The Most Well Informed Man in the World:

I lucked out. I had a chance to talk to the most well informed man in the world. He had his diet coke; I was sipping something  hardly much stronger.

Looking at my glass I commented “it’s fairly weak”. He said, “yes, I know that” as you’d expect the most informed man in the world to reply.

He went on, “I believe every week around this time they honor a different  ferry that played a major role in our history. That’s why they call it Ferry Week. It’s unofficial you know. I probably should issue a declaration about it. This year I believe it is the Harper’s  Ferry that is being honored, the one George Washington used to cross the Potomac.”

I had no idea what to think being in the company of the most informed man. I sought clarification. I replied, “I associate Harper’s  Ferry with John Brown.”

He said: “Jim!”

I looked around to see if someone was approaching. Seeing no one I looked back at him.

He smiled and repeated, “Jim!”

I hated to correct him being who he was but I really was cornered so I indicated to myself and said: “Matt!”

“No,” he replied, “It isn’t Matt – it’s Jim.”  I said nothing. Did he know something about me that I didn’t know about myself. Was my name Jim and not Matt? How could that be, I wondered?

“Jim Brown,” he said. “Not Matt Brown.”  I was both relieved and discombobulated. Happy my name was Matt; and confused why were were talking about Jim Brown. He went on, “Jim Brown couldn’t have been on that ferry if George Washington was.” I shook my head in the affirmative. Who could disagree with that?

He sat there content in his knowledge. He then said: “I bet you are surprised. Not too many people remember those things. He would’ve been a great football player.” 

I nodded and said, “I always thought he was one of the best to play the game.” 

He looked confused which wasn’t something I expected from him. He said, “What are you talking about.?”  A little more hesitant and toning it down a bit (sorry Jim) because he seemed angry I said, “He was pretty good at the game.”

He slammed the diet coke on the table. I had no idea why he was so upset. He said, “He never played any games in his life. Like me, he didn’t have time. He had a full time job. You think we can be playing games? What kind of bull are you throwing at me?” 

At that moment I wanted to be anywhere other than where I was. Confused I said: “I wasn’t referring to Washington but to John Brown.” As the words flew out of my mouth I knew I misspoke, I meant to say Jim rather than John Brown. It was too late. Unlike on Twitter I couldn’t delete what I said.

“It’s Jim,” he yelled, “It’s Jim Brown. Why do you keep saying John Brown?”

I should have kept my mouth shut but I tried to restore some dignity to my fallen self so I said, “Because it was John Brown who was at Harper’s Ferry.”

I don’t care if he was – I’m sure lots of people were at Harper’s Ferry with Washington – his whole Army went on that Ferry into Virginia to stand up against that magnificent soldier Robert E. Lee. Everyone knows that and no one cares that John Brown was there.”

He got up and walked back toward his house leaving me alone. He paused, turned, and shouted back at me, “For your interest, I’m a better president than George Washington ever was. I’m the Lonely Warrior.”






  1. Matt

    JFK says “happy Fourth of July”

    Ed Tatro scripted and appears in this doc banned
    by the history channel.

    Ed is from Quincy Mass and recently retired as a
    English high school teacher.

    He is the second person to appear on camera.

    Matt still cannot accept the police wacked JFK.

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 9 The Guilty Men

  2. Sorry the page loaded by itself as I was typing…..hmmmmm?

    I picked up some canolis and lobster tails at Mike’s Pastry shop
    for our trip back to Maine.
    Ron and I discussed our mutual interest in the Seth material
    by author Jane Roberts.

    Here is a look at Professor Bryan’s study in detecting
    Consciousness in atoms.

    Conscious Control of an Electron

    Ronald Bryan*

    Also see

    Looking into Higher Dimensions: Research with Joseph McMoneagle
    Ronald Bryan*
    Department of Physics, Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 77843-4242 September 7, 2007
    A world-class remote viewer, Joseph McMoneagle, offered to work with me in my particle-physics research program. I readily consented, as I thought that he might be able to see neutrinos, resolve particles’ features at nuclear distances, and see into higher dimensions. To “calibrate” McMoneagle, I asked him three things (in sealed envelopes which he did not open): to look inside an electron, examine a radioactive source, and describe a quantum-mechanical wavefunction. He gave credible or useful information on all three targets.
    We were now ready to look at a real mystery, how a cosmic ray could have arrived over Dugway Flats, Utah in 1991 with an energy E = ( 3.2 ± 0.9) 10 20 eV as
    measured by the Fly’s Eye Detector from the size of the atmospheric shower that the cosmic ray produced. With an energy this high, the cosmic ray should have scattered off the 3K photons left over from the Big Bang until its energy
    dropped below about 0.51020eV, the GZK bound. Instead the ray arrived with six times this energy, indicating that it had traveled less than a few hundred million light years in the CMBR soup. Yet looking along the direction from whence it came revealed no possible sources within that distance.
    Using his “inner” senses, McMoneagle zeroed in on the shower and saw that it had the pointed shape of a shock wave corresponding to a velocity several times that of light. With a speed this high, the ray had to have come from outside our four local dimensions of space-time, suggesting that it entered our local space right over Utah and never ran the gauntlet of Big Bang photons.
    key words — particle physics, remote viewing, higher dimensional space-time, inner senses

