How the Boston U.S. Attorney Victimized the Families of Whitey Bulger’s Victims

ConfederacyThe move was as smooth as an old fashion Smoothie.  It glided past the victim’s families as easily as the Old Smoothies of Ice Capades times twirled past the crowd gathered in Boston Garden. It was the ultimate bait and switch; a perfect execution of the Three Cup Monte; legerdemain that rivaled that of the great Houdini. Rarely do you see people getting their pockets picked in broad daylight and see them then smile and think the people doing the act are benefiting them. They were told to keep their eyes on Whitey while the rest of the gangsters ran away with the loot.

The survivors of those victims allegedly of Whitey Bulger have been told by the Boston U.S. attorney they will be able to divide up money seized from Whitey Bulger at the time of his arrest along with the proceeds realized from the sale of his personal effects. They are also being told that these government officials believe Whitey has hidden stashes of money which they still expect to be able to find by beating up upon poor Catherine Greig. They tell all these people they are duping to come to court this April 28 to watch a former prosecutor now sitting as a judge hammer Greig. They may even arrange for some of them as they did before to speak so they can hurl insults at Greig,

Sometime it seems that in the federal system we are back in the Salem Witch trial days when it comes to dealing with women. Maybe Donald Trump got his training under the Boston judges and prosecutors,  Greig has already done more time than a guys who murdered five or more people (Weeks, Salemme) and closing in on ones who killed more than twenty (Martorano and Flemmi),

The multitude of families of victims, a few of whom were innocent,  and many victims who through their life styles are implicated themselves in the crimes leading to their demise, greedily dance to the tune played on the prosecutors’ pipes. I’m of the school that if you hang around with gangster or are a gangster yourself you gladly accept the benefits and risks of that life style but should not be heard to complain if there are deadly consequences. How a guy who is  planning to hit another guy but gets hit himself becomes a victim whose family is entitled to money bewilders me?

This all comes to mind when I read a comment telling me that Stevie “Benji Ditchman” Flemmi’s house in South Boston that he bought for his parents and where he murdered Debby Davis just sold for over a million dollars by someone he is connected with.  All who have been here for any period of time know that Flemmi made Whitey look like an amateur. He was a federal informer (admitted to it) over 30 years.

He committed more than twice the murders that Whitey did. He murdered two women by himself but blamed Whitey. Amazingly he has not been in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons since long before Whitey’s capture — he may be out on the street somewhere — (I’m sure the Boston media knows where he is but is mum on the subject since they dare not cross the prosecutors — acting more like an enslaved press than one that is free) —  enjoying the fruits of the deals he made with the Boston trick artists.

Here’s the big con the families of the victims have fallen for — those guys who were the cause of their plight on an equal basis as Whitey or most likely even more —   these were real mean and depraved dudes: Martoranos, Flemmi, Salemme, Weeks, Winter, and Nee, they  kept all of their ill-gotten gains. These run in the many millions. Yet all of these funds are off-limits to these families.

The prosecutors keep the victim’s eyes on the pretty empty well of Whitey while protecting the big money held by others who are more vicious but are the friends of the prosecutors. Amazingly they get away with it. More amazingly the money recipients think they are getting a good deal.



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  2. I contacted the law office of Bob Goldstein today
    spoke to a para legal regarding the Bob Fitzpatrick case


  3. Matt- Could this come to a point in which they want to know all about Billy’s financial status and if he has any money linked with Whitey? It seems that the possibilites are endless with Wyshak at the helm. Dividing the money up to rightful victims would be another mess aswell. It would start to go down the slope of getting into each of the victims participation in this whole sick story. Wyshak has made a real mess of just getting this all done and over with, he simply can’t help himself. How is it Shelly and and Savin Hill man don’t feel the need to follow up and let the public know where Flemmi is???, but have no problem writing Whitey masturbation jail cell garbage?? Sad Stuff!!

    • Doubting:

      Shelley is in the pocket of the U.S. attorney. Never has written a word of criticism about the DOJ or FBI. does not want to lose her sources. Read about the Milton senator today where she is still being fed secret stuff.

      They know all of Billy’s stuff. They have known about it for years. If they could have taken it they would have moved to do it but it is all as clean as money can be. Although don’t think Wyshak did not move heaven and earth to fine some evidence of it. Keep in mind no one of his gangster witnesses had anything to give him on Billy -not eve Benji or Two Weeks. The only one who did was Supervisor Ring – one of the people who Weeks said was tasking stuff from Whitey – he was called Pipes – he was involved in setting up Naimovich – he had to do something to save his pension so he put Billy coming into Stevie’s parents house when he was having dinner there. He was like the other supervisor Morris scrambling to please Wyshak. Morris didn’t put Billy at that dinner to the best of my recollection.

      Wyshak won’t differentiate between witnesses – he’d rather have them squabbling among themselves. Imagine Halloran’s Callahan’s,and King’s family being victims when their relatives were involved in murders with these guys..

  4. John King McDonald

    Puzzling that US Attorney’s office keeps profile raised on all this with the prosecution of Shelley Murphy of the Globe’s beloved. ” Fitzy” , beleaguered former FBI Agent Bob Fitzpatrick, and the persecution of Catherine Greig which seems pointlessly ineffectual and poisonously vindictive. This latter seems only to garner increasing public sympathy for her and the former, Bob Fitzpatrick, has the likes of T.J. English, a respected crime writer, fervently and angrily advocating for tartan tweeded Bob on his online blog.

    James Bulger is a big money commodity. One that can be exploited for professional notoriety and advancement in the world of journalism as well as for the same reasons in the corridors of the Federal Court on Northern Avenue, Boston. He is the ” Sin Goat ” of ancient tribal culture ; the black goat that a corrupt village beats their shame and sins into, literally and metaphorically, and then drives off a cliff in a tribal ritual of expiation and redemption. ” WHITEY DID IT !!!!!!! ” 🙂

    One only is the die beneath the Three Cup Monte hemisphere. And the thaumaturge doing the blazing shuffle wears an FBI signet ring on his hand. And that ain’t all bad. You can’t cheat an honest man after all, as goes the old saying .

  5. Every bit of what you said is true, Matt. After Catherine is ‘beaten’ by the Court on April 28, they go after Fitzpatrick. And, after that? You? Me? Those who follow and respond to your blog? Anything is possible. It seems that the Boston US Attorney’s Office — namely Fred Wyshak calls it. And, it seems that Carmen Ortiz has no control over what Wyshak does. Wyshak is in charge of damage control. I believe that he gets his orders from the top of the food chain. The US Attorney’s Office obviously has a lot of damage to bring under control.

    • Janet:
      I think you make a good point about who will they come after next. I read the TJ English article. He still doesn’t get a lot of stuff it having come under the spell of the local media and his good friend Pat Nee. At least he has a little bit of a clue the the Fitzpatrick prosecution is outrageous. What is amazing and gives proof to my assertions of the pact between the local media and Ortiz’s office is no local newspaper has picked up upon the ongoing attempts to silence any criticism.