Mighty Russia: No Wonder Trump Wants Us To Be Like It

Monday evening doing the statistics on the coronavirus I noticed that Italy was no longer among the top four countries for reported cases of Covid-19. The United States was first with 1,346,723 positive cases and 80,352 cases; Spain was in second place with 227,436 positive cases and 26,744 deaths; the UK was in third place with 224,332 positive cases and 32,141 deaths; and Russia was now in 4th place with 221,344 positive cases and — now wait for this — 2,009 deaths.

The way that figures out percentage-wise is the death rate in the United States is 5.97%;  in Spain it is 11.76%; in the UK it is 14.33%; but in Russia it is 0.91%. When I first looked at the Russian death rate being so low I thought the Russians were only counting the people who accidentally fell out of windows, which as we’ve seen is an unfortunate problem the Russians seem to have.

Sweden has reported 26,670 cases and has 3,256  deaths  a 12.21% but it is running with a modified herd immunity approach to its population. Norway, next door, in many respects quite similar to Sweden which did have people quarantine in their homes has had 8,132 cases and 224 deaths or a 2.75% rate bu it had 3,000 less deaths.

Many in the United States would allege that Norway violated their citizens rights by forcing them to stay home and not get the virus. They’d cry “involuntary confinement” – or “false imprisonment” – or some such silliness. But any fair and impartial thinking observer would accept that Norway did a good thing for its citizens compared to Sweden.

German which took a strict test, trace and isolate approach has  172,576  positive cases and 7,661 deaths giving it a 4.44% rate which seems to have gone up somewhat as more cases developed and it loosened up it strict rules.

I suppose we should check out China. By the way on Monday Trump told a Chinese woman reporter who asked him why he keeps focusing on test rates but avoids talking about other statistics that her question was nasty and that she should ask China and not him.  He then angrily took his ball and went home. China has reported 84,010 positive cases and a total of 4,637 deaths. Its percentage is comparable to the United States being 5.52%.

I guess either Russia far surpasses first world medical standards when it comes to treating the coronavirus or something is rotten in Russia. If the former wouldn’t the world be rushing there to learn what should be done. But no one seems to be doing that. So I guess something is rotten or perhaps just Putrined.

Speaking of Russia I heard Trump was tweeting about it on Sunday. The Trumpers must really be proud of their president who tweeted out 120 tweets that day. It tells you a lot about the guy and what he has to do to keep himself busy; is his life so empty that if he can’t play golf he tweets? I guess he is picking up the nickname as being Commander in Tweet. But hey, it’s good for business and Trump after all is a business man as we saw when he retweeted this: Game on! We are thrilled to announce the reopening of @trumpgolfla  beginning Saturday May 9th! We look forward to welcoming you back


Book your tee time now!

That retweet was the only good news of the day from Trump. It means he’ll stop his foolish tweeting and get out on the golf course where he can’t hurt the country for the time he is there.



  1. In state court when the prosecutor enters a nolle prosse the case is over. The judge has no jurisdiction to make any rulings. Federal judge Sullivan seems to think he still has a case before him even though the parties have settled it. He has no jurisdiction over the matter. Flynn’s lawyer should go to a court of appeals judge in DC and get him to sign the document and end the case. If Sullivan persists and holds Flynn in contempt for changing his plea and imposes a sentence the the FBI should remove Flynn from the custody of the U S Marshalls at the Courthouse and place him in the witness protection program. Thus ending this fiasco. 2. Are Sullivan and Gleason engaged in a conspiracy to deprive Flynn of his Constitutional Rights? Flynn was framed.

    • NC:

      You really take the party line. Federal rules differ from state rules. Why bother to go to the court of appeals, Flynn should appeal straight to the Trump Supreme Court –

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  3. William M. Connolly

    Since the beginning of this epidemic and its rapid spread through Western Europe, I’ve repeatedly noted that Slavic Countries throughout Europe, especially in Eastern Europe but even those in Western Europe with a high percent of Slavic citizens (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, for examples) have a low case rate and even lower death rate. Russia is no different.

    No one else that I’ve read has noticed this association.

    It may be that genetically Slavs have a greater immunity to this virus.

    Also, it may be Asians have a greater immunity.

    I get a kick out of comparisons to South Korea, when, from what I’ve read, South Korea was among the first to effectively close its borders to immigrants.

