I’m Dreaming of a White Christian Nation: President Trump’s Bannon’s Ideas

IMG_20170203_143426-The Trump boys are out there pushing for the making of a white Christian nation. Too bad Irving Berlin isn’t around. He could pen the words to give Trump a favorite song, “I’m dreaming of a white Christian nation.” More and more it is becoming clear that is what is behind the operations of the Trump regime.

We are seeing the final gasp of an attempt to whitewash America, make it less colorful and more uniformly white. The facile speech of Trump about Black History Month is a clear indication that he has little interest in black concerns other than to demonize them for their poverty and violence. He has no solution other than to send the “feds” into the cities. The violence continues unabated but we see no action from Trump. I suppose he will attend to that after he keeps the non-whites out.

Recently Bannon said: “Twenty percent of this country is immigrants. Is that not the beating heart of this problem?”  The percentage is obviously incorrect. It is more like 13% but on the mind of Bannon is the 20%. Why he would be concerned with is that over 80% are people of color. This, of necessity, dilutes the whiteness of our society.

I sometime think when Trump supporters complain about the “colored revolutions” they are parroting Putin in the Kremlin who fears them, see here.  These color revolutions, the most famous being the orange in Ukraine and the green in Iran were started to give the people a more democratic form of government. Two minor ones in Belarus and Moldova against Russia that followed Ukraine were the ones that brought fright into the heart of Putin.

I wondered why Trump’s followers would be against democratic movements. Then I wondered whether it wasn’t that. I though perhaps many in Trump’s camp believe these were by people of color, you know, that somehow they relate to Pottawatomie John’s deeds at Harper’s Ferry.

As for the necessity of the country being Christian, Steve Bannon said in 2014 speech to a group at the Vatican: “we’re at the very beginning stages of a very brutal and bloody conflict, of which if the people in this room, the people in the church, do not bind together and really form what I feel is an aspect of the church militant, to really be able to not just stand with our beliefs, but to fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity that’s starting, that will completely eradicate everything that we’ve been bequeathed over the last 2,000, 2,500 years.”

The new barbarity is the radical Muslims. Or is it Islam itself?  Bannon went on: If you look back at the long history of the Judeo-Christian West struggle against Islam, I believe that our forefathers kept their stance, and I think they did the right thing. I think they kept it out of the world, whether it was at Vienna, or Tours, or other places… It bequeathed to use the great institution that is the church of the West.” (my emphasis)


The Bannon/Trump obvious Muslim ban which they turned into a 7-nation ban will have to be followed up with more disguises. I suppose the next thing will be a ban of people from Mexico or other parts of the Americas south of Mexico that are Christian areas. Obviously that will be done to show he is not against Muslims but just people of color.

The immigrant ban goes along with Bannon’s thinking there are too many people of color in the country. The coziness with Russia is due to its whiteness along with its lack of people of color and its traditional values. Bannon explaining that a lot of people are traditionalists and said: “One of the reasons is that they believe that at least Putin is standing up for traditional institutions.” He continued while admitting Putin and his cronies are a kleptocracy, “You know, Putin’s been quite an interesting character. He’s also very, very, very intelligent. I can see this in the United States where he’s playing very strongly to social conservatives about his message about more traditional values, so I think it’s something that we have to be very much on guard of.”

The Trump Team’s negative attitude toward the rest of Europe even though it is white is because it has moved away from the Christian traditions and allowed a greater influx of immigrants of color. Bannon is from the alt-right movement, which is fundamentally a white group which appeals to the white supremacist types. They may be dreaming like many of the WASPs in the past of what they would like America to be but they should know that ship sailed a long time ago. It is good it has.

39 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Christian Nation: President Trump’s Bannon’s Ideas

  1. Dear Khalid, I’ve been to prison. Maybe you should volunteer there. Prison needs your type of energy. This is not a criticism.