  3. OK OK you got me Abe , I thought Wilhelm of Cognitive Dissonance
    would be the first to expose my charade.

    Oh well back to the test tubes, eh ?

    SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site revisited
    14 MAY 2020
    The spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 contains a cleavage site for host cell proteases called furins. Deciphering the role of this cleavage site during infection is important for understanding the origin of the pandemic virus and its disease pattern in humans.

    Back in February it was not known if the furin site in the SARS-CoV-2 was cleaved by cell proteases, and whether its presence is required for infectivity. Both questions have now been answered.

    For the uneducated and the uneducable

    A couple of years ago I called physics professor Ron Bryan
    at Texas AM College when I discovered he would be
    visiting Maine to attend a conference in Rangeley Lake.

    He agreed to let me pick him up at the airport in Boston
    and drive him to the conference while staying at my
    house overnight the night before the conference.

    Professor Bryan was hungry after disembarking off
    the plane at Logan airport so I decided to make a slight
    detour to Mike’s Past

  4. Matt

    How are your grandchildren doing?

    APRIL 20, 2020
    The Truth About Fauci—Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits

  5. Excuseeeee me….Boys and Girls…….ahem…..

    The most logical explanation is that it comes from a laboratory
    The well-known Norwegian virologist Birger Sørensen and his colleagues have examined the corona virus. They believe it has certain properties which would not evolve naturally. These conclusions are politically controversial, but in this interview he shares the findings behind the headlines.

    Aksel Fridstrøm

    Nils August Andresen
    PUBLISERT Torsdag 02. juli 2020 – 19:10 SIST OPPDATERT Torsdag 02. juli 2020 – 22:24

  6. Dick Gregory chats about race relations, conspiracys, Bill Cosby, running for president and much more with The Breakfast Club

  7. Bonespurs would have beat out Jim Brown if it weren’t for those pesky feet. Just ask him.James Brown or Jim Brown–I do not have to choose. Both had the moves.

  8. william m. connolly

    With the recent politically correct purges and whitewashes going on, the dilutions and erasures of our history, culture, and very language by the ERASISTS, I have to add the following strong suggestions, in fact, I insist, demand these changes be made.

    The color maroon sounds too close to moron and must be changed.

    NOT JUST THE REDSKINS, but the Cleveland Indians must be changed, and the following professional sports names, Warriors, Vikings white raiders who enslaved many, Raiders, white slavers, Pirates, white slavers white hijackers, Steelers white minimum wage laborers, Cowboys, white animal abusers, . . . .and the names of all teams with animal names, ANIMAL CRUELTY, ANIMAL APPROPRIATION . . . NOTRE DAME, sexist, Catholic White Supremacy, the Celtics, white slavers who also were enslaved by so what they engaged in slavery, the Celtics, the Fighting Irish, cultural appropriation,

    you get the drift, it just so happens that all these Professional and College Sports names offend US, US, MANY OF US, especially names like the Minutemen, sexist, colonialistic, and Crimson Tide, color appropriation evocative of Red Tide, an algal infestation, Gators, Animal Cruelty, Hurricanes cis-trans weather objectification and sexist as historically hurricanes bore girl names

    Moreover, Titans and Nike are not only Greco Roman Cultural Appropriation but the Greco Roman world had slaves and therefore everyone from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euripides, Aristophanes and all those Latin guys who ruled and wrote stuff, they too must be purged

    And finally Nancy Pelosi must be purged because her forebears were from the Greco Roman World, especially Italy, where Columbus was from, and we all know Pelosi is related to Mussolini and some minor Caesars who enslaved and butchered people and discriminated against minorities


    and especially purge one sided academics like msfreeh who perpetuated anglo centric or franco centric conspiracy theories

    • Bully, Bully!!!!! Clean the slate!!!!