    • William M. Connolly

      From The World Atlas:
      The Slavs are grouped into West Slavs comprising Poles, Slovaks, and Czechs, East Slavs comprising of Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusian, and South Slavs comprising Serbs, Bosniaks, Slovenes, Serbs, and Macedonians. The modern Slavs are diverse in almost all ways including culture, genetic, and relationship between them. There are over 360 million Slavs worldwide.

      Today’s Slavs may have genetic diversity, but they may also have enough genetically in common and those genes which they have in common may be giving them an advantage in fighting off this virus.

      Do the math. Look at the death rates (deaths per million is always the better tool.) Of course, places like the United States, Russia, Brazil should have higher numbers. We know China stopped all migration from Wuhan and Hubei Province to the rest of China from the get-go . . . .but allowed international travel, thus protecting China from the spread, but spreading the virus throughout the world.

      Especially hard hit have been the Western European countries and the U.S., and this has been previously explained.

      • William M. Connolly

        correction: US, Russia, Brazil should have higher number of total deaths. Deaths per test positive is a helpful stat, but remember more tests are done in those areas heaviest hit, e.g., NYC greater metropolitan area and contiguous counties.

  4. If Dr. Fauci were in charge of the space program we would have landed on Pike’s Peak not the moon. Too risky to shoot for the moon. A frightened bureaucrat. 2. Nixon spied on his political opponents i. e. breaking into their headquarters. Obama spied on his opposition by electronically breaking into their’s. False affidavits to get FISA warrants. Is your defense of Obama that he is only as bad as Nixon? How many Americans did Nixon unmask at the NSA? Obama had hundreds making it the biggest political crime in American history. 3. Why would anyone believe statistics from Russia or China?

    • William M. Connolly

      Here’s my problem with Doctor Fauci: He insists he’s only interested in the science and in public health, but then never talks about the dire public health effects (increased deaths, increased diseases, compromised immune systems, increased suicide, addictions, drug abuse, decreased preventive medical measure: well baby visits, mammographs, cervical exams, colonoscopies, other preventive diagnostic and medical procedures, all of which have been postponed as ELECTIVES under the LOCKDOWN. Doctor Fauci never publicly emphasizes the adverse public health effects of joblessness and isolation, while proclaiming he’s only interested in the science of public health.

      (2) The second problem I have with Doctor Fauci is his claim that we are under counting the number of deaths (because folks isolated at home may be dying with the virus; of isolated folks with symptoms may hesitate getting treatment and die at home: two factors attributable in part to the LOCKDOWN itself) but more importantly HE NEVER MENTIONS THE OVER COUNTING OF DEATHS due to Covid-19 because of counting (A) Probable Deaths DUE TO COVID-19, that is if a person dies and has symptoms resembling a covid-19 death he is counted As a Covid-19 death; and counting folks who die WITH Covid-19 as dying OF Covid-19.

      I also applaud Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the entire Trump team for the great work they are doing. We can’t continue the Lockdown; the adverse effects are both economic and sociologic, and also severely health related. Joblessness, isolation and poverty, especially government enforced poverty, causes manifold physical and mental diseases.

      • Your problems with Fauci is that Bonespurs is beginning to get a bit pissed off at the guy so you are too.

        • William M. Connolly

          You overtly imply . . .if implications can be overt . . . .that I do not think for myself . . . that I am a rubber stamp for whatever the President thinks . . . .that I merely echo what the President thinks and does . . . Of course, that is a typical liberal’s ad hominem attack: Bill your ideas don’t matter, because you are merely a mouthpiece for President Trump, you have no will, no conscience, no thoughts of your own; Bill you are a party apparatchik (if that’s how the word is spelled.)

          As the Kingfish said (and the Kingfish and Doctor Quackenbush were two of nicknames given to me by lifelong friends, namely Kevin G., and others agreed like Jack C. and I admit they were apt) . . .anyway like the Kingfish said, “I DENY THE ALLEGATION, AND I DENY THE ALLEGATOR.”

          • That’s a lot of pretty words, Bill. But all you had to say was, “Maybe.”

            And I am further from being a liberal than you are. Probably anyone on here. You have fallen into your own trap. Assuming. You see, when you make up a reply post like that, one that is pure bullshit, it is a reflection on what you think of yourself. You should pick up a copy of Psychological Types and try to figure out which one fits you. But then again, looking in a mirror is not popular with ‘you people’.

            How’s that sound, Bill? You people.

            Here’s a riddle for a person just like you.

            “The more you take the more you leave behind.”

            Don’t use Google.

