Saturday Blues: Trump and Russia

Alexie  Nalvany might be dead by the time you read this.  You know who he is of course. Let me remind those of you who don’t. He leads the opposition against Putin. It started out as few people but grew  and grew. He wanted to run against Putin in Russia’s last election.

He was not able to this. He was charged with a crime, convicted, and barred from running because of the fake conviction.  Putin picked his own candidate, the daughter of a friend, to oppose him.  He won as you might expect.

Nalvany did not go away. He spoke out against Putin who planned to be president for life. Putin tried to ignore him but he was like the big fly who comes into the house buzzing around. He bothered him but not to the extent he could do any damage but just his existence was unsettling.

Putin was not used to being bothered. Then his discomfort became heightened when he saw the people of Belarus stand up against their dictator. Putin’s orderly president for life was threatened. The Belarus people for decades have suffered in silence but no longer. Eric Hoffer noted that once people have seen better times it is difficult to make them forget them.

Putin saw this. He was aware that protests were taking place across the other side of his country and in scattered other areas. He saw that Nalvany had given these protesters encouragement. He did what he does when someone aggravates him. He poisoned him.

The person before Nalvany who gained popularity was shot walking over a bridge near the Kremlin, other persons Putin did not like “fell” out windows, others had “heart attacks” in the back seats of cars, and some in and out of the country were poisoned.

Belarus is where people rose up seeking democracy. Trump offered them no support. Russia where another opposition figure was poisoned. Trump remains silent.

Remember when America supported people striving for democracy. Why did that change under Trump? Do you like Trump’s America that has become the heartland of darkness in a world craving the light of freedom.

You don’t think Russia helping Trump win in 2016 has anything to do with it, do you?  I assume there is no doubt about  Russia helping Trump. Mueller pointed that out but the bipartisan Senate Committee nailed it. That issue is off the table now.

We also learned from the bipartisan report that Trump’s campaign manager Manafort was a Russian agent. We knew that Jaret Kushner tried to set up in of all places the Russian embassy a hideaway to secretly communicate with Russia. We know Trump speaks secretly with Putin. No notes. No Americans can listen to it

We also know that Trump lied running for office when he said he had no business with the Russians.

Worse of all, Trump has again been silent when he knew Russia did interfere and is now again interfering in our elections. How is it not obvious he is under Putin’s thumb. Does that make you feel good? I thought you would want an American deciding what’s best for America!









  1. wa-llahi! When’s the shoot’in gonna start, before, or, after, the election? I’d say things are going to blow before anybody gets a chance to vote. If Glorious Leader doesn’t bug out for the puzzle factory, there’s going to be an armed insurrection against the Trump regime. Are any of you Trumpies (Perot, Bill, NC, etc.) willing to take up arms to defend that prick?
    Down with the fascist dictator. All power to the dialect

  2. Matt

    Just watched Jane Fonda interview Mary Trump.


  3. william m. connolly

    1. Trump and Veterans: According to CNN exit polls, veterans voted at a 2-1 ratio for Trump over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton
    According to NYT, 58% of veterans voted for Republicans in the 2018 mid-term elections.
    According to a 2019 Pew Poll, 57% of veterans supported Trump as Commander in Chief; a minority of 46% criticized some of Trump’s decision making.

    2. Trump strengthened the military and strengthened Veterans access to medical care.

    3. Protests in Belarus about an election. There were three million pussy-marchers who protested Trump’s election. Protests don’t mean an election was rigged. Let the White Russians and Europeans resolve this. It’s none of our business.

    4. After the 2018 poisoning in London of a Russian agent, Trump expelled 55 Russian diplomats from America.

    5. I’ve read that the Russian “interference” in the 2016 election changed not one vote.

    6. Not a peep from the Trump haters about football player, baseball player Biden avoiding Vietnam service with “asthma”. They mock Trump’s bone spurs; they’re silent about the athlete Biden’s asthma.

