Federal Prosecutor John Durham and American Justice. 2 of 10

What was Salemme promised to make him testify? Durham and Wyshak made a deal  that in exchange for his testimony they would file a Rule 35b substantial motion which would allow the judge to lower his sentence and get him out of prison at an earlier date. It was reported afterward: A judge reduced Salemme’s sentence, making him a free man in 2003 after eight years in prison, because his cooperation helped the government convict retired FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. . . ..”

As part of the deal they agreed he would not be asked any questions about the Mafia. He would only testify against law enforcement people. I can imagine John Durham making the same type of deal in his investigation of the Obama people with some Russian or Ukrainian mobster who is looking for a deal: “Listen Boris we won’t prosecute you for your crimes or have you testify against any of the gangsters you associate with as long as you give us something on the people who worked with Obama.”

To get Connolly Salemme a known murderer was let out of jail early. The next happening between Durham and Salemme is a deposition given by Salemme in April 2003 to the House of Representatives Committee on Reform. Durham sat in on it and asked questions. To get his deal Salemme would have to plead guilty to the bombing the car of Attorney John Fitzgerald which he testified to doing at trial but in his deposition denied doing it.

There were a couple of strange things that stood out in the deposition. Salemme testified about his time in the late 1990s in the Plymouth jail with John Martorano. Salemme said DeLuca came to him and told him John wanted to talk to him. Salemme said “I didn’t have much conversation with John Martorano.” Durham said: “For the record, you’re talking about Jimmie Martorano.” Salemme said: “Yes” and then went on. The problem with that is Salemme is in jail with John Martorano. Jimmie Martorano died in 1979.

The next one involved Robert Daddeico. He testified against Salemme in the bombing case of Attorney Fitgerald’s car. He was also supposed to testify against Steve Flemmi, another of Durham’s witnesses, in the Bennett murder and the Fitzgerald bombing. Daddeico never did. He allegedly could not be found.

Flemmi, a Top Echelon Informant for the FBI, had the murder and bombing cases dismissed against him. Daddeico would have been very easy to find and bring back to testify if the FBI wanted to do it. He was in the federal witness program. Durham knew all this but wanted it to seem otherwise.

Durham asked: “Your understanding was that George Kauffman and Johnny Martorano had put money up for Daddeico. He needed money to get a truck and have him get lost.” He was pointing the finger away from the FBI.

Salemme corrected him saying it was Martorano and Howie Winters who paid the money.

Durham assuming he was going his way asked: “And what was going to happen?”

Salemme said: “He was not going to testify against Steve and he was going to get off the scene so that he wouldn’t be brought in to testify.”

Salemme apparently not catching on did not stop there. He testified, “But as I said John [Salemme called Durham by his first name showing an unusual closeness] he was a federal witness. . . . he was still initially a federal witness. And as we found out subsequently, he was approached and offered a sum of money by a federal agent like [should be “Mike”] Buckley, so he’s still a federal agent. I can see them not finding Bin Laden, but Bob Daddeico? . . . They wanted him off the scene. It’s just as plain and nice and sweet as you can possibly imagine as you look at it.”

Durham well knew that it was the FBI and perhaps the Department of Justice that refused to return a witness to the state to testify in two serious cases. This was done to protect their Top Echelon Informant Steve Flemmi. Yet, he tried to leave it that Daddeico was not available because other criminals gave him money to get lost.


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  2. I met Detective Mike Huff at the Congressional hearings on
    the Boston FBI Murderers R US office.

    He still gets my newsletter FBI WATCH.

    I sat next to Boston Herald reporters Peter and Howie.


    “Dick Bishop was walking across the detective squadron one day and he yelled at me across the room, ‘I know who the killer is now, Major, it’s John Martorano,’” Glanz recalled. “And I said, ‘Can you prove it?’

    also see


    108th Congress (2003-2004)

    in other news….

