The F.B.I. – America’s Last or Lost Hope: An Analysis 2 of 4

When Flemmi announced that he and his fellow TEI Bulger were FBI informants this news splashed across an outraged Boston media. It asked how could it be that  Special Agent Connolly and these two known animals had formed an alliance and were working together? The public was aghast at the thought Connolly could tell them they could commit crimes to which FBI would turn a blind eye.

There was not so much expressed horror in the media about Flemmi being in partnership with the FBI’s Connolly as there was about Bulger. Although Flemmi by far was the most vicious and debased of the two, Bulger was the brother of a prominent high level politician who had many enemies waiting with long knives.  Although the brother was a clean as a hound’s tooth, the relationship was enough to highlight the case. It was said that the criminal brother could not have risen to the top without the good brother’s help yet no one, no matter how good the reward offered, could be found to point to any connection between them. But as we see today, no matter how big the lied the more you shout it the more people believe it.

Had the case been dismissed against Flemmi and his co-defendants because of the promise Flemmi said Connolly made to him that would add to the FBI’s embarrassment. It was imperative that the  FBI working with the prosecutors to come up with some evidence that showed Flemmi was lying about the promise. Only two people worked with Flemmi in the FBI, Connolly and his supervisor John Morris. It turned out Morris was friendly with news media folk who were pushing the story of the brother connection. They were also working with the   so the prosecutor went to him. He was told he had to come in and say that was not the deal if he wanted to stay out of jail and keep his pension.

He would do that but the stink still lingered. How could Flemmi and his partner have been working with the FBI and be given some type of protection by it the public wanted to know? The FBI decided that Connolly had to be thrown to the wolves. It called Connolly a corrupt agent. It was easy to do because in briefing Morris it became clear that Morris had been corrupted by Flemmi so it followed that to prosecute Connolly it was necessary to paint him also as being corrupted.

Thus Connolly became a “rogue agent.” A case was built against him. The case was built by making deals with people who admitted murdering other people. One admitted twenty murders, twenty, and did twelve years in prison. He would have done at least that amount under the original charges before he cooperated so in a sense he did no time for his murders. That is how desperate the prosecutor had become.

Another witness against Connolly admitted to five murders. He too did no time for the murders. He would end up doing six years in prison when the original charges against him would have required him to do twice that. Along with them the admittedly corrupt Morris and the Mafia head Salemme, also a known murderer, got great deals.

Connolly would be indicted for obstruction of justice. He was accused by the prosecution of having something to do with several murders although it was unclear what. The jury found he had nothing to do with the murders.

Other charges, nonviolent, were levied at him such as lying to an FBI agent, obstructing a court hearing, tipping off witnesses about an indictment, and taking and giving  bribes. He was convicted of some of these minor counts except those relating to taking a bribe. Obviously the jury finding the serious charges against him were not proven probably felt it had to come up with something.

Because the charge of giving the bribe (Morris testified Connolly gave him a case of wine with $1,000 in it) and the tipping off of the indictment were part of the racketeering charge he faced a twenty year sentence. He was sent to be confined for about ten years which was the maximum sentence he could receive under the guidelines. Has been in prison since 2002.



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  4. I dunno MS Freeh. Ruby was a Rogers Park Jew Crew guy (not a cut, just, what it’s called). That’s how he got the club in Dallas. Stoking him up with acid sounds like a waste of LSD.

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    December 19, 2017
    After he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby’s psychosis was diagnosed by the same CIA doctor who had once killed an elephant with psychedelics
    MKULTRA researcher wanted to continue his mind control experiments at the same time he was treating Ruby
    Written by Emma Best
    Edited by JPat Brown
    Some researchers in the JFK assassination community are aware of the fact that one of the doctors that treated Jack Ruby was none other than Louis Jolyon West, a figure equally infamous for allegedly killing an elephant with LSD and for his work in MKULTRA – the Central Intelligence Agency’s infamous interrogation, hypnosis, and mind control program. An analysis of available documents from the CIA’s declassified archives and the recovered MKULTRA files shows that not only did West want to continue his work with the Agency during the period he was treating Ruby, the University he researched at thought that’s exactly what he was doing.