    7. Muellar cleared Trump of any Russian collusion. Burr/Rosenstein cleared Trump of any obstruction. Case closed.

    • William:

      Russia helped Trump get elected. Address that!

    • “6. Not a peep from the Trump haters about football player, baseball player Biden avoiding Vietnam service with “asthma”. They mock Trump’s bone spurs; they’re silent about the athlete Biden’s asthma.”

      Who doesn’t? Not me, Savin Hill Billy. Fuck both of them. And Biden is not the president. After November he’ll get plenty of attention.

      And asthma doesn’t keep you from playing sports but it does keep you from getting drafted. Big difference. David Beckham, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Greg Louganis, Jerome Bettis, Dennis Rodman all suffered from asthma. You can control it in the short run but not for a year in Vietnam. And my brother, who served in Vietnam from 67-69, had bone spurs. I guess there are different levels of bone spurs, depending on who your father knows.

      • Abe: Back in the day 1968-1970, everyone was trying to avoid the draft. By ’69, only the unlucky, and/ or, the stupid, ended up in VN. Read “McNamara’s War” for an eye-opener.

        • My father-in-law closed the embassy in Saigon in 75. Second to last chopper off the roof. He was there for two years before the fall. I have loads of great inside info on the whole nest of rats.

          He was a practical man. So what to do, what to do when you can see the bad guys on the distant hillside and hear their guns? For one, change all the dead light bulbs in the stairwells, of course. He couldn’t stand the thought of US Marines falling down a flight of stairs because of a missed step if there was inadequate lighting.

          I learned all about McNamara. Don’t want to know any more. Thanks anyway. I just go down town and stare at all those names on The Wall.

      • Thanks for reminding us what we
        will have to face with those two Deep State scumbags
        on the Democratic ticket.


        mishugas without hope…..

        Democratic platform’s backtracking on fossil fuels dismays climate activists
        The party has mysteriously toned down language on the climate crisis undermining enthusiasm for Biden’s green policies

        Also see

        AUGUST 21, 2020 | JEFF SCHECHTMAN
        Why the Freedom of Information Act Is Ineffective

        Everyone talks about the need for transparency in public affairs, but what the government means by transparency turns out to be… not all that clear.  
        In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, award-winning author Nicholson Baker (Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information Act) describes what it’s like to try to squeeze even a small amount of truth from a huge mass of documents that the federal government seems determined, for apparently arbitrary reasons, to keep secret. 
        Baker set out 10 years ago to learn about the use of biological weapons during the Korean War (1950-53). He never really gets those answers, but what he discovers along the way should concern all of us. 
        Among other things, he demonstrates that the 1966 Freedom of Information Act is actually a framework for not getting information. It’s designed to keep inquirers waiting for documents that never arrive, to release records only with massive whiteouts and redactions, and to induce frustration so pervasive as to trigger a brief dopamine rush when even the tiniest crumb is given out.  

        AUGUST 19, 2020 | MANSUR MIROVALEV

        AUGUST 17, 2020 | JONATHAN Z. LARSEN
        From ‘The Perfect Assignment: A Memoir of Journalism in the Golden Age’

  4. Obama took a GOP economic train wreck and turned it into a thriving economy. He saved the auto industry and established Obama care, which brought affordable health care to millions. Oh, I almost forgot, he killed Osama bin Laden.

    • Afterthought: Obama did all this without tearing the country apart.

      • Perot Conservative

        Excuse me? Most Americans believe race relations went backward after Obama’s presidency.

        Recall Obama said, “we don’t have all the facts… but its clear the police acted stupidly.”

        Obama & Holder made it open season against law enforcement.

    • Perot Conservative

      The Obama “economic recovery” was the slowest since WWII.

      His $900 B stimulus plan, didn’t.

      ObamaCare skyrocketed deductibles & premiums. A typical HC plan requires a citizen pay out $5,000 per year before medical benifits kick in.

      His tax credit to buy new cars, in reality, just shifted new car purchases by a few months.

