Readers of the Boston Herald Don’t Be Fooled: It Doesn’t Have Your Interests At Heart

I get some crazy responses from people who seem to read only the Boston Herald and probably watch only Fox news. I know they believe Trump when he says the news is fake but then they go ahead and believe the real fake news:  Fox, the Boston Herald, and some new TV broadcaster One America News. 

The Herald is under the control of Digital First Media a newspaper conglomerate. When it first acquired it, immediately cut jobs by 30%, retaining in its employ 175 of the 240 or so people working there. Digital First Media is owned by Alden Global Capital a hedge fund co-founded by Randall D. Smith.

A Wikipedia report on him states: “He is married to Barbara Stovall Smith, and they own seven houses in the Palm Beach, Florida, area through limited liability companies.] Smith is known for his use of offshore companies.   As expected, “co-founder Randall Smith gave $50,000 to Donald Trump’s “Trump Victory” fund. The same day, his wife Barbara gave exactly the same amount.”  I have to call him a real  man of the people.

There have been few kind words for Alden Global Capital. It has been labeled “one of the most ruthless of the corporate strip-miners seemingly intent on destroying local journalism” and “vulture capitalists” and ““a rapacious vulture fund.”   It is noted “Alden Global Capital ultimately closed or radically downsized such venerable papers as the Oakland Tribune, the San Jose Mercury News, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and The Denver Post. At the Mercury News, the newspaper’s printing press was literally dismantled and carted away, which one staff reporter likened to “watching a heart being ripped out.””

So obviously the Herald is owned by people who have no concern for the “little people”as Leona Hemsley describes the hoi polloi. Yet, it is involved in a great pretend that it is. Worse, people seem to believe the news that it puts out.

Which brings me to its lead columnist Howie Carr a friend of President Trump. Carr who rails at people using patronage but brags how he got his daughter a job with Trump.  Howie being a typical Trumper is pushing to get people back out to work.

In a recent column on May 10 Carr points to the 4,702 dead in Massachusetts noting 2,827 have died in nursing homes, which is happening nationwide and is unsurprising  in that they house people in close quarters who are already pretty sick. If we eliminate them we have 1,225 who have died outside of nursing homes. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that the reason the death rates are lower outside of nursing home is the folk are staying home and wearing masks.

Carr notes that people under seventy-years-old are unlikely to get Covid-19. I guess he feels that at 68-years-old he’s safe, but knowing him he’s not going out in public without a mask; yet he wants others to do so. Assuming almost all the people in nursing homes are over 70, that means of the 1,225 people who died outside those homes 687 (56%) were under 70 and 538 (44%) were 70 or older. We can assume the great majority of people who will go back out working will be under 70. Therefore we can expect the death rates in those groups to grow quite fast.

Other nations (Germany, South Korea) who have gone back to work have seen their infections increase. Are we ready for that? Carr says no one under 30 has died; that’s untrue, we’ve had 8 deaths in Massachusetts in that category a week before he wrote  – on the same day he said that, papers in New York reported three young boys, one age 5, have died.

The Herald is owned by people who have no concern for the “little people”as Leona Hemsley describes the hoi polloi. People seem to believe the news the Herald puts out which will cause them harm.  Lifting the orders protecting the people, Carr calls them unconstitutional, won’t hurt Carr or his paper’s ownership, but it will decimate the working folk.  Let’s hope they are wise enough to be on to Carr’s game.


  1. NC, “Obama is the new Nixon.” How’s that make sense? Nixon was kicked out of office. Obama left the Whitehouse, honorably. Expound at length.

  2. wa-llahi! NC, we won’t find out about all that stuff, until, it comes up at Trump’s trial. His lawyers will be pedaling huge witless whoppers, just, like, the ones you’ve mentioned, above. Due process for Glorious Leader! He deserves that much for the fine job he’s done leading the country.

  3. It seems to me that Trump is making damn sure the Mueller Report not see the light of day. That surely doesn’t sound like an innocent trump. Of course there’s Russian collusion and I’d imagine a whole lot dirtier than we can imagine.

    FYI Howie Carr screams at the “big shots” and the “wealthy scum”. How many in Boston know he too has a home in Palm Beach. He even paid the outrageous fee, or his station did, to rub elbows with the old rich elites in Mara-largo. He wouldn’t be caught dead doing that in Boston. He even tweeted that he asked Trump to give his daughter a job at the WH at the NY Eve party 2017. I cannot believe a dad would push his daughter to work for that foul self-professed sexual predator who fancies young women. So what attracts Howie to a disgusting man like Trump? I wonder if Howie had a connection to Epstein?

