The Metamorphosis of The Former Confederate States and Its Implication

One thing I found ironic is the suggestion that the Republicans continue to be the party of Lincoln, representing the general ideas about equal rights for our Black citizens; and that the Democrats represent the party of Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, and others that worked to suppress Black rights. I know that is how it was back in the antebellum days and perhaps may have been correct if one goes back to as recently as 1960; but since then things are totally different. The parties have changed roles.

1860 brought us the Civil War which was a war about the rights to hold Black folk as slaves. Leading up to it various compromise were worked in Congress trying to keep the balance between the slave and free states in an attempt to keep the nation together.  As opposition to slavery grew, the election of Lincoln, showed the power of the slave states in the national government would be lessened and slavery imperiled.  Eleven states voted to leave the Union to form their own country: the Confederate States of America. They were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennesssee.

To demonstrate how the Republican and Democratic parties have change through the years I went back to look at how these former Confederate states voted in the presidential elections over the years. Here is what I came up with starting at the point in time when Reconstruction ended. As you know under Reconstruction the federal government ensured that Blacks could vote without interference. When it ended the state governments made that determination without federal intervention:

The following chart shows the votes for the Democratic candidate for president in the Confederate states:

1880   –   11                                                      1948   –   6 ½ (Truman) 4 ½ (Thurmond)

1884   –   11                                                      1952   –   7 (Adlai Stevenson)

1888   –   11                                                      1956   –   6 (Stevenson)

1892   –   11                                                      1960   –   6 (Kennedy)  2 (Byrd)

1896   –   11                                                      1964   –   6 (LBJ)

1900   –   11                                                      1968   –   1 (Humphry) 6 (Wallace)

1904   –   11                                                      1972   –   0

1908   –  11                                                      1976   –  10 (Jimmy Carter)

1912   –   11                                                      1980   –    1 (Carter)

1916   –   11                                                      1984   –    0

1920   –   10                                                      1988   –    0

1924   –   11                                                      1992   –    5 (Clinton)

1928   –   06 (Al Smith – Catholic)             1996   –    5 (Clinton)

1932   –   06 (FDR)                                        2000   –    0

1936   –   06 (FDR)                                       2004   –    0

1940   –   06 (FDR)                                       2008   –    3 (Obama

1944   –   06 (FDR                                        2012   –    2 (Obama)

‘———–                                                        2016   –    1 (Clinton)                                                                                                                              2020   –    2 (Biden

The chart shows the vote divided into three periods: the first twelve elections, the middle eleven elections in bold, and the last twelve modern times presidential elections. I have taken out the 1928 election because it involved an anomaly, the Democratic Party put forth a candidate who at that time many in the South believed presented a danger to America, Al Smith, a Catholic. That year six states voted for Al Smith despite his religion. The other five voted for Republican Herbert Hoover. The reason the six states overlooked Smith’s religion was the rumor that at a Republican Party affair Hoover danced with a Black woman. Racism overcame their anti-Catholicism.

The charts shows that after Reconstruction, when the Black vote was suppressed, in the twelve presidential elections from 1880 and 1924 these former Confederate states voted solidly for the Democratic candidate except in one instance in 1920 when Tennessee voted for Harding who was from the neighboring Ohio.

The middle years, 1932 to 1972, consisting of 11 presidential elections, it was clear that change was slowly in the air. Of the 121 votes cast by these former Confederate states,  59 ½ about half went to the Democratic candidate, 10 ½ went to candidates put up by the Southern states, and the Republicans gained the rest, 51votes. The mood had changed to ambivalence. The votes of these states went from almost totally Democratic down to about half. The growing disappointment with Democratic candidates was also shown by these states putting forth their own Southern candidate for the presidency.

The latter or modern period, 1976 to 2020, consists of 12 presidential elections. It shows an almost complete shift from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party when a candidate from the South is not nominated by the Democrats. Of the 132 votes cast the Democrats received 29 votes. Eliminate the Southern Candidates Carter (Georgia) and Clinton (Arkansas) the Democrats received 8 votes.

The first period Democrats received 131 of the 132 votes cast; the modern period, excluding Southern candidates, the Democrats received 8 of the 132 votes cast. It is fair to say that 200 years after the founding of the country in 1976, for the last 35 years, the Confederate Democrats have morphed into Republicans. The change came from their abhorrence to the Civil Rights legislation giving equal rights to the Blacks. It started with Nixon’s Southern Strategy in 1968 and pushed on since then to where  we see the former  Confederate states of the South have totally abandoned the Democratic Party.