  2. Anti-racist means anti-white? Not necessarily, I met some Nation of Islam guys in the joint that sounded just like Tadzio, coming from the opposite direction. They run H, and, contracts, inside, so, it didn’t pay to get too confrontational with them. I’d talk with Nation guys at jummah prayer. I always kept in mind that most excellent brother, Malcolm X, came out of the Nation. Sometimes, people do get better, instead of worse, for their experience.

    Most of the white racist dudes I met: KKK, Nazis, Fremen, Sovereign Citizen, Posse Comitatus, etc., were grifters. They were always milking their followers six ways from Sunday. Their racial “theories” were a scam from the git-go, and, didn’t make a lick of sense. ABs were different, for reasons you can’t understand, unless you’ve been there, and, you don’t want to go there. If you want to understand how racism works, nothing beats prison for a teacher.

  3. So, I’ve had it wrong all of these many years. And as global warming sends an old school Nor’easter spinning towards us out of the region boreal we hear on the coattails of the gusty winds the stirring lullaby of that ancient racist crooner, Bing Crosby …. I’M …. DREAMMMMINNNGGG …OF A WHIIIITE. …. CHRISTIAN! …. Now We’re Goosestepping to The Lefty Rag! 🙂

  4. Ah, the good old days. The first U.S. census in 1790 found about 4 million people here, of whom 20 percent were black, most of them slaves. Immigrant groups like the Irish had already begun to arrive, though I don’t know their numbers. I think it’s reasonable to assume that these Irish newcomers did not always see eye to eye with the white Christians then running the show. ( None of the Native American tribes that then dotted the land were counted, but they were here too.) My point is that even back in 1790, the country was much more diverse than many of the fans of white Christianity care to imagine. Building America has been a collaborative effort, and continues to be so.

    1. DanC: True, building America has been a collaboration. But the last time we hit 15% of Americans being foreign born was about 1910. (Most blacks in 1790 and all Native-Americans were native born). We’re now at about 14% foreign born. We’ll soon hit the peak of 15% again. We’re talking “foreign born” immigrants. How many more should we admit? Wouldn’t it be wiser to limit the number and allow those here to assimilate? I think so!
      We’re a very generous nation, but we have limited resources.

  5. Matt: I too dream of white Christian nations, like Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Scotland, et al, the citizens of whom have migrated to America and made America great. America has been a Christian nation since it declared its Independence in 1776, and I hope and dreams that it remains a Christian nation.
    Do you prefer it become atheistic or Muslim or Buddhist?
    What’s wrong with a Christian Nation?
    I prefer this construct: a nation built on Judaeo-Christian principles, but welcoming to all peoples. I hope we never lose our Christian character!

    1. What happened to the division between church and state? That’s the reason public space is atheistic. What is so superior about Judeo- Christian principles? Bill, give me a reasoned answer, more logic than emotion. You don’t have to tell me how much you believe it. That’s evident. Tell me why I should believe it. Convince me.

      1. What is so superior about Judaeo-Christian principles? They are the bedrock principles and moving spirit upon which Western Civilization was built.
        Have you noticed the benefits to Mankind from Western Civilization in terms of philosophy, literature, the arts, the sciences, medicine, agriculture (food distribution, charitable giving), humanitarianism, etc. Have you noticed the standard of living in Christian countries, the freedoms its citizens enjoy. Judaeo-Christian principles free the human spirit, impel us to share, to be fair to our neighbor, to create a more just world. The abolition movement was inspired by Judaeo-Christian principles. Slavery, prostitution, drug addiction, unjust wars are contrary to Judaeo-Christian principles.
        Have you noticed when countries stray from Judaeo-Christian principles and adopt atheistic fascist (NAZI) or Bolshevik (Stalinistic) thought, how the human spirit is degraded and lives are destroyed.
        From the Irish monks who saved, preserved, taught and spread the great literary works and treasures of early Western Civilization, through the universities, through the Renaissance until today, the World has been and continues to be the beneficiary of the Judaeo-Christian Way.
        You’re an intelligent man. Convince yourself!