    In August of 1977, CIA attorney Anthony A. Lapham sent out a form letter to eighty or more institutions which had been used in the MKULTRA program and whose identities were suddenly revealed in the cache of documents that had recently been discovered to have escaped the shredding and burning of all MKULTRA-related files ordered by former CIA Director Richard Helms. When Paul F. Sharp, the president of the University of Oklahoma, received his letter he wrote back to the Agency and requested “all information possible” about the project’s operations at the University. To date, neither Sharp’s letter nor the CIA’s response have been made public, although a copy of the form letter sent by Lapham has been located.

    In a UPI article published by the New York Times, Sharp reveals the the University performed LSD tests on animals in the 1960s, which included the time period when West killed Tusko the elephant with LSD (and other drugs). According to an Associated Press article, the university president believed that this referred to the research that had been conducted by West. According to the same article, West said that he received funds from the Geschickter Fund sometime “before coming to Oklahoma.” Surviving MKULTRA documents and his resume show that he began MKULTRA work with money from the “Geschickter Foundation for Medical Research” in 1955 – the year he came to the University of Oklahoma.

    West also said that his LSD research was limited to animals, although it’s known from the recovered documents that he worked with humans. While he publicly denied being aware that the project was CIA funded, documents show that he was explicitly aware of it and he was in direct contact with the CIA project heads.

    A recovered CIA document listing different MKULTRA subprojects shows that Subproject 43, associated with West and occurring at the University of Oklahoma, began in 1955 and ended in 1956 (when he also retired from the Air Force). The LSD work with animals that he and Sharp referred to took place years later and may or may not have involved human experimentation (although it’s known that his earlier work did). It might be easy to dismiss this, if not for the proposal for West to continue his MKULTRA work with CIA for another 11 years.

    Other researchers who previously examined some of the documents embedded at the bottom of the article missed crucial facts. Colin Ross’ examination in The CIA Doctors describes the proposal, but fails to note the fact that it was written after the $20,000+ documented funds that West received from CIA. The letter accompanied with the proposal is dated February 1956, and clearly references upcoming work for the next fiscal year.

    In the first subsection of the proposal itself, West says that he wants to continue the work for another 11 years. ”It is proposed that the experiments begun during 1955-56 involving hypnotizability, suggestibility, and the roles of certain drugs in altering these attributes, be continued and extended during 1956-67.” This would place West’s treatment of Ruby about three years before the proposed end of this particular MKULTRA subproject. In the proposal, West describes several elements of experiments that match the isolated experience of Ruby and West’s stated reason for going to see him.

    Ruby had an isolated cell constructed for him to live in as he awaited his fate and contemplated the possibility of being executed. The proposal stated that “There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative phenomena to occur. Isolation, in particular, can markedly change the individual’s response to suggestion in the form of verbal communication. It is proposed that new experiments utilizing special environmental manipulations, including sensory isolation, be begun …”

    West’s proposal specifies that these can produce marked personality changes, which Ruby appeared to have undergone in West’s examination of him. The report asserts that Ruby was psychotic and delusional at the time.

    In his report, West said that “hypnosis and intravenous sodium pentothal were included among possible techniques” to be used on Ruby. In his proposal to CIA for continuing his MKULTRA work with them, he proposed that “the combined use of hypnotic techniques and autonomic drugs be exercised.” Sodium pentothal, as a barbiturate, is one such autonomic drug that – frequently used in various MKULTRA experiments and other interrogation or hypnosis related programs. In total, West requested an additional $35,995.00 for the next year’s work, not including the other ten years of research he had proposed. This included $5000.00 for “polygraphic, electroencephalographic, electromyographic, and special stimulatory apparatus.”

