families well, contributing to society?

    Moreover, when Flemmi was first indicted/arrested in December ’94/Jan ’95, all the muckety-mucks in law enforcement in both the FEDs and State working in concert failed to charge him with one murder. Why? Because it was not until Weeks and others started to snitch in 1996-1998 that ANYONE “knew” Flemmi was a murderer of anyone in particular.

    For years, when John handled him as a TEI (John did not recruit him) Flemmi was told every year at least that as a condition of continuing as a TEI “no violence, no murders.” As far as John Connolly knew . . .and everyone in law enforcement . . .during THOSE years, Flemmi committed no murders . . . . .only later, late 1990s did the facts come to light.

    You write as if all the details of Flemmi murdering his daughter (his common law wife’s daughter) were known in 1995-1996 when John Connolly communicated with Flemmi .

    And what was his communication . . . “Kevin, tell Flemmi to tell the truth . . .Flemmi knows I was an honest cop.” And for 8 years Flemmi swore to that . . .not because John Connolly told him . . .but because it was the truth.

    Don’t you know any guys arrested or convicted for murder who did their time and turned their lives around. Of course, you do.

    No one writing in 1995-1996 pinpointed Flemmi’s multiple murders and Martorano’s multiple murders . . .let’s see the Indictments the FEDs and Staties and Locals issued against Flemmi and Martorano prior to 1996 . . .

    It’s easy to look back twenty years and throw into a blender events from the 1970s and 1980s, events not known until the late 1990s, and pretend John Connolly somehow knew all the details of those 1970-1980s events and knew what Flemmi and Martorano did . . .and what evil scum those both men were . . .when no one in law enforcement knew . . . .No one . . .

    Yes, they knew Flemmi and Martorano were murderers . . .to be a made man in the MAFIA you had to murder someone . . .yes they suspected Flemmi was behind blowing up the prosecutor’s car . . . . .BUT THE DETAILS OF FLEMMI’S VILE VICIOUSNESS were not known . . .

    2. You are absolutely correct to condemn Wyshak for using these perjurious murdering serial killers, rapists, killers of young women, as witnesses and to condemn Wyshak for cutting obscenely lenient deals with them, for their perjurious tales . . .the same can be said of Kevin Weeks who flipped in two weeks and would say whatever the FEDs wanted him to say . . . .Kevin’s “memory” was refreshed by experts so much so that he actually believes he remembers those things which were planted in his brain (coached, coaxed, elicited from his unpolished, unsharpened memory) as he became a compliant government witness . . . .

    3. It’s not a crime to call Flemmi’s lawyer’s office, nor to call any lawyer’s office . . .maybe he called the “office” to talk to a clerk to set up a handball game . . .maybe he forgot he called . . . .maybe he called to tell his lawyer some facts so Flemmi wouldn’t spin as he began to spin 8 years after his arrest . . .

    4. I remember the Vietnam War Hero, Northeastern Football Player, Dorchester good guy, Bobby “Kutzy” Cunningham, the former Secretary of Public Safety (I think that was his title), who used to give down-and-out friends on the Boston Common a hundred dollars out of his own pocket (one of my lifelong friends struggling with heroin addiction told me Kutzy handed him cash, “Merry Christmas.”) and Bobby Cunningham, a great guy, a great athlete, a great handball player, was vilified in the Media and ran out of public office by an insistent Boston Globe and the leftists in government because they “caught” the conservative-traditionalists playing handball down L-Street with an ex-con who was, I recall, accused of being either a racketeer or murderer.

    5. I remember visiting friends in jail accused and convicted of murder . . .I remember friends so prosecuted and convicted, who did their time and returned to the community and became wonderful contributors to society . . .good men . . . .Yes, Flemmi was not one of them . . . Flemmi and Martorano and Morris were evil men who premeditatively intended multiple murders, vicious murders . . .but those facts, the depths of their evil, were not known until the late 1990s . . . .and Sterns, Durhams and Wyshak, to their ever lasting shame, used those vicious perjurious serial killers to frame John Connolly . . .and Sterns, Durham and Wyshak gave those perjurious serial killers obscenely lenient sentences and promises of who knows what for their testimonies, which at least two juries largely rejected the bulk of . . .

    6. The evil is not that John Connolly on two or three or a handful of occasions in 1995 and 1996 made minor insignificant contact with the imprisoned Flemmi, whose full evil was not revealed, but that Wyshak, Sterns and Durham knowing the full evil committed by Flemmi, Martorano, Morris, Weeks, Salemme, etc, worked with them for years to rehearse and fine tune their testimony, and knowingly put those perjurious, conscienceless, sociopathic serial killers on the witness stand to “tell the whole truth.”

    7. Morris, who leaked names intending men be killed, was withholding information from the FEDs up to just three weeks before trial, it was reported, the perjurious bastard just could not come clean . . . Martorano the Boston Jury did not believe one word of his testimony, and Wyshak dragged him to Florida to repeat his triple-hearsay fabrications rejected in Boston; Flemmi was dragged to Florida too, in 2006, but for 7 or 8 years prior thereto maintained even under oath that John Connolly was an honest cop, who never intended anyone be harmed, and that’s why Flemmi wasn’t used in the first trial in Boston . . .Salemme was subsequently found to have perjured himself and even so the corrupt Federal Appeals Court in Boston refused to overturn John Connolly’s conviction.

