Sunday Thoughts: A New Blog; J & J; Catholic Schism.

A New Blog:  I plan to go back to basics in the offing. I will keep this blog to cover matters that have me trekking over various pathways.  I do want however to get back to the original trail I was on.

It seems what happened to me was I planned to walk the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) taking the  Camino Frances but upon arriving at St. Jean-Pied-du-Port as intended I decided to take a look at Biarritz which lasted a while and then got caught up in the Basque Country, did not want to miss the bull run at Pamplona, and at times found myself on the Camino del Norte, only occasionally going back to my original  walk.

Having recognized I erred, I will return to my original intention with a new blog I plan to create that will only involve matters relating to Whitey Bulger and the Boston Gangsters. Those interested in just that subject are welcome there. It will only be for gangster matters. Comments on other things will not be accepted.

I will keep you posted on it when it is up and ready. One of the first stories will be about the made-up story about dressing as rabbis these gangsters throw around. I will write about the numerous provable lies they tell.

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine – Are you as confused over the story relating to the J & J vaccine as I am?  The distribution was paused because six women out of almost 8 million vaccinated folk suffered severe brain blood clots and one had died. The medical term for the problem is: thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS). The pause has been lifted after it was learned the true numbers were “15 cases of blood clotting complications known to be associated with the vaccine, including three deaths. Seven of these patients remain hospitalized while five have been discharged.” 

Of the eight million folks vaccinated those affected were 13 women 18 – 49 years old and 2 women 50 years of age or over. Now to administer the vaccine a warning must be given that on exceedingly rare occasions a blood clot may develop.

My confusion comes because the weeklong delay did little to change the knowledge about the vaccine. Why then the stop and start. I would have thought that rather than telling us the likelihood of suffering TTS was extremely rare they would explain why only women suffered from the vaccination. Isn’t that the mystery? Has there ever been a drug or vaccine that damaged one sex and not the other?

The J&J vaccine can now be given with a warning. Why not with an option to have another vaccine especially for women? I never knew what good warnings serve just like I never knew when you are going for medical procedure you are asked to sign documents giving your approval when you know if you do not sign you will not get the procedure.

Catholic Church: Unfortunately, like the United States the Catholic Church has its radicals who are causing a split. There’s great unhappiness with Pope Francis. I believe many would prefer Pope Trump. But Pope Francis in not only getting it from these Trump Catholics (sort of an oxymoron) but also from the liberal side.

It seems the German bishops fed up with “revelations of priestly sexual abuse and episcopal cover-up” established the Synodal Path to discuss a range of contemporary theological and organizational questions and have expanded it to the questioning of the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and women’s ordination to the priesthood. There is great worry that a 21st century formal schism is about to take place like Luther’s 16th century “95 Thesis”.



  1. Matt
    About 10 years ago I helped videotape a Mindshift
    conference at Rangeley Lake here in Maine.
    Speakers included a moon landing astronaut ,the
    head of Harvard’s’ Astrophysical Observatory, Harvard Med
    School Professor Psychiatrist John Mack and others.

    They all confirmed the existence of ET’s

    As I have told you repeatedly I prefer heterogenous
    groupings over homogenous groups.

    But it is your trek for truth,eh?

    In other Gong Show news…..

    “New York State Passes the Nation’s Strongest Anti-Solitary Legislation
    After a Decade of Activism, the HALT Solitary Confinement Act Is Signed into Law by an Embattled Governor Cuomo
    By VERONICA RICCOBENE | April 8, 2021

    Data: Families of Arizona Prison Guards Suffer High Rates of Domestic Violence
    Loaded on MARCH 1, 2021 by Edward Lyon published in Prison Legal News March, 2021, page 59
    Filed under: Guard Misconduct, Domestic Violence. Location: Arizona.

