Laughing At Murders

A spring Sunday
A spring Sunday

In my book Don’t Embarrass The Family I wrote how during  John Martorano’s testimony in Boston “I felt physically uncomfortable hearing” him joke on the witness stand. I also wrote: “I found myself repulsed by this degenerate man talking in such a cavalier manner. . . . It was strange listening to this multi-murderer trying to be a comedian and hearing some laugh at him.”  It would get worse at the trial in Florida. 

Yesterday I wrote how the federal prosecutor Fred Wyshak suggested former FBI Agent John Connolly’s troubles were occasioned by his loyalty to South Boston. I felt this showed a great lack of depth on his part accepting as true the caricature of people from South Boston. It underscores his inability to separate Billy Bulger from the crimes of his brother. He has no difficulty smearing a whole neighborhood of hard-working loyal Americans with the same brush. I’d like to know what is it about South Boston values that Wyshak finds are so offensive.

As bad as it is to hold a group of people from a neighborhood up to ridicule, he showed a worse side of him during the Miami trial. Don’t take my word for any of this, you can watch NBC’s presentation of it yourself here.

The NBC program contains just quick clips so one can only catch a small feel of the trial. In one Wyshak (part 7, about the 5:30 mark) is conducting the direct examination of Stevie Flemmi. Keep in mind this is a serious case. FBI Agent John Connolly is on trial for murder.

Wyshak is asking Flemmi about the murder of Brian Halloran. He starts smiling as he begins to ask Flemmi what Whitey said about Halloran. You can sense there’s some sort of Abbot/Costello routine about to begin. Flemmi answered he said the Balloon burst. With a broad grin on his face as if he’s trying to hold in a big joke, Wyshak uses a leading question to ask Flemmi why Whitey called Halloran Balloon saying “that’s because he had a large head.” And Flemmi returns a big  grin agreeing that Halloran had a big head. The two men enjoyed the joke together.

None of this was necessary. It demeans the idea of justice just seeing this. Wyshak’s acting like a Flemmi crony enjoying a good inside joke. Flemmi is a sadistic murderer. Perhaps the most evil man in Boston history. It seems Wyshak has forgotten that.

The video also showed John Martorano acting as a comedian on the stand with his fresh wise guy answers that provoked laughter in the courtroom. I’m surprised counsel doesn’t jump all over him for this. Here’s a guy who has admitted murdering twenty people and he’s pretending he’s a stand-up comic.

Any lawyer with basic trial instincts should be in his face with, “Mr. Martorano, do find something humorous in having murdered twenty people? Is it all some big lark for you to  be here testifying in front of this jury? Tell the jury what you think is so funny!”

I just hope C&B know how to slam him. Counsel for Connolly in Florida didn’t know how to do it. You’ve got to attack them, get them mad and show the jury what they are made of. You must show how they will lie, cheat and murder to help themselves. You have to impress on the jury this case is the most serious one they’ll ever hear involving murder and it’s no time for humor especially if it’s from people who have savagely taken the lives of others.

Flemmi has to be taken through the murders of those young women he admitted murdering in excruciating detail. Make him into the monster he is with a second by second account. Point out to the jury his smiling at these happenings. Connolly’s Florida lawyer failed miserably in this.

When a prosecutor jokes around with a man who murdered two young women, let the jury know it’s happening. When a murderer like Martorano wants to act the clown point it out for all to see.

The courtroom isn’t a place to play patty cake patty cake. It’s a battle field and should be treated as such. Lawyers that don’t understand that shouldn’t be in the pit when gangsters are involved. There’s nothing funny about a murder trial.





  1. Correction – Taylor had something to do with starting the war around the Sierra Leone…you know the one where he forced all those little kids to be the soldiers…it had something to do with diamond mines too. Oh wait, diamond mines…why is that important…diamonds. Oh ya, that’s right. In addition to being shiny and sparkly and pretty, and being a girl’s best-friend, few know that industrial diamonds are used in the manufacture of certain weapons,and then some.

  2. Me? Mysterious ways? No. No. No. Not I. I don’t work or write in mysterious ways. God might, but not me.

    To answer your question(s)
    1. Yes, there is a case (in fact multiple cases) against State Street Corp for fraud. (please understand the State Street fraud cases are not to be confused with the 75 State Street issue- totally different “adventures in financing”)
    2.) One of many cases against State Street is pending before the US District Court in Boston and was initially assigned to Wolf who tried like Hell to get it to settle (last year in the fall) before he took a back-seat to everything that still conveniently allows him full reign to work on whatever he wants without any public accountability whatsoever – nice gig). That case is filed under Arkansas Teachers Retirment vs. State Street. It is related to the California cases and Governor Brown’s fraud action against State Street as well as the case filed by Ireland regarding the Ireland debt agency claiming fraud against State Street.
    3.)The reference was to “The Common Core” – not the Commonwealth Core. The Common Core is a massive, national initiative taking place to privatize the public education system right under everyone’s noses. It is funded by the Gates/Buffet foundation. A major player in that initiative also holds/held a seat on the State Street board (go figure) – so while that player is asking the teachers unions to sing his company’s praises on one end, he is essentially (and okay fine “allegedly”) robbing them on the other. Furthermore, The Common Core is a big deal and considered, well, – fraudulent. Even Diane Ravitch both Bush’s and Clinton’s education guru doesn’t support it. Meanwhile, the Council on Foreign Relations, a private entity which supports mostly Bush glomons, is the real fuel behind it all. They are well represented by such premier members conveniently holding premier seats on the Common Core and the tech companies that will benefit including the testing agencies. The Common Core/Council on Foreign Relations goons also issued a report – get this -tagging teachers, yes teachers, with the “national security readiness” of all students in the event of a national disaster or terrorist attack in the future. The Common Core which is being implemented now across many states is just phase I. According to the Council on Foreign Relations (which, reminder, is represented by all the major stakeholders making boodles of dough off the Common Core)the next phase will make the department of defense, yep that DOD now headed by good ol’ Chuckie who has ties to Buffet,ultimately responsible for “what when and how” our students our learning. In other words, ultimate responsibility for education will soon be transferred from the DOE to the DOD. In fact, the Council on Foreign Relations in its report notes the “positives” of sustaining a “negative economy” insofar as it drives people to accept such [stupid] proposals. Moreover such report, again written by the stakeholders now unveiling the Common Core in virtually every state [but Nebraska and maybe a few others – how odd is that – not!) recommends unprecedented data mining/sharing and linkages to the, you guessed it – intelligence communities. We are now “militarizing” our schools. This is exactly the kind of venue I could see Mr. Mueller thriving in.

