Is Trump: “Unacceptably Obtuse?” Or is He Sending A Message?

News Report:

Well fed “Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder (shown on left)and four cohorts were arrested on Tuesday in what prosecutors called the “largest bribery scheme” in state history. FBI agents raided Householder’s farm in Glenford, about 45 miles east of Columbus, according to Perry County Sheriff’s deputies who assisted in the operation on Tuesday morning. The 61-year-old Householder, regarded as one of the state’s three most powerful lawmakers, was taken into custody and charged with racketeering conspiracy, officials said.  Also arrested and charged were the speaker’s adviser Jeffrey Longstreth, 44, former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matthew Borges, 48, and prominent lobbyists Neil Clark, 67, and Juan Cespedes, 40, authorities said. The defendants are behind “what is likely the largest bribery, money laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people of the state of Ohio,” U.S. Attorney David DeVillers told reporters.”

My oh my. Just think in Massachusetts the Democrats just don’t think big like the Republicans. Here they get grabbed and punished for taking a few thousand dollars but out in Ohio – a Trump state with Trump legislature – they think big, real big. Millions.

I suppose if you’re going to hit the slammer you might as well have made a little cushion for yourself when you get out. How can the Speaker, the Speaker’s advisor, and the former Ohio Republican Party Chairman decided to bilk the public out of so much money. I thought Trump was going to clean out the swamp.

The article noted: “The center of the scheme, officials said, was the formation a tax-free non-profit called Generation Now that was supposed to be a social service organization. Instead, it was allegedly Householder’s personal account, funded by an energy company, to wield political power and pass the bailout, authorities said.Generation Now was allegedly used to funnel $61 million in “dark money,” DeVillers said.”  Dark money? Is that something that would be used in the Deep State.

I wonder if Trump will be asked about Larry Householder like he was asked about Ghislaine Maxwell the woman who Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have used to lure young girls into his house of horror. Do you expect he will give the same answer that he gave about her: “I don’t know. I haven’t really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly.  I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well, whatever it is.” He guessed they lived in Palm Beach? There videos of him partying with Epstein in Palm Beach.

Anyway you have to wonder what kind of person would wish another person who destroyed the lives of countless young girls well. A normal person would be revolted at the thought.  Rep Chip Roy a Republican of Texas had this to say: “This is unacceptably obtuse for a woman accused of the most morally depraved of crimes, @realDonaldTrump. She needs to be severely punished… and justice must be served for the girls she abused. For ALL involved.”

Seeing how Trump operates which must be obvious to everyone who has even the slightest idea at his history of comments about people charged with a crime. Trump speaks in code well know to defendants. Wishing her well simply means keeping her mouth shut, going through the process, and he’ll take care of her in the end. It’s a demand that she not talk about his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and the young girls (by the way why won’t he give a requested DNA sample to another person suing him – oh, I suppose it is for the same reason he hides his taxes – they will incriminate him) who he was involved with.

Will he be wishing Republican Speaker Householder well? Depends on whether he got a cut out of his criminal enterprise and wants his silence.




  1. wa-llahi! Any of you boneheads know who Lord Acton was? Hint: use your google machines.

    • wa -llahi! We should all read, or, reread, Camus’ “Plague.” We could, then, have a rousing discussion of the Covid crisis in light of Camus’ unique perspective. Bill, Abe, NC, as, well. We could have a common existentialism staring point. Sartre discounted the existence of a universal consciousness. He believed it was the nature of consciousness that we’d never be able to cooperate more than people who board a bus all going to different destinations. C’mon lads, let’s get on the bus.

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  4. Nothing obtuse about a Trump Lie…..

    A new Trump campaign ad depicting a police officer being attacked by protesters is actually a 2014 photo of pro-democracy protests in Ukraine
    Mia Jankowicz Jul 22, 2020, 7:37 AM

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    Police should no longer occupy all of our vital support systems in our communities.

    Policing in America has gone too far. It has now become the one-stop response to our communities’ public health and public aid problems. Police officers must enforce traffic laws and respond to domestic disputes. They must manage mental health crises and drug overdoses. They must deal with homelessness and school discipline. Police officers, of course, are neither trained nor equipped to be part of our social support systems, and so it’s unsurprising that they often make them worse.

    Even when it comes to crimes of violence, it turns out that law enforcement often fails to protect people. Less than 4 percent of an officer’s time is spent investigating so-called violent crimes, and police don’t even do a particularly good job at that. In Chicago, for example, police typically solve only 4 out of 10 murders, and only 2 out of 10 when the victim is Black. Yet police are expensive, eating large amounts of municipal budgets. The City of Chicago spends approximately $4 million dollars per day on the Chicago Police Department, an amount equivalent to 5 months of mental health services, 18 months of substance abuse treatment, or 32 months of violence prevention programs.

  5. william m. connolly

    I am wary of the Feds, especially the potentially overzealous power abusers in Federal prosecutors’ offices as we’ve seen in Boston.

    In America, fairness and justice dictate the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

  6. Corruption in Ohio?

    In other the issue is not just a few bad apples, the issue is
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  7. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    –Lord Acton–