    On Sunday, December 17, 2017, Ralph Blumenthal and two colleagues broke the story of a secret Pentagon program to track UFOs, with videos of encounters between the objects and Navy pilots in a page-one story in The New York Times. The next day, Mr. Blumenthal authored a short article answering the question, “So how does a story on U.F.O.s get into The New York Times?” For over seven decades, “the newspaper of record” had dismissed, derided and debunked the UFO phenomenon with ridicule and sarcasm. Mr. Blumenthal’s piece was a game-changer. Its impact continues to this day.

    But his interest in Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John E Mack’s work began much earlier, in 2004 when he was the correspondent for The New York Times in Texas. He happened to pick up a used copy of Dr. Mack’s second book, Passport to the Cosmos, and was intrigued. He wondered why an eminent Harvard psychiatrist was investigating UFOs and aliens. The mystery that lured Dr. Mack to investigate it soon gripped Mr. Blumenthal.

    The Believer explores the life and work of Dr. John E Mack and is based on exclusive access to Dr. Mack’s archives, journals, and psychiatric notes, as well as interviews with his family and closest associates. This evening’s conversation will focus mainly on the later part of Dr. Mack’s life when he risked his career and reputation exploring the controversial topic of human encounters with non-human intelligences.

    Police surveillance center pits Maine people versus Big Brother

  2. William Matthew Connolly

    Matt, sounds like a good plan to set up a new blog dedicated to Criminality in the Boston area. My dad, aunt Theresa, uncles, cousins, and lifelong friends were policemen, four I could name right now who I grew up with were Homicide Detectives. One upon a time, in Savin Hill, my hometown (and Southie too), in Savie alone out of Boston’s 12 homicide detectives, 6 were from Savin Hill.

    I was inspired by Spanish roots and routes, too. I was inspired when I became a blood brother to an Apache in Arizona where I also watched, in person not on T.V., the oldest continuous running Rodeo in Payson Arizona one night. I remember the horses and bulls and the rawhide tough cowboys and lovely cowgirls. What a country.

    I also attended a rodeo in Eureka, Montano, and a farm/rancher festival in Idaho, on the border with Wyoming. What are they called: 4F Festivals, or AA festivals, or four something, I forget.

    Anyway two points of disagreement: Inversely, schisms in the Church, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Evangelicals, but I have attended many of their services, played the keyboards at a Christian Rock Services in Westwood and Medfield, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches, and guess what? All those Protestants, dissenters, are hard core believers in Christ and Christianity. In fact, the sermons I’ve heard and the writing of the like of eminent Roman Catholic and eminent other Christian writers (Schweitzer, C.S. Lewis, et cetera, et cetera) are virtually identical to each other in Christian devotion, and commitment to Judeo-Christian Scriptures, rites, rituals, worships, and belief in One God.

    The second point is this; The Catholic Church is the largest Charity in the World, and no more in commitment to charitable good works than other Judeo-Christian Church or Synagogue. And I am sure there are as many good wise men and women in Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim and Judeo-Christian faiths. Remember there are as many mystics and saints in all religions, and of course the Abrahamian teachings have infused and transfused Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions.

    When I was growing up, I heard from my father: There is good and bad in all. And that is true of all persons and all religions and all organizations, even in the Boy Scouts, and Teacher’s Unions, and the FEDs you find good and bad people.

    Did I requote that quote I often heard: I shall pass through this world but once; therefore any good I can do or any kindness I can do for anyone, let me do it now. Let me defer nor neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.

    Kindness, too, means standing up to bullies, smearers, sadists, and power abusers, and not be silent in the face of actions harming innocents and the defenseless.

    I look forward now to commenting now more on two cites.

    P.S. I am finally now a ten page letter to Harvard condemning the entire faculty, or at least 17 Presidents, Provosts and Deans signed that recent Harvard email sent to the Harvard “community” in April, advocating “race-based” decision making, implicitly at least, inadvertently perhaps, but intentionally I believe they’ve done in the same month, April 2021, when Harvard Medical Teaching Hospitals in Boston, like Brigham & Women’s were announcing and implementing and intent to spread, a patently unconstitutional and medically unethical programs: “Preference Care” for black and brown persons. Race-based medical treatment according to the amount of melanin you have in your skin.

