The Devil and the Catholic Church: Nuns As Sex Slaves

When I was serving in uniform I had some friends who were Southern Baptists. They told  me they had problems with the Catholic Church. Since I was one of the few Catholics they had become friendly with they used to tell me that the Church was the anti-Christ that was intended to bring the Devil to power. I’d defend it and we’d go back and forth on the matter. One thing they used to say which I brushed off easily was that the nuns in the Church were there for the benefit of the priests. The convents were like brothels that the priest could visit. They maintained that was the only way priests could avoid marriage as well as nuns and still gain sexual satisfaction.

I found their ideas preposterous and told them that. They’d ask me if I thought the communion host contained the actual body and blood of Christ. When I said I did they’d tell me how the  hosts had been chemically analyzed and neither blood or flesh was there. The church seemed to intrigue them but what they learned about it seemed to me nothing but black lies.

Imagine then, my surprise to learn there was indeed sexual relations ongoing between priests and nuns. On the plane back from his visit to Abu Dhabi this past week it was reported  the Pope said “he was committed to stopping the abuse of nuns by priests and bishops, some of whom had used the women as sex slaves.”

The first thing to note that it is ongoing if he is planning to stop it. How long has it been ongoing? Were my military buddies right?  What is going on inside the Church one has to wonder when the Pope admits not only priests but bishops as well are using nuns as sex slaves? This is happening at the same time the scandals of priests abusing children is shown to have happened for many years ane that it was covered up. Now we see they were abusing nuns although nothing seems to have been made of that.

Imagine a Church set up by the Devil. What are some of the things that Satan would have his priests and bishops doing?  Would they be any different than what is going on.

How bad is it? Poor Pope Francis was left to say: “It is true … there have been priests and even bishops who have done this. I think it is still going on because something does not stop just because you have become aware of it. We have been working on this for a long time. We have suspended some priests because of this.” The article noted , “the Vatican was in the process of shutting down a female religious order because of sexual abuse and corruption. He did not name it.” (my emphasis) Closing down the female order seems to be blaming the victims for being abused. The priests seem to get a pass.

The Pope went on, “I can’t say ‘this does not happen in my house.’ It is true. Do we have to do more? Yes. Are we willing? Yes,”   It isn’t doing more, it is stopping it. But maybe things are so bad in the Church, the corruption so endemic, that even the Pope cannot prevail against these evil forces.  The article went on to point out that in 2005 right after he became Pope, Benedict shut down a religious order of women who had become sex slaves. Prior to becoming Pope as Cardinal he had tried to shut it down but he was blocked in his effort.

How could it be that at the highest levels of the Vatican when a cardinal tries to shut down what seems to amount to a brothel he is blocked? Who blocked him?

The disclosures about the Church must have all thinking Catholics wondering whose Church is it?  Jesus or the Devil.


  1. The Southern KofC : KKK-Kikes, Koons and Katholics.

  2. Matt:

    Enough of this proselytizing !!!

  3. Wa-llahi! An amorous order! Great premise for a porn film. But….I’ve never met any nuns like that. My great aunt was a Sister. She taught at St. Francis Xavier College on the Southside. I wouldn’t have gotten through Iggy without her help. So, on this rare occasion, I have to agree with NC. This sounds like BS.

  4. Matt :

    Beelzebub is a Habit with you

    The Devil made Matt agonize over Sister Bettie Page and Bishop Frolics

    The Days of Communion Wine and Bondage Poses

    Matt …To the Vatican !!!

    Fun City !!!

  5. Wa-llahi Sex was a highly controlled function In Catholicism. It’s part of the Church’s basic subjugation apparatus. If one controls the body, the mind will soon be along. Birth control (free love) sunk that system. Once the jinn had escaped the bottle, liberation came calling. The College of Cardinals had no answer. The nihil obstat imprimatur that so troubled Joyce doesn’t mean anything today. Rome met its’ match with the Id. Freud carried the day.

    (Many other religions use sex in their control systems. Hopefully, as contraception becomes more available in the developing world, folks will throw off their controllers, as well.)

    All praise to AOC. All power to the Dialectic.

    • All birth control did was postpone marriage . . .pre-1970, the average age of an American woman getting married was 20 (20.8 in 1970, earlier earlier) . . . today the average age is 27-28 (27.4 in 2017)

      The Pill also allowed women worldwide to postpone first births . . .in 1970 the average first birth was at 24 years, today over 27 . .
      The Church is no more against Sex than it is against perjury or lying

      The Church counsels no sex before marriage as it counsels no lying, no detraction (don’t speak badly of your neighbor)

      Persons with tongues and pens lie and detract and have done so since Ancient Times, quite regularly, as they have had sex since puberty quite regularly

      As far as sex, I’ve always been of Orson Welles school, or was it that Irish guy, Oscar Wilde, his school, which says, “I can resist anything but temptation.”

      Read my book: Spiritual Glue, a novella in length but fully factual . . . .due out soon, . . . .you will have no more questions about sex, the church and CORRUPT FEDERAL PROSECUTORS

  6. None of this is proven. Don’t fall for rumors. Was there consensual sex between consenting adults occurring at some time and some place in the past? Probably. What crimes were committed? Any charges? Much ado about nothing. 2. What was going on at the Democratic Convention in 2004? A woman claimed she was raped by the Lt. Governor of Virginia, a Duke grad. Another woman claimed while at Duke the same Mr. Fairfax raped her. There is some corroboration to her story unlike the Kavanaugh case where none existed. But a full investigation must proceed. Dangerous sex predators should not hold public office it should be left to the Klan members in the Democratic party of Virginia to hold those positions.

    • NC:

      The Pope said it was happening. Hardly are those rumors.
      I figured you’d go after the Lt. Governor of Virginia. What about the claims against Trump. Much Worse.

      • The pope is not infallible in criminal matters …..only in matters of faith and morals

        The Pope, like you and I, has said a lot of things.