    • Hmmm, Alex, wish I knew who you are but I’ll settle for seeing that you do seem to be the Real McCoy. It seems some posters play dumb at times when remarking that they don’t realize that Miss Iceland the tipster and Anna Bjornsditter or Bjorn are one in the same former Hollywood starlet. Have you checked Bjorn’s and her husband’s biographies, they seem to socialize and cobduct business in influential circles in Iceland. I hear Iceland is beautiful, never been though, never met anyone from there although about a year and a half ago, I did get my very first email from an Iceland resident on a dating site I was on!

    • Alex:
      Thanks. Have to admit I never heard of Common Core (as you can tell by misstating its name) but is sounds like some scary stuff. We’re privatizing our prisons and now our schools. Seems quite frightening to me. Then making the kids into little CIA agents smacks the start of a totalitarian state. I don’t think Mueller will become another Mussolini but I would note both names begin with an M.

      • And if the CIA gets involved involved in all of this….then look out! They might even arrange the same deal for Bulger that they did for Charles MacArthur Gankhay Taylor….Mr. Bulger just has to be okay with starting a minor little war somewhere, say like Libya or around there. Would he be up for that?

        Oh, ya, plus Bulger would have to be in pretty good shape, at least have some upper body strength to him still..hey, is he still doing all those push-ups?(ya know, people over there at the Plymouth County House of Corrections just might want to keep a close tab on the linens inventory.)

        In case you are wondering, yes, the CIA was reportedly involved in helping a nasty little fellow escape from the Plymouth County House of Corrections – yes, that Plymouth County House of Corrections – yes, the same one that Bulger is in.

        • Who escaped from Plymouth and when, was the person ever recaptured? I would think Bulger would have escaped by now if that were ever to happen, however, I don’t think that would happen or even be planned….one goal of Bulger’s trial may be to secure the release of John Connolly.
          Also, who is the State Street official you cited in an earlier post and what industry is State Street in…Investments?

        • Alex:
          The only involvement the CIA will have in this will be to arrange for Whitey to get a couple of hours alone in one of the large exercise yards in Plymouth and when the operator sitting in Langley, Maryland sees the guard walk a sufficient distance away from his he’ll lift the safety and pull the red trigger on the drone and Whitey will be no more.
          As for Charles Taylor’s escape I found this:

          “The escapee, Charles McArthur Taylor, had been held pending a ruling on the State Department’s request to extradite him to Liberia where he is wanted on an embezzling charge. Taylor was one of five prisoners who escaped from the Plymouth House of Correction on Sept. 15. He remains at large.

          Yesterday his wife, Enid B. Taylor, and his sister-in-law, Lucia Holmes Toweh, were ordered held without bail by US District Court Magistrate Robert B. Collings pending a detention hearing at noon today. They were in tears as they were led away by federal marshals.

          According to an affidavit filed by Donald S. Donovan of the US Marshal’s Service, one of the escapees, Thomas DeVoll, who has since been recaptured, identified photographs of Mrs. Taylor and Toweh as the two women who drove a getaway car the night of the escape.

          According to the affidavit, the two women picked up Charles Taylor and two other prisoners at a pre-arranged spot on the grounds of Jordan Hospital in Plymouth. The car was driven to Staten Island, N.Y., where, according to the affidavit, DeVoll checked into a hotel and parted company with Charles Taylor and the two women.

          Mrs. Taylor surrendered yesterday in Central Falls, R.I., where she lives, and Toweh was arrested Friday at her home in Providence.

          Charles Taylor, 35, former director of the General Services Agency of Liberia, is wanted there on a charge of embezzling $922,000 from the goverment of the West African country.

          Mr. Taylor had been in custody since his arrest in Somerville on May 24, 1984. The extradition request has been pending in court since that time. Mr. Taylor maintains that the allegations in Liberia were concocted by his political opponents.”

          CIA could do better than that.

          • CIA and other govt. agencies could do better in many cases such as when Glen Doherty was killed.

      • Would that be akin to the Hitler youth?
        In any case, Matt, you had explained how initially you did not believe the FBI’s account of the tip/woman from Iceland but after Shelley Murphy’s interview of Anna Bjorn, the Icelandic woman, you changed your mind. What was it about Murphy’s interview with Bjorn that caused you to change your mind? Was Murphy’s interview published anywhere?
        Also, reporters stated that Bjorn had heard the news info. regarding the PSA’s search for Bulger on CNN while she was in Iceland. Any idea what CNN’s broadcast consists of in Iceland? What t.v. broadcast medium is available for CNN in Iceland or would this news reception have been dependent on a computer/Internet medium?

