Federal Prosecutor John Durham and American Justice. 10 of 10

Jordan’s letter was the first from a government official writing in an official capacity to Judge Tauro who was to sentence Connolly. He closed saying due to Connolly’s betrayal, “the FBI suggests that the Court seriously consider the upper range of the sentencing guidelines in this matter.”     

I do not suggest Connolly was an angel. His letter to Judge Wolf, his attempts to help Steve Flemmi and others get out of prison I find abhorrent. (Although I must admit Durham and Wyshak have managed to keep Flemmi out of federal Bureau of Prisons and let him keep much of his money.) It is not only those things but others that make me realize Connolly made some big mistakes and recognize he deserved some punishment.

But to be sentenced to prison for life for what he did based on the words of murderers is something far beyond any understanding of how the American justice system should  work. Consider the story Salemme told the CS. He said the prosecutors dealt with him in such a manner that he felt to get his deal he had to tell them what they wanted to hear, not the truth, and that “he had never seen anyone so ‘obsessed’ with getting someone” and “the prosecutors wanted Connolly more than Gotti and they considered Connolly ‘public enemy number 1” and that he “could not understand why the prosecutors were so worried about getting [Connolly] . . .that they were willing to let him go on his murders. . . . “

The prosecutors were John Durham and his associates. If they dealt with Salemme in that manner you can be sure they did the same thing to the other murderers who testified against Connolly. As I pointed out, they even condoned  or if not that minimized Salemme’s perjury.

Nothing Connolly did makes him deserving of dying in prison. The Bill of Rights Amendment VIII tells us that “cruel and unusual punishment” should not be inflicted? Examining the total circumstances of his case makes one conclude he has faced something quite cruel and highly unusual.

I was a prosecutor for over twenty years. I know if I were involved in a prosecution where a person was in Connolly’s position I would have acted to remedy it. But I never had a personal vendetta against a person. I represented the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and not myself. I was never in a position where, as Salemme said, they would do anything to get Connolly. Unfortunately, here The way they handled this case corroborated Salemme’s assertions.

I understand why Durham and Wyshak are not in court attempting to rectify this wrong.  They had a personal vendetta against Connolly. They tried him in Boston using perjurer Salemme; and the same team led by Wyshak tried him in Florida. Their personal involvement should have had them step aside from the case. What kind of people are they to use the powers of the United States to go after an individual for their personal beliefs? Not only that, what kind of outfit is the FBI to send an agent who worked for over 20 years to prison for life just to cover up its own foul deeds?

The history of the Connolly case causes me great fear about Durham. His personal involvement and his willingness to support the use of perjury to put a person in prison until he dies should give everyone pause. Is it he will do anything to get something on someone in the Obama Administration before this fall. Is that why Trump said: “I look forward to Bull Durham’s report — that’s the one I look forward to.”

Are we to expect he will come out with a report or indictments upholding the Trump/Barr theories in an attempt to affect the election? Won’t he be pushed to doing it by Trump’s consiglieri AG Barr. If he has no qualms about an FBI agent being given sentences to prison that will amount to almost forty years, clearly a death sentence, based on spurious charges and court decisions, isn’t that what we can expect.

I hope not. There should be nothing from Durham between now and the election. If there is, then you understand American justice is not what it is cracked up to be.










  1. Matt

    I have discussed my relationship with Danny
    Schecter over at WBCN fm before and how
    he approached me to do a weekly criminal
    justice hour long news magazine that we
    eventually call The Lock Up Show.

    I only post this now to show you what can happen
    when you get together to produce a protest video.
    Of course It helps to have friends like Danny had.

    Miles Davis,Bruce Springsteen, Little Stevie Van Zandt,
    Bob Dylan,Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan,Jackson Brown,
    Lou Reed,George Clinton to name just a few.

    Plus posting this now helps to fill the dear air time until your
    next post.

  2. Matt, I don’t know how you do it but great ten opening post!!! Lets subpoena Wolfe,Fredzo and Durham and get some answers?? SORRY TO SAY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. HOWEVER ITS NOT OVER YET.

  3. FINALLY Durham has indicted FBI lawyer Klinesmith for falsifying the FISA application.

    • Looking forward to multiple indictments in the coming weeks. The higher-level these indictments are, the better.

  4. Connolly got 10 years 18 years ago on the case Durham was involved in.
    Government officials involved in the Trump-Russia collusion case were as dirty and politically motivated as they can be.

