Is Trump’s Escape a War or Terrorist Attack

() wolfIt is becoming more and more clear that the Trump is in oodles of trouble. Could you ever have imagined the top intelligence adviser being caught in lies and being forced to resign within the first thirty days of an administration? I can only think of Tevye saying “unheard of!”

Now the alleged reason he resigned is a lack of trust brought about in part by his lying (so often that word is used dealing with Trump and his team) to Vice President Pence about having discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador. That left me with two questions: why did he lie about it, if as Spicer alleged, that was his job to reach out to people like the ambassador during the transition. The second is I ask whether it is conceivable he did this without either being told by Trump or informed him of his having done it right afterwards. I have written previously that he had to have discussed sanctions yet I find little satisfaction in knowing a general with 33 years service in the Army would go over to the other side so easily.

Flynn’s departure seems to be only the beginning. We’ve seen Kellyanne Conway become tongue tied trying to explain why Trump clung the Flynn for so long; we’ve seen Sean Spicer again caught in a web of lies (there’s that word again) when he said there were no contacts with the Russians before the election.

It has hit the fan folks. Day by day it gets worse. Trump has even gone into hiding from his tweeting. The knives are out. The attacks by Trump on those who he suggested were like the Nazis — the.members of the intelligence community — are boomeranging on him.

The Intelligence Empire Strikes Back. The sluice gates are opened as Judge Laurie would have said. We now know the Trump people were in contact with Russian intelligence during the election at the same time Russian Intelligence was working to throw the election to Trump through foul means.

To those who like to call for a Special Prosecutor to act you must be comforted knowing one is on the way. He or she will determine if the Trump team colluded with the enemy to defeat Hillary Clinton. If the trail leads back to Trump as may be the case then the Trump Days of golf and roses are over as well as the Trump name and brands. Say goodnight Donald.

There is one way, well actually two ways out for Trump. The first is to start a war with Iran or North Korea. Then we’ll rally round the flag as our hefty commander in chief charges onward toward victory. With Netanyau having Trump’s ear it is most likely Iran. How hard would it be for Mossad disguised as Iranian Guard to attack one of our ships? Maybe we would not fall for a Gulf of Tonkin incident again. Perhaps going off to war may be a reach.

But there is a better and easier way. It was used by Trump’s buddy Putin. It is to arrange a terrorist attack on the homeland. Putin blew up some apartment buildings and blamed Muslim terrorists. Isn’t that a way forward for Trump during these desperate times when desperate measures are called for?

It would play nicely into his “keep America safe” program. He could even blame the judges for interfering with him. He could declare a nationwide state of emergency and martial law. He could halt judicial review of his acts and muzzle the press. He’d have the full backing of the Congress and the military and police forces to crack down. He even has a place to put the loudest complainers in Guantanamo Bay.

Who will stop him? Who can stop him? Did you ever believe our freedoms could be in such peril?




19 thoughts on “Is Trump’s Escape a War or Terrorist Attack

  1. Khalid :

    Where does one start with you. Obviously “Elvis” and his ” antics” are your concern. You are the one who elaborated upon them. If the account was true, or if the account was a projection of your own psychic contents, matters not. Empty your nacho bowl, mix up your shit with baby oil, do your shits and giggles routine all you want on this blog. You own it ! Smear yourself with whatever you want. It’s not the end of the World. Bobby Sands and the IRA political prisoners in Britain’s brutal Maze prison refused to slop out their cells in protest. They ” painted ” their cell walls with their feces over a period of months until the encrustations were an inch thick. So, it is something we Irish understand. That you go so out of your way to challenge me and get my attention on this blog is interesting to me. You envy me. My writing style confounds, puzzles, and hypnotizes you. I placed you in ” trance ” long ago on this blog, and your latest little blog ” irruption ” concerning such elemental psychic contents that have clearly ” stuck ” in your Unconscious, is pleasing to me. Let’s get some work done. You revealingly , and wholly out of the well of your Unconscious, delivered your thinly veiled auto-biographical ” Shit Serenades ” in the person of ” Elvis ” . Elvis Presley was an American Icon, a poor white boy, too easily characterized as a racist by your ilk, who made it good. Yes, Elvis was indeed the ” Shit ” as we say in the ghetto. How revealing is language! Write a book Khalid. I am sure it would be a bestseller. Here, let me propose a snappy and seductive title for you … FROM EXCREMENTAL TO SACRAMENTAL 🙂 … Well, Ta’ for now you sturdy fellow … I am going to count you down now … at One, your trance will double : TWO …. ONE … You will not remember anything I have just said to you. But I guarantee you Khalid, your Unconscious will ! … Dr.Freud is off to yet another patient . Work on that! You are a very interesting case.

  2. Whichever side you are on, you must agree; This ain’t normal.

    As my dear departed father once said, “Two and two is four and I smell shit.”

