Muslims, Muslims, Everywhere; And Not A Drop To Drink

mug_of_beer_largeThree million and counting – that’s about how many Muslims are in the United States. It is predicted  that in 15 years there will be six million and counting.

Like many Americans I do fear this coming explosion. In fact, I have learned that there is one city in the United States where they have already taken over. That is in Hamtramck, Michigan.

I believe the more Muslims we let into our country the better off we will be as a nation. Now I’m not afraid of Muslim terrorists in America. I just do not believe there are many, if any.  We’ve had very few. Many of the terrorist plots we were told about have been the creation of the FBI. I will explain my reasoning in a subsequent post why we are better off as a nation to have more Muslims than less.

But I have to admit I do fear that there is a chance we may be going back to what happened in America during 1919.  Those familiar with American history will know that 1919 was the year that brought us the Red Terror, the death of Teddy Roosevelt, the Red Summer when the streets of some cities ran red with the blood of whites and blacks, the great murderous Boston molassecre, our president, Woodrow Wilson, who has now fallen out of favor at Princeton College where he was their president before becoming ours, who started out of the year riding through Europe to high cheers and acclaim for his role in ending WWI and ended the year being bed ridden with a stroke and in effect we had our first woman president, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, who would communicate with him in private and pass on all the decisions for the nation, along with the Boston police strike where the Irish cops were summarily fired, the letter from Vladimir Lenin to the American worker, the women’s suffrage act passed in Congress, the establishment of the Communist Party in America and the elevation of 24 year old J. Edgar Hoover to head the Justice Department’s General Investigative Division among other monumental happenings.

Many of those were bad but by far the worst thing that happened in 1919 was the passage of the Volstead Act also known as the National Prohibition Act. The country was about to go dry.  The act provided: “no person shall manufacture, sell, barter, transport, import, export, deliver, or furnish any intoxicating liquor except as authorized by this act.”

Now, with the Muslims taking over that city I read that: “Business owners within 500 feet of one of Hamtramck’s four mosques can’t obtain a liquor license.”

I was uncertain why that was. I had read of some poor 74-year-old  English bloke being sentenced to 350 lashes for having some homemade wine in his car in Saudi Arabia. I knew that Saudi Arabia practiced a very severe form of Islam called Wahhabism which was behind the beliefs of Osama bin Laden and perhaps by extension ISIS. But I did not know whether other Muslims frowned on alcohol

So I checked this about Islam. I found out that Muslims take: “an uncompromising stand towards alcohol and forbids its consumption in either small or large quantities. Alcohol . . . clouds the mind, causes disease, wastes money, and destroys individuals, families and communities. Researchers have proven that there is a strong link between alcohol and gambling.” According to Islam, “God tells us in the Quran that intoxicants and gambling are abominations from Satan and orders us to avoid them.”

I cannot say I disagree with the Muslim belief in the dangers of alcohol.  I assume that was the same belief that motivated the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement which led to the 18th Amendment outlawing alcohol. Back in 1921 it had a membership of almost 350,000 women. But the grand experiment in outlawing alcohol proved a disaster in this country and it was repealed. Some say the women were motivated in enacting it by the belief that by closing the bars the men would spend more time at home with them and the children; but when that happened many women supported the repeal because they looked back on the days when their men spent their time in the bars as far happier times.

Thinking that about 1/3rd of a million women could cause us to go dry I wondered about the effect of 3 to 6 million Muslims. We should stop worrying about Muslim  terrorism. We should start worrying about where we will get our next beer if we let too many Muslims into our country without first ascertaining whether they will let the rest of us imbibe.


  1. @ John :

    John, your points are well articulated, and well taken. So we agree to agree as well as disagree .

  2. Matt :

    ” A risible piece of INTELLECTUAL effrontery ” … Not …. ” INTELLETUAL” sic, as you write it when quoting me. One hesitates to accuse Mr. Matt Malaprops here of a rather deliberate attempt to purposely misquote me while offering querulous observations about Writing ” Style ” ; but who knows. RELAX Matt !!! I like you even when you act like a dick. If I like someone I don’t just knock them out when they screw up. I am a patient One . Just my …. Way 🙂

  3. I thought the Supreme Court of the US already settled the issue of a church (or mosque) preventing any liquor being sold close to it.