    • Although I haven’t posted on this site for a while, I’ve been actively collecting, researching and litigating in related Wyshak, Durham and Mueller criminal and counterintelligence investigations, spin-offs & cover-ups re: Winter Hill Gang (WHG), DOJ, CIA, DIA, DOL-OIG, IC contractors & “informant” misconduct. Related information and documents are posted on Twitter: @revokewynn

      John Connolly & Richard Schneiderhan were the culpable designated WHG fall guys. CIA Michael D’Andrea (aka Michael Kettenbach), exCIA Duane “Dewey” Clarridge (deceased Apr 2016) enabled/compromised 10thSFG Ft Devens, the WHG & rogue agents & AUSAs.* D’Andrea is credited with 1000s of assassinations and makes Bulger, Flemmi & Johnny Martorano look like a “choir boys”.

      Mike D’Andrea (D/CIA-CTC 2006-15, CIA Iran/Middle East Chief 2017, COS), et al ran Iran-Contra drug smuggling, money laundering & cover-ups with WHG, Clarridge, Oliver North, Mike Taylor, Bill Weld, Paul Ware, Jerry O’Sullivan compromised agents/prosecutors & attorneys.* They stalked/framed Hon. Maria I Lopez, family & clerk to reverse the $1.5Bn Demoulas Super Market judgment; shadow funded Erik Prince & Blackwater; CIA Alec pre-9/11/01 Atta Boston Ops, RDI torture; COS Iraq, Information & covert IC Election Ops for Koch/GOP & Trump-Epstein child-trafficking.

  5. Matt, Perhaps you could explain further how it was legal for Steve Flemmi and his family to keep his real estate purchased with money that was made illegally? I thought criminals had to forfeit their money and real estate?It seems that those who had the power did pretty much what they wanted regarding John Connally and Steve Flemi?Not a very good showing for a state that many people associate with the founding of the country.

  6. Matt, thank you for the ten-part series.

    I believe msfreeh is hinting s/he needs something from you; namely, help in starting a blog of his/her own. I don’t know why s/he seems to lack the confidence to create a blog by himself/herself. If s/he can write a book (as s/he seems to have), s/he can create his/her own blog with expert help available online at no cost.

    Now someone please tell me me which pronoun applies to msfreeh!

  7. Perot is correct. There is ample evidence of criminal acts under Obama. The only issue is why is it taking so long to get results. If Connolly had only one honest judge he could have defeated the corrupt prosecutors, DEA agents and State Police. But he didn’t. All the evidence against Connolly was manufactured and invented. It was comparable to the Russian dossier which was a total hoax. Too bad some naive types fell for it. It was just a dirty trick by the Hillary campaign. Gen. Flynn was a victim of FBI corruption as was Connolly. 2. If AG Barr were a political partisan 50 Obama officials would have been indicted in 2019. In Obamagate he has shown great restraint as it is the biggest political crime in American history. 3. If no one is above the law does that include judges? Could a judge conspire to deprive a citizen of their Constitutional Rights? Could a judge usurp powers that belong to the Executive? If judges aren’t going to respect the seperation of powers doctrine why should the other branches? Can a judge order more troops to Iraq or have them pulled out? The Commander in Chief would ignore such an illicit order. Any orders keeping the Flynn case going after the parties agreed to dismiss it is clearly illegal and should be ignored.

  8. It is obvious to me that my life work is to equip
    the American voter and taxpayer with a clear,robust
    vocabulary of criminal justice speak;
    Imbue in them the concept that as taxpayers they are owners of the
    Criminal Justice system and as such entitled to set
    and enforce standards for this system on a ongoing
    basis; and remind them daily they are the primary consumers of this system.

    In other news from the Lutefisk …….


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  9. Perot Conservative

    Some recently think Durham may be a head fake, and there may be another prosecutor quietly at work. Developments today from AG Barr. His hand has been pushed.

    Given the dozens of illegal acts, lying, leaking, spying on Americans, and Conspiracy of over 4 years by officials in the DOJ, FBI, CIA and elsewhere, I’d let the hammer fall. If Weekend at Bernie / Biden gets elected, these vast crimes will all be buried.

    These statements aren’t fantasies. Thet’re on the public record, Judge Rosemary Collyer’s 99-page judicial finding, NSA Admiral Mike Rogers, publicly contradictory statements to Congress and others, spying, treason.

  10. william m. connolly

    Durham had nothing to do with John Connolly’s 40 year sentence in Miami. The Miami prosecution was all the handiwork of the Jihadi Javert Wyshak.