  3. I have mentioned this before, but it needs repeating, John Connolly was framed in his Boston RICO trial. Bill Connolly is correct when he says Durham had nothing to do with Wyshak’s role in bring charges against John Connolly in Florida. On a side note, Peter Mullane, a strong supporter and legal counsel to John Connolly, asked Durham if he had anything to do with bringing charges against John Connolly in Florida; Durham’s response was: that was all “Fredzo’s” doing [meaning Fred M. Wyshak, Jr.]. He [Durham] said he had nothing to do with that endeavor. [1] Now, with regard to Durham, it my understanding that he traveled with Frank Salemme to WDC to appear before a US Congressional committee to answer questions regarding his [Salemme] criminal activities. Allegedly, during that trip, it is believed that Durham couched Salemme as to what was going to be asked of him, and he guided him as to what to say. So much for honesty, integrity and rule of law. [2] Now, with regards to Frank Salemme’s involvement in the Disarro murder; yes, it was his son, Frank, Jr., who held Disarro’s legs while an associate strangled him to death. They transported Disarro from Salemme’s home in Sharon, Massachusetts to a location in Providence, RI. This murder was brought to the attention of Wyshak and other DOJ members by Stephen Flemmi, in a DEA-6 interview, but kept hidden until it was announced by the RI State Police, that an LCN associate in Providence, RI, reported where Disarro’s body was buried. No thanks to Wyshak. The Sharon Police Department has never been told about this murder, that was committed in their home town. Salemme denied knowing anything about Disarro’s murder during John Connolly’s trial. [3] Now, regarding the death of John Callahan in Florida. Martorano testified that he never met, never spoke to John Connolly, and John Connolly had nothing to do with the murder of John Callahan. Martorano testified that he, along with Joe McDonald [diseased], shot Callahan three time in the back of his head, dumped his body in the trunk of his own car and left it at a Florida airport parking lot. [4] During the trial, several people testified against John Connolly. When both sides finally rested, the State, fearing they lost the case, asked Judge Stanford Blake to allow the jury to consider one additional charge, an unindicted charge, of second-degree murder while armed. The judge allowed the charge to be heard by the jury over the objections of the defense. Inexplicably, the jury came back finding him guilty of 2nd degree murder while armed – by virtue of the fact that he was carrying his FBI service revolver during the commission of the murder, 1500 miles away in Massachusetts. The statute, covering 2nd Degree Murder while armed, clearly states that John Connolly had to have had possession of the ACTUAL MURDER WEAPON to be charged with this offense. Realizing that he [Judge Blake] errored in allowing the jury to consider this charge, instructed the defense to file a motion for arrest of judgement, and he would dismiss the charge. Well, the defense failed to file the motion within the 10-day jurisdictional window to file; Judge Blake admonished the defense for failing to file in a timely manner. Judge Blake opined that If they had done so, John Connolly would have walked out of his courtroom a free man. So, to remedy this issue, Judge Blake referred the case to the 3rd DCA for review. When the trial attorney, Manuel Alvarez, presented his appeal to the three-judge panel, he was confident that the charge would be dismissed. How wrong he was in that assumption! Basically, the lead judge, Leslie Rothenberg, after hearing both sides, took less than 30 days to rendered her opinion; a PCA decision in favor of the state, contradicting what Judge Blake pronounced in court. A PCA did not require a written explanation as to how the court arrived at the decision in favor of the state. The only explanation is that she [Rothenberg] was a paramour of Michael Lee von Zamft, who was the state prosecutor. Enough said on this expose. The remedy, the case proceeded to the full court [en banc]. Then, after several years of legal maneuverings, and, losing the appeal, we arrive at this moment – requesting “Emergency Parole.” Additional legal actions would only prolong John’s release, and, yes, he would probably die in prison from old age – or the effects of COVID-19. [5] One last note: when and if John gets his emergency parole, watch out Wyshak and the rest of the cabal in Boston and WDC.

  4. What am I missing? Why is something so obvious so overlooked? I’m confused.

    • Thanx, for the tip. I’m looking at the videos, now.

      Lebanese officials have cooked up an explanation. It’s nonsense. I’m thinking Hezbollah was storing a nuke, either, in a docked vessel, or, a warehouse. There was a fire hot enough to detonate the weapon, and, it cooked off. I’ve seen an ammo dump blow, and, the initial fire with its exploding whiz-bangs shooting all over reminds of that, but, the final blast couldn’t be anything other than a battlefield nuke. I wonder what Hezbollah guys were planning to do it. Israel? I, also, wonder who started the fire? Those Mossad fellas shouldn’t play with matches.

  5. Wa-llahi! That was a tactical nuclear weapon that went off in Beirut’s Qarantina port district. I wonder if it was an own goal?

