Happy New Year – Will It Be A Year To Remember!

2019 – keep in mind that 100 years ago in 1919 we had the year of the color. The color was red. There were the raids that rounded up many of the Reds; there was the red blood that flower on the streets during the many race riots. It was the year after the fighting in the trenches ended. Many hundreds of thousands men who were drafted or enlisted flowed back into the job market seeking jobs that had been taken over by others.

I’mrepetition in our history whereby similarities can be found in years separated by a century. You recall September 11, 2001; that obviously brought to mind what happened 100 years earlier in September 1901 when another tragedy hit the United States.

I’m hoping we will not have another 1919 in 2019. But you have to admit the country now seems to be somewhat unstable. There is great uncertainty all around in the financial markets and with respect to our relations with other countries. The aggressor nations are honing their weapons relying on a distracted or disinterested United States.

So perhaps we are in for a traumatic time. Few remember ever celebrating a New Year’s with such trepidation. Will the center hold?

Whatever will be will be. Let us hope it turns out after all is said and done to not be a repeat of 1919 and we can say and believe with a.reasonabke degree of confidence:  have a Happy New Year.



  1. You know the US is bad when Americans say that they feel like they have more freedom in Communist countries like Vietnam.

  2. On September 9, 1919, more than two thirds of the Boston Police Department went on strike. Governor Coolidge fired the striking officers. The officers who did not strike faced retaliation from those who did. Governor Coolidge went on to become Vice President and President of the United States.


  3. Happy days are here again in spite of what the Chicken Littles in the Media say. We have a booming economy. We are stopping wars in Yemen, Syria and hopefully Afghanistan. Unemployment at a 60 year low. Unlike the Seventies under Carter we don’t have an energy crisis. We aren’t running out of oil. Energy abundance is the rule. Better Trade deals are being made. The Judiciary is being improved. We have what most Americans desire Peace and Prosperity. Happy New Year.

    • “We are stopping wars in Yemen, Syria and hopefully Afghanistan.”

      The Afghanistan one killed me. “Hopefully.” You are one funny fella! At least you said hopefully.

      Have you been there? Its a really fun place. Google Buzkashi. Its the national sport. A little like senior’s tennis.