The implications of this is clear. If you want to be elected to the presidency as a Republican you need the votes from the former Confederate states. To get them you must tacitly accept the Jim Crow idea that Black citizens are not to have equal rights with white citizens. It is astonishing such a belief could still exists. That it does is shown by the growing movements of the White gangster groups.

As Americans, we must not tolerate these for we saw the consequences on January 6, 2021. We might learn from Germany. After WWII it wrote a law stating the whoever: “disseminates or produces, stocks, imports or exports or makes publicly accessible through data storage media for dissemination domestically or abroad, means of propaganda . .  . the contents of which are intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organization, shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine.” We should consider one relative to the former Confederate states and its symbols.




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  3. Matt:

    Engage your intellect concerning Q-Anon. Dig deep. Don’t be fooled by surface manifestations.

    • Khalid:

      What is that supposed to mean? Are you suggesting QAnon is a legitimate group and that the world is really flat?

      • wa-llahi! For Q-Anon folks the world is flat. Millenarian cults arise to answer the desperations of unsettled times. People suspend disbelief . Fantasy, rather, than, rationality, takes primacy in the mind. William James observed that when enough minds concur in believing something, even if it’s a mirage, it takes on some element of factuality. Millenarian cults believe that after a cataclysmic struggle, Q-Anon folks call it the storm, a thousand year interregnum of divinely guided rule will follow with Q-adherents on top of the social pyramid. Ridiculous? Sure, but, so is the notion that Jesus arose from the dead.

        • wa-llahi! The Proud Boy leader, Enrique Tario, is a Federal rat. It figures. He was ripping off, and, squealing on the membership. Now, I see why the Feds took him out of the mix on Jan. 6.

  4. Q-Anon is a millenarian cult. Somehow, evangelical eschatological hopes (chiliasm), and, neo-Confederate racist political notions (neo-apartheid) have been folded into it. Very dangerous. If one were to compare the tenets, and, cosmology, of Shia Islam to the Q-Anon cult, an amazing amount of structural similarities are evident.

    Q-Anon suicide truck bombers? It could happen here.

    • Khalid:

      I sort of agree with you. Didn’t we already see an indication of truck bombers with Timothy McVeigh. There may not be “suicide” bombers, I don’t think the QAnon folk are that dedicated to the cause but there may be attacks on government buildings and officials using that type of tactic. After all, the leader is waiting in exile in Mar A Lago to come back as the Savior who was wrongly deprived of his kingdom. Trying to get into their minds – especially since the Republican Party had become the Trumplican Party (or Insurrectionist Party) – the greatest enemy is President Biden. He is too well protected to get at but he can be stopped by another means by giving the Trumplican Party a majority in the Senate that is now 50/50. I hope the Democratic senators are being wise and protecting themselves. If one falls down, so does all the chances for Biden.

  5. Matt:

    Chicago attorney Flint Taylor sent me this story today.

    New Documents Suggest J. Edgar Hoover Was Involved in Fred Hampton’s Murder

  6. Matt

    Ed Tatro sent me this link today of author Phil Nelson’s
    new book on the JFK assassination.

    FBI Constable John Morris says
    “ you elelect em ,we assassinate em”

  7. Matt
    Watch the interview with G Gordon Liddy
    and Vice President Mondale talking about
    the FBI blackmailing members of Congress.

  8. Matt

    Can you identify the FBI informants who created
    Jan 6,2021 Terrorist events ?

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  10. Matt

    As FBI constable John Connolly was once heard saying while sipping a
    Pickwick Ale at Doyle’s in Jamaica Plain

    “ you elect em, we blackmail em”

    Fired FBI Chief Dropped FBI Myth That Founder was Honest Law and Order Man

  11. “We might learn from Germany.” Better yet, learn from our own history, especially the role of a repressive British government before the American Revolution and how that formed our Constitution that placed limits on our government. Some have advocated for a more powerful and repressive government since.

  12. Matt

    A year from the day MLK announced his candidacy for
    President of the United States he was wacked by FBI agents.

    Was the FBI behind Martin Luther King Assassination

    Organized White Supremacist Groups in Law Enforcement Agencies and the Military A Background Research Report by Michael Novick for People Against Racist Terror (PART) Third printing; Updated 1994       The bright light that was shined on police brutality in Los …
    Blue by Day White by Night
    Read more »

    At Least 28 Cops Were Attendees at Pro-Trump Rally Preceding Attack on Capitol

    “Empowering Law Enforcement Is Not the Solution” Says Former FBI Agent

  13. It is fact as to where Trump would choose to hold a rally. Where did the KKK hold a rally? When you see the fervor of some of these people it is more easy to understand how Germans followed Adolph Hitler. That is the leader that Donald Trump reminds me most of. The legal and moral constraints of the United States are the only things that held Trump back.