      He gutted our military, while funding the #1 state sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

    • wa-llahi! Obama bought UBL ($$$)from the Pakis. The rest of the story was elaborate make-believe for his domestic audience.

  5. Perot Conservative

    I think maybe you read too much CNN garbage. Multiple investigations have found President Trump innocent.

    1. He rebuilt our military, hurting Russia.
    2. He pushed for tens of Billions more from NATO, “” “”.
    3. He has lobbied to stop Germanys new gas pipeline to Russia.
    4. Putin wanted HRC to win, she had already sold 20% of our uranium to Russian companies.
    5. The Trump organization never built a hotel in Russia.

    • Perot:

      Putin wanted Hillary to win but the Senate bipartisan committee – you do know what bipartisan means – stated that Russia interfered in our election on behalf of Trump. How do you square that circle.

    • The greatest gift anyone ever gave Putin was the American voter when they elected Bonespurs president.

    • ” Multiple investigations have found President Trump innocent.

      1. He rebuilt our military, hurting Russia.
      2. He pushed for tens of Billions more from NATO, “” “”.
      3. He has lobbied to stop Germanys new gas pipeline to Russia.
      4. Putin wanted HRC to win, she had already sold 20% of our uranium to Russian companies.
      5. The Trump organization never built a hotel in Russia.”

      Congratulations! This is officially the funniest post of the month. The check is in the mail.

      But seriously: How much of our uranium is 20% of our uranium? I mean, in pounds.
      How did Bonespurs lobby to stop a pipeline? And why can’t Germany build a pipeline to wherever they want, anyway? We taught the Taliban how to shoot down Soviet helicopters in Afghanistan.
      Examples of how our alleged military buildup hurt Russia, please.

      I agree he did not build a hotel in Russia but, he did visit a brothel just off of Borovskoye shosse in Moscow. There is a picture of him with his arm around the owner just inside the lobby door on the wall to the left of the fountain. Does that count for anything?

      • Perot Conservative

        Link? Picture?

        Ironic coming from supporters of Bubba Clinton, with at least 12 sexual assault allegations including several cases of rape; Pedo Island Jeffrey Epstein; recent allegations Bill Gates was a visitor there; and Bathhouse Barry.

        • I’m a conservative and never voted for any Clinton. I don’t have a link or a picture. Don’t need one. I’ve been there.

        • By the way, thanks for keeping it civil. We are all just a bunch of folks. I would have liked to have had a president named Ross but I voted for Dole. We needed a president named Bob more than Ross. Both would have been a first.

  6. Obama and Biden didn’t help the Iranian protesters after their rigged election. Mueller found no Russian collusion after a three year investigation.Case closed. Putin took Crimea and the Donbass under Obama Biden. Trump provided lethal weapons to Ukraine which Obama refused to do. Trump has rebuilt our military spending over 300 billion more than Obama did. Trump killed 300 Russian mercenaries in Syria who were threatening our troops. Obama none. Obama was afraid of Russia. He even backed down to the Cambridge Police. Putin saw he was weak and acted in Crimea. Who would a Russian, Iranian or Chinese leader want to be president? A strong person who rebuilds the military and is tough on trade or a feeble Democrat?2. Who is writing the Demmies talking points these days? Marianne Williamson? Let the light shine in. Get out of the darkness. This is all self help lingo. But when you are wrong on all the issues you have to go to the cliches. 3. Who did the Russians pay off? The Clintons. 150 Million in the Uranium One deal to the Clinton foundation. A half million speaking fee to Bill from a Russian bank. Follow the money. So Hillary has to hire a British agent to fabricate a nexus to Russia. The Democrats commit the crime but blame the other side. The Democrats mirror more and more the Soviet Union. The Bolsheviks murdered thousands of Poles in the Katyn forrest but blame the Germans. The Clintons take the payoff but accuse the innocent of what they did.