    1. Abe : The World is full of it. Spread the news. Freud had some interesting theories on … cover your eyes and hold your nose … SHIT. He opined that artistic media such as oil paint was excremental in psychic origin, and that the artist is in a real and vital sense spreading his colorful shit on canvas. When Freud talked shit, people listened. 🙂

      1. John:

        Elvis is justifiably memorable, and, tends to crop up in the consciousness. He’d be delighted that his antics stick to your mind.

    2. Honest:

      Could not agree more that this is not normal and your father’s sense of smell would come in handy right now.

      1. Matt:

        I knew I could count on you to stock your nose in where a comment was neither necessary or required. Sit and wait with the other patients . If you need this badly to get my attention I assure you that something does indeed stink to high heaven. Try to elevate the discussion out of the gutter. Scatological references and olfactory derring doo doo on people’s part, nothing personal intended, is really a crashing yawn, intellectually. Tell us all something we don’t already know. Besides ” Shit. ” In orher words BUTT OUT 🙂 … Just kidding Matty, I know you can do better!

  3. Did you catch the president’s news conference? As it turns out, Trump has inherited a “mess” and is (as usual) being maligned by the dishonest media. I’m sure this played very well with Trump’s most ardent supporters: angry old white men. For the rest of us, though, not so much. There is, after all, the fact that Trump’s immigration ban blew up on the launch pad. And he did fire his national security chief in record time, even though the general is a wonderful man who has been treated very unfairly by you-know-who. Cant’ forget the disastrous raid in Yemen, either. The president has vowed to wipe ISIS from the face of the Earth, but he somehow wound up attacking al Qaeda, the junior varsity of terrorist groups, and doing it badly. If Trump’s your guy, fine. But I’ll take the man who killed Osama bin Laden every single time.

  4. The day after Flynn’s resignation Nancy Dementia quoted at a Presser from a parody Twitter account that ” Flynn says here today on his Twitter ‘ I was a scapegoat ‘ ” The false Twitter account was clearly identified as such to anyone reading it. Pelosi then described, excruciatingly, the historical meaning of ” scapegoat, ” and sounded the alarm for all those nefarious people in Trumptown who had heaped all their dark sins upon it, and driven it off a cliff. She knew it was a falsehood. She could care less. I keep seeing articulate and well reasoned responses on this blog and elsewhere to the specious , hypocritical, hyperbolic, contrived, crass and contumely arguments of Leftist loons and goons who are not rational, nor most importantly , do they give a flying damn about being rational. THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING! just to agitate, obstruct, vilify, condemn and demonize so long as it serves their flight abhorrent of never looking at or confronting their own demons. So, a hygiene has to be adhered to intellectually , morally, spiritually, philosophically and practically : Know that you are dealing with fanatics, and respond accordingly . Rational argument is fine. Wisdom is better! 🙂

  5. “Who will stop him? Who can stop him? Did you ever believe our freedoms could be in such peril?”


    I am just looking forward to the day, someday soon I hope, when the Republican Congress will openly and forcefully behave like something other than a rubber stamp for this guy.

    And another thing. You have about as much chance of getting anything accomplished with respect to Roe v. Wade with Gorsuch on the Supreme Court as you would if Trump had picked Gloria Steinem. Five of the seven justices who rendered the original Roe v. Wade decision were GOP appointees, plus the next six after that and eight of the last twelve. Gorsuch will make nine of the last twelve since Roe v. Wade. Pence interviewed Gorsuch before he was picked and he was asked if he discussed Roe v. Wade with him. “No I did not,” Pence said. Well if you’re not going to ask him about it, what difference does it make whether the President is pro-life or not? How can you tell?

    “Gorsuch is not pro-life,” Andy Schlafly, son of Phyllis Schlafly alleged in the email. “I knew him in law school and afterwards and he never said anything pro-life. In his writings he uses only pro-abortion terminology, and he has cited favorably a landmark pro-abortion decision. His church is publicly and strongly against pro-life laws.”

    And yet the religious right is pretending that Gorsuch is a pro-life pick, and for that reason they continue to go along with all of Trump’s excesses.

  6. Matt writes: “Day by day it gets worse. Trump has even gone into hiding from his tweeting.”

    In fact, in the last 24 hours, Trump has posted 9 tweets. His tweeting over the last week, over the last month, looks typical.

    And today he’s holding a press conference.

    Not hiding!

  7. Here’s an example of how Nancy Pelosi resorts to hysteria and hyperbole (some would say “lies”). Of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Pelosi has said “ if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision.” She went on to say Gorsuch harbors “hostility towards children in school, children with autism”.
    It’s one thing to criticize a judicial decision; another to say the judge hates children.

  8. Remember the Left’s Mantra: “Bush lied and people died.” Turned out Bush didn’t lie. Intel. Agencies around the world said Iraq had WMD. They all were mistaken.

    The hysteria continues.

