Get Marty: Is the Mayor Doomed? Surrounded He Can Surrender or Smarten Up 1 of 3

(`) Joe BltzI really have no idea who is giving Mayor Martin Walsh advice. I mean in-house. Not that coming from the media outside. Whoever it is he should immediately stop lending them his ears and fall back on the instincts that put him in the mayor’s office in the first place.

i am aware that his background works against him. He grew up in St. Margaret’s parish. If you know anything about that area you know it is caught between South Boston and Savin Hill. Each of those has its own beach and park and strong neighborhood pride; St. Margaret’s has Eddie Eddie Square has nothing else.

Zippo. It is pretty much a barren wasteland for young men wanting to stretch out their wings and fly. Most with get up and go hang around outside there; many of them would come over to Savin Hill, it was tough breaking in over in Southie.

Despite this setback as a youth the mayor  persisted and worked through his woes and throes. Starting out as a union laborer he stumbled around a bit and then wised up. Success quickly followed. He become a state representative and rose to a leadership position in the unions. He then beat out a Connolly for mayor. Full disclosure: there are also the name Walsh in my family tree.

He became mayor without relying on some of the people who are now giving him advice or to whom he has turned. Early on he should have known that he would be targeted by the Boston Globe which has a continuing inexplicable disdain for inner city Savin Hill or South Boston Irish politicians. When Bob Quinn ran for governor it wrongfully published a cartoon and some articles right before the election making him look as if he was corrupt; then I do not have to remind you of its continuing attacks on Bill Bulger reaching the low point where Jeff Jacoby called upon people to shun him. Yikes! When was the last time you read of a major newspaper calling upon public leaders to shun a person?

After Walsh was elected someone, perhaps it was NC, commented that he better mind his Ps and Qs because the Globe has a knee jerk reaction against his ilk. Some others suggested that the WASPs no longer controlled the paper so that was in the past. But sometimes people are captured by the past and cannot get out of its grasp as we see with the many who cling to the idea of a noble Confederacy.

Walsh did his best to walk the straight and narrow. The first attacks came on him by the media which is mostly bereft of minorities in leadership positions claiming his hiring practices were discriminatory. This was quickly debunked by many minorities who had been hired. But the truth did not matter, it is enough, as the newspaper knows, to just throw out the suggestion to have people start leaning one way or the other.

Over time despite Walsh’s best efforts the paper sought to undermine him with one little thing or the other. Then came the Kenny Brissette mention in the indictment of the Teamsters by the Globe’s partner. This was a total unwarranted act.

The major’s new advisers told him to do something about it. I said ignore it. He went with the Johnny-come-lately group.

We both understood that it was the Boston U.S. Attorney Ortiz joining in the Globe’s attack on Walsh which partnering-up we’ve seen over and over again. Walsh advisers told him to hire a lawyer Brian Kelly. Brian Kelley prosecuted the Whitey Bulger case i 2013 and had recently left Ortiz’s Boston U.S. Attorney. That as I noted was a huge mistake.

(continued Sunday)



  1. Matt
    Time to consolidate your FBI Top Echelon
    program into the FBI Sensitive Informant

    This might help you in the Marty Walsh

    I suspect the FBI had their
    Sensitive Informant in place
    embedded in Marty Walsh’s
    inner circle before Marty was
    sworn in at City Hall.

    The FBI Psych Ops program
    had already established a
    profile of Walsh before Marty
    won the election.

    The FBI knew his Achilles heel was unions.
    How hard would it be for the FBI
    Sensitive Informant to manipulate
    a ” union event”?

    Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue
    is still in court trying to force the FBI
    to turn over their material regarding
    sensitive informants.


    berger trentadue FBI sensitive informant

    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    Documents obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue reveal new details about the FBI’s rules of conduct for informants.

    The FBI released 147 pages of heavily redacted manuals and policies related to the use of informants, in response to a FOIA request by Trentadue, who is engaged in a years-long lawsuit with the FBI over documents related to the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Read the documents here

    The documents pertain to unspecified training for “confidential human sources,” including chain of command, dispute resolutions and other topics. The vast majority of direct guidance to informants is redacted, including even chapter headings.

    Trentadue filed a related complaint alleging that the FBI has engaged in a practice of using informants within the news media to receive advance notice of potentially unfavorable stories.

