How John Martorano Took The Federal Prosecutors To The Cleaners

When I think of John Martorano the man who murdered more Black Americans in Boston in the history of that city than anyone else I cannot help think of the deal that he was given by the federal prosecutors for the  twenty murders he admitted doing. The excuse they offered was they would not have known about the murders if John did not tell them about them.

We know that was not correct. There were others who were quite willing to tell the federal prosecutors about some of John’s murders. But the deal with John was much more sinister than what people were led to believe. Talk about a prosecutor being pulled around by the tail. Well this is a prime example of that happening.

John’s deal was that he would not be prosecuted for any of his murders. He had committed most in Massachusetts but also had murdered people in Florida and in Oklahoma. Three states signed off under pressure from the federal prosecutors to let John with his multiple murders avoid prosecution for them.

You think that’s a pretty good deal. You admit to murdering twenty people and you will not have to face the death penalty in two states and the only sentence you will receive will not be for the murders but for racketeering. The federal government had no murder statute under which John could be prosecuted. The amount of time John would do would as agreed on by the prosecutors would be in the lower teens. Keep in mind also, the federal government already had him jammed in on racketeering charges which very likely would have resulted in him doing the same amount of time. In effect one way of looking at it is John did not receive any punishment for his murders.

Then there was the strange benefits that John received. He was allowed to do his time at a cushy open area federal prison. He was also given one thousand dollars for each of the persons he had murdered upon his release. No restrictions were put on him to prevent him from benefiting from his murders. He wrote a book and pushed for a movie deal.

There are at least twenty people murdered by him and the federal government is plying him with gifts. How bad can things get? Ralph DiMasi a hardened criminal forced to testify at the Whitey Bulger trial rightly scoffed at the federal justice system saying: “a guy who murdered twenty people is walking the street and they want to execute a kid who commits one murder.”

If you think that is pretty bad, it gets worse. John in his deal told the federal prosecutors what he would do and they bowed a scraped before him. He said he would not testify against the people who were involved with the murders with him. In other words when he and Howie Winter machined gunned Michael Milanos, Al Plummer and William O’Brien the government not only gave Martorano a pass but also Howie Winter. When he was involved in murders with anyone else they too got a pass. If Pat Nee helped him murder Paulie McGonagle and Tommy King he would not have to testify against him.

Worst of all we saw in the Whitey  Bulger case that the prosecutors went out of their way to compensate the victims (even if some were not found to have been victims) of Bulger. They did nothing to compensate the victims of their witness John.

This, of course is not on John. He got a chance at these gifts and gladly took them. He made out well. The federal prosecutors not so much. The rest of us, well you be the judge.




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    Chris Hedges on Death of Journalism

  2. Wow!

    In news and nouns at 7pm….

    FBI agent from Piscataway pleads guilty to photographing woman in Edison dressing room
    Suzanne Russell, Bridgewater Courier NewsPublished 5:06 p.m. ET Oct. 4, 2018

    THE WITSEC MAFIA is a confederacy of criminals turned government witnesses who have committed heinous crimes, often murder, that after selling out their cohorts are being released from prison and presented to the public as “changed men,” while at the same time? They’re being supported by corrupt journalists, lawyers and other enablers including rogue federal agents as they game the witness protection program and commit new crimes against innocent civilians, in many cases with other career criminals turned government informants who they’ve reunited with, all under the watchful eyes and protection of the federal government

    * Deal with the Devil
    The FBI’s Secret Thirty-Year Relationship with a Mafia Killer
    by Peter Lance

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  3. Perot Conservative

    Sounds like they are as corrupt and crooked as James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weismann, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Eric Holder and Rod Rosenstein.

    The Feds in DC, how about the sweetheart deal SSCI staffer James Wolfe received? A slap on the wrist plea deal of ‘being untruthful’ to the FBI, when he was caught red handed leaking Classified material (FISA application) to his young concubine journalist.

    What card did Wolfe play? His defense attorney notified the whole SSCI Gang of Eight that they would be deposed! Humm. Did a powerful Senator direct Wolfe to leak? Then it appears Weismann’s SCO scrubbed & muddied some key internal files to blur evidence produced by an honest FBI agent conducting a leak investigation unknown to the SCO team. On top of this, the SCO was effectively running the neutered DOJ, and they were / are in coverup mode re the Russia Hoax. (John Brennan notes released last week prove HRC planned the Hoax.)

    So if this happens at the Federal level, what factors are at play in Boston? Money, power, careers? Same as DC.

  4. Good post. Either the Feds are the dumbest people alive or are so politically motivated, vindictive and corrupt that they are blinded by their bias. They only do what the media tells them. Prosecute the Probation officials for a non crime. Plus Wyshak lied to judge Wolf to put the Martorano deal over on him. Wyshak falsely claimed Martorano was going to implicate several others not just Whitey. If Trump is re elected he should defund that cesspool at the Moakley Courthouse. Happy Columbus Day.