        1. Ah! You’re a sectarian bigot. Now, I understand. Care to discuss the Islamic roots of Thomist thought? Aquinas borrowed heavily from Ibn Rushd, Ibn Sina, and, al-Ghazali. Historians believe that the works of Aristotle were preserved, and, transmitted to Europe via Muslim Spain in early medieval times. In those days, Christian Europeans were intellectually, and, materially, quite backward compared to Muslims. Aspiring Christian doctors had to go to Muslim Spain to learn their trade.

          The unique thing about late renaissance, and, enlightenment Europe, was “calculative technicalism.” That phenomenon is what vaulted western Europe into a technologically superior position vis a vis the rest of the world. Christian piety had nothing to do with it.

          The Irish contribution to European intellectual history came earlier than that of the Muslims, during the mid to late dark ages. Irish monks taught Europe to read and write, again, after the Germanic invasions destroyed Roman Europe.

          (I have a copy of “How the Irish Saved Civilization.” It’s right next to “Green Niggers and Smoked Irishman” another great book.)

          1. Professor Thomas Cahill teaches right up the street from me at Boston College. That is a good book. Individual Conscience and all the sovereign joys and ills that emanate from it are is the Judaeo-Christian crux. And that goes back to a pinioned Christ on the Cross. Religious syncretism is the psychic drapery across the shoulders of all sectarians be they Christian, Muslim or what have you. Experience enfolds Experience. You two are not spiritually estranged from each other, just somewhat schismatically divided.

            I wonder if Philby’s father, was, like his Spymaster scion, a gentle stutterer. Helluva reference. Ah, the Divine Tar . 🙂

  6. Want some FACTS: from WIKIPEDIA:
    “Saudi Arabia arguably remains the most prolific sponsor of international Islamist terrorism, allegedly supporting groups as disparate as the Afghanistan Taliban, Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Al-Nusra Front.[94]
    Saudi Arabia is said to be the world’s largest source of funds and promoter of Salafist jihadism,[95] which forms the ideological basis of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and others. Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide, according to Hillary Clinton.[96] According to a secret December 2009 paper signed by the US secretary of state, “Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups.”

    1. Do you mean the Saudi government supports terrorism, or, that, some individuals who are Saudi citizens support terrorism? There’s a big difference.

      1. Khalid, If Hillary Clinton, our State Department and Wikipedia know who these individuals are and what they do, so does Saudi Arabia. If they are still living in Saudi Arabia and continuing to fund terrorism, which they are by all accounts, then it is reasonable to hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responsible. In Ireland, the government went after the IRA; in Northern Ireland, the government went after the Ulster Defense Force; in America, the U.S. went after the Mafia. What has Saudi Arabia done to eradicate Wahabism and supporters of Al Qaeda and ISIS? Nothing, that I know. And only recently, since Trump’s election, have they even indicated they’d accept refugees! So far, they’ve accepted no refugees from the Middle East. The Gulf States and their citizens fund and supply the rebels who’ve created havoc in the Middle East, and they do nothing to ameliorate the refugee crisis.
        America’s best strategy over there is an exit strategy, as it was in Vietnam.

        1. Bill, I gave a quick synopsis of Saudi politics in a comment a few months ago. I will reprise it in brief:

          The Saudis are a tribal society, some of the tribes, particularly the Utayba, resent the Saudi tribe’s monopoly on power in the Kingdom. Often, money trails, and, other support for terrorism, leads back to members of these dissident tribes. The dissident tribes supply mujahidin to AQAP. The Saudi government does not support this effort, and, considers AQAP to be an existential threat to their regime. Don’t paint all Saudis with the same brush.

