Like the Nazi Leader the Trump Tells the Big Lie: And Some of You Believe Him

Alice in wonderland Donald-Trump-Trump said his executive order banning people from seven Muslim countries is not a Muslim ban. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan through his spokesperson said:This is not a religious test and it is not a ban on people of any religion.”  Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press: “Oh, you can’t use the word Muslim. Remember this. And I’m OK with that, because I’m talking territory instead of Muslim.”   Yesterday Trump said: “It’s not a Muslim ban, but we’re totally prepared. It’s working out very nicel,.as he disrupted the plans for hundreds upon hundreds of people who present no more threat to American than I do.

Trump’s executive order says its purpose is “to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals . . . and “detecting individuals with terrorist ties.” The order applies to “Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.”

Now ask yourself what people besides Muslims are affected by the ban. Let’s take a look at CIA data:

IRAQ: Muslim (official) 99% (Shia 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christian 0.8%, Hindu <0.1, Buddhist <0.1, Jewish <0.1, folk religion <0.1, unafilliated 0.1, other <0.1;

SYRIA: Muslim 87% (official; includes Sunni 74% and Alawi, Ismaili, and Shia 13%), Christian 10% (includes Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian), Druze 3%, Jewish (few remaining in Damascus and Aleppo);

IRAN: Muslim (official) 99.4% (Shia 90-95%, Sunni 5-10%), other (includes Zoroastrian, Jewish, and Christian) 0.3%, unspecified 0.4%;

LIBYA : Muslim (official; virtually all Sunni) 96.6%, Christian 2.7%, Buddhist 0.3%, Hindu <0.1, Jewish <0.1, folk religion <0.1, unafilliated 0.2%, other <0.1;

SOMALIA: Sunni Muslim (Islam) (official, according to the Transitional Federal Chart;

SUDAN: Sunni Muslim, small Christian minority;

YEMEN:  Muslim 99.1% (official; virtually all are citizens, an estimated 65% are Sunni and 35% are Shia), other 0.9% (includes Jewish, Baha’i, Hindu, and Christian; many are refugees or temporary foreign residents)

There you have it. Some Christians, Jews, Zorastrians, Buddists, Hindu, Baha’i and other. Now tell me, how many in those groups have terrorist ties or against whom America must protect itself. Has anyone of that group from those lands committed a terrorist act against America or Americans?  You know as well as I do that none have. You also know that the purpose of the ban is to prevent Muslims from coming in as Trump promised throughout his campaign.

What makes it so horrid is it is hidden behind the lie that it is ban of people from specific nations because Trump’s lawyers must have told him a religious ban would run into trouble. Tragically the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representative has gone along with the lie. Worse, if anything can be worse, almost all of the Republicans in Congress have also gone along with the Big Lie.

The leader of the Nazis wrote in Mein Kampf: “that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie.” His propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels wrote: “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

Trump’s lies might be accepted by his dupes as Hilter’s were by his. But like with Hitler, the rest of the world outside his control did not fall for them. Trump has told us – using the words his followers yearned to hear – that we are in a war with Islamic terrorists. No one should doubt that It is the Muslims Trump wants to ban.

Read about the callousness of the ban and how it is tearing families apart, inflicting cruel punishment on innocent people, and accomplishing nothing. But mostly remember the Big Lie is a fascist tool.




  1. John King McDonald

    Agreed , William! Clancy’s Rexacana Ballroom in Marshfield? I was raised largely by my Great-Gran MacGillivray and a staple excursion on Saturday nights for her husband John and his brother Angus, shipyard ironfittters, was the big dance hall at Roxbury Crossing. And the night … Always … ended in pugilism. This was the Culture. These were brutal, but decent, Times.

    Yes, Jon is gutsy. He has always been a scrapper who has helped very many who were up against it, and is an unbelievably talented … Writer … with many stories left to tell .

