Good-bye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh: How Joe Biden Lost My Vote 

Good-bye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh 
Me gotta go find another to vote aside you
Oh my Joe you lost my vote , me oh my oh
Son of a gun I’ll have big fun not voting for you…

Joe did me in. The 76-year-old straw I clung to hoping to oust the Trump was not there when I reached to cling to it. It disappeared when I heard Joe say:  “There were a bunch of white guys … hearing [Anita HIll’s] testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee. . . .  she faced a committee that didn’t fully understand what the hell it was all about.” 

That testimony was back in October 1991. Hill was testifying against the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court suggesting that he sexually harassed her when she worked with him.

Biden suggests back then there were a bunch of white guys on the Senate Judiciary Committee who were apparently quite ignorant. It must give you a warm feeling knowing it was their job to make decisions on who would become judges on the Supreme Court and other federal courts.

Joe went on. “And to this day I regret I couldn’t come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved given the courage she showed by reaching out to us.”

Anita Hill, an African-American, was testifying against another African-American. There were no African-Americans in the U.S. Senate at the time and only two women. Joe was 48-years old. He was the chairman of the committee. He could have stopped or tightly limited any questioning of her. But if he did would that have been fair to Thomas?

Truth be told back then he didn’t want to accommodate her in a special manner. Public opinion polls showed that the vast majority of those polled believed Thomas over Hill. That was the reason why he let the nomination get our of committee and go to the floor.

I wouldn’t be too bothered that in 2019 he is claiming regret for his actions back in 1991 if he leveled with us. People make mistakes, attitudes change, one becomes wiser and is entitled to regret and repent. Doing so requires you admit your mistake which Biden doesn’t seem to do. He puts in on the dumb white men. That surely raises some eyebrows as to his sincerity.

What I don’t seem to get is why he wants to get a pass by disrespecting the rest of the members of the committee by suggesting they “didn’t fully understand what the hell it was all about”? From the context of his statement It appears to be because they were: “a bunch of white guys”

You know deep inside I have to admit I expected Joe to do something like that. I knew I was not wise thinking he could be my savior. He spends too much time seeing which way the wind is blowing before making a decision. Now he sees In the Democratic Party the flavor of the day is to criticize white guys. He’s just joining in on the scrum.

The Democratic nomination apparently requires one to gain the votes of African-Americans and Hispanics. Some believe the best way to do that is to pile on against the white guys. Some articles I read suggest that being a white guy, especially one who is straight and not a Socialist, is a handicap to that person’s chance to receive the Democratic nomination. Joe has been rumored to plan to avoid this by partnering with a black woman as his running mate.

The Democrats don’t understand that they lost the last presidential election because many of the white guys didn’t buy what they were selling. The white guys still vote and without their votes no Democratic candidate will be elected. They are not going to stand for the disrespect which is gaining currency among some of their candidates.

It was after all a “bunch of white guys” who signed the Declaration of Independence and joined together to adopt the U.S. Constitution. It was a “bunch of white guys” who fought to keep the Union together, fought in both world wars, and passed the Civil Rights Act. These “bunch of white guys” may not have been perfect – some may have been very imperfect in their attitudes or treatment towards others – but on the whole they did a pretty good job into making America into the country that it has become. These “bunch of white guys” are the ones you say you can win back to the Democratic Party. I’m not sure that’s now the case after you just gave them a slap in the face.

So Joe when you suggest white guys don’t know “what the hell it was all about” you are plainly wrong. It is you that doesn’t know what it is all about. I’ll tell you what it is all about for this white guy. By your imputing ignorance to white guys you have just lost this white guy’s vote.


  1. Wa-llahi! Mayor Pete all the way! Biden’s just a republicrat, who pretends an affinity to the proletariat. Out with the old, in with the new. Buttegeig wore red diapers. All praise to his father. All power to the dialectic!

  2. Time was, back in the days of democratic sanity and forgiveness, that another quality was present that is disappearing—loyalty. Not lock-step loyalty or fault blindness, but true loyalty that assumed you would not kick someone going through a tough time to further your own standing. A willingness to even to take some heat to defend a colleague’s mistakes. Not join the snarling pack. And these are Democrats? I think not–Elizabeth et al.

    • Hutch:

      Loyalty also involves sticking with the beliefs and promises that got you where you are – you know, like being loyal to your word. The Democrats seem to be going down the trail of political purity excommunicating anyone who fails to accept the ideas of the loudest voices.

      • So true. What happened to staying at the dance with the one that brung ya?

        • Hutch:

          Is staying at the dance with the one that brung ya something like “I had a hat when I came in and I’ll have a hat when I go home!”

  3. John King McDonald

    I like Charlie Studebaker. I am able to separate his detestable politics from an affable and affectionate politics. The starchy retort from his office tonight that the innocent of intrigue Charlie did not deserve the political punch Rollins poleaxed him in the mouth with this afternoon regarding exclusive treatment for his errant son is off target. This is not an ad hominem attack on Charlie and his son. There are no winners here . Parents are hostage to their children’s good behavior. Anyone who is a parent gets Charlie’s : Pain . Shame . Love for his son . Political ambition . Paternal Protection … These resulted in Charlie exploiting his political position in the following way : Charlie is the BOSS OF THE STATIES . When his apparently inebriated son was accused of improper touching of a female contemporary who he may or may not be an acquaintance , four months ago and was pulled off a Logan arrival upon landing for questioning about the– Someone is The Guv’s Son and The Apple of the Gubernatorial Eye — Felony in progress here maybe , BOSS DADDY CHARLIE MADE HIS MOVE. HE took advantage of clear transactional powers he possesses to have the STATIES KICK IT TO THE FEDS. Charlie swaddled A.J. in his Magisterial Robes and had him conducted quietly and installed into a FEDERAL PROSECUTORIAL LIMBO . The Feds do not have to comment on the case, or even whether there is or ever will be a case, against the kid . Charlie got him pulled into the Panic Room of the Federal Manse and the door for slammed shut .

