“It Wasn’t Me That Commited Dem Murders: The CIA Made Me Do It.” Says Whitey Bulger

Why is it all of these guys who go about killing people when caught try to blame something or someone else for their despicable actions. Take Whitey Bulger, he’s now peddling the maddening story that somehow his being a guinea pig for a CIA experiment with LSD turned him into a two-bit murderous felon. We can only thing of the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde except Whitey doesn’t have to ingest any laboratory formula from a test tube to lose his otherwise benign composure, it comes in the form of flashbacks that come during the nighttime nightmares..

The matter that is thrown at us is that Whitey would have been an upstanding citizen had he not been set upon by men in suit jackets with needles. We are supposed to accept that  Whitey had some time of post traumatic stress disorder which causes him to turn into a monster.

it might have had a chance to pass as credible if one were to ignore his past. Whitey was bad to the bone since he was a young teenager. He just wanted to live on the wild side a step or two over onto the wrong side of the law. There’s  a newspaper article about him being caught lifting goods off of the back of a truck. Tailgating it was called back then before the term became polished up and expropriated by the college and professional football crowds to describe their pre-game parking lot banquets.

No doubt he had a lot of derring-do to walk into banks with other hoodlums to pull off robberies with his equally tough girl friend, aka a moll,  sitting in the car serving as a look-out. How many of these robberies did he pull? How many times after them would he take off with his moll and live the high life until the money ran out? He epitomized the sailor on shore leave going off with a pocket full of cash and returning a lot worse for the wear and broke waiting for the days to pass to pick up some more government cash to do a rerun at the next port of call.

There was a special part to the bank robbing that would have attracted Whitey. Another Irish robber, Willie Sutton, spelled it out: “Why did I rob banks? Because I enjoyed it. I loved it. I was more alive when I was inside a bank, robbing it, than at any other time in my life. I enjoyed everything about it so much that one or two weeks later I’d be out looking for the next job. But to me the money was the chips, that’s all. ” Sutton always carried an unloaded pistol or Thompson submachine gun doing his robberies because he did not want to hurt anyone. Asked why he needed the gun if he was not going to use it he answered: “You can’t rob a bank on charm and personality.”  

Long before the CIA experiments Whitey was a criminal. Unlike Sutton he carried a loaded gun and was not reluctant to use it. How then can it be said that his subsequent actions were brought about by those experiments? If he was an out-of-control murderer just murdering people without any discernible motive that would be one thing; but Whitey’s murders were all premeditated and done with planning with others.

They were carried out over two distinct time periods: 1973 to 1976 and 1981-1985. The first period involved the murders of his rivals Paul McGonagle (done by King); Tommy King (done by Martorano); Buddy Leonard (unknown who actually did murder); guys Winter Hill had grudges against (Connors, O’Toole, Sousa, Castucci); and the hits for the Mafia none of which Whitey did any of the killings.

The second period involved Flemmi’s two women, the waterfront murder of Halloran and Donohue, the Jai Alai murders done by Martorano, Bucky Barrett and John McIntyre. As you know I don’t buy him having any connections with the Jai Alai murders nor the women murders which were done by Flemmi. The other four he was an active participant doing the killing along with others such as Kevin Weeks and Pat Nee. None of these indicated anything that would have implicated the CIA experiments.

However, the most compelling evidence that the CIA experiments had no bearing on his criminal ways, especially his murders, is that from the time of his last accused murder which is that of Flemmi’s step-daugher in 1985 until his capture in 2011, a period of 26 years he is not known to have murdered anyone. Add to that the twelve years (1965-1972 and 1977 to 1980) after prison before 1985 when he didn’t murder anyone it making a total of 38 murder-free years attempting to put the blame on anything other than the perversity of Whitey is plainly closing one’s eyes to reality.