    The Agency’s response to West’s proposal was apparently ordered destroyed along with all the other MKULTRA records. However, he continued to appear in CIA files as late as 1991. According to one document, West was indirectly involved in the STARGATE program which had a surprising amount of crossover with MKULTRA and its sister programs. While this particular project was undertaken by the Defence Intelligence Agency, the CIA’s counterpart in the Department of Defense, it was considered a CIA equity.

    According to the document, “Serious government-funded research of both these domains began in 1973 when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) initiated a modest effort to determine if a genuine anomalous phenomenon could be verified and to assess the degree to which it could be applied to general intelligence problems.” Coincidentally, 1973 is the same year that the MKULTRA program was officially terminated.

    While the research project’s stated goal was studying anomalous phenomena such as remote viewing and remote interference, the experiments themselves focused on remotely altering someone’s perceptions and nervous system, essentially making the research dual-purpose. If it had been successful, the research could have been used not only as part of a psychic remote viewing program but to design a way to remotely interfere with someone’s perceptions, personality, or consciousness. While many of the documents relating to this program wound up in declassified CIA files, being CIA equities and an extension of a CIA program, many more seem to remain classified.

    Whatever evidence there was about CIA’s continuing relationship with West, and whether or not they accepted his proposal to continue his MKULTRA research, was destroyed decades ago. This blanket destruction removed any chance to properly exonerate the Agency, leaving just enough information to provide disturbing glimpses into the potential connections between Ruby and MKULTRA after Oswald was assassinated.

    You can see a selection of CIA documents relating to West below, along with the report of his examination of Ruby and his description of the latter’s psychosis.

    CIA CREST Database
    Image by Jack Beers via Wikimedia Commons

    • SUPER SOLDIER . Magnetic Field Interference another ” ability ” cited for that ESP or Extra Special Protagonist as I like to put it . Telepathy and bi-locality, remote viewing and an uncanny ability to withstand sustained volleys of machine gun fire ; the bullets apparently ” magnetically ” warping .

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    Visit the imprisoned . . .Free the the unjustly imprisoned . . . . then goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life . . .

    You can’t change the past . . . .you can rectify the record . . . .to benefit folks living here and now

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    The Republican “tax reform” is like having phone sex with a busy signal … and paying through the nose for it.

  10. Yo big shout out to my homies
    at the MTC Irregulars
    Happy Consumption and Merry
    Where MTC gives irregularity
    to his irregulars while hiding
    behind the John Connolly Trojan

    as Matt BlogRorscharch’s us with
    misdirection we wait for our next
    JC fix

    When will da prosecutor give us
    the final installment of the Nibelung
    with John Connolly played by Sigfried?
    Who can forget the sound of Wyshak
    played by the Flying Dutchman

    intermission break time for a
    little John Morris theme music called
    Rheingold featuring the Anvil Chorus from Southie

    intermission over

    Still waiting for MTC to give us an organizational
    map of the taxpayer funded Top Echelon program
    and how it was used by the FBI in the repair
    and maintenence of the Military Industrial Complex
    sometimes called the Deep State down in the
    Whisper Stream.
    Yes the Top Echelon Program is a important
    tool in the repair and maintainence of the
    Bechtel Carlyle and Wackenhut groups

    A active barometer of MTC misdirection
    is Matt’s refusal to acknowledge FBI Director
    Hoover was the principal architect behind
    the President Kennedy assassination,
    Martin Luther King assassination,Robert Kennedy murder
    Congressmen Hale Boggs and Besich assassination did
    I mention Jimmy Hoffa or Walter Reuther?
    Yes FBI Director Hoover used the Mafia to help him
    murder President Kennedy and Martin Luther King
    Hint google

    jfk assassination fbi mafia


    mlk assassination mafia william pepper fbi

    hint google

    the strange death of walter reuther

    hint google

    hale boggs jfk assassination fbi

    also read how the FBI killed Jimmy Hoffa

  11. There are victims of guns (relatives of mine; friends of mine; friends’ fathers’; neighbors of mine) victims of drugs (dare we count the number of friends, neighbors and members in each family) victims of police brutality (myself and friends included) and neighborhood bullies(we fought back; we did out best; bullies didn’t last long) and victims of broken families and alcoholism and diseases, and most of them don’t self-identify as victims.