    As an exhibit in that complaint, Trentadue submitted an FBI FD-302 record related to a previously reported claim that the Oklahoma City bombing had been carried out by Iraqi intelligence agents, a lead that was of dubious origin and that did not ultimately pan out. The document was previously published on INTELWIRE.

    The document states the FBI received information about the Iraq allegation from “a senior official employed by ABC news for over fifteen years,” The source had been assigned an identification number and “had provided highly accurate and reliable information in the past.”

  2. Matt
    Regarding the Francis Salemme vs United States court case document (the one Judge Wolf) that is about 350 pages long, is there anything in it thats not covered in the following books:
    Deadly Alliance
    Brothers Bulger
    Black Mass
    Where the Bodies Were buried

    I ask because I am wondering if the document gives a better and more thorough exam of all that was really going on with Flemmi and Bulger and the FBI. Just wondering if its worth taking the time to read. Thanks. Look forward to your analysis of each murder Whitey Bulger was accused of because there is a lot to learn as to how cases are made and tried for the layman

    • Jerome:

      I believe it is 651 pages long. A lot of it can be skipped where he discusses the law relating to the motions. He starts off with a long summary of 74 pages. Then in section II he talks abou the standard he uses for making his findings; in other words how he tells if something is true or not. He talks how he believed some of what Flemmi testified to and not other things. In other words like anyone else he is trying to fit the facts into his preconceived ideas. Where he decides facts he is often wrong.

      As it relates to each of the books it is hard to say. Deadly Alliance by Ranalli comes to closest to understanding the real problem which all the others seem to miss which is the Top Echelon Informant program but he wrote early on so does not have much of what we later learned; Hitman is Martorano’s story of himself that would have little to do with what Wolf was considering; Brothers Bulger and Black Mass are the media’s view which they involve mostly fiction and an attempt to snare Bill Bulger into the mess by Bill Bulger haters.

      Where the Bodies Were Buried was dissappointing. An out of town guy comes in and hooks up with Joe Salvati and Pat Nee and uses them for a good part of the background which is a pretty shaky foundation. He seems off on a lot of the things he writes about – some good points but a lot of stretches but he too is locked into the Black Mass story and takes his cues from that.

      Flemmi testified his source of informantion on the State Police was John Naimovich. Wolf choosed to believe that. That was wrong because Flemmi’s source was Dick Schneiderhan; (TJ English callled him Dave Schneiderhan). Wolf wrote that Naimovich had been convicted when Naimovich had been acquittes; he refused to believe Flemmi when he said his source of the information about the bug at Lancanster street came from O’Sullivan when that is exactly what happened. (Wolf worked with O’Sullivan and wanted to protect him). Many of Wolf’s findings are questionable and have been questioned.

      The first time I read it I thought it was great; then as I learned more about this I saw that it had lots of holes in it. I would suggest you have a good idea what happened so read it with a critical eye and see where you can see that Wolf errs. It will then give you a good insight into the value of a jury or judge making credibility decisions which have sent people to prison for many years.

      • Matt
        Thanks for the summary and explanation. It sounds like that the only book you would recommend is Deadly Alliance. Also, I will go through the Wolf report. It will be interesting to see what I learn as I have read the other books and they have a more sensational bent to them. Am I correct that you probably wont get to the Bulger murders until Mid June or July?

        • Jerome:

          With your background reading you will be able to see how Wolf was doing a lot of guessing on things so it will be interesting to see how well he guesses in light of what subsequently comes out. It points out the inherent problems in fact findings since making inferences can often lead to wrong conclusions.

          The murder series will resume either the day after Memorial Day or June 1, but no later than that date. I expect it will run for about ten more posts.

  3. The federal fishing expedition begins. The Indictment against Kenny Brissette states, “At least one other City Hall Employee” told organizers they had to hire union workers.

    • Bill:

      The big game of the Globe is to make Walsh a one term mayor. It is well on the way to doing it with its repetition of the phrase “corruption in his department.” Ideally they hope Ortiz indicts him and the Asian woman takes over. He has to be carefull of Brissette who will be under a lot of pressure to talk. The federals will be putting wires on some people they can jam in; Walsh if he is smart (and I see he has rehired Kelly at the behest of Goldman which shows he is a dumb a rock) will stay a million miles away from Brissette. Watch and see if there’s not some type of intimidation of a witness charge soon. As to the other City Hall Employee — that may be true or not — he or she may be wired or not — but that’s a shoe that will drop later so that the “corruption scandal” can be like the Everready Bunnie.