    • william m. connolly

      Sadly, another misinformed American suffering from DTS. Aren’t you referring to Trump’s statement that when you achieve stardom like a rock & roll star, the groupies (willingly) “let you” grab them? A simple statement of fact. And by the way pal, who doesn’t fancy young women in your book? You? What do you fancy? Chopsticks?

      Once again, another liberal Dem who knows how to throws mud and bear false witness. Look up calumny, slander, character assassination, mud slinging, terms apparently near and dear to your planked eyes, or maybe you just wanted to blow off some steam.

  4. william m. connolly

    Excellent posts by both Matt and NC.

    I’ll add this, though. The table I earlier posted projected about 600 deaths from Covid2 for the entire year. MOst of those deaths have already occurred. In NYC there are a dozen or so cases of a very rare disease that strikes the young annually, anyway, causing inflation of the arteries. Something like Kawasaki’s Disease. I’ve read a lot about it, anyway, one of those illusive one in a million diseases, like the Hammond Rich Syndrome, I recall, that strikes the lungs and kills about 24 people a year in the usa.

    The point is, if the death rate for people under 30 from CovidII is one-fifteenth the annual death rate from drug overdoses, there is ZERO reason to keep the schools and colleges closed this FALL.

    Isolate the Professors over 60; have them continue to teach via ZOOM; allow all others to return to Campus.

    2. Howie Carr has a good show, with good guests, and they make a lot of good points. He is a good family man, with nice children, accomplished, hard working. But Howie also is an inveterate Character Assassin, Mudslinger, who delights in defamation, who mocks the dying (his death pool) and mocks Latino Americans. He hated Senate President Bill Bulger who refused to go on his radio show. Howie was a prime mover in the persecution of FBI agents Connolly, RICO and others. (See the books, RICO, Character Assassins I and II, and The Fix: the Corruption of Massachusetts Courts and Agencies.) Howie was a tool in the tool box of corrupt federal prosecutors like the Jihadi Javert Fred Wyshak and others in the prosecutors office and on the bench at the Federal Court House on the Waterfront in Boston. Howie has been a vicious smear artist of the Kennedy Family, whose sacrifices for America, in war and on the home front are not exceeded by any other family in America I know of, except perhaps the Five Sullivan Brothers off Guadalcanal and the Bixby brothers of Boston during America’s Civil War.

    3. Anyone who still subscribes to or believes anything written by the Herald, Globe, NYT, or Washington Post, has blinders on. Not only the Russian Collusion, but going back to Walter Duranty of the New York Times denying there was starvation in the Ukraine while Stalin was starving between three and seven million Ukrainian Civilians (experts give a range of estimates.)

    4. While it is true that Executives sometimes have to lay off folks in order to save a failing corporation (many print newspapers have been failing these last several decades in America) it has been reported that the Owner you cite has been ruthless in his approach.

    • william m. connolly

      Clarification: That 600 projected annual deaths from Covid2 was the total estimate for people aged 30 and under. The annual deaths from DRUG overdoses projected this year is about 17,000 for people under 30, 70,000 drug overdose deaths for all ages. WE DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE ECONOMY TO PREVENT DRUG OVERDOSE DEATHS.

      • wa-llahi! The drug biz is part of the economy. I reckon that, despite, Covid 19, drug sales are up, and, are, probably, the only sector that is doing well. Junkies don’t give a damn about Covid 19. They have bigger problems than an exchange of deadly viruses.

  5. Why would anyone believe what the Herald said? Or the Globe, Post or Times? They are all fake news. What about the Flynn case? It seems it is a carbon copy of the Duke lacrosse case and the Probation case. Totally manufactured and invented. How many false prosecutions have come out of the Moakley Court house? Swartz, Turner, Connolly, Joyce, Murphy, Fitzpatrick, Tim Flaherty, Mancini, Finneran and Bob George. All Made up crimes by the Federal prosecutors. The FBI, DEA, Customs and U S Attorney were the perpetrators. The defendants were the victims. 2. How many dumb people believed the Russian collusion hoax? If they read the Times and Post they may have fallen for it but there was never any factual basis for it. Even Mueller said so. The House Intel Committee had Clapper, Farkas, Susan Rice and McCabe before it and under oath they testified that they saw no evidence of Russian collusion. Yet those four along with A. Schiff stated on television on many occasions that there was evidence of collusion. What blatant liars. If the tv stations don’t retract those falsehoods their licenses should be revoked. 3. Does the conspiracy to frame Flynn and perpetrate the Russian hoax go all the way to the oval office? Flynn’s lawyer seems to think so. In 1968 Nixon claimed he was the new Nixon. Is Obama the new Nixon?