    • wa-llahi! Watch the Beirut blast. You are looking at the next 911. All the opposition need to do is slip a cargo ship into the Port of NY, or, Boston, for that matter. The War on Terror is back on, disease be damned.

  6. David Burnham has a summer place on the coast
    of Maine.
    I went down and met with him to do a videotaped
    interview 8 years ago.
    Burnham broke the story on the NYPD SERPICO scandal.


    ABOVE THE LAW: Secret Deals, Political Fixes, and Other Misadventures of the U.S. Department of Justice Hardcover – January 22, 1996
    by David Burnham (Author)


    Serpico Tells of Delay on Police Inquiry
    By David Burnham
    Dec. 15, 1971

    In other news….


    Maryland cop accused of stealing guns, items from dead person’s home
    The accused officer was responding to a report of a death

  7. william m. connolly

    Matt, in my opinion, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Durham was brought in from Connecticut solely to try the case.

    Wyshak and his cohorts in the Boston Office cut all the deals. Wyshak got Judge Wolfe to sign off on the obscene Martarano deal. All the witnesses were lined up and prepped before Durham got on the scene, All the deals were obscene . . .with Martorano, Salemme, Morris, Weeks….all the deals were cut to go after the man on the lowest rung on the ladder . . . . an obscenity in itself . . . .Wyshak later got Flemmi to change his eight years of absolving John Connolly, and then dragged Flemmi to Miami to sing a different tune . . . .Imagine that obscene deal . . . .

    Durham had zero to do with Wyshak bringing the case to Miami. Wyshak was the Jihadi Javert.

  8. Are Salemme’s deal not to talk about the Mafia and Martorano’s deal not to talk about his brother and his friends even legal? Can’t a defense lawyer explore prior crimes and other bad acts on cross examination? Doesn’t the witness promise to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth? Were those DOJ witnesses already committing perjury with the assistance of the prosecutors? Did they falsely swear to tell the truth? Were those deals hidden from the defense lawyers. Did the judges comply with the prosecutors and forbid inquiry into those hidden crimes? 2. If Connolly received a fair trial in Boston his lawyer would have called Weld, Mueller, O’Sullivan et al and forced them to acknowledge they approved all Connolly’s activities. He was framed in a kangeroo court with a comprehensively dishonest press. He was the victim of a media wilding and media frenzy as was Gen. Flynn. The same conspirators were involved in both cases.

  9. Richard W. Baker,

    John Connolly was framed for doing his job at the FBI!
    There is no question that the USA’s office in Boston, the DOJ in Washington, covered-up the fact that they, collectively, authorized Whitey Bulger and Stephen Flemmi to continue, short of murder, with their criminal activities. I point this out as this authorization by the USA/DOJ/FBI was placed under seal of an unsuspecting Federal Judge, so it would never come to anyone’s attention. During John’s Boston RICO trial, John was charged with collaborating with Bulger and Flemmi, and they classified this relationship as an “Enterprise” to satisfy an element of the RICO statute. This “Enterprise” was actually the USA/DOJ/FBI’s authorization and protection of Bulger and Flemmi; Not John Connolly. They knew that Bulger and Flemmi were informants and they [USA/DOJ/FBI] protected Bulger and Flemmi from prosecution; Not John Connolly. I needed to point this out as this is how John Connolly was charged in his Boston RICO trial. The people who lied and/or covered-up this protection were: USA’s Strike Force AUSA Jerimiah O’Sullivan, USA Robert Mueller and future FBI Director, James Comey and AG Eric Holder, et al. They all knew that Bulger and Flemmi were informants and they protected them from prosecution in return for their information on the New England Mafia. So much for standup guys. The old saying is “If one knew, they all knew.” To further insult matters, Fred M. Wyshak, Jr. ,aka Fredzo, traveled to Florida to convince the Florida State Prosecutors that they should indict John Connolly for the murder of John Callahan; and they did indict him for 1st Degree murder and Conspiracy, knowing full well that John was found not guilty of anything to do with the John Callahan murder in Florida; in fact, he was found not guilty of having anything to do with the murder of John Callahan in his Boston RICO trial. Well as Paul Harvey used to say ‘and that’s the rest of the story.” Actually, in this case, it is the beginning of the story once John gains his freedom from his wrongful conviction. Durham – Wyshak watch out! I’ll have more to say later. RWB