  2. I remember Jon’s last fight at the Parker House, where he entered the ring wearing his Viking Helmet and fought a young tough pro (half his age) . . . from Philadelphia, as I recall. Jon always had guts; and always took the road less traveled by. He helped ten-thousand people; especially grateful to him was my late friend Tommy T.
    At B.C. High we had a boxing club: two coaches: Mr. Mitchell, the intercollegiate heavyweight boxing champ of New England from B.C., and Mr. Murphy, a lightweight boxing champ at Notre Dame. It lasted two years. All we did was exercise, run and spar. Both teacher/coaches moved on. Mitchell (an Army Ranger) to Industry; Murphy to the D.A.’s office. We also boxed at summer camp . . . (one summer I went for two weeks). Over the course of my long illustrious amateur career, I was 1-1-1; one win, one loss, one draw. Wisely, I quit the ring. Of course, we boxed in the cellar and back yard. Boxing and street fights were par for the course . . . back then. Men were men, and young men were always testing each other; fisticuffs, cuts and bruises, rarely did anyone end up in the hospital.
    We grew up with a lot of courageous, scrappy kids, good fighters, you probably wouldn’t know them: Bobby M., Jimmy E., Billy J., Billy S., Teddy R. (who had one pro fight) and it seemed everywhere we went brawls broke out—St. Pat’s Parades, Dance Halls, the Rexacana, the Combat Zone, barrooms, house parties, walking down the street – – – A lot of them started by someone saying, “Hey, what are you looking at?” Remember?
    The good old days . . .
    Not too many guns, although I’ve twice had guns and once had a knife pulled on me . . . but those were rare circumstances . . . not worth the re-telling.
    Of course, then later, the killers, the gunmen came into the neighborhoods . . . the gangsters . . . and those stories are not worth thinking about anymore either, except to say a prayer for the victims, our friends and families.
    Have a good day!
    And don’t let the lying liberals get you down!

  3. John King McDonald

    ★ * Johnny Pretzie RIP ‘ 89 … Shot at 72 outside O’Leary’s by Geary after long night and Johnny inviting the much younger Geary outside . Where Johnny, as Geary knew, would have cleaned the sidewalk with him ; at 72 !
    Johnny was originally from South End. and his head was the model for the Shawmut Bank Indian medallion. I passed him standing in doorway of Ellis Building with the feckless MacKenzie, about ’83 , he sported a mustache like Pancho Villa’s, he nodded at me and then made a right biceps curl and looked at it. He knew me. He was a Legend. MacKenzie was in his usual blithe state of egocentric blissful unawareness. 🙂

    ★ Sean Mannion was fighting and being managed out of Connolly’s Gym in early Seventie’s as well ; a very respectable Heavyweight Pro .

  4. John King McDonald

    ” Why get hit? I’ll keep hitting him.”
    LOVE IT! 🙂

  5. John King McDonald

    ★ that screwed up his * knee.

    A revealing slip! Seems like once you land up, very young, in the Penalty Box, Jonny , they never want to let you out of it. I know you understand .

  6. John King McDonald

    Jon : btw, I grew up with the Roche’s. Freddy made all the splash, particularly as Tyson’s manager latet, but Pepper, his older brother whom I was always tight with as a kid was easily the most talented boxer in that family. He was in a motorcycle accident at 18 that screwed up his name. I was one of a privileged few that he told his real name, Dominic, and when guys lined up one afternoon down the park to shadow box with him he distinguished me by telling me he did not care to spar with me. RESPECT 🙂

  7. John King McDonald

    Jon : I knew that you were a boxer. Jimmy Connolly taught me to box up at Connolly’s Gym on the second floor of the Ellis Building on Broadway. His older brother Billy was more in the shadows, but Jimmy liked me and schooled me as if I was his Son . He was a nut about footwork, another long neglected pugilist’s art. Work with him. he told an old fighter whom others may have considered in a state of genteel dereliction, and I respected, intuitively, that old Gentleman Warrior, and he very patiently jab on the step and shuffled me through many hot afternoons in front of that mirrored wall. Danny Long, from Dot, was fighting out of there at the time ; a Standup Good Character. You remember that Gym, John. You would have to look in the writings of Damon Runyon to find its like and description today. Ali visited it when he was a young Clay, and his picture, with other local and national Greats, hung on that anteroom gallery’s wall.

