The Boston Taliban: Tearing Down The Symbol of Greatness To Hide Their Failings.

Mullah Omar ordered Taliban forces to demolish the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001.”    “. . . the destruction took several weeks, and the two figures “proved remarkably solid.”

From Wikipedia: “The Buddhas of Bamiyan were two 6th-century monumental statues of Gautama Buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley of central Afghanistan, . . . [81 miles] northwest of Kabul at an elevation of . . . [8,200 feet]. . .   the smaller [125 ft] “Eastern Buddha” was built around 570 AD, and the larger [180 ft]) “Western Buddha” was built around 618 AD. . . . The statues consisted of the male Salsal (“light shines through the universe”) and the (smaller) female Shamama (“Queen Mother”), as they were called by the locals.”

On 6 March 2001, The Times [of London] quoted Mullah Mohammed Omar as stating, “Muslims should be proud of smashing idols. It has given praise to Allah that we have destroyed them.” During a 13 March interview for Japan’s Mainchi Shimbun, Afghan Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmad Mutawakel stated . . . “We are destroying the statues in accordance with Islamic law, and it is purely a religious issue.”

What a pity. A fine monument of historical significance destroyed by religious fanatics.

Like Afghanistan, Boston has its own Taliban. Their zealotry is based on the religion of righteousness which teaches them to hold the utmost faith in the correctness of their judgment even though it has been proven wrong time and time again. The great thing about being a Boston Taliban is never having to accept you are wrong or apologize for the havoc you wreak on others because your intentions are noble.

As noted, it took several weeks to destroy emblems of the Buddha religion that were over 1500 years old. Boston has its Symbol of Greatness. It is to not to any religion but to education and the idea that you work hard, admit error, and learn from your mistakes. It is not quite as old as the Buddhas, being a little under 500 years old. What is remarkable about it is that it is mostly unchanged over those many years. It has been kept up by an enhanced stream during all that time.

I recall there was a movement back in the early 1970s when thoughts were afloat to change the enhanced stream that fed the Symbol of Greatness. Although the idea was toyed with it never was put into operation. Fortunately, it slipped into the background because of the difficulties with implementing the other Boston Taliban plans which in the long run, despite their and their allies’ best efforts, proved to be quite a disaster.

The Boston Taliban never learned that a faulty idea from the inception could never be built upon. They tried and tried until all that was under their control started to look like Rube Goldberg productions. Year after year it became worse. Their attempt to fix the structure they had built upon quicksand totally consumed them. Through that time, they left the enhanced stream feeding the Symbol of Greatness out of their plans for

As all their efforts and plans sunk into the mud, they were unable to face their own failings. They turned to the enhanced stream that fed the Symbol of Greatness believing it was somehow responsible for the mess they created. They decided to divert some of the enhanced stream that kept the Symbol of Greatness admired by many throughout the world. The enhanced stream being diluted other ordinary streams then fed into it sapping its strength.

Like with the Buddhist statues that had gone on year after year in silent peace so had the Symbol of Greatness existed. Unfortunately, it became a mirror to the great failure of the Boston Taliban. That spelled its demise. The Buddhas were destroyed by dynamite within weeks; the Symbol of Greatness was destroyed by the diminished stream over a few years. It was blown up in the 500th year of its existence.





  1. Matt
    I have always been amazed at your inability
    to pronounce the phrase “Deep State”….
    How you misdirect our attention away from
    our own Domestic Taliban , the FBI.

    We brought Oklahoma City bombing Grand Juror
    Hoppy Heidelberg to speak at Harvard Law School
    with the help of Law Professor Charles Ogletree.

    We also brought Oklahoma City State Representative Charles Key.

    We stay in touch with OKC bombing expert attorney Jesse Trentadue.

    Noble Lie filmmaker Chris Emery is a friend.


    By J.M. Berger

    Interview With The Grand Juror Who Wouldn’t Shut Up: The Oklahoma City
Bombing Case – Part Two

    Merrick Garland Remembers Oklahoma City Bombing on 26th Anniversary

    Attorney Merrick Garland was part of the Oklahoma City bombing Coverup, WOW!

    Best Evidence of Merrick Garland Coverup of FBI involvement
    in creating Oklahoma City bombing

  2. William Matthew Connolly

    Oh, yesterday, we all forgot to wish, “Happy Patriot’s Day”, April 19, 1775. Was that on a Monday, too.. Anyway Happy Patriot’s Day. The Patriots will beat the Taliban, God willing.

    • WE also forgot to set off some fireworks for UMass—National NCAA Hockey Champs. HOORAY!!