        • Jan:
          I had doubts that the Iceland starlet existed. I can’t remember where I read it but I did read that she (or perhaps someone else) interviewed her. I’ll ahve to try to find it again. However to go along with your theory the FBI reported that the tip came in at 8:00pm local time (California) which would have made it
          Tip came in 8:oo pm local time which would have made it 2:00 am in Iceland. Strange time for a tipster to call in to the FBI.

          • I never doubted that Bjorn existed. it’s another FBI ruse portrayed to the public. The ruse the FBI allegedly employed to lure Bulger out of his apt. wasn’t the primary, clever ruse devised in his being taken into custody.

            What is CNN’s broadcast coverage in Iceland?

          • Regarding t.v. Coverage in Iceland….I believe RUV was the first broadcaster beginning in 1966, however, broadcasts were only done 2 days per week. Up to the early 1980’s, broadcasting was not done in July and up till at least 2000, broadcasting was only available 9 hours per day. They do have additional networks now. As you can see, historically broadcast coverage had been limited in Iceland and I’m sure their coverage there still pales in comparison to the U.S. Although they do have satellite t.v., I’m just not sure of the coverage area/availability….either way, I doubt CNN is as widely broadcast in Iceland as it is in the U.S. and since so many people doubted the FBI’s version of the tip coming from Iceland, the broadcasting coverage in Iceland and what satellite t.v. availabilty Bjorn had access to is an area one can look at to get a better idea of the plausibility of the FBI’s account on this. Either way, I don’t believe the FBI story and Bjorn is as far away as one can get to limit access to this fable…….but that was a cute pic of her petting the kitty.

          • Skjarrin, simmin, and Vodafone Iceland are the telecommunications companies that broadcast international channels in Iceland.
            would the PSA have been broadcast in Iceland??
            The PSA wasn’t even broadcast in every major U.S. city.
            Is the FBI saying that Bjorn watched a U.S. broadcast via the Internet??

  3. Dear mtc9393:

    Re: Your comments on Meuller’s “departure” slated for September…
    In a word, “Brilliant!”

    My guess is though he’d be helping out State Street Corporation since they have been busy targeting the pension funds of all of those unions which they hate, (public employees and teachers in particular)and they have a little something to do with ticking off the whole country of IRELAND, since they tanked their economy with some “icky” little forex trades. Best part is, he won’t have to go too far and will be familiar with the territory already – that case is making its way through the halls of Moakley at, gosh, the same time the Bulger case is..and oh Gosh, Wolf’s been involved in that one too. What a coincidence!

    Either that or he will suddenly become so passionate about “education” and become an integral player in the Common Core…of course, I am quite certain when you told your reader “Question” on the Bjornsditter comment to stick to the “core” you didn’t mean that one did you? While we are on it, a minor point of clarification for your reader “Question” in particular: Bjornsditter and Miss Iceland are the same person. Bjornsditter was in fact considered a Hollywood “starlet” well, a B-lister anyway, who guest-starred in shows like Fantasy Island, Remington Steele, etc. She went under the screen name “Anna Bjorn.”

    • Alex:
      Sometimes you speak in mysterious ways. Is there a case against State Street before Wolf? Didn’t know it. It’ll be interesting to watch it.

      What is the allusion to the “Commonwealth Core?”

      Thanks for clarifying that for Question and me. I wonder what Anna Bjorn is doing with her two million dollars.

  4. Let me correct myself. Flemmi’s quote of Wheeler being ‘exceptionally difficult to deal with’ came from a excerpt from Clown Cars new book, not the NBC piece. I’m going to need a lot more salt.

    But I’d still like to know what the true nature of the motivation was for the Jai Lai involvement).

    Taking in so much material from different sources has me a little confused. Must be all that deception and misdirection.

    • Kid:
      See earlier response. It’s not that complicated on World Jai Alai other than the gangsters pretend that it is.

    • Carr can’t even get well-established facts correct. His April 8 article shilling for his new Flemmi book has Debra Davis being buried at Tenean Beach. That would be Mcgonagle’s grave site. I wonder if he even thinks about what he writes before he writes it!

      As much as I think Weeks is a lying sack of you-know-what, I think his portrayal of he and Whitey laughing at all the bogus information about them in the papers is essentially accurate with Carr being the worst of them.

      • Big Al:
        A book could be written on all the things Howie Carr just makes up. My attitude toward him is good luck to him if he can sucker all the rubes out of their money with his lies and reputations. The thing I don’t like which I wrote about today is his defiling of people like Rico with his slurs and other unsubstantiated nonsense and I feel for their children and grand kids. It’s a terrible thing to do to circulate the lies of gangsters. He’s also one of the few remaining bigots on the radio spreading hatred of Spanish speaking people or those with Spanish surnames. He’s a dinosaur left over from the Fifties whose audience is made up of similar types who live off hate.
        As for Weeks there is much to believe in what he says. He makes a formidable witness because he is the smartest one of the bunch. He’s come up with a few self-serving lies that conveniently protected his friends and helped the Feds beat the statute of limitations on the RICO charges. But he least of all didn’t want to spend any time in jail if he could avoid it. He said in jest that he’d say he killed President Kennedy if he could save time in jail. He might not have done that but he sure would have come up with many more things other than that if he could do it to save some time. Of all the guys involved in dealing with the Feds, Weeks is the only guy who has shown some fortitude.