    Peter Welch and Billy Pretze ; different generations, but both great South Boston fight guys! I don’t think nearly enough people realize that your FRANCIS X. ” GAGA ” MURRAY book is the Genius work it is. I trust you still wear your Viking helmet in the bout intro. I encourage you, as akways, to kerp your hands up and your butt off the canvas. And I thank you for reviving very Good memories for the both of us. RESPECT , John

  8. Dear John King McDonald”, It’s “Connor,” not “Conner.”

    ~6:10pm Thursday July 31, 2003
    In Khosan Road (Bangkok) restaurant eating pizza. Yesterday Alex Carroll and I distributed needle exchange supplies. Alex returned to Klong Toey slum. I’m here thinking about boxing.

    Recently sparred New England middleweight champion, Sean Creagan. Woke worrying about family. Landlord sold house. Thought, “Lived here 30 years and now forced out.” Drove up “I” Street glaring at house reservations. Boxing thoughts brought calm. That afternoon trainer, Tommy Connor, ridiculed me during gym ride. Closing eyes, I prayed, “Please help.” Pictured Sabra radiating golden light. Immediately felt confident.

    Sparring partner complained of sore shoulder. Tommy Connor advised, “Hit the bags.” Replied, “I didn’t come here to work out. I came to fight.” Approached Sean Creagan, asking, “Can we spar?” Feared sucker punch touching gloves. Threw left/right/left combination. Covered up expecting counter-attack. Creagan continued shaking off punches. Thought, “Why get hit? I’ll keep hitting him.” Unleashed onslaught of hooks. Two minutes later stopped and received left to head. Partially blocked that punch, then blocked body punch. Previous week received painful rib injury.

    Creagan’s body punch headed for rib injury. Fearing sharp pain, I spun to right. Creagan wore black trunks, black shirt, black gloves and black headgear. He crouched behind gloves. Saw all black. Speck of white appeared and hooked over his gloves.

    Again tattooed Creagan’s face. He grabbed me. Separating declined head punch. Opponent cringed. 10 second buzzer, then round ended. Professional 10 years (15-3 record), Creagan lost last fight to former Olympian. Tommy Connor (quickest Boston Garden KO) mimicked my hooks. Spinning to right, Tommy spouted, “You embarrassed a veteran. He quit after one round. It was a 30 to one ratio. You owned him.” Repeatedly heard, “You owned him.”

    Felt special. Tommy displayed my spinning to right and hooking over Creagan’s gloves. Heard, “It was a direct hit. Never saw a punch like that.” Told him punch came natural. Like Viking going over shield. When Viking smashed though doorway, Englishman grabbed sword and shield. Viking carried axe and hammer. Instinctively, Viking swung hammer over top of Englishman’s shield. Tommy exclaimed, “Never took someone to a gym and seen something like that!”

  9. Dear John King McDonald, Glad that you appreciate boxing. When sparring in Quincy, I (middleweight) answered a light-heavy weight’s cheap shot by feinting with a jab. He raised his gloves for the expect hard jab to the face. I hit his exposed stomach with a hard right. My trainer (Tommy Conner) said, “You gave him a new a..hole.”
    My first fight, after being in the gym one week, was in Somerville. I dropped the opponent with a jab. Southie’s Tribune called it: “The best fight of the night.”
    Although I dislike clogging Matt’s comment section, I’ll include some writing from my next book that mentions Tommy Conner. It also happened in the Quincy gym. This writing is part of my book’s “Golden Light”chapter.

    • Jon:

      Don’t worry about clogging up blog. You write well and in a compelling and interesting manner. The only times I was not pleasrd was the time you wrote the about women which I did not think belonged here and your use of some of the more vulgar words. I understand they were part of your story and necessary for you to present a correct picture of life as you experienced it. None of what you wrote surprised me having grown up mostly on the streets of Old Harbor and then Savin Hill and spending time in the Marines. It is just that here on the blog I prefer to keep it at a certain level of discourse as if I was in mixed company of my era where calling a girl a “broad” got me a slap across the face.

      Recently a woman of the following generation who used the “F” word liberally in her speech asked me if I had ever said it. I smiled. I told her I never used it in front of a woman because I would be uncomfortable doing so.

      Hope you are well “over there” and don’t be a stranger.

