The Real Problem With The Hillary Candidacy: It Violates the Spirit of the People

(@) clintonWhen FDR died less than three months after he was sworn into office for his fourth term the country took a deep breath of relief. It wasn’t that he was unpopular for he was highly popular. That was the problem. He had just started his fourth term and his health was poor and if his health affected his ability to govern few in the country were pleased with the thought that Eleanor Roosevelt might be making presidential decision..

There was a legitimate fear that could happen. It had not been many years since the previous Democratic president also became ill in office. Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke on October 12, 1919, yet continued as president until March 4, 1921, almost a year and a half although he had been disabled by it. Essentially unable to carry on with his duties his wife took over. In effect she was the country’s president for 17 months prohibiting almost everyone from seeing him. She would take messages in to him and come back and tell the people seeking answers what she said he wanted done. As sick as he was, Wilson gave thought to running for a third term. It is hard to get the thrill of being president out of the blood.

The idea of the wives of presidents taking over the country did not settle well with most people. Nor did the idea of having another president serve four terms. Even worse was the idea of becoming like a banana republic where power remains in the hands of a few families for long periods.

FDR showed it was probable that a popular demagogue could get elected endlessly. This was something almost all feared  To remedy the situation the twenty-second amendment to the Constitutional was ratified which limited a president to two elected terms. The idea was to get fresh faces into the office and deprive one small group of taking over the government.

Unfortunately it did not go far enough. It should have included close relatives of the president. The first breach of the spirit of that law was with the Bush father/son act.  We saw how that worked out. As bad as it was the Bushes tried to take a shot again. The people by that time having had a hiatus shooed the third member of the family away.

Now we have a real breach in the spirit of law. Bill Clinton who had the hardest time leaving the presidency after his tawdry term — remember his news conference at the airport after Bush was sworn in — has used the powers and connections he assumed while president not only to get rich but to put the fix in so his wife secured the Democratic nomination so that she could to vie for the job of president.

Hillary has a great chance of winning. Now suppose she is not a well women. She will be one of the oldest persons ever elected to the position. Who do you think will be back in the saddle again should she be unable to function? That’s right, it will be Bill doing a third and possible fourth term.

With the Clintons penchant for secrecy if Hillary shed her earthly bonds we’d never know it until Bill governed secretly for a as long as he could. LIke Wilson’s wife he’d keep people from seeing the corpse. He’d have it hidden by one of his cronies. He would pretend to carry messages to the woman in the room and return with answers. He’d carry this out as long as he could. Then when it became impossible to keep up the facade he’d come on television biting his lower lip to tell us she passed away and was immediately cremated.

He’d then offer someone in better health to the Democrats as its next candidate for president, his daughter Chelsea. You have to hand it to slick Willy.


  1. taxes, schmaxes – the Klinton Krime Family and Mr. Ketchup have learned how to divert State Department funds to “foundations”

    Indeed, the Daily Caller investigation shows that more than $9 million of State Department money made its way through the Peace Corps to the nonprofit started by Dr. Vanessa Kerry, John Kerry’s daughter. And the money was handed out without competition.

    Kerry’s nonprofit, Seed Global Health, got its first contract in 2012. Yes, that was when Hillary was still in office. But John Kerry then was a senator who headed the Committee on Foreign Relations, which is charged with overseeing both the State Department and the Peace Corps.

    There is a clear conflict of interest there.

    The Washington Examiner got its hands on emails showing that the Clinton Foundation sought ties with Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg at a time when he was in charge of an important element of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “Russian reset.”

    Hillary helped create “a major technology transfer initiative” that “may have substantially undermined U.S. national security,” according to Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and the author of ” Clinton Cash.”

    Part of the “reset” was the creation of “Skolkovo,” an industrial enclave near Moscow that was to become a kind of Russian Silicon Valley. The idea was to encourage U.S. firms to help out with both technology and investment, in exchange for market access.

    Despite warnings from both the FBI and her own State Department about the possibility of Russia getting access to militarily sensitive technologies, Hillary went ahead with the program. Why?