    Darkness is descending on America, and Harvard Medical Leaders of this “Preference Care” race-based program have explicitly publicly stated and written that Preference Care was inspired, instigated by President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Orders mandating discrimination in all agencies and institutions receiving federal monies.

    An abomination. Tyrranny. Rise up against these leftist schemes.

    Dream the Impossible Dream. See the musical again, starring Sophia Loren and Peter O’Toole. Acting and music exemplifying Boston College’s motto: Ever to Excel.


    Uncharitably I say to leftist Dems, take the cotton out of your ears and planks out of your eyes and cease and desist from your perfidious profanities.

  3. Matt, I look forward to your new blog.

    “Comments on other things will not be accepted.”

    I’d hate for you to spend much time moderating the comments. Or maybe you’ll achieve 80 per cent of your objective by blocking all comments from a certain someone who regularly, um, dumps here.

    • GOK: Thanks. There are a couple here who take up most of the comment space. I will have the capability to block those who do not stick to the subject. They will still be able to comment here – within limits – when I post here. The new blog will just be the crime stuff and I intend to block those whose comments are not on subject. I do not expect any difficulty because I hope they do not come over since there will be plenty of room here for them.

      • William Matthew Connolly

        Yes, reader, you’ve all noticed I have not commented for several months, until re-posting on Easter Weekend, like Icarus or Sysyphus or whoever it was who came back gloriously, determinedly. I notice too that since your new rules in February or January, both Msfreeh and myself have tried to limit our writings to about 600 words.

        I was a bit perplexed when I saw that Elmer’s 1,300 word post, which was very informative about Ukraine issues, but his lengthiness was not rebuked.

        I thoroughly enjoyed reading Elmer’s post on Ukrainian issues, which he seems to have deep thoughts. I like to read.

        Finally, I note in the movie Mozart, the King heard Mozart playing the piano, or well, the harpsichord, and the KIng or Prince or Priest criticized, “Too many notes.”

        For some reason, that scene invoked in my mind several scenes and songs from the Man of La Mancha, especially the Impossible Dream.

        Adieu . .

    • William Matthew Connolly

      I agree, GOK, MSfreeh is taxing for those who are challenged reading thoughts longer than single sentences. True, MSfreeh, likely a spawn of Louis Freeh, does oftentimes drift in stream of consciousness, James Joycean flights, like atonal music, jazz, or expressionist art, or abstract art, or philosophical meanderings as found in Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and more so in Doestoevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor inserted in one his works. And all those forms of art, literary and otherwise, I find interesting. But I make allow. I started playing a piano and a guy said to his wife, I don’t like piano music, and he got and left with his wife.
      To each his own. One man’s meat is another’s poison.

      I now change my mind. Please let Msfreeh stay, because I find only she is the fresh air I discern on this blog. At least she can wing it and last more than few rounds.

      Put it this way, I don’t agree with her, but she makes sense to me.

      I disagree with most leftist, liberal, brain washed LOYALISTS to the Democratic Party as in 1775 many Bostonian Loyalists marched in lockstep with the REDCOATS.

      I’d trust these mudslingers, insinuators, smearers, character assassins, smug liberal leftists as far as I could throw them.

      • William Matthew Connolly

        I throw into that bag of leftist loyalists all those Democratic liberal Public Servant Unionists. Leftist Loyalist and State Employed Unionists are birds of feather, like Marxists, Commies and Big Brothers’ Socialistic Statists.

        I do not refer to my two big brothers, nor to my lifelong friends.

        To the rest of you leftists, I wish you a swim in the salty sea off Carson Beach on the coldest day of Winter. Some of my friends find that brisk, invigorating.

        Me, you ask? I am becoming more a vegetarian; I am fond of animals; I like drinking Coconut Milk; I think we need more trees. Green rebels, Irate.