    • Turn on the light . You accept this malignant, evil spouting lying Trump. Who along with his cabinet has been proven of perjury by the Senate Russia investigative report as being a great president. Obama was no great president internationally. He didn’t use a non profit charity for veterans to fund his campaign.He didn’t run through numerous cabinet positions until he found the ones that would lie along with him to the American people. Such a morally wrong person. All you do is bring up the past. We are talking about the present. There is a rotten smell emanating from the White House. Also fear of the law suits when this term is over.

    • NC: Why do you lie? Obama did condemn the crackdown on the Iranian protesters. Trump said nothing about Russian interference. Mueller and the Senate bi-partisan committee found that Russia worked to help Trump. Address that not the collusion nonsense – which anyone could easily see Manafort was working hand in hand with the Kremlin. Trump pulled out and let the Kurds die at the hands of the Russians. Trump has done nothing about the continuing incursions by Russia into Eastern Ukraine. Trump is dividing the country like no prior president. Look at his supporters. All haters. I suppose you think destroying the Post Office is also a good thing.
      2. The contest is between those who support a dope and those who seek hope. Plain and simple.
      3. You make up things. If the Russians paid off Hillary the Republicans have controlled the Justice Department for three and a half years. What actions have they taken against Hillary? Nothing. Nothing. Look the Mueller and the Senate have found that Russia helped Trump – why do you go on suggesting otherwise with your Hillary nonsense. Accept it or do you think Putin was helping Hillary and Trump.
      Have you heard any word out of Trump’s mouth criticizing Putin? Does that make you wonder? No? Pretty sad.
      Hillary did not hire the agent. The Republicans did in the first instance. It is not the Democrats who say Russia helped Trump it is bipartisan – Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats say he colluded with Russia, the Republicans don’t go that far.

      You are silly. You say the Democrats mirror the Soviet Union – yet the Soviet Union helps the Republicans. Doesn’t work. Yes, the Soviet troops under Stalin murdered tens of thousands of Poles at Katyn forest – the KGB leader of Russia is helping Trump. Stalin blamed the Germans; now Putin (and you) blame the Democrats. If Clintons – by the way when did Clinton leave the White House that you are still harping on them – took payoffs why haven’t they been charged? You know Trump would like nothing more than that. Tell me why? Simple, they didn’t/

      • wa-llahi! Silly is a apt description of NC’s comments. Ignorant works, too.

      • Is Trump’s pimping for Russia with EU and other Western trade blocs your idea of treating Russia harshly on trade? What color is the sun in your universe?

  7. Matt
    I had problems posting this new documentary
    that was released 2 days ago onto your site.
    There is a concerted effort to shut down the showing.

    My friend Meryl Nass MD appears in the film.
    She’s sent me the link 2 days ago.
    The link had been changed before her email arrived.

    This is the title of the documentary you can google.


    I will try posting the link later I just tried
    and it would not appear on your site

    • MS:

      I have no idea why something would not be posted. It is nothing I have done.

      • You can go to the blogspot of Meryl Nass MD

        And click her link posted in her blog yesterday

        Here is the blog she posted

        Thursday, August 20, 2020
        Fact-checking Fantasies, or how Google, Facebook and other big data companies outsource lying

        If you were trying to watch the documentary Plandemic 2: Indoctornation after someone sent you a link on Facebook, you probably found it impossible. According to Forbes,
        Users who attempted to share the link were met with a warning message stating the URL to the video goes against Facebook’s community guidelines because it contained “COVID-19 claims that our fact-checking partners have repeatedly rated false.”
        Yesterday I received a phone call from demanding I answer a myriad of questions about the facts and opinions I expressed in the documentary Plandemic 2: Indoctornation, which had been released hours earlier. I referred the caller to my blog posts for documentation supporting what I had said. I then looked up’s funding, most of which came from Facebook and Google during the past year ($423,745) and past quarter ($187,265).

        It seems that those who “check” the “facts” did not actually check any facts, because they were all working off the identical script, which they dutifully regurgitated, to smear me and the film. Who gave them all the same talking points, which were outdated and fail to acknowledge the current controversy among scientists, intel professionals and others regarding the provenance of the SARS-2 virus?