    At the time, Vekselberg — head of the Skolkovo Foundation and a pal of Vladimir Putin — was also a contributor to the Clinton Foundation. These ties later proved quite lucrative, with 17 of the 28 American companies that participated in the Skolkovo project also being donors to the Clinton Foundation.

    All the way back in 2010, as Skolkovo was getting underway, former President Bill Clinton traveled to Russia to deliver a speech for which he was paid $500,000 by a mysterious Russian investment bank named “Renaissance Capital.” While there he met with a variety of movers and shakers, including Vekselberg.

    With the Clintons, one hand always washes the other.

  2. oh, this is priceless – “Trump hasn’t released his tax returns”

    as if the release of tax returns by the Klinton Krime Family somehow exonerates that white trash from all of their crimes and unethical behavior!

    Romney was pilloried for being “too rich”

    Now, as it turns out, the Klinton Krime Family is extremely rich, having acquired their wealth by selling their government positions

    so they really can’t whine and scream about Trump’s wealth.

    So they whine and scream that Trump is NOT wealthy.

    And that he supposedly doesn’t pay any income tax.

    Who writes the income tax laws? Congress – those laws are basically sold for money, for campaign contributions and other remuneration to Congress. And many of the laws are written for the benefit of only one constituent sometimes.

    Years ago, a Supreme Court Justice noted that it was perfectly OK to avoid taxes (but not to evade them)

    The Klinton “Foundation” is all about evading taxes

    But in typical fashion, liberals scream and yell and seek to deflect attention from the dirtbag Klintons and their dirty deeds.

    The good thing is that Trump and many others are not backing down this time from the shrill political correctness and falsity of Obama, Killery Klinton and her enablers.

  3. Matt: Trump is older than Hillary. And as for secrecy, where are Trump’s tax returns? Do you really think this real estate developer is paying a penny in federal income tax? As for health, we need to know a lot more about the overweight GOP candidate than his strange – looking doctor is saying.

    • Why should Trump’s tax returns be pubic anyway? That only began 40 years ago. You couldn’t find FDR’s tax returns with a court order or FOIA. Have you ever seen JFK’s? The complete ones? If they are stealing, it isn’t going to show up on a 1040. What would you learn from Trump’s 1040?

      Steve Forbes told us years ago how the 200,000 or more tax clauses are unknown to the average taxpayer. The wealthy and connected don’t show income because they don’t have income the way Joe Taxpayer has income.

      I remember how Jackie Kennedy bragged that every time she went to Greece to meet up with Onassis she went as a paid employee of the Kennedy Children’s Foundation visiting Greek orphanages. There was nothing on her 1040. That the way the wealthy do it. They don’t own anything for the most part. They have no income. They have the use of things they don’t own.

      Tax returns mean nothing, unless you’re from Dot Ave looking for a mortgage.

  4. I would absolutely would prefer HC bed ridden for four years instead of Trump/Pence. Who are you kidding.

  5. Coincidentally, just yesterday I jotted down these thoughts:
    Bill & HIll, in the White House for 8 years, now want 8 more. The 22nd Amendment’s intent is to diffuse power, not concentrate it. Hill & Bill’s lust for power knows no bounds. Remember Hill’s promise to put Bill in charge of the economy?
    2. You’ve heard of the Beverly Hillbillies? How about the Capital Hillbillies? Hill & Bill, career pols, an indubitably duplicitous duo, back in charge of D.C. Slick Willy and Slippery Hillary! What could go wrong?

    • Some readers will remember the Senator from Al Capp’s Dogpatch, Jack S. Phogbound. Everything he did ‘for the people’ was really done to make himself money.

  6. The more I read about this modern Machiavellian mimesis, Bill Clinton, the more I’m convinced that the Arkansas whisper that legendary Irish Hot Springs gangster Owney Madden was Bill’s biological father is indeed true.

    Mae West once said that Madden was “sweet, but oh, so vicious.”

    A suitable epitaph for Bill Clinton.

  7. Slick Willie was probably corrupt at birth. How else to explain such a twisted, warped operator?