      • Hutch, agree: A double check Well Done, Hooray!!!!, for UMass NCAA Championship, 2021. My grandniece Jessica is now in her senior year there, UMass Amherst, and her dad Peter was not only there but on their Track team, plus around the late 1980s Peter won a 5 or7 mile cross country or road race down at Martha Vineyard’s near the sea’s surf turbulent washing machine, as I recall. I know a lot of family and lifelong friends who attended UMass and cheer for it, too. Bon jour and Adieu!

        • William Matthew Connolly

          Halleluiah, as Lenny C sang, Democracy, The Future, Anthem, Suzanne and Bobby D. sang Ring Them Bells, as Tchai composed 1812, out of thin air, played on 7-4, celebrating another great VICTORY for our great countrymen, Militiamen, Eagles, Terriers, Huskies, et alia. Foes we oppose. Good folks we’re for. Salt of the earth.

  3. Msfreeh
    I’ve labored assiduously in those three fields mentioned: (1)music, since a child tickling keyboards, popular, classic, rock, hard, metal, country, spacey . . . 2001 Richie Strauss’s stuff (2) milling, swirling, physically exercising at gyms, courts, jammed dance halls and outdoors circling Southie’s Castle Island since ever, jogging, joshing, joustling (?)moshing, drilling; and (3) my back yard, addictions, druggies, alkies, from Savie, Southie, South End, Uphams, Uppies, recov houses, detox Fieldsy, allston-brighten, Cape Cod, Wellfleet, Hyannis, Centerville . . .and Silver Spring, MD.
    Funny, how, how, one idea triggers , , ,memories. Experiences trigger too . . .
    Gaps, askew, flew, the few, proud . . . “you know the thing” . . .the thang

    • william m. connolly

      Trigger, afterthoughts: trip the light fantastic, trip the light fandango, light my fire, eerie earthy firmament . . .flimsy filaments . . filets . . . .a whiter shade of pale . . .Methinks ’tis good to share, to share songs and stories, . . .snippets, soulfully, sincerely . . .yours truly . . .

  4. William Matthew Connolly

    Yes, True. Think of all the historic statues torn down by the Leftists. Some even wanted to remove South Dakota’s great sculpture. Today, the Leftists want to tear down Statutes and the U.S. Constitution itself, and implant the Marxist-Socialist policies in America.

    Some Orwellian, Newspeak Leftists demand removal of the sculptures of Native Americans, like Dallin’s Chief Massasoit at Utah’s Capitol and Dallin’s sculpture, “Appeal to the Great Spirit”, a Native-American with open arms on horseback, invoking the Great Spirit, the higher power, welcoming all to the Museum of Fine Art. “Cultural Appropriation” say the leftists and also say, too religious, as many leftists echo calls to forbid the names of Indigenous Indians on teams, on states, from Massachusetts to Utah.

    The leftists P.C.’s are attempting to eradicate all vestiges of Western Civilization, to eradicate large swaths of the English Language itself (Verboten to say Mom and Dad (gender offensive) forbidden to say Brown Bag (racist, anti worker) Black and White (blatantly racist phrases).

    Soon, you’ll see demands that people of European descent stop playing “The Girl from Ipanema” that everyone stop dancing Greek, Irish or Spanish dances (White Supremacy; cultural appropriation) stop playing Beethoven (White Supremacy) stop displaying or teaching racist works, like “The Good Earth” (anti-Asian), C.P. Taylor’s play, “Good” (German centrist, offensive Nazi depictions), “Gone with the Wind” (racists), “Spartacus” and “Ben Hur”, (both wrongfully portraying Whites as Slaves thousands of years ago in Italy and the Middle East; also offensive as too violent; “West Side Story” (anti-Latinos), “Lawrence of Arabia) (Euro-Imperialism, stereotyping Arabs); “The Bridge over the River Kwai (racist, white supremacy, imperialism, Anglophilia, Japanese offensive, although somewhat Thai-benevolent, but both sexist and pro-feministic: Thai women are brave.); and most vilely and offensive of all movies is “To Kill a Mockinbird” (movie and book too racist, anti-disabilities (Boo was different; Scout was too stereotypically portrayed as a “girl”.)

    P.C. demands that a host of classical books be shelved or removed from libraries or restricted being taught in schools/colleges which Leftists have deemed racist, sexist, offensive, et cetera. .especially Wright’s “Native Son” and questionably Ellison’s “Invincible Man”. Surely, the Leftists soon tell us very soon exactly what is acceptable to read or view or say.