    8. As I said, if I were a judge, as soon as Wyshak put Flemmi or Martorano on the witness stand and they raised their hands and swore “to tell the whole truth” I’d have them both arrested for perjury because these vile sociopathic serial killers given the obscenely lenient deals and lenient sentencing they got were incapable of telling the whole truth. And at the same time as I the judge would have both arrested for perjury, I’d have Wyshak arrested for suborning perjury for putting these conscienceless perjurious serial killers on the stand . . .Remember, Wyshak’s deal (the FED’s deal; his office’s deal; deals no doubt greenlighted in Washington DC at the DOJ and FBI headquarters) were obscene and the one with Martorano was that he did not have to say anything about his brother’s murders or his associates murders, so how could he swear to tell “the whole truth” when his deal was he didn’t have to tell the whole truth . . .and anyway the Boston jury wouldn’t believe a word he said . . .and the Miami jury didn’t believe them, either, rejecting the original counts brought by Wyshak (not guilty on the murder counts) but inexplicably acquiescing to the late added, post-trial, phony “murder by gun” count, which the jury was considering at home, when the Boston Federal Appeals Court Clerk issued a decision in a Civil Matter plastered on every headline in the country (and on every radio, TV, newspaper in the Miami area where the jury was out considering John Connolly’s fate in the double-jeopardy defying second trial), and the Headlines read “FBI liable for murders.” No wonder the Miami jury was confused.


  13. John King McDonald

    You are a thoughtful guy. Your thoughts about Flemmi being the personification of consummate evil are logical, but unrealistic. An inexorable grind of conscience for horrible deeds, like murder, is presumed by the ” civilized” to be an unavoidable onus on any man or woman, raised in Western Society, weaned on its values, and conscious of its laws. Flemmi is an outlier. It is not that he has , perhaps, no conscience, but that he is simply not …. Conscious.
    He lacks awareness. And self-reflection is not, as Bill C., would say , his forté .

    Read something recently about Hannah Arendt . She covered the trial of Nazi war criminal Otto Adolph Eichmann, infamously known as Adolph Eichmann. The Mossad captured him in Argentina in 1960. They brought him back to Israel, tried him for war crimes, and hanged him in 1962. Arendt’s famous book THE BANALITY OF EVIL is a college undergraduate classic, but I was not aware she covered this trial for a major Jewish publication.. Probably the FORWARD .

    Arendt’s take on Eichmann, briefly, can , to me, be summarized as : He was a thoughtless bastard !!!

    She denoted in him the absence of a reflective faculty when it came to his daily decisions and their disastrous daily and cumulative effects.She distinguishes between the Vita Activa, or, Active Life , and the Vita Contemplativa , or Contemplative Life.
    In the latter the actor withdraws from the World, for an hour, a day, a week, a month … Years . It don’t matter. The point is that the person can examine their actions in a sphere of quiet and individual meditation.

    What’s it all about, Adolph ???

    Eichmann, in Arendt’s view, never took the time , crucial to an individual in his position, to find out. I submit that there are Eichmanns embarrassingly pervasive among us . And Flemmi is one of the ” Eichmann ” type.

    Look at him : Stevie is absolutely no dummy and yet at the same time he does not go in for a lot of navel gazing. At least not his own. He is not the most imaginative guy. Unlike say a … Ted Bundy…. who was pre-eminently conscious of the … “Consummate evil”…. of his nature and his actions , I do not believe it is in Stevie’s nature to ….. BE … Evil. He did not work, conscientiously, at killing just for killing’s sake. He is a cipher in regard to matters of morality simply because he just .. Acts .

    It is this quality of Flemmi’s , his disarming calm as he charts his horrors, that has beguiled his Federal handlers and mystified the moderators of worthy blogs who are unsettled by his … Familiarity !!!

    Interesting post, Giles !!!

    • Like Anton Chigurh?

      My father use to say that in the end we all live by our own rules. Our own laws. Most align with the rules of the society we live in. Some not. Everyone has composed their own constitution.

      • John King McDonald

        Pop knew !!! … NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN .. the Cormac McCarthy novel of which hitman Chigurh, a man who would flip a coin to give victims a fighting chance, is the protagonist, is a Amazon marvel: one of those books that you see priced, paperback, at several hundred dollars . Downloaded PDF free from net. I look forward to reading it tonight. You have indicated a phenomenon; the self-made moralist, if you will, that may be too subtle a calculation of Flemmi’s capacity for emotional and moral complexity, Abe. But, good on an understanding of the human creature.

        Thanks for McCarthy !!!

        • If you like No Country try The Road after that. I never saw that movie(The Road) but the movie for No Country is right on. The guy that played Chigurh won an Academy Award for Best Supporting. Javier Bardem.

          McCarthy is insanely good.