    • Tommy Connor???? How is he doing? And his friend, Eddie Ashford? Ashmont? I forget the spelling. We had a mutual friend that was murdered in Mattapan. The great Sam Alsen. If anyone sees Tommy please tell him Sam Alsen’s friend Bob says ‘Hi’.

      Sam never threw a jab in his life. One overhand right and it was OVER!!!!!!

  10. There’s a great show on the VICE channel called “Hate Thy Neighbor” It’s a slice of neo-Nazi life. The Volk are really a hoot! Burning a giant wooden swastika and practicing their Hitler salutes. It’s not all hard work hating the “other,”there’s time for National Socialist family fun. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Turn on, and, tune in.

    • Good News, Khalid. The Journal of Trotskyist Revolutionary Social Studies has recovered your long lost, planetwide praised, semenal study, The Dialectical Theory Of Homogenized Versus Non-Homogenized Goat Cream Lubrication Usages For Self Pleasuring – A Personal Hands On Memoir. Its loss has long sent lamentations throughout the revolutionary community. The recovery of this groundbreaking work in revolutionary praxis will thrill Social Justice Warriors everywhere. All Praise to Khalid’s Dialectic!

  11. At least we got plenty of creative writers on this site!
    Good night to one and all, even to the liberals.
    An unbiased witness named Bill C.
    “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I . . .
    and I took the one less traveled by . . .”
    Robert Frost, who also wrote that good walls make good neighbors, and a lot of other good things.
    May the Peace of the Lord be with you!
    And remember, we human beings see through “a glass darkly” and we don’t even know what dark matter is.
    So there!
    Sweet dreams!

  12. Anyway, to give credit where credit is due. I only named half of President jackass. the President part is all me. I’m telling on myself, but, I got no idea where the jackass part came from.

  13. Tadzio, don’t you think a goat’s life is hard enough, without your guff. With all the Jews, Blacks, Chinks, Spics, etc. that you can pick on, you’re messing with some poor critters. That’s lower than whale excrement (I’m trying, Bill)

  14. I promise, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die, to make a sincere effort to adopt a loftier tone in keeping with company I keep. Tieng Ong, be my witness.

    • Sometimes, art can have an intriguing “contrary” mirror effect. Anyone, remember the “bizzaro” issues from the DC Comic Superman series? It was Superman’s world in reverse. In Lakhota culture they have ceremonial “contrary” clowns that dance, and, act backwards, reversing speech, and, physical behaviors. Why does reversal amuse? What does it have to teach?

      There ain’t just crusty old lawyers on this blog. Check out “Letters from the Belly of the Beast” It’s the” cri de cour” of an interesting fellow.

  15. Day after day, Obama this, Obama that, all those Breitbart facts, and, tasteless wit. It just got to me, and, I said to myself, what the hell, why am I being different? Half my family is Irish. Crude and hurtful ad hominem comes, naturally. I was just trying to fit in. My bad.

  16. Your right, osmosis got to me. Just as well, what’s coming won’t be a dinner party.

  17. Trumpsovik (sg.)Trumpsoviki (pl.) Fascist apparachik(s). High-ranking follower(s) of Glorious Leader.

    Thanks, Elmer

  18. John King McDonald

    He’s a streetfighter .

    • A mouthy guttersnipe. You can be sure if ever there are barricades to be mounted rather than abandon his love life he’ll be in a barn fondling goat teats.

  19. Khalid: always of the kind word. And hardly ever does an ad homimen attack or violent imagery mar his prose.

  20. Tadzio, with a mouth like that, you must not worry about getting laid, anymore.

  21. This discussion starts with Godwin’s Law?

    “Godwin’s Law has been used as an indicator of whether a thread has gone on too long, who’s playing fair and who’s just slinging mud and who finally gets to “win” the discussion.”

  22. Matt: Many signs in the women’s march in D.C. were vulgar, and many wrote on the internet complaining and many called talk-radio complaining about them. Non-violent? Yes, except for Madonna’s rhetoric about blowing up the White House!
    Still, not 4 millions not the “vast majority” . . .

  23. wa-llahi! That preening marmot, Priebus, is doing his mealy-mouth defense of President jackass. Good job, Meet the Press.