  5. In the NBC piece, Flemmi made an interesting comment that struck me odd. He said Roger Wheeler had to go because he was getting increasingly more difficult to deal with. How exactly was Flemmi ‘dealing’ with him? Investigations never uncovered any evidence of corruption/or skimming to the extent an apology was issued by Connecticut. So what were they getting from world Jai Lai? It was obviously enough to spur on their highest profile murder spree, across the widest geography… so much risk. So much more risk than ever taken in previously murder operations. Risk must equal reward? I’ve heard things like skimming off the parking proceeds… but that really doesn’t make sense, does it?

    Grain of salt taken, NBC obviously wasn’t going to let any facts interfere with a good story. As you mentioned, it was pretty slick the way they misrepresented the picture of Connolly shaking hands with J.Edgar Hoover.

    • Kid:

      One thing I found odd was Flemmi said he and Martorano met with Rico at World Jai Alai (WJA) Headquarters in Miami. WJA had security cameras all around the place and a dozen ex-FBI guys on the staff. That’s the last place Martorano would meet.

      Here’s how I see the Wheeler murder coming about. Martorano and Callahan are buddies. Johnny needs lots of money to live on and Callahan was probably giving him some as were some of the Boston guys. Callahan is kicked out of his position in World Jai Alai because he’s seen to have associated with some gangsters in Boston. He sees it is a big money maker and is bitter at Wheeler for kicking his butt out. Wheeler put in his place Richard Donovan, a big mistake. Callahan sees that as a way to get back into WJA. He and Donovan will run the show if he has Wheeler murdered and the family decides to sell it. He’s working on getting the money to buy it but also to get Wheeler whacked. He only has to deal with his friend John Martorano. He doesn’t have to involve anyone from Boston. The story that he Whitey, Stevie asked Halloran to do a hit for him is truly laughable being out of line with everything we know about them.

      Callahan made his deal with Martorano. Martorano said he got a description of Wheeler from Rico. That’s absurd. Callahan knew all about him and his habits. Why does he need Rico. Martorano reaches out for his buddy Joe MacDonald in Florida who is also on the lam. They go and kill Wheeler. Martorano learns Callahan is under pressure from the FBI probably from Callahan himself. They take him out.

      Flemmi and Martorano’s story that Callahan wanted Winter Hill in for its muscle to keep the Mafia out is ridiculous. Why don’t people think these things through. WJA was already doing well without an outside gang keeping the Mafia at bay. The Mafia had no ability to penetrate it as it was so why all of a sudden is there a need to bring in outside gangsters. There isn’t but it goes along with the rest of the rubbish these guys feed us like the Mafia was afraid of the Winter Hill gang. In their dreams was that the case.

      It was a high profile murder so the knowledge of it would have been held very tightly to those involved. The reward – Callahan in charge of Jai Alai would put Martorano on easy street for one job. When it seems the Wheeler family won’t sell and Callahan starts worrying, Martorano gives up his hope of future luxury and takes out Callahan. None of the others were involved or knew about it. Over time Martorano told them what happened.

  6. BTW, another good analogy would be the Charles Stuart murder case where the guilty or true perps try to conceal the truth by fabricating a story that includes a black angle thinking people will be sure to believe it. In Bulger’s case, they’ll even be more succesful with the Charles Stuart like racist fable we can see in the black Obama story angle since Bulger is Irish and the Irish have repeatedly and categorically been malaligned as being racist.

    • Jan, difference between Charles Stuart case and this is that nobody was charged with the murder of Carol DiMaiti Stuart. The suspect was never charged but arrested on an outstanding warrant that was used to put him in custody once his name popped up as a suspect.

      Difference is no rash indictments or ones based on highly suspect evidence occurred.

      Unfortunately the press made the highly professional Irish Catholic District Attorney Newman Flanagan look like a racist putz.

      Fortunately Newman was not a Fred Wyshak.

      • Yes, there is a marked difference in the analogy also. They both fall under the umbrella of people, in a calculated fashion, manipulating the issue of racism for their own reasons.

      • Ernie:
        Stuart said his wife was killed by a black guy. He lied. But what were the cops supposed to do initially? They rounded up the usual suspect. It fit in with the tenor of the times just like Whitey fits in with the greater mindset that he is the master criminal. Upon reflection, it turned out Stuart lied and he killed his pregnant wife and accepted the judgment that having done that his life was of little worth. Unlike some of the characters who we’ve bee writing about.

        • Exactly Matt,
          Unlike the feds the wrong guy was never indicted to fit a pre-concieved narrative. Long before Charlles Stuart jumped off the bridge Willie Bennett could ahve been indicted and Charles Stuart would not have killed himself.

          Remember, it was only after his brother confessed months after that Charles Stuart killed himself.

          What if Willie Bennett was railroaded to fit Newman’s agenda?

          That is the difference between Stuart and Connolly. Newman Flanagan/Matt Connolly and Fred Wyshak

          • Ernie:
            AFter Stuart reported the incident the DA’s office in Suffolk, I believe it was Tom Mundy, reached out to the Norfolk DA’s office and had us go forward and indict Bennett on an armed robber that had occurred in our county. The case was handled by one of or top prosecutors who worked with Mundy to get Bennett and hold him in jail while Suffolk continued its investigation. I November 1989 Suffolk called a special grand jury to look into the murder. It shouldn’t ave been necessary. Kevin Cullen at the Globe had already put the case together. Here are some excerpts from a Kevin Cullen article on the case:
            William (Willie) Bennett, the prime suspect in the shooting of Charles and Carol Stuart, has been identified by three persons as the gunman who robbed a Brookline video store using a gun similar to the one used to shoot the Stuarts.