    Any other person , except Jussie Smollet , would have been prep walked off that plane to the Nashua Street Jail .

    Rollins pointed out the obvious. To get vast credit. She ain’t playin ‘ Charlie’s Game no more. Good for her .

    We want to get her to the ORPHEUM on April 19th to hear Amanda perform — THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION — Her latest album about Birth . Death . Abortion . Hope . Despair . and Desperately Shared Common Humanity . They are natural allies .


  4. John King McDonald

    Matt :

    Let me think about it. Talk to Billy C. in about a week. He’ll let you know if it’s a go or not .

    You will have to start back down the end of the bench : carry some water : shag some balls : bat maintenance etc.

    Should be able to let you join the Team. Like I said. Talk to Billy in a few.

  5. I can’t join the woe-is-me white man’s club. Sorry, but we’re not an oppressed minority. We even have our own party, the GOP, which controls the White House and the Senate. The president of the United States is a huge fan of white men.
    So dry those tears. If you flip things around a bit, you’ll have to agree that most blacks, Hispanics and women feel left out of the Republican Party. That said, I agree with the point that I think Matt is making. I want a moderate Democrat to get the party’s nomination. Somebody sane enough, and attractive enough, to defeat Donald Trump. Any white male who fits the bill is fine with me.

    • Dan:

      You are quite perceptive. I cannot disagree with anything you wrote. My lament was directed at the Democratic Party which will go down in McGovern-type defeat if the rush to the left continues and the white candidates apologize for their whiteness. I agree “we’re not an oppressed minority.” On the other hand I don’t think we are an oppressive majority.

      I want the party to elect someone who can beat Trump. If that person starts to disrespect white men then he or she will lose badly.

  6. Could JRC please stay in Florida and monitor the Kraft matter which will be the trial of the century. It will be bigger than O J. Can Kraft and Bellichik be accurately described as McFilthy and McNasty? How does a white male or female who has a son or a grandson vote for a political party that is going to discriminate against their children and grandkids? Being White or Christian is a negative to most Democrats. Identity politics requires one to prefer women and minorities and put Whites in an inferior position. Affirmative action is discrimination against Asians and Whites. Infanticide, Identity politics and socialism are the programs of today’s Democrats. 2. Ronald Reagan said he didn’t leave the Democratic party. They left him. They left me too. Proud to be an ex Democrat since the 80s. Matt cam’t vote for Biden or Bernie so he will have to write in Kerry or Dukakis. Four More Years.

    • NC:

      My grandfathers and father were all Democrats. Those that oppressed them were Republicans. I do want them to rest in peace so I maintain my allegiance to the Democratic Party. There are some Democrats out there who I can vote for and I hope the party comes to its senses and brakes the movement left. It won’t be Dukakis or Kerry. As you know I voted neither for Trump or Hillary but did write in the name of Alfred E. Neuman – who by the way would have no truck with the far left of the Democratic Party and had he won done a better job than Trump or Hillary. In sum, I don’t believe in abandoning ship but prefer to work from the inside to make what repairs I can.

  7. Hello Matt, Great Post, I too am a elderly white guy , soon to be returning from “Snow Bird” Florida. I also feel I’m a member in good standing of “The Silent Majority”. We never receive an opportunity to be on tv spouting the nonsense that is heard today from the far left. However what we do is vote and in large numbers. I just watched a segment on the History Channel dealing with our Enemies during WW2 in the South Pacific. Brave American Kids as young as 17,18 and 19, falling in battle by the thousands in order to keep our Country free. Now we have to sit back and listen to the rubbish from A.O.C. and her ilk. It is very disturbing and I , as a member of that, fed up, silent majority, can’t wait to rectify that situation. Slainte

    • JRC:

      The snow bird season is coming to a quick end for us also. We too will soon be off to face the perils of New England weather. It’s always a worrisome trip not knowing how well the house stood up to the weather. Too bad we can’t take our houses with us so they don’t have to suffer while we luxuriate in the warmer weather.

      As you know it goes without saying I’m not a big Trump fan unlike others you might meet up at Lake Sunapee every so often. This makes me despair at the Democratic Party moving to the left so that socialists like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are allowed to run as Democrats. At one time a socialist ran on the Socialist Party ticket which usually got a couple of percentage of the votes.

      I like to keep in mind that we are the only country in the world with such a motley population which includes in large numbers every race, religion, color, ethnic group, and you name it. We mostly get along although lately it may not seem so. We make progress every year in achieving the goal of equality for all which our laws now provide for. We do not countenance acts of prejudice against others.

      It is simple for me – I want candidates who will run on the issues and not insult me by suggesting that as a white man my opinion is wrong, stupid or just not wanted. You and I and millions of white men served in uniform for this country. It is particularly galling to be told by others who have no conception of service to the nation to get lost. Not only that, as you indicate, it is a losing proposition.

      Have a safe trip home. Slainte

  8. After the Kavanaugh nomination hearing I opted out of the Democratic Party of
    which I was a proud member for almost sixty years.Joe Biden has reinforced my
    decision .

    • What did they do to drive you away that hadn’t been done by members of both parties a hundred times? I hate conservative Republicans but I fucking despise liberal Democrats. But I’ll go fishing with either one because I know its not important enough to dislike someone over in the real world. My hate is only….on paper.

      The one thing that is diminishing quickly or missing in America, for the most part, is forgiveness. And as the religious members of this august group know well, that is one of the main teachings of our priests, pastors and rabbis. That is, on paper.