The Great Trump: Turning The Oval Office Into The Locker Room

You must remember the “locker room talk” defense he put up to defend himself against his statements as to how he treats women. Did you buy into it that men talk like that all the time om the locker room? It has never been my experience that men in locker rooms denigrate women by talking about how they assault them. Maybe that’s just me.

I’m no expert on this having not frequented locker rooms very much. Apparently Trump is . He believes that men talk about sexually assaulting women in the locker room and I assume that they talk as he does making fun of their looks. That is what he wanted us to believe before he was elected and many accepted it saying “guys will be guys” so it is no big deal.

Now I have to admit that I come from a background that is similar in someway but different in others than probably the majority of men. I did spend lots of times with other guys in locker room type situations when I was going through my qualifying and basic training for the service. That would be about 9 months. In that sense my experience would be similar because you could suggest the environment there was what you’d find in a locker room. But after the service I didn’t hang around with guys that much. I wasn’t the golfing type or one going out with the boys. Thinking of that, maybe it is the sad old men who spend their idle time in the locker room who talk like that.

If you heard how Trump talked about women you’d know what he means by locker room talk. If you missed that or were unclear about what it means Trump went out of his way to bring you up to date.

Did you see the show Trump and the rapper called Kanye West put on in the Oval Office? Trump sat on one side of the desk grinning while the rapper talked as if he were hanging out in a grimy locker room using the most foul language of the streets. He used swear words I have heard before but only out of the mouths of the most vile people, words that made me shudder when I first heard them, words that the children of America should be spared from hearing, words that never should have been used in the Oval Office. While he was doing it Trump seemed to enjoy it, nodding his head and smiling.

What has become of the dignity of our nation, I thought? What made it worse is no one seemed to think this was out of course. It was shown on all the television stations and written about in the newspapers as if this was a normal occurrence. It would be in a locker room, I assume, but in the Oval Office it was far from normal. That is, unless I am fooling myself and that is what the Oval Office has become which is a locker room. I’m wondering how long it will be before we see Trump sitting there wearing only a white towel. Probably haven’t seen that yet because they can’t find one big enough one.

Of course one thing we do know for certain, Trump has no problem denigrating women even those who he paid to have sexual relations with. The man has absolutely no shame. His lawyer paid Stormy over a hundred grand so she would not talk about the time she spent with Trump. There’s no doubt that happened. Trump in a tweet discussing the woman calls her “horseface.” That’s just the latest of several other insults he has made against women because of their looks.

This is the man who sits in the highest office in the land. I know his followers will come up with a million reasons why the dignity of the Oval Office does not matter. Some will even try to blame Obama for Trump’s  behavior. Perhaps some will blame Hillary. Others won’t care like those who suggest the torture, disembodying and murder of a man living in America by the Saudi government is not a big deal.

With Trump the Oval Office lost its image as a place of respect. It  is now looked upon as a locker room. Worse though, America has lost its heart.


  1. wa-llahi! Trump’s an asshole, even his supporters admit that. They celebrate his coarse nature, and, emulate it.

  2. This May be Matt’s greatest post ever!! He’s trolling us now, right?
    Pretending to be upset about bad language and the “dignity” of the Oval Office? Dear god, he was only inches away from the very sacred spot where our molester-in-chief received oral favors from a young intern! Oh, the humanity!!

    Great job, Matt…you almost got us!

  3. John King McDonald



  4. And Jefferson! What about Jefferson???? AND HARDING!!!!!! THE WORST OF ALL!!!!!!

    That aside, what the FUCK is Kanye West doing in my Oval Office anyway?

    • Good point Abe..that’s reserved for informants and felons like Reverend Al Sharpton! Let’s not let the high standards set by President Barry O be undercut!


    Former Arkansas television reporter Leslie Millwee has come forward to Breitbart News and accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her three times in 1980.

    Millwee, who went by the name Leslie Derrick back then, says Clinton, then the governor of Arkansas, slipped into her television station’s small editing room and groped her from behind while she was seated, ‘hunching’ her chair to the point of orgasm.

    ‘I could feel what he was doing from behind me. I do not know if he had taken, you know, private parts out. Or if he was doing it. I assumed he was doing it through material but I could be wrong,’ she said.

    He also gave her an autograph, she said, claiming that one day he would be president.

    He also wrote Clinton directly above her name on her reporter’s notebook. A picture of the signed notebook was included in the Breitbart piece.

    ‘And I said, “What are you doing? Giving me an autograph now?” And he said, “No, I just wanted to show you how good Clinton looks on top of Leslie.”‘

    Millwee also thought about making her story public in 1998, when the Monica Lewinsky affair was uncovered.

    ‘I was very prepared to go forward then and talk about it. And I watched the way the Clintons and Hillary slandered those women. Harassed them. Did unthinkable things to them. And I just did not want to be part of that,’ she explained, worrying about the damage it could bring to her career and small kids.

    • John King McDonald

      What’s that CB Good Buddy ???…. Ya say Clinton accuser Big Rape Daddy Arkansas ?!? ……

      Whooooeeeee !!!!!

      Copy That !!!!!!!!!!

  6. John King McDonald

    Not for nothing, but this locker room metaphor for America has a bad case of athletes foot.

    • You’ve missed it by three feet, Sir John. It is jock itch.

      • John King McDonald

        Abe :

        Put that measuring tape away. Contain your excitement. I cannot be responsible for the tinkle you and Chris Matthews have running down your thighs every time the King walks by …. Sir !!!

        GET A METAPHOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • A Metaphor? They say a huge one is going to collide with Earth and Kyrgyzstan will be covered with vowels.

          • John King McDonald

            Takes a big man to wear a kilt in the St.Pat’s Day Parade, Abe. Glad to see you have a healthy measure of humor. Like Parcells I advocate breaking a person down to earth to see whether or not they can actually fly .

  7. John King McDonald

    Oh, give a lecture on the immemorial Rapist In Chief, Bill Clinton. This partisan piety is a serious yawn fest !!!

  8. Matt: Have you forgotten Clinton and Monica in the Oval Office? And more likely than not, John Kennedy?