            Sources familiar with the investigation say the witnesses have attributed to Bennett statements that only the gunman and Stuart would know had taken place.
            When he was arrested, Willie Bennett told police he was with Nelson at her Burlington home when the Stuarts were shot. Nelson supported that alibi.

            But in statements made to a Boston Herald reporter, Bennett’s sisters contradicted Bennett’s alibi. The Herald quoted two of Bennet’s sisters, Diane Bennett, 30, and Veda Bennett, 29, as saying their brother was with them when the Stuarts were shot.

            The Suffolk DA was intent on developing a case. It went slowly. If the Feds had it, Bennett would have been indicted based on Cullen’s article and perhaps have gone away while Charlie enjoyed the fruits of his murder. As it was his brother turned him in and had to live with Charlie’s suicide a couple of days later. . He apparently had not much of a life after that dying in the last couple of years in a homeless shelter.

  7. Patty,

    The ALJ overturned the suspensions on procedural grounds, and not substantive. Their respsective state bar associations can still discipline them for failing professional rules of misconduct, and the US Dist. Judge in the Stevens case can issue discipline and sanctions too. As a former prosecutor, such conduct is deplorable. However, if a public service employer promises certain due process guarantees, then they must provide that fairness. Disappointing, but fair.

    Everyone else,
    Remember, the two goals for C & B must be, and practically only could be, to (1) showcase a disgusting and immoral allegiance between the FBI, DOJ, and cold-hearted brutal thugs; and (2) expose literally every prosecuting witness as a liar. Whitey didn’t do it, or whitey was framed, or any legal justification or excuse (immunity) won’t cut it. This is not a technical, white collar trial on tax fraud or insider trading. American juries are a tremendous thing and their decisions frequently surprise and inspire. C&B can only win with the jury voting “guilty” for an indictment charging a murderous conspiracy against the US Govt. The specific facts, as opposed to that story line, won’t meet didly.

    • Jim P:
      Patty’s point is there’s a pattern. The technicality the cases were thrown out on seemed a far reach. Money has it nothing further will be done.

      You’re right about C&B’s aims. They have to make the jury so disgusted with the Government that even though they believe Whitey may have murdered some people they’ll recoil when they realize that to convict Whitey they are blessing the Government’s vile actions. They jurors must become so revolted at the Government’s actions that their only recourse is to let Whitey walk. They’ll have to be convinced it is better one evil man go free than the evilness of the government be sanctioned and approved. If they aren’t, Whitey doesn’t have a chance as you correctly note.

  8. The two US Attorneys who got caught cheating in their prosecution of US Senator Ted Stevens have had their suspensions overturned. That’s just precious! No wonder Wyshak tramples on people’s rights with smug impunity.

    • I think Wyshak knows that he can “trample on people with smug impunity” as you put it because the FBI is so “out of control” as Senator Grassley put it. However, it’s not just FBI Boston that is out of control it seems it goes all the way to the top. The FBI reportedly just had a cute little event whereby Director Mueller took time out of his schedule to honor little old Doris Buffett – Warren’s sister – for her financial contributions to a ball-field. Meanwhile, little Warren’s company is under investigation (this time – there have been so many) by the FBI for the Heinz deal. Yes, the FBI has an open case on the Heinz deal involving Buffett and then the Director is spending his time honoring Buffett’s sister for her $$$$ contributions…how good does that look? I wonder what conclusion the FBI will come to on that case? But, by way of extension, let me see if I have this right…it is okay for Mueller to be “loyal” to Buffett during an open investigation into his activities but it is not okay for Connolly to be “loyal” to the Bulgers during an open investigation of theirs? Is the only difference – money? Naaa. The FBI wouldn’t ever put themselves in a position of appearing as though the entire justice system in this country could be bought off, would it. Or would it?

      • Alex:
        Good points. Let me add to it. Connolly was told by the FBI that it was his job to be loyal to Whitey as an FBI agent. Further, Connolly is a little fish. Your example involves “voluntary” associations. It also involves big fish.
        I had not heard of the FBI investigating the Buffett/Heinz deal. It’ll come to nothing since Warren Buffet and John Kerry are beyond reproach in this country. All that will ever come out of that deal if anything is some low fish will be charged and the big fish will swim away.
        As far as honoring Doris Buffett that seems to me the right thing to do. She appears to be a generous person helping out kids. Not that she’s going to miss the money but unlike most wealthy who are Lenora Hemsley-types her cause has apparently helped a lot of people. So since the investigation is going nowhere I think its all right Mueller to give her “the 2012 Director’s Community Leadership Award for the Richmond Division.” That award recognizes “commitment and contribution to public safety and awareness,” according to the FBI statement.Maybe the Boston Division.