          If you’d like to expand your knowledge of Saudi Arabia, I recommend reading “The Kingdom” by Robert Lacey, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, 1981. It delves a little deeper into Saudi society than the Wiki-pedia articles. If you want to understand some of the socio-political forces that drive Saudi society, read up on (google) the Ikhwan. Also, Kim Philby’s father wrote a great biography of Abd-Azziz ibn as-Saud II. I think it’s still in print.

  7. Khalid you are mistaken. And notice how I avoid using ad hominem attacks. You are blind to the fact that Al Qaeda and ISIS are Sunnis and spawns of the Sunnis and the Sunnis are the greatest perpetrators of terrorism around the world and the Sunni Muslims have caused the vast majority of terrorist attacks in America and Europe.
    Since Trump’s election, Matt has been unhinged. Today he demeans “White Christian Nations”. You applaud that. I don’t.
    Some advice: More data, less mud!

    1. Bill: I don’t think calling Matt “unhinged” is consistent with your call for civility. I agree with you, by the way. We can have sharp differences of opinion without resorting to personal insult.

      1. It’s an interesting point of decorum . If William had said … the wheels have come off the bus with you lately as far as intemperate and wild conclusions are concerned … the meaning would be synonymous, and completely acceptable. ” Unhinged ” is plainly spoken, and in this case, by a guy we agree is eminently reasonable and decorous in speech. So it is a quibble. The admonition, generally though , has merit, as a sort of policing that keeps this blog from falling into the ruins of mutual invective. Robust wordplay is one matter. Character assassination such as calling Trump supporters Nazi’s, Fascists, and …gasp …White Supremacists, is another thing rather different in its malicious chords of dissent. Generally, things have improved. Worth thinking about!

      2. “Your dick’s in the dirt, don’t step on it,” just means you’re mistaken, don’t compound the error. Not ,exactly, an ad hominem.

        I know quite a few Shia. The Jaafar tribe once hosted me in Baalbak for a month. They liken themselves to blacks folks in American ghettos, and, the Catholics of NI. In Lebanon, the Shia constitute a criminal subculture. Because they are on the short end of the social stick, they operate at odds with prevailing concepts of honesty. If your vehicle is ripped off in al-Hamra (Sunni) Beirut you’ll likely find it up for ransom the next day in Shia Baalbak.
        Before Musa as-Sadr organized Shia political aspirations into the Amal Movement, they made up the bulk of Lebanon’s communist party. The Jaafars were very secular, and, hated Hezbollah. Juju Jaafar, along with all his brothers, and, cousins, fought a pitched battle in the middle of Baalbak against Hezbollah. He claimed to have killed thirty for the fourteen they’d lost themselves. Juju said only the timely intervention of a Syrian armored unit saved the Hezbollah force from massacre. The non-Arab Iranian Shia share 12ver Imami belief with the Lebanese Shia, but, with notable exception of Hezbollah followers, most of the Arab Shia of Lebanon don’t politically identify with the Iranians.

        There’s no monolithic Shia political entity to ally with. The United States uses divisions among the Shia to American advantage. The reason we have any play in Iraq, at all, is because we exploit the desire of some Arab Shia political parties to stay out from under the thumb of the Iranians.

  8. wa-llahi! As far as I can tell, Matt is a conservative democrat. I’m a Bolshevik. There’s lots of daylight between us. Bill, it’s really sectarian to use the word Jihad, especially if you don’t actually know what the word means. And, where did you get your info about Shia people? Your dick is in the dirt, man, don’t step on it.

    1. In 1917 a man with a heavily accented voice made a frantic call to the US Embassy in Geneva. He was in a panic to speak with a …Verantwortlich … A responsible American official.

      He got instead Allen Dulles, the future
      DCI of the CIA, and brother of John Foster Dulles, later Eisenhower’s closest advisor. Dulles had an afternoon tennis date with an English Rose and was disinclined to meet straight off with a Russian emigré. So, he played him off. The man turned
      out to be V.I. Lenin!

