The New Jesus. The Perfect Man

It is Sunday. A day for Christians to reflect upon the day God took a rest during the creation of the universe, especially the World. Jews do this on Saturdays, Muslims on Fridays, I believe although not quite sure it is in the same way. On this day Orthodox Jews shut down their businesses. So do strict Christians.

Some Christians attend church every Sunday or at least on a somewhat regular basis. Catholics used to attend each Sunday but somehow slipped in Saturday. I often wondered if that was done to make way for the other religion that grabs most people’s minds which is the worship of sports.

Writing of sports and religion how can one not admire Sandy Koufax who refused to pitch on his religious holy day. It was, of all times  during  a critical World Series game. Has any other big star ever done such?

No I’m not suggesting Koufax was the perfect man although he may have thrown a perfect game. I don’t  know enough about him to suggest that but I assume he was just another guy with the usual faults and blemishes in his life along with his tremendous talent.

Looking at myself, others I know from personal interactions or readings, it seems to me abundantly clear humanity does not produce a perfect man. Which brings me back to Sunday and Christianity.

Who is it that we commemorate on this say? It is Jesus who was the only perfect man. He was perfect precisely because he was a different  type of man. He was in part divine and as such could reach perfection as the son of God.

Those Christian’s who believe in the Trinity – three parts of God: God the father; Jesus, God the son; and the Holy Ghost (I know I’m supposed to use the modern term “Spirit” but refuse to descend to the lowest level of intellect) believe that Jesus was also God. Certainly if anyone who has inhabited a man or women’s body is perfect it is Jesus.

There are others who exist who think they are perfect. They are the poor unfortunate folk whose reasoning has gone asunder who are confined in the institutions for the insane. I visited a friend at the Walter Reed Hospital in DC who had some mental problems (fortunately he got over them quickly) and saw some of those sad cases of perfectly looking people  whose minds had betrayed them who thought they were Jesus, the perfect man. It happened to most because of significant trauma that they suffered which corrupted their ability to rationally think and understand.

So imagine my surprise the other day when I happened to see a person who thought he was Jesus out free on the street. Well he was actually in a television studio being interviewed on front of an audience.

He was discussing himself with the host and he said he was talking to a person the other day. That person told him he was the perfect man. He turned to the audience and nodded to indicate that what the person said was true. The host and the audience all clapped enthusiastically.

Was this the Second Coming? Do we have among us the perfect man? At least two men think it is so, the man who told it and the man who believes it and is spreading the Good News.

Here it is:

“THE PRESIDENT:  I think I am the probably — a friend of mine said, “You have to be the most perfect person.”  Isn’t that true?  (Applause.)  Think of it.”

Why isn’t he with the other folk who think like that?



    I rest my case……

    Boston Radio Legend Arnie ‘Woo Woo’ Ginsburg Passes On
    June 26, 2020 at 7:30 PM (PT)

    • MS:

      Talk about memories – Arnie Ginsburg – the voice of my youth – the end of an era never to be repeated – the days of Innocence.

  2. Just thought how great Matt doing a podcast/YouTube channel
    on John Connolly would be.
    All the evidence he could introduce interviewing
    He also has the option of using Zoom.

    San Quentin’s Breakthrough Prison Newsroom
    A huge podcast hit and a revived newspaper mean that policymakers really have to listen.

    In recent years, media by incarcerated journalists, and in particular by those at San Quentin, has been undergoing a kind a renaissance, growing inside and beyond prison walls—and in the process, it has begun to occupy a more important role in conversations about prison reform. Media made inside prisons has a bigger audience than ever before; Ear Hustle, a podcast by and about prisoners that launched in 2017, has had over 41 million downloads to date and was named a finalist for the first-ever Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting. Journalists in prisons and their allies in the community are increasingly taking the skills they’ve honed in prison newsrooms and published investigations, commentary and political stories in mainstream publications—an effort some outside advocates hope to spread to more prisons around the country.

  3. MTC does the twist…

  4. William M. Connolly

    Also, Remember Mohammed Ali (nee Cassius Clay from Louisville Kentucky) always called himself THE GREATEST.

    He was recognized as one of the greatest heavyweight champions in Boxing History, although he too, like all of us, lost a few.

    President Trump as a businessman lost a few, too: declaring bankruptcy on a number of ventures.

