1. Hi Matt,

    I wrote a bunch of letters to the editor of the Maine Times in the early 70’s. John Cole was the editor. And we had a great time arguing with each other. We were funny and informative. We clicked.

    I signed each column as Elbows Wychulis. John thought that was awesome. He told me that some people thought that he was Elbows.

    I googled Elbows Wychulis today for the first time in 52 years and got a few hits that look like they came from you. Maybe Right? If so, I love your sense of humor. And thank you.

    Did you know John Cole? Were you familiar with the Maine Times? It was a fantastic weekly in the 70’s.

    Elbows Wychulis is not a very common name. You brought back a bunch of really great memories.

    Thank you,

    Bob “Elbows” Wychulis

  2. Hello Matt, enjoyed reading the blog. My family lived next door to yours in Savin Hill. I was the youngest of three boys, at the time. I recall your sister Alice as my contemporary. I believe you have had correspondence with my brother Leo. The years and life have been good to our families. Though, I will never forget those formative years in both Savin Hill and Dorchester. Were extremely important to the molding of the person I became.

    Best of luck, bob purcell

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