Whitey was a bad hoodlum. He was born bad and he’ll die bad. By the way the day he was born was the hottest September 3 in Boston in the 20th Century. You don’t think the guy that hangs around in that fiery four letter word domain happened to have played the role of the stork and brought him here do you?




  1. Spartacus, call home.

  2. Wa-llahi! I can’t believe the antifa folks neglected to bring pistols to the NYC demo. Hasn’t anyone learned anything since Greensboro? That candle holding cum-by-you stuff will just get you killed. People have got to toughen up. It’s a revolution, blood-red, and, riotous, not a prayer meeting, or, a debate. Death to the Proud Boys. That goes double for health insurance executives, and, private prison bosses. Those invested in the suffering of others forfeit the right to live. Let’s get it on.

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    Believe Women and Men, sometimes. Believe some women, like some men, miss-remember, embellish, exaggerate, distort, fabricate, delude themselves and outright lie. How many innocents are in prison, have been hanged, burned at the stake?

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    P.S. My apologies to Matt for using and abusing his blog. Remember Scriptures says turn the other cheek (at least once) but forgive seventy times seven times.

    I will copy this and post on Facebook unedited to infuriate most of my followers, or some of them who can tolerate anything but opposing views.

    • “My Manifesto (written to the tune of Dvorak’s New World Symphony; largo)”

      One of the best symphonic pieces. Full of little swirls and ditties. And it is ours!

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  5. Wa-llahi! MK Ultra, hilarious. Any acid heads reading this blog?

  6. John King McDonald

    ” ….if he had not been set upon by men in suit jackets with needles .”

    Stick with that Voice

    That line works in a lot of places !!!

  7. John King McDonald

    THAT LSD IS A HELL OF A DRUG !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. With regard to the comments that Jimmy Bulger was “bad to the bone” and that he “returned (from prison) to South Boston and resumed his life of crime”, a few observations in refutation: I happen to know someone who worked with him right after his return from prison and says that Whitey was a good guy to work with for a full year and that during that time he was holding down two jobs and swore he was going straight. He did not during that time seem to have been (a) involved in ay criminal activity or (b) affected by any CIA drug experiments. No doubt he was unable to live up to his commitment to going straight and maybe there was a delayed reaction to the CIA experiments but during the one year immediately post-prison he seemed like a normal guy. Go figure !!!

  9. Whitey shouldered Satan out of the way in order to blame the CIA for his wicked ways. Given the manner in which Bulger operated, I’m reluctant to call any of these years murder-free. We really don’t know. That said, I agree with Matt that Bulger was telling the truth when he denied murdering those two women. It was Flemmi, no doubt.

    Bulger also gets my sympathy for being subjected to this unconscionable experiment. A change in behavior might have signaled that the acid Whitey dropped had a genuine impact on his little psyche. But, as we know, Bulger simply returned to South Boston and resumed his life of crime. We also know that on a grand scale, this CIA “experiment” proved
    to be a miserable failure.

    And as for blaming the Prince of Darkness, I hear Bulger buried the devil’s body near the car wash in Neponset Circle. (Maybe the car wash is closed now. As a teen, I worked in that car wash weekends to make a little money. My memories of the place are all bad. Maybe that’s why I like to imagine Satan is buried nearby.)

  10. Good insightful writing, Matt.

  11. An impressive argument. However none of his murders occurred prior to having been exposed to purportedly heavy doses of LSD under the MK Ultra program of the Deep State CIA. No one knows the impact of this pernicious substance. Records were not kept. Dosages were unknown. The prisoners were just guinea pigs. The better defense in his trial would have been the lack of mens rea caused by the State’s activity. Combine the mistreatment of the defendant with the absurd deals for the Mafia’s hit men and the government could be shown to be a bad actor. Put the Feds on trial. The Jerry O’Sullivan permission defense was bound to fail. 2. Because it happened after the fact doesn’t necessitate causation but it may have been persuasive. The Federal government is in bad odor because of the DOJ, FBI and CIA misconduct. Deep six the Deep State.