        • Thank you and to your point about Connolly having been told to be loyal whereas in this case, at first blush, it appears to be “voluntary.” I forgot that Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska)is now the Secretary of the Department of Defense. I am certain that Hagel got prior campaign contributions from…well, let’s just say some friends in high places who probably have been known to play a round of golf or two at the Omaha Country Club. Who knows, and now that I think about it, maybe we should feel bad for Meuller for possibly having to “follow orders” too and getting himself “positioned” in the very same spot in the very same way that Connolly was put in – a position that they can now turn on him and play against him at any point if they ever need. If I had to guess I bet Buffett and company would call that, to use a fancy businessy-type term, “leverage.” Of course that is just speculation, Hagel probably wouldn’t butt his nose in. But it’s odd nonetheless as Meuller always struck me as at least fairly astute in the PR department, so the question is begged why he wouldn’t see the potential for an appearance of conflict. Oh my goodness, Poor Meuller – imagine if he now becomes the “little fish” in all of this and finally gets replaced by the administration because he has been in his position for longer than statutorily allowed anyway and they just needed some excuse??? (Sorry Mr. Mueller – my bad – I forget how slippery and hard to handle those big fish in Washington and Omaha can be and how they’ve been known to eat their own whenever there is a feeding frenzy.) To your point on Doris though – yes, I am sure that Doris is just sweet Doris doing the right thing. No issue, no issue at all with Doris, whatsoever! But swallowing this event and swallowing the country’s fear and weakness allowing “big fish to get off the hook” makes me want to hurl.

          • Alexx:
            Watch Mueller. He’s out this September. If he’s not then everything we learned from the Hoover debacle has been forgotten. The “never again” has become “never again but.” If he’s going he has to be in good graces with the powers-that-be. Who knows Warren may need a general counsel or Theresa Heinz a personal lawyer. I’m thinking if not there, he’s lining up a big banking job or some other job that is funded by the taxpayer. (Yes, banks are funded by the taxpayers after the bosses loot them.) Or if worse comes to worse, he’ll be involved in defending criminals using his inside contacts. It’ll tell a lot about the man and our system of government what happens to him.

            Interesting to see who will be his replacement. I’m thinking it’ll be Deval. Obama likes to appoint minorities and what better position for an minority than head of the historically white FBI.

    • Patty:
      I read the Times article and a part of the administrative judge’s findings. These guys are immune from suit; they’re protected interally; and no one will take them on. It goes along with the Jeffrey Auerhahn case that Notoboyo mentioned. Hiding evidence and lying to the court don’t merit punishment.
      We’re becoming more like the Soviets who had a wonderful Constitution full of rights but no one enforced them. Federal prosecutors can hide exculpatory evidence and bring charges against people where the is substantial evidence they did not commit the crimes and there are no consequences. And, incorporate with that idea we don’t know how much exculpatory evidence they are hiding because it is all in their possession. The ship of state lists.

  9. Martorano killed for business it had zero to do with race. The killing of the three blacks was a hit on one and the other 2 happened to be there. Not condoning his vile actions just clarifying his intentions.

    Howie Carr is a racist clown but unfortunately he has a following.

    When will the circus at the Moakley courthouse end?? Judge Wolf tried to get things in order with his attempt at censuring AUSA Aurehan but the good old boy network stopped it.

    How do The People put and end to this ?

    • Notoboyo:
      I agree that Martorano was an indiscriminate murderer. The lives of people who he felt presented a danger were of little value to him. I agree about Howie Carr but add in that he has become rich doing his racism schtick. Its unfortunate in a society that should have put that stuff behind it but there will always be the begrudgers who fill his pockets with money.
      Wolf did try to do something about Aurehahn but three senior judges gave him a pass. They don’t want to do anything that might upset the US Attorney’s office that backed Aurehahn up. Wolf, though, added to the problems with his naivete when it comes to the gangsters.
      It doesn’t end until the money runs out. Too many people are involved in keeping the music playing.

  10. Right before the chapter introducing Fred Wyshak in the book Black Mass Lehr and O’Neill choose the following quote:
    “Some things are necessary evils, some things are more evil than necessary.” – John Le Carre, The Russia House.

    The latter part of that quote seems very fitting, unintended for sure given the following chapter and its glowing praise for Wyshak, but ironic nonetheless. In fact the quote is “Priceless.” Oops. Wrong book – that’s another book that some might want to read, however.

    In fact, there is an interesting line or two on page 292 of the book “Priceless.” In discussing plans for “shoring up a backstory” it reads in pertinent part, “…and bump into a Hollywood starlet who often helps the FBI.” I know the chapter in which that appears is titled “suspicious minds” and I know that I have one, but reading that I can’t help but ask: just who is that “Hollywood starlet that often helps the FBI” to whom Mr. Wittman refers? That wouldn’t be Ms. Bjornsditter again would it? Can you tell me again why it is that no one is allowed to ask her any questions directly?

    Getting back to Wyshak. Shame on him for laughing at the murders. Moreover, his comment about Connolly’s “loyalty” towards Southie and the Bulgers being his denouement is fascinating. While you note the significance of the “pluralism” and the attack on Southie, I can’t help but note the use of the word “loyalty” – it has a ring to it all its own for a premier reason.

    • No direct questions for Bjornsditter – Because Bjornsditer got the biggest role of life in the Bulger saga playing the fictitious tipster. If her lines aren’t drawn up for her, memorized and reiterated accordingly like a true starlet, she might slip up.

      • Jan:
        You’ve been saying that. I didn’t find anything suspicious about it. I note in an earlier comment Alex talks about a Hollywood starlet who often helps the FBI. How is that connected to your belief that Bjornsditter was a set up.

        • Miss Iceland was reportedly an actress also. I don’t believe the tip came from her. Hadn’t you previously said you don’t believe this Icelandic tipster story?

          • Also, initially, the story line was that Bulger didn’t want Grieg talking to miss Iceland the fellow cat lover and then the story morphs into he was supposedly talking with her, unleashes racist comments about Obama and after this gave Miss Iceland the cold shoulder. How can he give someone the cold shoulder when he wasn’t a conversationalist in the first pace. Didn’t he give people, especially in public, the cold shoulder from the get go.