  24. Tarring an opponent with shut up words like Nazi, Hitler, Goebbels, etc., is old hat. It is trite and does not work with the force it once did. The WWII sheep are passing from us. This is not an argument, it is a smear. Others have debunked the Muslim nonsense thoroughly so I will stick to the slander.

    What can be the purpose of dragging Hitler into the conversation other than to emotionally charge the issue. He was describing Jewish behavior in the media of the day. And the indictment was correct for the Jewish owned, often communist, newspapers of Wiemar Germany.

    It has not ceased. In the run up to the Iraq war America was flooded with lies about WMDs mostly emanating from Jewish propagandists. Indeed in late December of 2002 the Israeli embassy circulated a memo decrying that most all editorials and op-eds were written by Jews. Promptly the WSJ and the NYT among others started to feature Shabbos Goyim writers touting the same rubbish.

    The Big Lie is alive and prospering in America today. It is an advertising gimmick. A propaganda tool universal in use.

    The fact that British intelligence planted false stories that drew the US into both world wars is so well known that it does not have to be detailed. Think Belgian babies on bayonet points and FDR knowingly touting a forged map.

    There is nothing inaccurate in the statements you quote by Mr. Hitler and Mr. Goebbels. They were speaking as social scientists in this instance and as acute observers of political behavior. But you can pick up these truisms from any textbook. They are the bread and butter of Marxist tactics and a lot of advertising. Ted Kennedy used this approach against Robert Bork so successfully that bork is now a verb.

    Ted would be a better example because the younger half of the public is more aware of him than of the two Germans from a time long ago.

    Part of me, however, is not displeased by the full bore hate offensive of the pussy marchers. It is so over the top that the general public cannot help but be offended, nay, disgusted, by it. Let me thank you on behalf of our President for helping to advance his agendas of America First and Make America Great Again. Grazie, Merci, Danke, Gracias, and however appreciation is expressed across the globe.

    • Tadzio:

      I compare Trump to Hilter because no man in history has brought him back to mind as much as Trump has. Perhaps I should have used Mussolini but I don’t associate him with the big lie. You talk about others who use the Big Lie but my issue is with the president using it.

      I was in the women’s march you were not. There was little hate there. They was a spirit of America that people have the right to come out and protest things they do not like. Over four million people marched throughout the world and there was not one arrest. That is not a hate group nor was the public offended by it.

      • Matt: you wrote: “No man in history has brought him (Hitler) back to mind as much as Trump has.”
        What about Chairman Mao (40 million deaths during cultural revolution and great leap forward); Pol Pot, Idi Amin? I could go on.
        How many people has Trump killed?
        How many concentration camps has Trump opened?
        The D.C. stores’ broken glass was caused by anti-Trump protesters during the Inauguration. The post-election rioters and thuggish behavior has come from the anti-Trump crowd.
        The Art of the Deal aint Mein Kampf.

        Matt, You must be sleepy . . . sleep-deprived like Hillary when she hallucinated ducking sniper fire and running for cover to military vehicles in Bosnia.

        But . . . you know who brought Hitler back to me? Dukakis in that tank; Mike and Adolph: two short guys with black hair who liked tanks!

        • Bill:

          Why the ad hominems? I did not say other than Trump’s Big Lie (lies) reminded me of how Hilter and Goebbels were adapt at using Big Lies. I didn’t say anything about other evil men since I do not know whether they used the Big Lie or not. For your information there have been many post-elections protests involving millions of people and there was only one in DC that caused damage to property and that was done by the anarchists with their black flag.

          Why do you say Dukakis reminded you of Hitler. Did he murder anyone or have a cultural revolution that resulted in many deaths? Did he have concentration camps?