    You get the drift. The Leftists are trying to deconstruct and demean European Centrist Western Civilization. The Leftists are hostile to American traditions; the Leftists have little respect for religions and religious expression. The Leftists are mainly anarchists, and mainly as Thomas Wolfe said of liberals and leftists activists in “Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers”, (circa 1972) leftists are wrong. But he too is banned today, or soon will be. And certainly circa will be banned> Latin is Eurocentric, a remnant of an Imperialistic Roman Empire.

    As said, Liberalism is akin to Socialism is akin to Communism is akin to Marxism is akin to Stalinism and is a twin of Nationalist Socialism. Autocrats at worse, the Big Government Statists, like Biden. Overrule, overregulate, oppress, suppress, slander, demean, ye Big Staters are practiced at that!

    Read “Animal Farm”, “1984”, “Fahrenheit 45”, and Pope Leo III’s (1890 circa) Encyclical, warning about Socialism, Big State, and greedy Big Corporation’s oppressions, threatening family and individual human rights. Pope Leo favored unions, workers, families, and the right of corporations (associations) and individuals to accumulate wealth, and are morally responsible to administer and share it, Christianly. Pope Leo warned against Big Governments stealing private wealth. Leo favored just laws, but not freedom crushing, spiritual crushing Big State laws.

    Funny how hypocrites Jill and Joe set up an S-Corporation to skip paying their “fair share” of Federal taxes, dodging a $million or so in taxes which could have helped pay for our social security systems, which distribute to the poor, elderly, disabled, and poor children.

  5. Matt
    After reading your new post today I decided
    to contact a few friends who are capos in the
    Religions R US Crime Families and have a sit down
    here in the religious Appalachia of Maine.

    Our crime family organizational model is not all that dissimilar
    than that of the National Association of Prosecutors,
    the FBI and the Council on Foreign Relations.

    These was a consensus that we would have a Seance ,
    channel Buddha and get his reaction to your thoughts.

    Jim Bakker was the first to speak in tongues channeling
    the Buddha

    Next up Pope Georg Ratzinger had the most penetrating responses
    from Buddha

    The Jewish Delegation from Roxbury boycotted the Sit Down
    calling the post a Mishuga Rant from a faded Charles RiverDancing
    Verbal Leperchaun..

    What did the Buddha have to say?

    In other religious artifacts….

    Suit claims Vallejo cop who tackled man for filming was part of ‘vigilante police gang’ that bent badges to mark kills
    The city has not responded to new allegations that Ofc. David McLaughlin was among those who bent the tips of their badges to mark kills on ..

    • william m. connolly

      I sometimes follow your tangled and untangled train of thoughts. (Compliment: only the ox is consistent). The question is the answer, a Jesuit said: What is the meaning of meaning, the meaning of being, the meaning of nothingness.)

      How many angels can dance on a pinpoint? What if angels are quarks, or neutrinos, or like that stuff that physicists tell us can leap up from complete nothingness, complete vacuums. What if one of God’s angels formed the universe out of a microdot?

      Budso or Duddy or Buhda . . . I recommend these novels by Herman Hesse: Siddartha, the Journey to the East, Steppenwolf (the book not the band, but listen to the cuts that begin with Chicago Chants, The Whole World is Watching, by Chicago, or Steppewolf’s Monster song) other Hesse’s Narcissus and Goldman, but the Glass Bead Game is a bit tad abstruse, for me, anyway.

      Who is to say what follows?

      These are Only suggestions from an ordinary Billy C, a Savin Hill Billy, a Chestnut Hill Billy, B.C., and Billanova, because Villanova means New Town, like Newton where Chestnut Hill is, and is like the Popes’ thoughts on Revolutionary current events, things, and Milton’s thoughts on His Blindness: “Thousands at his bidding speed, And post o’er Land and Ocean without rest: They also serve who only stand and wait.”. . .See The influence of Milton’s blindness on Paradise lost. (

      And don’t forget the humble longshoreman philosopher, Eric Hoffer, and the humbled St. Paul’s 1 Corinthians 13, King James Version which begins (1 of 13 sentences) which begins thusly:

      “13. Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

      • Matt
        I first met Masaobu Ikeyima when I
        was running the Maine Composers Festival.
        He performed some piano pieces of Maine
        Composer Kay Gardner.
        Several years later he brought his harpsichord down
        to the Third Nail Drug program from Maine.

        I was weekend supervisor and arranged for Masanobu
        to perform a concert free of charge for the heroin and drug
        addicts. We were located on Heath street in the South End.


        I have always been inspired by the Sufi Zikhr dancing.