    Ever hear of the heckler’s veto……because you’re feelings are hurt, don’t think you have any right to veto others’ expressions and opinions, or to tell people when to talk or what to say. Don’t like it? don’t listen. Stop reading.

    And the unmitigated gall. How do you know everyone on this site hasn’t suffered everything you have and more . . . . ever lose a relative to gun violence, in war? a friend? a neighbor? Ever watch children die before your eyes?

    Victims: I don’t mean to be cruel, because there are victims of crime, injustice, drugs, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt newspapers, media frenzy, the mob mentality, wagging tongues and rumor mongers, people who point the fingers at others, and governments who falsely prosecute and tear families apart in the process, as was said.

    Imagine if everyone who was beaten, stabbed, robbed, shot, drugged, assaulted, insulted or lost a relative to crime went through life identifying as “a victim.” In America, almost all of us could claim “victimhood” status> YOu know who doesn’t claim it? Almost all of us!

    Want to do an epidemiologic study about how many people Whitey’s gang killed and how many people died of heroin/opiate overdoses in the Boston area from the late 1960s until today. Whitey’s gang killed 50; they sold grass and cocaine; they did not deal heroin. Heroin/Opiates are killing tens of thousands .. . .60 thousand overdose deaths from all causes in th United States last year.

    Should we call up the National Institutes on Drug Abuse and tell them to stop collecting data, stop intervention, prevention, and treatment programs during the Christmas Season, because someone is offended? . . . because a victim thinks it’s wrong?

    The greatest injustice is an innocent man, John Connolly is in prison, another innocent man, Paul Rico, died in prison, and all these serial killers are walking the streets, in witness protection of walking the streets.

    You see, back around 1998, overly zealous corrupt federal prosecutors like Fred Wyshak figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone: The stone Over Zealous Prosecutions: the innocent men: John Connolly and Bill Bulger. So, Wyshak, his boss Stern and co-worker Durham,and others figured as Matt said, “let’s paint Connolly as the rogue cop”; we’ll nail him, then get him to spill dirt on Bill Bulger

    Here’s how Wyshak gave the game away at the end of the second trial of John Connolly in Florida (on the same charges they brought against him in Mass.) A reporter asked Wyshak: “Where did John Connolly go wrong” Wyshak said,, “He got too close to the BULGERS and to SOUTH BOSTON.”

    Figure it out yourself what’s wrong with that answer!!!

    Give up?

    How can you get too close to William Bulger, the longest serving Senate President in Massachusetts history and the President since 1996 of the University of Massachusetts including its medical school. And secondly, what’s wrong with getting close to South Boston, the neighborhood you were born and raised in that produced Congressional Medal of Honor winners, Speakers of the House, Congressmen, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Preachers, Actors . . . .You see Wyshak’s mind set?

  12. Wannabe tough guy Kevin Cullen colluded with Morris to take out Bulger and Flemmi in ‘89. And reliable sources now say for years afterward Cullen used his tough guy status in the newsroom to behave like Harvey Weinstein at the Globe. Check with McGrory on it.

    • Tell us your story ! … You are anonymous and among a curmudgeonly bunch who listen closely . What do you know about Cullen ?

      You are walking on a sunny day . You espie a blog as blank canvas shall we say .

      You produce a brush , and with a flourish or two , place hapless Cullen in Harvey Weinstein Redux .

      Is it simply hearsay or is it true ?

      Paint us a picture .

  13. You are 100% right that the “rogue agent” is a fabrication to avert eyes from the bosses in the FBI. Connolly was the scapegoat along with Rico. Nothing good was going to come of the FBI, DOJ, Mafia and media alliance Fitzpatrick told the truth when he said Morris was the leak not Connolly. He got indicted for telling the truth. This unsavory alliance has become what Reagan called the Soviets. The focus of evil in the modern world. Connolly’s ten year sentence was a gross injustice.