      • John King McDonald

        This is a patent example of …. The Big Lie : Ignore the electoral will of sixty-million of your fellow Americans … The ” Deplorables ” …. Adopt a style of ratiocination that easily condemns your Republican foe as a sexual predator for some gamy statements and gamier female Democratic hags who claim he groped them twenty years ago, while whistling past a graveyard full of the female … ” Conquests ” .. of Bubba Clinton. By now myopia is discerned as the invidious political opportunitism that it is. Your credibility is nil. Your game is obvious. Alinskyite tactics of degrading and humiliating your political foe are your suit in hand. … Then … with little reasonable thought or historical analysis … Smear … your foe as one of History’s greatest demons. The thinking is shallow. The calumny is obvious. The comparison is outrageous of course. But that is not the point . The point is to make your foe … defend against … what is indefensibly … complete and arrant nonsense . You do not care if your … BIG LIE …. is absurd even in your own heart. Keep repeating it…. this MNEMONIC OF COMPLETE DECEIT BY THE LEFT …. and it inevitably sticks. That is your logic. That is your strategy in endlessly posting the character assassination di tutti character assassinations . And the final insult to common sense and intelligence is to declare yourself as occupying the moral high ground as a consequence of your ….. BIG LIE. You are hoist on the petard of ypur own self-definition. You are … The Happy Propagandist ! 🙂 .. STOP YOUR SCHEMIN’!

  25. Oops!! The proper formal Arabic is Yaa baleed, irafeek! I was in the flush of enthusiasm. Afwan, haywanat kufrin.

    Things are going side-ways, today. It’s reported that Dallas International C&I is disobeying the recent federal court order putting a stop to Trump’s ant-Muslim executive action. They are sending people back, and, choosing to follow Glorious Leader’s last dictat, Federal Court be damned. Matt: What do you think about Dallas C&I’s defiance of the court? Is it a harbinger of our fascist future? Is dystopia upon us?
    I I wonder when the guns are coming out? It won’t be long. The Trumpists can’t consolidate their dictatorship without using force. It’s gonna be wild in the streets, if it ain’t already. Thank you, blessed dictator, you’ve resurrected the radical left.

    All praise to the Red&Black. All power to the Dialectic!

  26. This shows the power of Saudi Arabia. 15 out of 19 hijackers on 9/11 from this country. I always admired Israel for hunting down and killing all the Black September terrorists from the Munich games. This is a world this is now defined by Muslim terror. The one million people in Germany have caused how much trouble? We see Britain and the reaction they have had. The world has changed , as people in Boston saw with the Marathon bombings. Why should they get any help in this country?

    • Norwood:

      The number of Americans killed on American soil by any person from the countries which are subject to the ban is zero. Saudi Arabians have murdered over 2,500 people on American soil but that country is not on the list. Americans deserve protection but the people we are keeping out have come here and have caused no problems while the people we continue to let in have murdered many. How do you explain that?

      • Matt: I’ll offer a reason: the Administration is not looking back at 9/11, it is looking forward towards those countries most likely to produce terrorists now and in the future. Recent violent acts in Europe may explain it. What percentage of terrorist acts planned and carried out in Europe and America have origins, directly or indirectly, in the banned countries?

  27. No fighter could slip punches like Muhammad Ali . His counterpunches were lethal . He also was a Master of feinting with the jab, a long neglected art, and of weighting punches differently throughout a bout. Tap… Tap …. Tap … Bam …. Tap …. Bam … Bam … Bam … Whomp … Lights Out!
    He was a … Negotiator . Trump has been slipping Media punches for a long time, successfully ! The … Negotiation … is the … Index Of Obsession … MSM has with him . They are continually wary. When is the KO coming? Will he just decision them? Is … as I suspect … is he actually carrying them through the fight as a Silverback carries an unruly, but still loved, Contender ; buffing them up but not really hurting them.

    Trump is going to be the Silverback Gorilla on the political scene for the next four years, and probably eight ….. DUCK! 🙂

    • John:

      Dream on.

      • John King McDonald

        Matt :

        TEN …. NINE…. EIGHT…. SEVEN…

        SIX ….. FIVVVVVE ….. FOURRRRR …..

        THREEEEEEEE …… 🙂 Oh my God

        fight fans …he’s on one knee …Lefty

        The Liberal Bomber is getting back in

        the Fight …..He looks confused …

        Angry … mumbling something about

        the Judges not thinking the way he

        does …How UNFAIR it all is ………..



  28. Unprecedented? Hardly. Obama stopped processing Iraqi immigrant requests for 6 months in 2011.
    Note the Hypocrisy, anyone?

