The Peace that Came to Eastern Asia in Trump’s Deal with Kim

Praise the Lord and put away the ammunition. Some have told us that Trump has brought peace to Eastern Asia. Isn’t that wonderful. I suppose we are all suppose to be thankful for this.

The only problem I have is that when Trump was elected what was going on in Eastern Asia is exactly what is going on today. How do you bring peace to an area where there is peace? Am I missing something? Was there a war in Eastern Asia that Trump brought to a conclusion?

if my recollection is correct over the year and a half that Trump has been in the position he is now in is that there was fear that a war might occur and the peace may be shattered.

That fear was caused by some of the things that Trump was doing. Wasn’t it Trump who nine months ago threatened North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Wasn’t it Trump that tweeted on the last day of November: “The Chinese Envoy, who just returned from North Korea, seems to have had no impact on Little Rocket Man.”

To all the world it looked like Trump had gone off the deep end threatening North Korea. There was worry that a war might occur in which the South Koreans might have suffered casualties up into the millions. Fortunately, the Winter Olympics in South Korea gave an opening for negotiations with the North. The South Koreans knew they would be the ones who suffered greatly in any war between the U.S. and North Korea so they grasped at any chance to prevent that. The new intercourse between the two Koreas brought about by Trump’s threats led to the summit in Singapore between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

That summit really changed little. Trump told us what a jolly good fellow Kim is. All those bad things we had heard about him were apparently fake news. Kim was smart, had a great sense of humor, a “great personality, and very smart. … I learned he’s a very talented man. I also learned that he loves his country very much.

Trump told us his people love him. He said “His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor.” I had to say to myself “Don’t believe your lying eyes” because the little I have seen of his people they have great fear of him and cringe in his presence as each one tries to outdo the other in clapping.

On returning home from the summit Trump tweeted: “Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.”

Actually when he took office we were much safer than now. While he has been in office Kim had perfected his nukes and delivery systems. Kim has a much greater capability now than then. What changed? One thing is Trump has put Kim on a pedestal. What hasn’t changed? Kim has the same capability now as he did before the summit and he is the same guy as he was before. We are safer now, according to how Trump thinks, because he had some talks with Kim. They got along.

Did Kim con him? We know Kim met twice with China’s Xi before the summit; we know that Putin’s Lazrov was sicced on him in Pyongyang. They briefed him on how to handle Trump. Obviously he did a great job because Trump swallowed what he was saying hook, line, sinker and rod. Did Kim do anything of substance?

We know Trump has stopped the joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States as a showing of good faith. That had been previously asked of the U.S. by China. Putin recently demanded it. But what has Kim done that makes some think Trump brought peace to Eastern Asia?

One report this week indicates: “Satellite photos, obtained by North Korea watchdog 38North, indicate Kim is making improvements to Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Centre at “rapid pace”. Jenny Town, managing editor at 38North, said: “Infrastructure improvements continue at Yongbyon. “Underscores reason why an actual deal is necessary, not just a statement of lofty goals.” Upgrades to the site are thought to include new buildings, a water pump house and a potential radiochemical laboratory.”

The there was this the other day. Kim had Lieutenant General Hyon Ju-song pumped full of 90 rounds fired by nine military death-row convicts . . . .” His crime was giving his troops extra food and fuel.

Remember Chamberlain thought that Hitler was a gentleman and that he had achieved peace in our time.



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  2. ugh!

    North Korea has reportedly increased nuclear production since summit, contradicting President Trump’s claims

    JUN 29, 2018 | 7:45 PM

  3. Fortune Cookie journalism is devoid of
    all nutrition, eh?

  4. John King McDonald

    Mike Pompeo is not amused !

  5. The neocon trope that everyday is 1938 in Munich and that the West faces yet another Hitler who is deceiving our leaders the way naive Chamberlain was is anti historical. Not sure of the count of these villains or that of our benighted leaders. Think is in the neighborhood of 114. Every day a new Hitler. Every day a new Chamberlain.

    Two problems with the rhetorical device. It is twice false.

    First, Neville Chamberlain was not taken in. He immediately started a build up program for the British army and air power. He clearly saw the possibility of war on the near horizon. and acted appropriately.

    Second, he did not cave before Hitler. The French did. Deladier had no real cards to play and refused to back the tough stance the hard-nosed Chamberlain tried to push. France was wide open. A previous government under Leon Blum had curtailed the construction of the Maginot Lina and had sent most the nation’s heavy artillery to aid the Communist side in the Spanish Civil War. He was unwilling to go to the plate without an bat.

    But the myth lives on and the BSers keep BSing. Singapore is not another Munich that never happened. We will all be forgotten by the time any assessment of what transpired between Trump and Kim can be ascertained. That is the way diplomacy is conducted.

  6. Now, let’s see: American prisoners returned; the remains of Korean War Soldiers returned; a promise to de-necluarize North Korea (never before uttered); a promise to allow inspections (never before uttered) and Matt says “nothing new here, folks” Kim has fooled Trump, Kelly, Pompeo, Bolton, South Korea, Japan, the world’s press . . . once again, like Trump, “he’s just like Hitler.”

    As the saying goes, “Time will tell . . .” Remember, Matt’s and others predictions after the election was that Trump would be deposed by May 2017 and if not America would be a Stalinistic-like tyranny . . .

    So, now we have new prediction: The deal with Kim will fail . . .

    Well, for over 60 years, since the end of the Korean War, the armistice, the cease fire, whatever you want to call it, everything else has failed with North Korea . . .by the way, under what President did they acquire those nuclear missiles?

    Oh, ye of little faith

    Time will tell who has fell and who’s been left behind when the Dem Libs go there way and the rest of America goes in the opposite direction . .

    Or as said before, by the Piano Man, “You may be right, I, (me and Trump and us ordinary Americans) may be crazy, but it just may be a lunatic (businessman, salt of the earth, salty-and-vinegar-talking New York Yankee, straight-faced everyman) that you’re looking for (you, me and the rest of America who pay no heed to the constant liberal negativism and leftist drivel.)

    No progress in North Korean relations? You say know because of what “might happen” in some scary imaginary futuristic scenario and because you have space photos of improvements to bathroom facilities?

    Come on? Give Trump, Kelly, Pompeo et al some credit where credit is due.

    How about this article: Trump has done a great job in North Korea, but we should verify that Kim is complying with his commitments. Constant vigilance is necessary in this increasingly dangerous hi-tech world as a former White House Big Wig wrote in the Wall Street Journal yesterday.