Sunday Required Reading – You’re Not Alone

IMG_4034Patty who comments here on occasion suggests some in the mainstream media are reading my blog and stealing my ideas. I appreciate Patty’s belief in the impact of my blog but I happen to think it is not this blog that is making others more alert to the happenings which I have been discussing but the general awareness that is slowly sneaking its way into the minds of some Americans that things aren’t right.

I’m fortunate that the people who read this blog are willing to provide me with information from others who appear to be tracking along the same line as myself. What I find fascinating is that this is not a left or right issue with what is happening in America. For these events equally affect those on either end of the spectrum. My sense is that while the left and right believers are urged to battle each over issue they believe significant, the real show is going on behind their backs while they are distracted. It is in this real show that the rights of all Americans are being stolen.

Some might think that I over exaggerate the events but today’s required reading show that people in positions of much greater prominence than I back up many of my ideas.  Here are some examples:

Cap off to Jeff: He calls attention to this article in the American Conservative Magazine by Ron Unz called “Our American Pravda.

It will take you a fair amount of time to read this so grab a cup of coffee and settle in to it. Ron in a much more eloquent and detailed manner than I ever could express myself touches upon the topics we have talked about here. We have used the Whitey case to note them while he uses the national landscape.

One thing that pleased me about his article was he backs up what I have been preaching about lately namely that the Internet is the last resource that we as a people have for keeping informed about the truth. We won’t get it from the government nor will we get it from the news media. He also goes into in devastating detail how inept the FBI is when it comes to investigating matters. Along with that he talks about the American people who basically are being duped by the news media and the government yet don’t seem to care. He doesn’t quite say it but we’re on a slippery road which will lead to our eventual destruction; and, what will you do when the most powerful country in the world becomes like all the others. What kind of world would it have been if Hitler and his Third Reich won? Probably the same kind as we will see if America becomes de facto no more than a dressed up Soviet state which will happen when almost all the people check out.

A tip of the cap to Jon: He called my attention to an article in the N.Y. Times yesterday about the push by our government to shut down information.

I found the comparison between what the FBI did to William E. Binney, a guy in his sixties who worked for 30 years in the National Security Agency, and Ibragim Todashev. Binney was questioned three times by FBI agents. Todashev questioned at least that many times. Then the FBI with a dozen agents raided Binney’s house and one agent gun drawn went to where he was toweling off after a shower and pointed the gun at him. Why is a gun being pointed at a life long government public servant? How many guys pointed guns at Todashev during his “interview” which was well into its sixth or seventh hour. How often did Todashev ask them to leave and they refused? With so many agents there he was clearly under arrest yet he had no lawyer available.

The N.Y. Times article shows how the government’s actions under Obama have sent a chill through government workers who have heard how the FBI  has “taken [their fellow workers] from their offices to endure uncomfortable questioning. And the government officials typically must pay for lawyers themselves. . . “ We learn, “there are hundreds of national security officials who feel under siege.”  We also read: “Officials who have been questioned in the current investigations are reluctant to describe their experiences.”  

Is this the type of America you like living in. How are people who are supposed to protect us from threats to do their jobs if they feel under siege? This is your FBI at work. It is not being controlled by anyone.

Finally, another tip of the cap to a person who contributes to this blog behind the scene, Theo Wiser, who called my attention to another article dealing with the FBI. This is on of all places a site called Techcrunch. The title of the article pretty much tells it all: “Is The FBI Dumb, Evil, Or Just Incompetent?”

Pour yourself another coffee and see another point of view similar to what I have concerning the Internet. As you sip away ponder this statement by the article’s author: “Is the FBI actually too stupid to realize that this is a terrible, horrible, very bad, no good idea? Or — get your tinfoil hats on — is the pretext of hunting criminals and terrorists merely a smokescreen for requiring what in effect will be a gargantuan cross-platform surveillance system that will let them spy on anyone’s conversation at any time for their own ulterior motives?”

It’s good to find I’m not alone. I just hope the others keep plugging away and if they do we may begin to take our country back.




  1. FBI = Fumbling Blind Incompetence

    I actually prefer to think of the FBI that way than the alternative, that they are functioning exactly as planned, which would mean gross corruption and large-scale criminal activities.

    • Mark:
      It is a little bit of blind incompetence and functioning as planned. That keeps everyone off their toes.

  2. Matt, the gravity of that last statement is immeasurable. It sounds like Hoover’s illegal break and bug ops in the late 50’s and early 60’s, against not just the Mafia, but also highly-placed, “sitting” government officials up to, and including more than one President. There is a famous story in which a frustrated former President Nixon decided to fire Hoover, and summoned him to the Oval office to deliver the long-overdue pink slip. Inexplicably, a normally somber Hoover strolled out of the meeting less than 20 minutes later with his job intact, a slight smile on his face, and his mysterious briefcase clutched tightly under his arm. So, in today’s day and age, can one person still wield that much behind-the scenes power? Could the scenarios you are describing, even be possible(unfettered surveillance on all Americans, at any given time) in today’s society, and time of higher government transparency than ever? Or could it only happen if there are a couple of old-timers that have all the dirt on everyone, and are really pulling all the strings? That guy Margolis could be the real Oz. Don’t forget, Hoover’s secret files were never recovered. Helen Gandy knows all about that. As this relates to the Trial Of Whitey Bulger,…it seems to me that when whenever Whitey was dealing with Connolly/Morris/FBI that Whitey was playing chess, and they were playing checkers. It kind of all boils down to childhood hero-worship gone wrong. Whitey, the predator, instinctively exploited the relationship, and the rest is history. Jimmy played Johnny like an Irish fiddle.

    • Rather:

      The Obama administration is the most opaque in American history. The way it is terrorizing people who have leaked is proof of that. Our government is becoming more and more closed.
      I have read the story of the Nixon/Hoover meeting and how disappointed all his staff were that he couldn’t get rid of Hoover. It is only now that Hoover is gone that people recognize his insidious means of operating; while he was in power few dared challenge him. There’s also a story about a woman in a hairdressing salon overheard a worker there referring to Hoover as a homosexual. An FBI agent’s wife was having her hair done, she told her husband, he filed a report, Hoover then sent out two agents to scare the hell out of that woman. That’s real power when you have all those little puppets ready to do the most absurd things you may request.
      I agree that the Whitey Connolly relationship was strictly one sided. Your Irish fiddle description really fits it. But on Connolly’s behalf lets recognize that the FBI wanted him to have the Whitey relationship. He didn’t hide it from anyone in the FBI and the FBI strove mightily to keep Whitey happy. But Whitey was always a step ahead of the rest of the gang except at the end; he wasn’t smart enough not to get caught. He wasn’t wise enough to know a woman companion is extra baggage. He didn’t have it in him to leave the US and live in a foreign land. As bright and vicious as he was he was still a Southie homebody at heart.