    • That tactic won’t work, Bill. Obama is just a memory, now. It’s Glorious Leader who’s on the hot seat, and, wa-llahi, he’s sure getting fried on TV this morning. Hamdu-lillahi! Allah take him. May Trump rest in eternity, beside, Abu Lahab, where he justly belongs.

  29. Wa-llahi! The Republicans are squirming, today. Gates can’t dig Trump out of his hole, no matter how much shit he throws. Go get him, Martha! It’s gonna be a black Sunday for Glorious Leader. He’s gonna have to take it with no lube. The talking heads are all lined up to screw him. Hamdu-lillahi! It’s about time.

  30. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The ban affects less than 10%.
    “The Muslim-majority countries included in the 90-day ban are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — all countries which a previous federal law had linked to concerns about terrorism. The order thus means that at least an estimated 134 million people are now temporarily barred from entering (or re-entering) the United States”
    1,600-134= 1,466/1,600= 92% of the world’s Muslims.
    92% of the world’s Muslims are not affected by the temporary ban.

    • The Muslim world is enraged. Your alt-facts mean nothing to Muslims, Bill. I have friends overseas working for American firms. They’re very concerned about being lynched, today. Good job, President jackass, irafeek balad.

      • Khalid, I have friends in America who are very concerned about being blown up by Muslim terrorists. I was standing on Boylston St., at Gucci’s, diagonally across the street from the site of the second bomb explosion, on the day of the Boston Marathon. I am an eye-witness to Muslim terrorism.

    • Bill:

      Take the president at his word, he asked for a Muslim ban and then wanted to disguise it. Stop defending the indefensible.

      • Matt: see above: As I responded, you’ve ignored Trump’s evolution on the Muslim ban.
        Stop your indefensibly argumentative expositions and exegeses!

  31. Matt: The facts:
    Countries with 90%-plus Muslim populations NOT banned: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Gambia, Kosovo, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Morocco, Niger, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, the Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkministan and Uzbekistan, etc.
    And just to be fair, I’d throw in Indonesia (more than 88% Muslim).
    In fact, about 90% of the world’s Muslim population are not affected by the ban. (I’ll add up the numbers later.)
    Plus the ban has “exceptions” and “case by case” considerations. Plus the ban, as I read it is “temporary”, for 3 or 4 months.
    As for strict immigration policies “tearing up families”, let’s not forget that terrorist bullets and bombs tear up families and tear up American soldiers and tear up nations; and as for “cruelties”, let us not forget the cruelties of ISIS.
    And as for the Big Lie being the sole prerogative of fascists, that’s a big lie, so let’s not forget Walter Duranty and the liberal NYT’s “No famine in the Ukraine” in the 1930s.
    I think we should be more measured in our rhetorical flourishes. I like rhetoric. I like presenting “the other side of the story.”
    Some people have the notion that leftist and commies and revolutionaries and rebels don’t tell big lies, don’t engage in propaganda and are ipso facto purer than rightists and fascists. Some people forget the excesses of the French Revolution and Russian Revolution, and how unkind the Bolsheviks were.
    I like looking at both sides of the coin . . .
    Signed, a witness for the defense.

    • P.S. please note Sudan was inadvertently added to my list. So, I’ve listed 22 countries with 90% Muslim populations not on the banned list. Add in Indonesia which is more than 88% Muslim, and you’ve got 23 overwhelmingly Muslim countries not banned, and 7 banned.

    • Bill:

      Rudy Guiliani said Trump called him and told him to come up with a Muslim ban and to disguise it. That is what he did along with his helpers. He now says the ban is not a Muslim ban. Sure he could not ban all Muslims since he has deals with many of them. Why do you deny what the man is doing. Do you think Guiliani is lying about Trump’s intent?

      Durante was a despicable person but he wasn’t president or the fuhrer. I take it from your response it is all right if our president tells Big Lies. You are presenting the alternative-facts which are not facts at all. I don’t care about the “leftist and commies” lies but I do when our president institutes a policy that adversely affects thousands of people and then lies about what he is doing. Don’t you?