      I worked for a man in Milton, an old Yankee Fart named Hadlock. Yes, the family that owned part or most of Mount Desert Island. He was proud of the fact that he never worked a single day in his life and would never set foot on a boat that had a motor, not even one that stowed one in the cabin for the tender. “Blow boats! Anything else is not worth shit” he would say. He started drinking G & T’s at 1 o’clock every day. Six was his limit and six was his minimum. He was a jolly chap and didn’t have the hate for ‘others’ like the rest of Milton Hill. Every time we worked for him he stopped us cold at 5 and insisted we come in and have a drink. I smoked back then. He would say, “Take out your God damned cigarettes and light one up!” He had trays of unfiltered Pall Malls all over the house and you were never more than an arm length from an ash tray. He once said to me, “I’m pretty worthless but I will never forget that the only reason I can live like I do is because I am an American. I could have gone into banking and worked my ass off and probably had a lot less fun than I did, but I will never forget that I owe it all to my ancestors and the great country that they fought so hard to create and leave to us. I pray that a generation doesn’t come along and fuck it all up.”

  9. A couple of years ago, 2013 to be exact, I eyeballed my way up
    to the homestead of John Brown in Lake
    Placid New York in the town of North Elba.

    I cannot recall ever seeing such breath taking
    views as the ones I saw from
    the front porch of Brown’s 18th century farmhouse.

    The purpose of my visit was to interview comedian/activist
    Dick Gregory for my doc on Maine artist Robert Shetterly
    and his portrait series Americans Who Tell the Truth

    I consider Dick Gregory as having more insider
    information about the Deep State than anyone
    I have ever met.

    Here is the talk he gave that day at the John Brown

  10. Ahem…….Can I have your attention ….

    The Elephant in the room is what boys and girls ….?


    Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

    Prashant Pradhan, Ashutosh Kumar Pandey, Akhilesh Mishra, Parul Gupta, Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Manoj Balakrishnan Menon, James Gomes, Perumal Vivekanandan, Bishwajit Kundu

    This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review [what does this mean?].
    AbstractFull TextInfo/HistoryMetrics Preview PDF

    We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus.


  11. William M. Connolly

    Matt and Abe: Finally we agree. Jim Brown, all American at Syracuse at both lacrosse and football; lacrosse was a Native American game, helmeted, hard hitting, tackle football, with the what ovate football, not a round ball, 100 percent American game. JIm Brown, All American; John Brown, All American, George Washington, All American, Donald Trump, All American

    Abe, Matt and Bill, and even Louis Freeh’s Frankensteinian-like Spawn: MSFREEH = All Americans.

    Now as we all with liberal educations (whether formally in classroom, or in real life and with our obvious love of reading, history, politics, rhetoric, art, science . ..the whole ball of waz, liberally educated in the liberal arts, self taught or schooled to varying degrees. we all, and even Hutch and NC and JPC and GOK and Dave and Paul and Merrick, the ex jurists we give them their due too for honorable service, we all the commentators have one thing in common which unites us

    We are All Americans endowed with our Creator with life, liberty and the urge to pursue happiness, and granted by our Founding Fathers via a Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution (to be read together) the right to print whatever we want, say whatever we want (except falsely screaming fire in a crowded theater, but what about a near empty theater screaming Fire Those Commie Bun Party Dolls) and the bottom line is both OUR CREATOR, God the Father, and our Founding Fathers gave us the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM OF PEACABLY ASSEMBLING, FREEDOM TO PETITION, HECKLE AND CONDEMN OUR ELECTED LEADERS, AND FREEDOM TO HANG AROUND WITH AND ACTUALLY LIVE WITH WHOMEVER WE WANT . . .

    GOD THE FATHER MADE US HUMAN BEINGS, IMPERFECT, NOT ANGELS, AND NOT EVEN SAINTS . . .you have to work awfully hard to become a saint, and most saints, even, had their shortcomings and weaknesses, but most saints did Heroic stuff, too, like most All American Athletes performed heroically and certainly John Brown and George Washington performed heroically, and certainly MattofBoston performs heroically in putting his thoughts in writing. And we thank, and by we I mean me, and we thank Matt and all who bravely or even timidly or hesitatingly put pen to paper like the pamphleteers of 1776

  12. Google Jim Brown Lacrosse and hit images. There will be a picture of him in his lacrosse gear when he played at Syracuse. He looks scary. He once said he would much rather play lacrosse than gridiron football but obviously there was no money in it. He would often play a full game of lacrosse in the morning and a full football game in the afternoon while at Syracuse. Certainly one of this country’s greatest athletes and along with Bill Russell one of our nation’s strongest advocates of racial equality. I love me some Jim Brown.