  5. Wasn’t that response by POTUS in relation to the office he holds? One has to be practically perfect to be effective. To rebuild the military after Bush and Obama hollowed it out. Ike warned about creeping socialism and depleting our military strength fighting small wars which those two did. To bring the unemployment rate to 3.5%. To produce energy independence. To destroy ISIS and to invigorate the Judiciary? 2. Is America racist? Total nonsense. Would a racist country send hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to Africa over the last couple of decades?Would a racist country supply billions of dollars in medicine ( anti malarial and aids drugs) to Africa? So much for the bogus racist claim.

  6. Back in the early 60’s one of my first literary
    heroes was Cyril Connolly .
    His book The Unquiet Grave left a lasting impression
    in part because he discusses Jesus may have been
    the illegitimate son of the Roman Legionaire Pantheras.

    OK segue time…..

    2020 is here and so is the Deep State power
    behind the Donald Trump throne
    Are you prepared for the next Deep State
    False Flag ?

    Trump is what magicians call a misdirection.

    Keep your eyes on the skies

  7. William M. Connolly

    That is a delusional, egotistical, paranoid statement, beyond mere bragging. However, if it were said sarcastically, and in fun, as when a friend of mine said he played basketball at Harvard, misleading his listeners into thinking he actually was a graduate of Harvard College and on the Harvard College Division II basketball team. Of unless it was said tongue in cheek, in obvious hyperbole, when someone said Doug Flutie’s pass was “The Miracle in Miami” or when the cover of Sports Illustrated labelled Flutie; The Magic Flutie.

    We all knew the Sports Writers were exaggerating, and we all knew my friend did not attend Harvard or play for its sports team, but did when visiting there play in a four on four pickup game inside a gym there, one time.

    So, too, we all know the President was speaking tongue in cheek, although we knew too that he is egotistical and self-centered, minor character flaws.

    2. After my sophomore year in medical school, when all other students went home for Summer Break (June, July, August) I took a ten-week fellowship in Community Psychiatry at the D.C. General Hospital; a few other classmates of mine did, too. We came to admire especially the courage of the patients on the wards and the dedication of the doctors and nurses treating both chronic mental health diC.seases and transient cases of mental illness. I esteemed the Public Health nurses who walked into the projects to administer to patients, some D.C. projects then 1969-early 70s, being increasingly plagued by drugs, guns, crime. I accompanied a nurse, once. The nurses routinely went on their own, week in, week out. A few years later one was actually killed.
    I also visited the projects to play the piano with a friend and his son, on clarinet, and I laughed to myself when I got out of my car about seven p.m. when two or three little kids about eight years old started calling me Honky.

    So I rotated through the psychiatric wards at the D.C. General, the pediatric wards at Walter Reed, the psychiatric wards at the D.C. Veterans’ Administration hospital, the psychiatric wards at Georgetown Hospital, and psychiatric ward at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Washington, D.C.

    I also worked doing physical exams part time at Northern Virginia’s hospital and worked as a nightwatchmen at a Veterans Home in D.C. (good to study all night, as I sat at a desk) and also worked as a laboratory technician at the Old Soldiers Home in Chelsea where under the tutelage of lab director Arthur DeTore I got a good grasp on Laboratory Medicine for six months, and also attended rounds by Harvard Med residents, and heard my future dermatoligist speak . . .he became a friend.

    I have had a lot of experiences and walked on the wild side, too, and have had fun . . .but believe me, I have met wiser, more intelligent, more dedicated, more hard working and wilder men and women than I. I consider myself, proudly and humbly, just another Savin Hill Billy.

    • “So, too, we all know the President was speaking tongue in cheek, although we knew too that he is egotistical and self-centered, minor character flaws.”

      Nothing wrong with speaking dung in cheek every once in a while.

      I also played at Harvard. I played baseball with a bunch of guys from Dorchester on Sunday mornings on the varsity field. I also played hockey many times from 2-4 in the morning in the Bright rink. Best ice I have ever skated on. The difference is I never played for Harvard.

      I use to have a great MIT windbreaker that I picked up on a trolley from Ashmont to Mattapan. No ID so I never could return it to anyone. A guy in Plymouth asked me if I went to MIT. I said yes, which was also not a lie….. He said, “What did you take there?” and I replied, “This jacket.” Some people have no sense of humor.