    Grendel’s Den in Cambridge.

    Grendel’s Den is a bar and restaurant in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, located at 89 Winthrop Street… The name is a reference to Grendel, the antagonist in the Old English epic poem of Beowulf.

    The restaurant is perhaps most famous for the lawsuit Larkin v. Grendel’s Den, Inc., 459 U.S. 116 (1982), which reached the Supreme Court of the United States in 1982. The suit challenged the Massachusetts state blue law (16C) allowing a religious institution within 500-feet of a liquor license applicant to prevent the issuance. The United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts ruled in favor of Grendel’s Den, holding that the law violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the lower court.

  4. ” The ghost of Shari’a law …. ” … Ad Absurdem. More ” Welcome Mat ” silliness that plays to the peanut gallery, ignores logical argument and the cold wind blowing in America today. Your kneejerk response will come in handy perhaps in some American pleasure emporium , like a suburban mall, or another vice pot where some twenty something religious tests you for Quranic accuracy and then kills you when you stare, dumbfounded, at them . Paris did not happen for you.

  5. Matt :

    Keep those cards and letters coming. William Strunk was a grammarian who understood that THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE are just that. Your observations, which you really should make in the mirror to yourself, are odd, sound envious and conveys your intolerance of any views different than your own. J’ACCUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!! … Enjoy the holiday Professor . Enjoy my diction as well. It. is not intended to be ‘ Invidious ” in its effect . 🙂

    • Ed:

      Thanks for the reference to that decision. From the article I gather that if the law banned liquor dispensing within 400′ of a mosque and not other religious establishments like churches or synagogues then it would not be upheld; but if it applied to all houses of worship it might pass muster. The problem with the MA law was some alcohol could be served near churches and others could not dependent up the whim of the priest in charge. That the court said was delegating to the church too much power. It boils down to the state can make a rule applying to all; it cannot delegate its power to religious bodies.

  6. Good post.

    Many majority Muslim countries allow alcohol to be served in bars, liquor stores, and, restaurants. Saudi Arabia and some of the Gulf States are the exception. The Saudi state sect, muwahhidism (what you call Wahabism) is famous for both its’ puritans, and, its’ hypocrites . In the privacy of their homes, Saudis enjoy all the world’s vices. Tangiers, and, Beirut, have famous nightclubs and bars. In my humble opinion, Bar Pilo, in Tangiers, Morocco, is one the great watering holes of the world. When in Beirut, head for the American Dream Bar, it’s two blocks off Bliss from the AUB main gate-house. You just walk from campus toward al Hamra, and, there it is.

    When thinking about vice in the Muslim community you must consider the words of the poet al-Mutanabbi who lyrically opined, “The day is the day, and, the night is the night…” In the Muslim world, public vice is punished, while, private sins, are “tolerated.” That is the black and white of the matter.

    Abu Nuwas had something to say about the matter, but, it’s unprintable.

    • Khalid:

      I guess what you are saying is that most Muslims are like the rest of us professing one thing openly and then not necessarily following it when no one is looking.

  7. Reflexive, reactionary and defensive arguments mustered on behalf of Muslim Americans sound good, feel good, and assume that we less enlightened ” Xenophobes ” just don’t get it !!! — Which ” Isis deems ….. ” and so on is a risible piece of intellectual effrontery. You know nothing of the actual way ISIS and its ” Programme ” meld into the American Muslim community. Muslim Americans are great ; No one is throwing out the severed head with the Christian baptismal water here. Actions speak. ” Inaction” speaks as well. There are definitely radical Imams preaching in certain Mosques in America. Been to Cambridge lately? The Muslim fairh leaders in America are … anemic … in their public response to Jihadist atrocities. Time will tell! !!! Enjoy your warm and fuzzy rather condescending defense of another group you and your fellow liberals deem to be ” Victims ” ; Then you ” Own ” them ; you arrogate their ” Voice” as your own ; You jump in and attempt to ” Control ” the narrative. Ir must be onerous to be so morally superior. I leave it where I found it .