            • Jan:
              I agree. If Miss Iceland is the source of the anti-Obama rant i’d have to doubt it. Whitey was the last person in the world who’d put himself in a position to be noticed when he was hiding out. But as a person out of favor, no made up story about him is too unbelievable to be kept out of the media.

          • Jan:
            I think at one time I was suspicious of it but after the interview with Murphy I changed my mind. Her story seemed legit but then again as you point out if she’s been working with the FBI over the years, something we do not know, maybe there’s more to it than we’re led to believe.

        • I say, Check with the Hollywood starlet Icelandic fictitious tipster as to where the stolen Gardner museum artwork is. Shelley Murphy can conduct that interview.

          • I’m confused enough but with all these new names such as Bjornsditter, KE, Mackenzie, and Miss Iceland I’m really getting confused. Hopefully I can catch up. LOL

          • Jan:
            You may be right. If the FBI knows the names what are they waiting for. It’s obvious its more FBI lies.

        • No worries question, it took 16 years to catch up with Whitey, we’ll allot you at least 16 too. Lol

    • Alex:
      Robert Sheketoff said of Wyshak that he will crush a human being on the theory that if he crushes enough human beings you get a greater good. It tells a lot about the man. That certainly fits the idea that “some things are more evil than necessary.”
      As Patty noted in her comments, we now have several serial murderers living among us, the most evil man in Boston history, Flemmi, living in comfort, in order to get Whitey whose reputation has been ballooned out of proportion to anything he earned.
      The Hollywood starlet could not be Ms Bjornsditter since as far as I know she was never a starlet. But I thought she was interviewed by Shelly Murphy at the Globe. I find it hard to believe that it was all a set up by the FBI.
      What bothered me was the interaction between Wyshak and FLemmi showed they had laughed over this before. It was a club house joke. I don’t understand him getting so close to such a person. He’s said Morris is truly remorseful. Sure. If he can’t figure out the one guy Whitey called Machiavellian is putting on a good act walking away with the house while his underling dies in jail then that tells how much of a true believer he is.
      I also focused on the word loyalty. As I’ve stated, that soon will be a crime. You will note none of the gangsters remained loyal to anyone. Which brings me back to Connolly, he’s the only one in prison who remained loyal to his values by not coming up with some type story to extricate himself from his difficulties.

    • McCoy, I think I’ll actually buy one of these books related to these matters – “priceless” sounds like a good investment.

  11. Wasn’t Martorano’s friend the late black gentleman that was the host of 60 minutes?
    It is incredible that serial executioners walk free while others are imprisoned for life for lesser offenses, a comparative analysis can be a slippery slope defining some things as less egregious while all are egregious, however, you would think the serial executioner would get the life sentence as opposed to, say for ex. ( a local case) would be a former boss of mine, Richard S. Shuman who had lived a remarkably respectable life yet succumbed to mental health problems and shot and killed two executives in his co. that were pushing him out of the company he built – kevin Reddington was Shuman’s atty.. Another example would be the differences in law for ex. under ucmj vs. civilian court – Martarano never would have seen the light of day in a military court room, for ex., in the court martial, UCMJ murder trial in which I was a witness the defendant who had strangled somebody was charged with premeditated murder, however the definition of premeditation in a military court has a much lower threshold and simply means the individual meant to do it, even only in the split second of the act, fit of rage etc., no forethought, no plan etc.. very different than a civilian court. Martarano most likely would have gotten the death penalty 10 times over under UCMJ. – another commonality many of these cases including the case I testified in was that the defendant was then revealed to have gotten away with murder 9 years prior to the UCMJ case….how did he get away with what was erroneously rendered an “accident” the second victim had been related to the chief of police in the small u.s. town where the first murder happened, although we discivered the coroners report differed with the familiarly connected opinion of the police officers, the law enforcement connections over rode the coroners report, releasing the defendant….only to end up with the murder of the second victim 9 years later. While I can understand a person’s support of the death penalty, I’ve seen too many connected people get away with horrible crimes….and on the flip side, I’ve heard of innocent people wrongfully charged and convicted; therefore, if one innocent life is spared by not having the death penalty that would be worth it to me. Too much corruption in this world. In any case, what does always settle with me is the potential danger in comparing a bad person or act to a very, very, very bad person and acts. Definitely requires close analysis.

  12. Hmmm. The racist allegations. I think many people, both black and white were racist many years ago, some (black and white) still are, however, time and progress has changed many people for the better and found them realizing they have more in common than in difference. I suppose there was commonality in that blacks were slaves and the irish were indentured servants. Perhaps those outside of these gropus have historically employed divide and conquer strategies to keep both the irish and black people where they prejudicially thought they belonged. Isn’t it interesting that along with MLK, it was the Irish Kennedy family that forged bonds and made the progress in race relations that almost makes it unimaginable on how people, in large numbers, treated eachother way back when. it has often been unfair the way the Irish have been portrayed as categorically racist (especially the Irish from South Boston) while at the same time it seemed the racism the Irish suffered, for example, during the busing era was ignored and not reported in the media. I experienced occasions where I was discriminated against, treated as ‘unenlightened’ when I was learned to be a Boston Catholic to the point that I was lumped in with the South Boston Irish to solidify their own prejudicial perspectives, as though any Irish Bostonian may as well be South Boston Irish and they have historical proof (busing era) how racist those Southie Irish people are.
    This being said, I have a hard time believing that Bulger, a man known for a self regimented sense of control in public and who allegedly was almost arguably mute in most of his social situations in Santa Monica, was supposedly so enraged at the idea of Obama that he uncontrollably unleashed and spewed out a mouthful of racist insults in the company of the person that told this tale. Could this be some artfully made up story, the storytellers of which, figuring anyone and everyone will undoubtedly believe it because the Boston Irish, especially the South Boston Irish have unfairly and with great prejudice been wholely labeled as racist. Sounds as ridiculous as the tipster from Iceland story. Sounds like the magic bullet theory regarding Kennedy….I don’t believe in magic….do you??
    As far as Martarano goes, I have heard he was racist, I have no idea if that is true, however, all of the Italian community in the North End has never been categorically accused of being racist nor have they been repeatedly portrayed as such.

