The FBI’s Follies: Covering Up Its Wrongdoing.

(1) j edgarThe real problem is no one wants to determine why the FBI is screwing up. It won’t admit it. That would result in them being embarrassed which is the one thing it most fears. Better one thousand terrorist bombings than be embarrassed!

It acts as if things are fine. Well, folk, they aren’t. The best thing it has going for it is the timidity of our leaders. No one will call it to account.

How absurd is it to hear the Republican congress members complain about the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s email and that despite overwhelming evidence against her the FBI’s director James Comey cleared her? Every once in a while a courageous and astute reporter, a dying breed, will ask whether they are criticizing Director James Comey, the man who wants to be another J. Edgar and who knows the only way to do that is to have his ten-year term extended indefinitely by a friendly president (Hillary?) the way J. Edgar did when he had the president after president keep him on long past his retirement due date. (Don’t think it could happen? Wasn’t the prior one extended two years without a peep from anyone? If it can be done for two it can be done for twenty.)

When confronted with the question by the gutsy reporter the Republican congressman will then tell us how Comey is a man who has the utmost integrity and is beyond reproach. How then does he square the circle that a man of such outstanding qualifications  would do something tawdry like giving a crook a pass. Any person with an open mind must conclude the Republican complainer is talking through his hat or her bonnet.

There is not the slightest doubt the FBI has dropped the ball. The last two major bombings in New York and Boston were caused by radical Muslims. The FBI was tipped off about them. Not only that they investigated them and cleared them. They closed out the case; they gave no other law enforcement agency the information. The FBI erred, and erred badly. You cannot get around it. No one wants to go there. Expect, then, more bombings by people “cleared” unless the FBI recognizes it did screw up.

 “Why is it the FBI is tipped off about these terrorists, does an investigation, clears them, and then they set off bombs?” I was asked. I said that never should have happened. Why it did is the way the FBI operates. Agents get evaluated on how many cases they “clear” in a year. It does not pay for them to have stick-to-it-iveness. Under J. Edgar Hoover it was very important to have cleared a certain number of cases each year. If an agent did really well he could get a letter of commendation put in his file; a few would get a bonus.

I know Hoover has been dead for 44 years but the FBI still clings to his teachings as if they were carved on two tablets (the first being “Don’t Embarrass the Family”) that  he carried down from Mount McKinley , oops, Denali. (Denali is not a river in Africa!)

Sadly, there is no reason for not having kept up with the doings of Tamerlan Tsarnaev or Ahmad Khan Rahami, the most recent bomber. It seems both traveled to hot beds of Islamic radicalism. Why not check back on the person every four to six months forever? Or, why not ask a local police department to keep an eye on him? Each one became more and more radical as time passed. Wouldn’t it be nice to know about it?

Perhaps the FBI will reconsider its position in these matters and stop closing out cases. Keeping them open forever and keeping tabs on them might not have prevented their actions; but then again it might have. The FBI has to step up its game.



  1. I’m not contrasting personalities. My comparison is structural. Both men were pioneers in police state totalitarianism, and, both, eventually, sat at the apex of massive police bureaucracies. The historical purpose of the FBI and KGB (FSB) has been be to enforce obedience, not only to the ruling classes of their respective empires, but, also, to the ideologies that have guided them.

    See Palmer Raids, blacklists, House Committee on Un-American Activities. Roy Cohn.

    One could argue that bourgeois terror was more genteel than it’s Soviet counterpart. Of course, if you are a person of color, you might disagree.

  2. Hoover was a complex and conflicted soul. I wonder what historians will write of him a hundred, perhaps, a thousand, years from now? His mark in history may not be explicable in contemporary terms. He was no different than Dzerzhinsky. Policing hundreds of millions of people into into abiding by the status quo was their objective. They left us the two great models of totalitarian police states admired and imitated throughout the world. Remember, just because one isn’t conscious of the police state doesn’t mean it’s not there. Ignorance is bliss.

  3. You know, these 911 guys are scammers. If you take a clear look at what they’re up to, you realize that they are all selling something $$$.

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  5. It still comes down the small problem of no one being a criminal until he or she acts (allegedly, for the persnickety) contrary to law and someone else notices. Semi-annual checks of someone by the FBI does not alter that reality or prevent someone from committing a crime. Telling someone that you are “keeping an eye on them” as a behavior modifier seldom works on those who are past childhood.

    Besides, many may delight in the challenge.

  6. Wa-llahi! FBI machinations, small potatoes, watch what’s coming down in Charlotte NC. Where’d that throw-away come from? It’s on tonight.

  7. Memo/All Correspondents In ” Denali ” : …. 1. FBI is essentially an omnipotent secret police agency ; accountable essentially only to itself, its Office Of Professional Responsibility is aka as ” The Roach Motel, ” as in, ” what goes in never comes out .”

    2. It is a great intellectual and discursive adventure to chip away at Agency foibles on this blog, but that adventure ends where FBI ” Revealed Gospel ” begins. The Agency’s caparisoned capers involving murders ” cleared ” in the Boston picture involve outlandish and illogical scenarios in many cases. These are never to be questioned. And on this blog and elsewhere they never are.

    3. Retrospect is an exact science.

  8. well, Matt, I’ve been trying, along with others, to figure out how the Klinton Krime Family got to Comey.

    Your suggestion – careerism – that he wants to remain on forever, if I understand correctly, is certainly plausible, but my gut, for some reason, tells me it was more than that.

    The FBI and the AG have been eliminated for the sake of the Klinton Krime Family.

    And that leads to a third-world dictatorship. Ukraine and Russia were and are notorious for standard operating procedure – bribe the prosecutor, get away with crime. The Prosecutor General does not prosecute “connected” people – period. Can’t find evidence, or “looking for evidence” takes forever, or evidence disappears, and so forth.

