My Advise to Bob Kraft Which I Hope He Ignores:

We never got to see any videos of Alan Dershowitz in his underwear when he was in the mansion of child pervert Jeffrey Epstein getting a massage. The big question everyone I talk to is wondering will we get to see the videos of Bob Kraft getting his massaged in the Orchards of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida.

I’m by no means suggesting that Bob Kraft went into that place. The reason I say that is I’m sure the Patriots have people on their payroll who can give massages and surely they’d have been delighted to accommodate Mr. Kraft. Why would he go into a seedy place, some of the one star reviews suggested it was quite filthy, when he could have had a top-notch massage at the swankiest hotel in Florida even if he did not want to bother the people on his staff.

Assuming though, and I stress that every man is innocent until proven guilty, by chance the police are mistaken, and we well know police make mistakes, what would be the most important thing the multitude of expensive criminal lawyers and their investigators now working diligently on the case can do. Yes, you got it. Get the tape.

If they can get the tape they can get the case to disappear. They can pull the Saudi Arabian Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi trick, you remember that. Get someone who looks like Bob Kraft, dress him in Bob’s clothes, and have him walk around in front of the Orchards of Asia joint. Mistaken identity is always a good ploy; then again, you have the alibi. Maybe they can get people to come in and say there were with Bob at the time he was at the spa so he could not have been there because they were not there.

You know these lawyers are good. Jeffrey Epstein who raped and abused untold numbers of young girls in Florida near Jupiter not only got a pass from the federal prosecutors but so did all his co-conspirators. Alas, though, this is not in federal court where it could be taken care of, it’s a state charge. Sheriff William Snyder who is in charge of the investigation better be ready for a ton of bricks to fall on him. As badly as the Kraft team will want to seize the tape; he will need it if he is not to be crushed.

The fly in the ointment is the prosecutor. What will be dangled in front of him? And the judge, think of the visions of future glory that may be presented to him if he is willing to order the proceedings sealed. That, of course, is the next step if the tapes cannot be extracted from the Sheriff’s hands. Run to a judge and have him or her order that they be sealed – no one will ever be able to see them.

That may open the door for a federal judge to come to the rescue. Why not file before one who  may be friendly seeking a restraining order on the sheriff to prevent him from showing the tape, or, even prosecuting the case. This is big time ball. The lawyers will be working long into the night on this one.

Don’t think Kraft is  going to take this lying down. He may, if he actually frequented the Orchards of Asia joint have already lied down a couple of times, but no more. Too much is at stake. Too, too much.

It will be interesting to see how Kraft extricates himself from the situation. It will be interesting to see him visit the White House. Mostly, you’ll get a good peek into how the justice system operates in America which I really look forward to seeing.

My advise to Kraft which I hope he ignores because I want to see how the lawyers maneuver, is to go in and plead “categorically not guilty.” Then arrange to admit to the case, do community service, and get on with your life. You were too cheap to go to an uptown spa so don’t blow all your money in trying to have your lawyers beat the rap. The damage is done. It’s no big deal. So stop dragging it out.


  1. Matt:

    Harry Aleman (Chicago) was tried twice for the same murder (Logan). He walked on his first trial do to a judge’s habit of ruling for money (“Playing ball” in Chicago parlance.) Eventually, the judge went down for taking too many bribes. Harry’s case was re-opened. The first trial was declared null and void. In the ensuing retrial, Aleman was convicted. In his appeal he made the argument that trying him twice for the same offense was clearly double-jeopardy. He lost. The Seventh ruled that the corrupted nature of the first trial required that it be put aside, as, if, it had never existed, and, that, the second trial was the first and only trial. Might we see something as convoluted in the eagerly awaited Epstein trial?

  2. Agree. The up-coming Epstein legal chess-game will be interesting.

    Matt: Can the tree-jumper be re-tried for his crimes? Is double jeopardy an issue? If he can’t be re-tried, could fresh charges be levelled against him? Are there statues of limitation on child sex crimes? It would be disheartening to see Epstein escape the law a second time.

  3. You know the US is bad when Americans say that they feel like they have more freedom in Communist countries like Vietnam.

  4. What are you guys talking about? The guy is a billionaire. Don’t waste your money? Usually I would say get a room. He owns hotels. He doesn’t have to get a room. Get a resort.

    And Australia is an incredibly hot continent. Check on the high temperature records being broken there. Hundreds of them.

  5. I think the very sleaziness of this storefront operation is what attracted Kraft. Some men just get off this way. Also, going upscale with a porn star or a Playboy Playmate can be expensive and just as embarrassing.

  6. Hello Matt, Bob Kraft could always use Jimmy Carter’s defense, “ The Devil Made me Do It”.

    • Sounds to me like Kraft’s going for the Bill Clinton defense, which is that a blow job isn’t sex.

      You really can’t make this up! The president of the United States gets a blow job from an intern in the Oval Office. Billionaire Kraft takes his chauffeur-driven limo to a strip mall and gets a blow- and/or hand job from a frightened Asian girl who might or might not be 16. Whew!

    • Or Bill Clinton’s, “It’s not really sex.”

  7. What is it with these wealthy old degenerates? Woody Allen marries his adopted Asian daughter. Epstein has underage foreign girls abused. Dershowitz, according to Barnicle says Asian women are so submissive. And now Kraft is exploiting Asian women as part of a human trafficking, sex slavery ring. He just better hope that the operators of the ring don’t flip and throw him to the wolves. Anyone who aids ,abets or encourages the commission of a crime is a principle in that crime. The Nigerians flipped on Juicey Smollet and now he is in deep trouble. The three highest ranking Democrats in Virginia may have weathered the storm by just being patient. As Shakespeare said What Creeps these Mortals be and there is no pervert like an old pervert. 2. It was 25 degrees below zero in Chicago and in Vegas they had 8 inches of snow recently. Is that Global Warming?

  8. Comment on the title: it’s advice, not advise. Advise is a verb, advice is a noun.

    • He knows that . He is too fucking lazy to pay attention . That is how he gets attention . Good catch. Hey .