    • I am not discounting the inherently vile doctrines within the canon of Islam, and the unique problem Jihadists (and those looking to recruit them) pose. Although I do not agree with you that there has been no “muslim response” to jihadist atrocities; the media simply hasn’t covered much of it.
      I think religion and/or any blind faith is poisonous to human civilization, but do not feel that my philosophical or secular-atheist views matter in regard to this particular facet of the issue at hand; the reality of the situation does matter, and playing into terror groups hands is not a great approach.

      • John:

        Along with the vile doctrines I assume there are some very good doctrines in Islam. It seems more akin to our early settlers who were of the Puritan blend. Religion has taken a bad beating since much of the good it has accomplished is forgotten and people focus on some of the bad. The secular-atheist viewpoint has produced the Stalins and Hitlers of the world which we must also keep in mind.

    • John:

      Sometimes you must look in the mirror and wonder what it is that you write. “Arrogate their “Voice” as your own?” Morally superior? “Risible piece of intelletual effrontery?” William Strunk would not approve.

  8. # Check out France as a ” disaster in progress ” demographic model for Muslim immigration. The proselytizing includes … Well we all know its gory acts of faith … as well as self-segregated muslim enclaves that exclude non – Muslim free french citizens, and in a WESTERN DEMOCRACY self-govern under Sharia Law. Sharia Law, whatever its merits for its adherents, is antithetical to Rule By Law in a Western Democracy.

  9. Matt- Isis is using a drug on the battlefield called captagon, it is an amphetimine that is very potent. Wahhabism is what these ISIS fighters are forcing on every muslim. They may prohibit alcohol but they are cranked up on speed like the nazis were.

    • Doubting:

      Yes, I have read about captagon. It would seem to be something a brutal organization like ISIS would use to keep its followers in line. Too bad they don’t lace it with a little cyanide.

    • Captagon is crank pressed into a pill. In Syria, there is no longer a threat from the law. The leaders of the different factions holding territory dispense justice at their whim. Cooks go to these local warlords and cut them in. They set up a lab (just like in mexico), and, start cooking. While a lot is consumed by the fighters of both sides, most of it gets shipped to Riyadh. From there it’s distributed all over Saudi. Recently, four guys were caught at the Saudi border trying to drive a semi-trailer full of Captagon to the capital. In about six months, their heads will roll after Friday Prayers. I figure this cross-border trade must be extremely profitable, considering the risks.
      It’s hard to say whether the fighters from IS, and, JAN, use Captagon. Drug use does not fit into the the manhaj (methodology) of Salifiyya, but, who knows what they are doing in the field? War bends and warps the individual. It creates a psychological environment where bestial conduct is ignored, and, sometimes encouraged.
      I’m going to research the attitude toward illegal drug use of IS and JAN. They may condemn it officially, but, have no control over fighters on the line.
      Syria has always been a player in the international illegal drug market. Lot’s of weed and poppy are being grown this year. The harvested and processed products, hash and heroin, get shipped to Riyadh, Cairo, and Amman. This year, Syrian competition will depress prices in the Bekaa, hurting Lebanese drugsters who once controlled the trade. Formerly, the Lebanese handled all the shipping going west with product. Now, the Syrians control everything and ship out of Latakia, or contract with Turkish gangs to move product by truck.
      All sides in the Syrian Civil War have their hands in illegal drug business (IDB). War is fueled by cash. IDB generates a lot of cash. The factions have to be involved to stay in the competition. I don’t believe IS and JAN are participating on the production, and/or, distribution, ends. They just take a taste as shipments transit their territories.

      • Khalid- Speaking Regionally i have not heard anyone sum it up like you just have, you have your finger on the infastructure pulse of the territorial drug/underground market. The capatgon use i was reading about, was that they may be injecting it which is incredible with regards to the danger it poses on the battlefield, with regards to just complete catastrophe.

  10. Have a drink and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours–

  11. Not all Muslims are Jihadi nutbags, but all Jihadi nutbags are Muslims. Draw the moral in this, or don’t . They really don’t care what ” Infidel ” thinks. Despair Camerado !!! But Fight . This dithyramb to Muslim immigrants is a feel good exercise. But there is nothing to feel good about .

  12. I’ll drink to that (make mine stout).

    Happy Thanksgiving to all TTTTers!