  14. Knowing that some of these murders occurred at this time of year and left families devastated FOREVER with little children at the time that are now adults, maybe you could have chosen a different time of year to discuss these monsters whom include Billy Bulger.

    • Most of the “victims” were in the game. Many of them had murdered people themselves. For the VERY few who had clean hands, I️ am sorry. Otherwise, they knew the stakes. At this point, the only remaining Victim is John Connolly, whose family will be spending their 18th Christmas without him, while those who have committed dozens of murders will be walking free. That’s something we can all agree is disgusting, no?

  15. 1. True, true, true:
    But in 1989 Morris disclosed to Globe reporters that bulger/flemmi were Informants, hoping they’d be killed.
    2. When they say John Connolly was convicted of Racketeering: Remember, they had only two acts; only one occured during his 22 years as an FBI agent . . . Morris made up a story that John gave him a case of wine with $1,000 in it. THAT’STHE ONLY ACT THE BOSTON JURY FOUND JOHN GUILTY OF DURING HIS 22 EXEMPLARY YEARS AS AN FBI AGENT> Now, since you need 2 acts to fall under RICO . . . what was the 2nd act . . . well in 1998 the murderer/perjurer Weeks said, after being promised LENIENCY that he remembered John C. told him an indictment was coming down in 1995. It’s not evena crime to tell someone you heard an indictment was coming down . . . the crime is committed by folks who LEAKED THAT INFO FROM THE GRAND JURY. John C. could have stood in middle of the street and screamed: AN INDICTMENT is coming down . . . and he’d be acting LEGALLY . . . .newspapers all the time print the contents of indictments and are never prosecuted.

    p.s One point: John Connolly’s TEI’s were told “no violence, no murders.” It was the sleaze attempted murder himself John Morris, J.C.’s superior, who translated those explicit instructions given annually as no murders. Of course, Morris on multiple occassions had leaked the names of Top Informants to the Media hoping they would be killed. Why? Then they couldn’t tell anyone that they gave him $7,000 in payments.
    Morris was the real culprit. John Connolly was an innocent man framed to get bigger fish . . . William Bulger, who retired without a blemish on his record.

    Second point. The TEI program, which you did not approve of, was responsible for taking down the entire New England Mafia, and John Connolly is credited by “Donnie Brazzo” as being principally responsible for taking down the entire New England Mafia Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and cut deals with small hoods to get the Kingpins.

    3. YOu know it’s funny how the STATE COPS used to say John C. prevented them from arresting the mob guys . . . yuh, maybe once or twice, at one or two locations, to keep his eyes and ears inside the New England Mob . . . but John retired in1990, and no indictments against anyone came down from anywhere . . . even the first indictments in 1995 against Whitey, Flemmi and Salemme contained NO MURDER COUNTS.


  16. What is John Morris’s background – family, education, etc. Take it he is not a Southie boy. Does he fit in with any of the other players?

    • I don’t know Morris’s bio: My surmise is he’s from Connecticut or Staten Island or Long Island or N.J. or Delaware . . . .
      I know he admitted taking $7,000 from Whitey/Flemmi BUT even two weeks before John C’s first trial (2002), Morris was still withholding evidence from the FEDS like . . . .I think . . . . the other $2,000 he took as bribes from some bookies, or something like that . . . .totally depraved, amoral government worker,he leaked the names of his informants to the press hoping the press would print them and Mafia would kill them in turn, therefore they wouldn’t be able to squeal on him . . . a real low moral character . . . and he was John C. ‘s boss and always wrote negative job performance reviews against him,saying he should not be promoted . . . like I said, he appears to be a moral cypher, a void, a worm, who would do and say anything to save his own hide. Typical of the type of amoral compliant witnesses the FEDs (Stern, Durham, Wyshak) “persuaded” to tell any story the FEDs wanted to hear.