      • Matt: he started with a Muslim ban, then limited it to certain unspecified countries, then went to “extreme vetting” for certain countries, then finally came out with the most recent temporary ban on 7 countries.
        Take him at his word: his first ban was “until we can figure out what we’re doing” then was modified over a period of many months. His first proposed ban was during the primaries.
        Stop the indefensible expositions and exegeses!

        • Bill:

          Guiliani said the ban that he proposed was the result of him wanting a Muslim ban so he and other lawyers disguised it. Why is he vetting people from countries that have done no terrorists acts ever in America? Take him at his word, surely you joke. There were 1 to 1 1/2 million on the Mall; there were 3 to 5 million illegal votes.

          • Matt: you don’t read my posts. Or you do, and ignore them. As far as the 1 to 1.5 million, Trump said, “It looked like 1 million, or 1.5 million.” It LOOKED LIKE IT. And it did look like it, as the CNN hyper-pixel photo showed. From the Podium, it LOOKED like the Mall was full.
            2. I previously cited a 2014 peer reviewed report by university professors that estimated for “illegal aliens” alone, there were up to 2.5 million illegal votes in 2008. (Other sources of illegal votes could include double voting, college students registered in two states, outright fraudulent voting (stuffing ballots) etc.)
            3. For 2016, Trump promised to deport illegals and Obama publicly stated voter rolls would not be used to identify individuals. Both statements may have been incentives for illegals to vote. If you consider 3 million illegals have false social security numbers (I’ll give you the data some other time), if you understand that all illegals have come here illegally, if you surmise that some percent of 11 or 20 million illegals may have decided to vote illegally for the person who promises not to deport them (Hillary), then who knows?
            4. I know where Trump could have got his 2.5 million Illegal aliens voting. I’m guessing where he got the other 0.5 million. He may be wrong. It may be hyperbole. Let’s find out!

      • Matt:
        (1) You condemn my “alt-facts”. I defy you to state a fact I stated which is not a fact. All those countries listed are “facts”; 92% of Muslims are not affected by the ban; the ban is temporary. Got any other facts?
        2. What Rudy Guilianni actually said is this:
        ““When he first announced it, he said, ‘Muslim ban,’” Giuliani told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. “He called me up, he said ‘put a commission together, show me the right way to do it, legally.’”
        To do what? To ban immigration from certain hot spots in the Middle East. That’s what. That’s “it”. That’s what Trump asked for, that’s what he did.
        When did Trump first announce a Muslim ban? About 9 months ago! He’s modified it since. Before Giuliani’s commission formed, Trump had already changed his views to a ban from certain countries and strict vetting.
        3. We don’t want America to act like Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, England) whose immigration policies allowed so many innocents to be killed by Muslim terrorists linked to those banned countries and other hot spots in the Middle East.
        4. It is pathetic the extent to which liberals are whipping up hysteria at every move by the Trump Administration.
        5. My facts are embedded in concrete. It seems there is no reconciling our opinions. I see rational approaches to national defense; you see . . . ?
        6. Georgetown Law Professor Jonathan Turley has called many of the reactions to Trump’s ban “hysterical” or “hysteria”.
        7. How do you deduce that I think it’s O.K. the President lies, when I say he hasn’t lied? That most that you should deduce from that is that we disagree! You know like people on a jury do!
        8. What I don’t understand is how do you deny that the President’s “ban plan” has evolved?
        9. Finally, two questions? First, a complex question: Do you believe in Muslim terrorists, that they exist, that they’ve killed thousands of Americans and Europeans over the last 20 years? Second:, what is your plan from stopping terrorists from coming into America?

  32. Mobilize! March on Washinton! Trample Trump, and, his running dog lackies. String Bannon up on the White House lawn.

  33. It’s about time, we called spade, a spade. Glorious Leader is a fascist. Impeach him! Remove Trump at all cost. The spooks are working 24/7 to get him out of the White House. I hope they succeed. Fight fascism. Resist Trump. Everything depends on which way the FBI swings. They have the goods on President jackass. The active, willing participation of the Firm is essential to the success of the emerging coup. Down with Trump, and, the people who support his neo-Nazi vision of America’s future!

  34. John King McDonald

    You must learn to live with Reality, or Reality will come to live with you! MOHAMMED