    • You Trump forever people do this all the time. You digest a comment, push it through your pro-Trump sausage machine and regurgitate it to suit your narrow view. Since when is list of presidential crimes a defense of Obama? Using the machinery of government for your own political goals is a crime no matter who does it. How much time did Obama’s AG get? How about the rest of his advisors? Did he finish his term?

      How many of Trumps people are looking at the slammer? The Nixon people were convicted of something. How many Obama people were–not in your imagination but before the bar. Documented in records and convictions.?

      • William M. Connolly

        Many of Obama’s people, including President Obama, seem to have grotesquely violated the law in spying on American citizens in a blatant political attempt to overthrow or at least weaken and cripple a newly elected president and his administration.

        If this is proven (and all evidence I’ve seen confirms it) this will be one of the greatest, if not the greatest political crime in American History.

        As with FBI agents John Connolly and H. Paul Rico, and many other innocent men and women, who were corruptly prosecuted and persecuted, or at least overly prosecuted, overly charged, and persecuted, by the same men, Muller, Comey and their lackeys in the Federal Courthouse in Boston, Judges and Federal Prosecutors like the corrupt Jihadi Javert Fred Wyshak (who, by the way, was promoted for his villainy) THESE VERY SAME MEN COMEY AND MULLER AND THEIR ILK AND THEIR LACKEYS HAVE VERY LIKELY ENGAGED IN THE MOST CORRUPT PROSECUTION OF INNOCENT MEN FOR A FOUL PURPOSE
        In John Connolly’s case, the foul purpose was to target and get another innocent man: the HONORABLE WILLIAM F. BULGER, THE PRESIDENT OF U. MASS, AND PRIOR THERETO THE LONGEST SERVING PRESIDENT OF THE MASS. SENATE IN HISTORY . . .A MAN OF UNQUESTIONED INTEGRITY AND HIGH INTELLECT AND CLASS, who was pursued by SCUM in Government, and SCUM in the Press at the Boston Globe and at the Boston Herald, with Howie Carr being character-assassin in chief.
        Also, sadly, because he has been a great scholar throughout his life, Alan Dershowitz’s role in all this sleaze and abuse of power cannot be underestimated, because Alan had a GRUDGE against Bill Bulger and unfairly and unjustly pursued him, writing one time: Forget Connolly,, he’s only a cop; get Bill Bulger. words exactly to that effect.

        3. Moreover, and very importantly, it looks now like all of the presidents men who were persecuted and prosecuted by Muller’s team and Comey and their ilk and their henchmen, were INNOCENT; FRAMED; just like the FBI agents in Boston (their was one “rogue” agent who was on the gangster’s payroll and the FEDs used him, twisted him into a perjurious witness against honorable men) who were falsely persecuted and described as rogues, and just like the probation officers and statehouse officials who were indicted and called co-conspirators in that corrupt persecution of probation officers in Mr. O’brien’s office, where Bill Bulger’s son was working, . . . .the phoniest of prosecutions because it was alleged the probation officers hired “not the most qualified person” . . .unless you are hiring Einstein for a physics department, all of your hires are of persons who potentially or actually are “not the most qualified>”

        In other words, just as the FEDs in Boston, especially Wyshak and his cohorts . . .Durham I believe was duped by Comey, Muller and sleaze like Wyshak to be the lead prosecutor on the first trial of John Connolly, but refused to assist Wyshak in any way in his arguably double-jeopardy defying abomination of Justice in Miami Florida.

        CONCLUSION; innocent men were investigated and framed by Muller’s team, by Comey and his FBI latcheys, and by others in the Obama Administration, very likely with a green light from Obama and Biden, or at least with full knowledge of Obama and Biden.

        You cannot point to those prosecuted and convicted on Trump’s Team, because it now seems all of those convictions (except Cohen) were fraudulent abuses of government power.

        Remember, none of this is new. Boston, the Connolly case, Probation, Caswell Motel, so many more, Boston seems to be the harbinger of what is to come in America . . .the corruption in the Federal Courthouse in Boston was the harbinger of the corruption in the last year and days of the Obama administration. Innocent persons were singled out for persecution for political purposed.

        I have read, and sincerely hope this is not true, because it would indicate the depths of corruption, the pits of iniquity, that all the persons UNMASKED were republicans, or at least, every republican candidate for the Presidency in 2016 was unmasked.

        THE DEEP STATE is corrupt to the CORE.