    • Excellent observation Jan,
      Great closing argument tid bit.

      • Ernie:
        C&B will have the chance in court — long before closing argument, to confront Martorano and his wise guy remarks. If they do it right they could win over the jury right then and there. The best chance for a jury disregarding the evidence is by having that one moment when everyone in court feels the absolute disgust with Martorano. Remember nothing he said to the Boston jury in Connolly’s trial was believed by them. Twelve people unanimously decided he was not worthy of belief. C&B have all the ammunition they need with his book and his attitude. They should also go into his belief as he said in his book that he is a good man. They should ask how a good man feels when he shoots two young African Americans in the back of the head.

    • Jan:
      Good comment on the change in racial relations over the years. Some won’t let Southie up. It serves to cover their own sins. Back in those busing days while everyone was condemning Southie for not wanting its kids shipped out to Roxbury schools the idea came up that Brookline being the the middle of Boston as it is should be included in the busing. You never heard so many people squeal as then.
      The racist comments attributed to Bulger are just more of the nonsense the mainstream media throws out to blacken a persons character. One of the few open racists is Howie Carr who plays the Mexican music when he reads the names of Spanish people who have been arrested. He’s still wallowing around in the bigotry that we’re trying to move away from in this country.

  13. First question Carney should ask Martorano is if he knew those three were Black? Did that cause him any pause? Did he even notice? Were they executed because Martorano opposed Civil Rights? The killings took place in the late 60s at the height of the Civil Rights movement. Was he ever a member of the Naacp? What steps did he take to further equality? Did he ever use the N word? Was it a co incidence that the only two teenagers he killed were Black? Did he think it was funny? Ask him how many Blacks WB killed? 2. next question should be how many Blacks his brother killed and who else his brother killed. Ask Martorano and Carr how much money they made on their book and how much went to the victims. Under the BANKS RULE ( Catherine Power) murderers can’t profit from their killings. Are they going to keep the blood money? 3. Carney should ask the first law enforcement witness of the Feds if he took arithmetic in school. Then point out that the Feds have released 8 serial killers to get his one client. Ask which is a larger number. The jury will be able to do the math. Keep up the good work

    • Nell:
      I don’t think Martorano did any killings because of a person’s race. He was an equal opportunity murderer. Throwing a racist element into the case diminishes Martorano’s evilness. First witness for the defense has to be Howie Carr. I think of week of working him over would be pleasant to see. You want to talk racist, how about all the Mexican music he plays on his radio when a Hispanic gets arrested. He’s about the biggest racist in town.
      I think Jan makes a good point in her remarks that follow. We’ve come along way in race relations and we don’t want to go back as Howie Carr seems to want to do.
      I’d not fall into the trap of blaming one brother for the evil of others. I’ve been trying to suggest each one is responsible for him or her self and what a sibling does is beyond the control of the other. Should one brother be responsible if the other went to an Irish dance contest? I don’t think the jury’s going to have a hard time figuring out something’s wrong with Martorano and Weeks out on the street and Whitey in prison; what I want C&B to find out is the deal that Flemmi had with the feds. His first question to him should be where have you been living over the past year. If he’s anywhere outside of ADX that is an inducement being given him by the prosecutors for his lies. The next question he should be asked is who is Richard Schneiderhan. He should be asked why he didn’t tell Judge Wolf about his relationship with him. Flemmi’s a dumb guy who if you watch his Florida testimony has trouble putting more than five words together. Wyshak by the way testifies for these people. I hope C&B don’t let him get away with leading the witnesses.
      His question to Flemmi was, “They called him baloon head because he had a big head.” That’s not even a question.
      I see your point. You would ask the cop which is the higher number 8 or 1, but you wouldn’t let him answer. You’d leave it up there for the jury to figure out. That’s a good strategy, you can’t be sure what the answer would have been.
      Go Duke!!!

  14. Yes, I was a witness in a murder trial. When on the stand, two spectators started giggling and laughing, the astonished and bewildered look on my face seemed to immediately silence them. I certainly don’t find anything funny about a murder trial. Despite the fact that Halloran allegedly participated in 2 murders, I still wouldn’t find anything funny about a murder trial. I don’t believe in the deat penalty either, not even for Steven Flemmi or the dog room proprietor.

    • Jan:
      According to that NBC video the Florida prosecutor said that it was the death penalty in his state that made Flemmi turn state’s evidence. I believe in the death penalty but in extremely rare instances which would be require proof to an absolute certainty in an extraordinary brutal murder. Flemmi would be right up there. I don’t believe like our government officials seem to that you can have a death penalty list that is made up by the White House of people who we deem are terrorists and therefore we can execute them with drones. I read that Obama congratulated the Illinois governor for his work in abolishing the death penalty but he doesn’t see that he has loosened the guidelines as to when it can be used. Strange, people don’t see themselves.