    Yesterday Matt said Flynn “betrayed his country”; today he says Flynn has “gone over to the other side.” His evidence? Zilch! He offers nothing but wild innuendo and then imagines an end of the world scenario. “Another Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, War with Iran, Nuking North Korea!” Khalid agrees.

    Matt says notice how often the word “lying” is used with this Administration. Yes it is, by lying Leftists, lying Neo-Cons, the lying Media and lying hysterics. Notice also how often they use words like Hitler, Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Sexist, Bigot, etc, etc. Hillary’s and Pocahontas’s favorite slurs against the “Deplorables!”

    CNN today ran a “Timeline” of the Trump Team’s contacts with Russia:
    CNN seriously writes: “Trump publicly asked Russia to hack Hillary’s private emails.” This too is hysterical. What Trump said was a JOKE! When in July 2016, it was revealed the DNC’s emails had been hacked (allegedly by Russia), Trump said he hoped Russia would find Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails. A Joke! A joke now becomes nefarious, and a part of CNN’s hysterical prosecution of Trump.

    As part of its Trump “Timeline”, CNN goes back to Paul Manafort’s dealings with Ukraine BEFORE he became an adviser to Trump. (He wasn’t on Trump’s team in 2012-2014) CNN says Manafort received $12 million in secret payments. Manafort said he was hired by a Ukrainian Political Party, he received no secret payments, and no payments at all from the Russian or Ukrainian governments; his entire political consulting team (made up of both US and Ukrainian members) received the payments. Manafort says all payments were above board and legit, and cites Ukrainian officials. Look it up!!! The Left’s response: “He’s lying.” Everyone lies except the Leftists and libs.

    And so it goes; The Stone throwers throw stones: “Bush lied, people died”; we’ll hear similar mantras from the Left. Ignore them!

    General Flynn misled Pence and Spicer. Why? Anyone can speculate. My guess? He read the early Press reports that mentioned violations of the Logan Act and second guessed his own good judgement. It’s no crime for transition teams to “mention” or “discuss” matters. Flynn has not been charged with a crime.

    Ignore the hysteria and histrionics.

    You know what you do with whirling Dervishes? Let them whirl!

  9. According to the Vegas line, Glorious Leader will last 42 more days. The smart money says Trump won’t make it to May Day. The question, now, is whether the 2016 election will be a re-do in 2017. Reps want Pence to move up, but, the public reaction to Trump’s fall may be so intense that no one associated with him will politically survive.

    Matt’s right. Only a war with Iran, and/or, a terrorist attack, can save Glorious Leader. Trump’s going down, and, he’s going to take the whole country with him, if he can.

    1. For the “smart money” hasbara troll types a lesson from the first day’s lecture in Constitutional Law 101: The American government is not parliamentary. The resignation of a president does not and can not trigger a new election. The term is fixed and there is a long list of successors should any refuse the office. Presently the first seven in line are: Michael Pence, Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, Rex Tillerson, Steven Mnuchin, James Mattis and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III at which point I am a very happy man.

    2. Wa-llahi! Glorious Leader’s press conference showed just how crazy Trump really is. That was some performance! Only a net falling over him could have improved the show.

  10. Hi Matt: I don’t believe Trump is going to blow up anything. I do see him as capable as plunging us into a war with Iran, perhaps through miscalculation. The president runs the White House as if it is a mom-and-pop store. That’s why Jared and/or Ivanka pop up at various events. It’s the same way he runs his business. I think this helps to explain the chaos we see unfolding before our eyes.

  11. Our ” hefty” President is realizing just how much heft he actually has. He is no mote beleaguered by a hostile Press and Democratic Party fanatics who have fallen off the cliff of reason, now, than he has ever been. Go ahead, revile the guy, ostracize his children, perform contemptible skits about his staffers on SNL, disgrace the memories of millions who suffered and died under Hitler and defeating Hitler by reflexive schoolyard catcalling of him as a Nazi. It matters not. He will not be bullied. Hysteria is actually defined as ” womb madness. ” in the Greek. There has long been a collective hysteria in the land. I think it has to do with existential terror ; with people’s fear of life and of death. We are here. Get over it. We will all die someday. Get over it. It is not all ” Daddy Trump ‘s ” fault. Show some class. Show some civility, composure, and courage. And as Senate President Bulger used to quip about the guys with the butterfly nets, … “Just hold your arms out to the side
    as you’re running. It will make it harder for them to catch you! 🙂

  12. Congrats you figured it out. The Flynn deal was we will lift sanction but you sit it out Russia as we go to war with Iran. Crude prices quadruple. You benefit too. I also note Iran Opposion MEK just issued a report saying Shia Iran is training Sunni ISIS. Total BS. We are going to get hit false flag by those who want war in Iran. Same deal as 911/Iraq. CIA being set up and sees that they will get blamed. But its a hostile intelligence op. Google “Clean Break Report”. Its all there. Iran is simply next.

  13. Calm down before the boys with butterfly nets come after you. Recall Robert Browning’s calm: “God ‘s in His heaven—. All ‘s right with the world!”

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