    The Killery Klinton case, especially because national security is involved, is appalling.

  9. Policing agencies are established to solve who commits crimes not who will commit crimes or where or when. Statistical analysis can predict with a fair degree of certainty what crimes will be committed and how the demographic groups will be distributed. But these are crude concepts. There is no when, where or exactly who.

    When is time which is infinite. Where in not infinite, but it might as well be it is so vast. Who is a more manageable. It is finite. But still the numbers are very large.

    The surveillance needed would require a police state along the lines of the Stasi, the Cuban street block model, the Inca village controls, etc. The FBI does not have the mandate or the budget to implement such a regimenting of society. America’s founding principle of Liberty stands in direct confrontation to any such hive environment. Americans are not, and do not want to become ants.

    The FBI is plagued with great shortcomings. It needs a complete overhaul. But one reason for this is not a lack of a crystal ball. The impossible cannot be done.

    The only ways to minimize the occurrence of terrorist attacks lie elsewhere.

    One, we should limit immigration by groups that cannot be readily assimilated to the America experience. Diversity is a weak link in the chains that hold any society together.

    Two, we should eliminate immigration from groups that manifestly have legitimate or widely perceived grievances about past and present brutal and unjust actions of American foreign policies and actions.

    Three, we should change many of the foreign policies that benefit only a hostile elite in this country. This means: America First.

    To understand the why of these three measures it is suggested that you consult the excellent inquiries into the nature of suicide terrorism by Professor Robert Pape at the University of Chicago. His various writings are available online. Counterpunch, a leftist webzine, has many of them. It is essential to understand what societal circumstances give rise to terrorist crimes. They are not universal. His catalog is impressive.

    The common roots are identifiable and flourish in a particular type of hothouse. America’s foreign and immigration policies have built this sort of structure. To counter this we must either change the policy ingredients, revamp entirely our way of life, or endure the consequences.

    The FBI can only deal imperfectly with the environment it is given. The deplorable actions of the FBI are more concentrated after the commission of crimes rather than before.

    • “Shortcomings” is an understatement. FBI leadership sold out the American people a long time ago. A portion of the story:

      “Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and two other staff members were granted immunity deals in exchange for their cooperation in the now-closed FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state, says Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

      The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee told the Associated Press Friday that Mills gave federal investigators access to her laptop on the condition that findings couldn’t be used against her.

      Democrats on the committee said Friday the immunity agreements were limited in scope and did not cover statements made to investigators or to potential testimony before Congress.

      Still, Chaffetz said he was “absolutely stunned” that the FBI would cut a deal with someone as close to the investigation as Mills.

      “No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case,” said Chaffetz, R-Utah. “They were handing out immunity deals like candy.”

      Copies of the immunity agreements were provided to the House oversight committee by the Justice Department this week under seal.

      What shameful leadership and all for a few bucks.

  10. time for a volunteer civilian review police board with
    subpoena powers that will set and enforce standards
    for law enforcement

    in other news

    Mac Wallace and the finger of guilt (Winter 2014) – Lobster
    Mac Wallace and the finger of guilt Garrick Alder This essay concerns disputes over the identification by latent fingerprint

  11. Matt:

    Come on. Really?

    Cover up or planned cover up?

    That answer can best be found in the overtime earnings of those law enforcement officials with a $200,000 to $350,000 dollar salary range, “without a peep from anyone”. Overtime essentially buys the silence needed for the corrupt government practices to continue and is spread around where it will do “the most good.”

    Based on my approximate 2 hour meeting with the FBI in which I also gave Agents Robbins and Robbins (husband and wife team) a 30 page affidavit establishing a pattern and practice of government crime and corruption, subsidized by billions of taxpayer dollars, do they have the desire to reveal to the public their complicity with a criminal pattern and practice which harms all Americans?

    The collateral damage to America is devastating and is now before the public on every front page in the world.

    The public needs to catch on that the FBI and the Department of Justice specializes in covering up and/or creating crime so they can”investigate” the crime they helped to perpetuate which results in overtime, promotions, awards, bonuses and a tremendous increase in their annual budget. Again, “without a peep from anyone”.

    Based on my direct dealings with the Boston FBI office and the government’s role in well planned discrimination, Supervisory Special Agent John T. Foley wrote back over Ken Kaiser’s signature stating they had “no interest” in the clear and convincing evidence I provided them to investigate.

    And of course we know about Ken Kaiser “pleading guilty to an ethics charge in an agreement that includes a recommendation from prosecutors that he serve no prison time and pay a $15,000 fine.”

    Thus far, I have provided the Boston FBI office with 66 pages of affidavits detailing verified government corruption and crime, involving well planned discrimination and Medicaid/Medicare fraud.

    After all, if the perpetrator’s own father tells the FBI that his son is a “terrorist” and his claim is supported by his son’s trips to Afghanistan, it’s fair to conclude that the FBI had “no interest” here either. Some would say, why “ruin a good thing?”

    The “new” investigation of Ahmad Rahami will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and new budget appropriations that poor and middle class Americans must pay.

    If the FBI leadership had done their job in the first place, there would be no new investigation and no waste of taxpayer dollars and the Boston Marathon murders may not have taken place.

    Since DOJ Inspector General oversight is missing and/or absent, isn’t it strange that no one has a desire to know who is responsible for looking the other way in both the Ahmad Rahani case and the Tsarnaev brothers case in Boston?

    Copies of my public affidavits are available on request.
    Sworn & Commissioned Officer, Massachusetts Trial Court (Retired)
    Expert Government Witness on Retaliation, Corruption and Crime