      Not long after that phone call the Germans sent Vladimir in a sealed train across Bavaria, Prussia, Poland and Lithuania. He arrived at the Finland Station in Leningrad in November of ’17 to bring off the Bolshevik Revolution.

      Draw your own conclusions about the venality of V.I. Lenin. Bolshevism is just another shitty reshuffling of the deck: The usual Court Cards in different clothing perhaps, and the inevitable Jokers. 🙂

  9. Matt and Khalid continue their alt-left jihads against the Trump administration: always the comparisons with Hitler, the Nazis, racists, and White Supremacists!
    Matt: All other Administrations have limited Immigration. When Trump does it, it’s because he hates brown people?
    Matt and Khalid sound like Joe Biden, “They want to put you back in chains.”

    Here’s what John Adams called such commentary (partially quoted yesterday), “Sour, angry, peevish, fretful, lying Paragraphs which assail (the Government) on every Side (and) make an Impression on many weak and ignorant People. It is better that the People of Boston should be employed in disputing about a Theatre, than in reading the gloomy falsehoods which have disgraced their public Prints for some time in disparagement of the general Government.”

    Newsflash: The Government’s “temporary ban” affects about 10% of Muslims.

    The 2013 figure is 13.5% foreign born in America. The fact is in 2017, the foreign born population approaches the historic high of 14.7% (first achieved around 1910, then it fluctuated reaching a low of about 5% by 1960-70).The Census Bureau projects that the 14.7% historic high will be reached by 2023, then exceeded.

    How many more immigrants should America admit? An unlimited number? Open doors? Open your mind! We have limited resources, and have trouble providing for own elderly, disabled, ill and impoverished.

    You say 80% of immigrants are “people of color.” NO! Today, about 14% of immigrants are from Europe/Canada and 52% from Central and South America. More than 50% of Latinos identify themselves as White, so about 48% (14 + 26) of immigrants would identify as White. Most Latinos are of European background and most self-identify as “white.” Even Mexican Mestizos are part Indian-part European.

    Here’s a quote from the Census Bureau:
    “At the 2010 Census there were 223,553,265 “White Americans”, which includes 26.7 million White Hispanic and Latino Americans. That is, there are 196.8 million “Non-Hispanic Whites” (63.7% of the total population) and 26,735,713 “Hispanic Whites” (8.7% of the population). The two groups collectively form the census category of “White Americans”, a group consisting mostly of those of European ancestry, though people of Middle Eastern and North African ancestry are also classified as white by the U.S. Census Bureau.”
    Middle Eastern (Armenia, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Arabs etc) plus North Africans (Morocco, Egypt, Libya) account for about 4% of population. Don’t tell my Armenian friends they’re not white! Armenia is in the Caucasus.

    And what’s wrong with a Christian-American culture? What’s wrong with an American-centric culture? What’s wrong with celebrating the contributions of Europeans and Whites, as we celebrate the contributions of blacks and other minorities? Our language is English! Celebrate the British, Irish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian, Ukrainian and Russian American cultures and contributions. We’ve all assimilated. How about assimilating immigrants into our culture and teaching them our history? How about celebrating America’s culture, American contributions to the world in Medicine, Technology, Science, Agriculture etc? How about recognizing the fact that 95% of the people who fought and died for the USA were white Christians? (Or is it politically incorrect to say that?) I celebrate the contributions of all Americans, white, black, brown, of whatever descent. I do hope America remains strongly Christian and strongly respectful of its historic roots and founding fathers. (Is it politically incorrect to note that the vast majority of our Founding Fathers were Fathers and British?)
    The more hysterical and frantic the alt-left is the more Americans see the wisdom of conservatism and an American First policy.

    Do we really want to see the Balkanization of America, a polyglot America, a Tower of Babel? Don’t you see the wisdom of preserving our own culture and traditions?

    Rock & Roll!