        • William M. Connolly

          I have written about these matters long before in my books, the FIX, the Corruption of Massachusetts Courts and Agencies; Character Assassins: Carr, Dershowitz, Mudd, Who will live in Infamy?; Character Assassins II; and “THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE BOSTON: PROSECUTE THE PERSECUTORS WHO ABUSE FEDERAL PROSECUTORIAL POWER.”

          p.s. Long before anyone voiced concerns about Doctor Fauci, and most of those concerns were and are unfounded, I have been urging the Public Health, Medical, Epidemiological, Biostatistical COMMUNITIES to weigh both the deaths and disabilities from Covid-2 itself and the deaths and disabilities from joblessness and isolation caused by the LOCKDOWN.

          IT IS NOT A TRUISM: THE PURPORTED CURE, i.e., to continue isolation and to perpetuated joblessness to Depression Era Levels, may indeed be far worse in terms of physical and mental health outcomes, than anything the VIRUS could do.

          REMEMBER, experts have shown that a one percent increase in joblessness in America, will inexorably lead to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of increased deaths, never mind the fracture of the social fabric, homelessness, addiction, spousal battering, divorce, desertion, depression, increased crime etcetera associated with joblessness.

        • Its the greatest crime in the history of mankind!

          As usual, Bonespurs has found a scapegoat. Remember what John Wooden said. “You are not a failure until you blame someone else for your mistakes.”


  5. You lie like a rug. “[A] Chinese woman reporter who asked him why he keeps focusing on test rates but avoids talking about other statistics….”

    No, that’s not what she asked. Not even close.

    “Why does that matter?” CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang asked in response to Trump’s claim. “Why is this a global competition to you if every day Americans are still losing their lives and we’re still seeing more cases every day?”

    Why do you manufacture quotes, why do you lie?

    Oh, yea. Orange man bad.

    • William M. Connolly

      Yes, John, I listened to that Press Conference yesterday and found that Asian woman’s comment especially offensive. She has been deliberately insulting and disrespectful of the president before.
      What her question was asking was Why do you not care about the dead and dying in America, and only care if America is number one in some statistics.
      At every press conference, President Trump says one death is too many, and expresses his primary desire is to keep Americans safe.

      So, her question was NASTY in its implication and disrespectful in its phrasings. Did she begin her question with saying, Thank you, Mr. President for taking this question or recognizing me, or even Good Afternoon Mr. President, or”President Trump I have a question”?

      She began accusingly, “Why are you concerned about numbers, and not concerned about the number of daily deaths in America.?”

      She is, as many in the Main Stream Media, an agent provocateur.

      She is also, I believe, a reverse racist. She thinks President Trump and most consservative persons are European descent, most White Americans, are beneath her, are morally inferior. She is a leftist liberal, and assumes most white Americans are racists.

      A year ago, I was down the gym, and an Asian American boy of about seven or ten, was talking to his young father, of about thirty or forty, and the boy asked, “Dad, why are all the Irish drunks?” And the father just laughed. Where did the boy get this stereotypical view? From his father, likely. Why didn’t the father correct the boy? Because the father believed it, too, likely.

      Yesterday on my facebook page, an Asian-American friend posted: Homework Assignment: List how many times white Americans have obstructed racial progress in this country.
      I countered; Homework Assignment for you: List how many white Americans have striven and sacrificed to achieve racial justice in America. I mentioned the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights (Promises not always fully fulfilled, but progress continues.) I could have mentioned the numbers of white Americans who died in all our wars to preserve our freedoms, the numbers of white Americans who contributed to this country through engineering, science, medicine, law, music (classical like gershwin to broadway to rock & roll) to art, to theater, to public health . . . .

      My friend, too, is a reverse racist, or at least that day was riding his high horse and acting like a reverse racist.

      I suggested he read two books: Thomas Sowell’s Ethnic America, and William M. Connolly’s Shots Heard Round the World: Americans Answer the Call to Arms, Volumes I and II, both Sowell’s and Connolly’s (mine) writings are suffused with stories of the great contributions folks of every race, religion and ethnic group have made to America.

      Getting back to that CBS Asian or Asian-American reporter, she too would benefit from reading those books, and she too would benefit from a little self-reflection about her own biases, prejudices and lack of common courtesy.

      • I think that was the same newscast that had the press kept asking why the White House staff have more access to testing than ordinary citizens. These are professional journalists with probably the top assignment. How did they get there? This is the best? If they need to be told that an infected staffer may pose a threat to the President, perhaps they are in the wrong job. I wonder if they noticed that the guy running the place has all these people around him, protecting him not only from viruses but bad people also. Is that fair?