  10. Agree, Matt. Immigration has energized and re-energized the U.S . There are, for example, are a number of neighborhoods in New York City that have become more prosperous and vibrant thanks to immigrant groups: Russians, Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, Dominicans, Koreans and Guyanese, among others. America is great now, even with the Great White Hope in charge ….

  11. A couple of points. The seven nations for Trump’s hold on immigration are six nations that the neocon policy of the Obama and Bush have waged war on and bombed and bombed and bombed. Iran has been the subject of economic strangulation because of neocon influence that back Netanyahu’s delusional view of a non-existent nuclear weapon program.

    Blowback is real. An impulse towards revenge is in our DNA. It is shear idiocy to not be wary of those you have brutally cruel towards. Perhaps my memory of the history is wrong but I do not recall America opening its doors to the Germans , Italians and Japanese from 1941 to 1945.

    When you are killing and maiming people you should expect a violent response from them. Trump recognizes this, hence the ban.

    White Christian America is correct in seeking to assert dominance over this nation. We founded it. We built it up. Every minority group is encouraged to promote its collective interest.

    In your world only White Christians are demonized for doing this. It will be a very dangerous place for White Christians if they become a minority in a world in which all other groups have been taught to hate them. This is what is happening.

    Do I hate the other groups? No. But I do recognize what will be the result of the conscious policy of displacing my people. It is not pretty. And, yes, I love my own people more than others. That is human nature. Multiculturalism is a perversion of human nature.

    Let us take a look at the real world. No White child should ever be forced by the government to attend a minority majority school. The results are vicious.


    This is a precursor of the world open borders will lead to. It will be degradation, poverty and daily humiliation for the people who made America great. Just look at Gaza if you want to know the world the hostile elite guiding the country wants for your grandchildren and their progeny. Why do you not love them? A bit more than anyone else.

    Question. Have you encouraged your children to send their children into the ghetto for an education? In your fantasy world of equality and harmony they would benefit from diversity. If you do not volunteer your own descendants for this Nirvana of your dreams and would yet inflict it upon others of your race and culture you belong in a hell far worse than the hell you seek for others because they are White Christian Americans.

    Every child attending a minority majority school understands the great truism of today: Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White. Wake up. Listen to them.

  12. Good job, Matt. I see you hit a nerve.

    If the WWII generation hadn’t died off, especially, guys who’d fought in Europe, the neo-Nazi white supremacist movement would never been allowed to crawl out of the sewers. I wish I had a video of my Dad, and, his friends, commenting on George Lincoln Rockwell, and, his cretinous storm-troopers. Back in the sixties, Rockwell would get on TV with some offensive stunt. I can’t express the intensity of the rage those WWII veterans felt when they saw those idiots strutting around in Nazi style uniforms behind a swastika banner.

    1. Indeed, the nerve of a muslim-centric ivory tower mezuzzah academic invariably inveighing against a monolithic ” White Supremacist ” Culture in the Good Old U.S. OF A now offering these fine actuarial distinctions ; inveterate racism having bared too obviously ugly a hatred distorted face. The cost of going to school : VARIES … The cost of not being true to your school : IN THIS CASE, PRICELESS 🙂 … Well, Dostoyevsky was saved from a firing squad by the Czar’s reprieve, Khalid, so there’s hope for you yet.

      1. ★ Ivory tower * muezzin academic.

        When I think of serious academics, my Unconscious seem to revert to my Rabbi 🙂

  13. ★ Fellow * Americans … White * Supremacists ….Lazy of me not to correct the predictive text. You get my point . 🙂

  14. Effectively, you just called sixty-million of your Fellow American’s who voted for Donald J. Trump White Supremacist’s . FOR GOD’S SAKE GET A GRIP! 🙂

  15. A shallow thesis ; too simple, too racist in the truest sense of the lens through which historical and cultural events are viewed being colored by race prejudice, too tendentious. Conclusion : Unoriginal and wholly expected thinking from a leftist partisan. Disappointed!

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