The Reason Trump Is In Love With Putin: Not What You Think

There is no doubt Trump acts as if he is madly in love with Putin. Unlike with many of his fellow Americans or leaders of allied countries whom he routinely insults he has only flattering words about Vladimir. The old expression that love is blind comes to mind. While most civilized nations have a clear-eyed view of Putin’s evil for some reason Trump seems to gush over him like a teenager experiencing a first spring time infatuation.

I suggest you can take it to the bank that Trump has never tweeted a bad or discouraging word about Putin.  Although one must be heartened by his government’s expulsion of some 60 Russian diplomatic spies yesterday (How many do they have here?) he still treads very carefully when it comes to Putin never tweeting about him in a negative manner. The question is why? What do you think? 

This has puzzled me. I believe I have come up with the answer after seeing recent Trump actions. It isn’t as most people, myself included. used to think and some still do that the Russians have compromat on Trump. He seems to be impervious to blackmail although he at one time thought it necessary to threaten to pay off women to keep their mouths shut.

We were  treated over last weekend to the stories of two women allegedly in sordid romances with Trump around the time his wife was having  his fifth child in his third marriage. These were two of the women who were paid for their silence they said. The Trump response from his people is to tell us that everyone knew he ran around on his wives but people still voted for him, or, more specifically as to these women they were paid off even though Trump had nothing to do with them.

At this point it seems his sexual exploits no matter how scandalous will never hurt him. So I can assume Russian tapes of sexual indiscretions would have little value. The white Evangelicals, his biggest supporters, even more so than white Catholics, offer him perpetual forgiveness. It is sort of like the deal Whitey suggested Jerry O’Sullivan gave him.

Nor will his dealings with money cause any harm. He denied having any dealings with Russians at the same time he was attempting to get a deal for the Trump Moscow hotel.  He’s continually coming up with all sorts of gimmicks to make money such as expecting foreigners who seek an audience to stay at one of his properties or requiring the RNC to host meetings there.  One or dozens more ethical lapses around money won’t hurt him.

Can it be suggested that he’s in big debt to Russians to the point he is no longer a free agent? He certainly has had some strange dealings with Russians buying his property at inflated prices and Russian Mafia types never too far from him. But again his true believers would close their eyes to that it’s sort of stuff and tell us it is only “Trump being Trump.”

What else could Russia have on him to be able to control him? Frankly, as I see it Putin could have rock solid proof that he was involved in undermining the  America voters during the latest presidential election. Putin could show how he, with Trump’s aid, changed votes against him into votes for him. In other words Putin could show he didn’t win the American presidential election.

Yet, even that would matter little. It seems in America even if were beyond any doubt the presidential election was rigged there is no remedy for it after the president is sworn in, especially if the president’s party controls one of the houses of Congress. Trump has, as you know, the Congressional GOP in his pocket having done their financiers a great favor by cutting their taxes by the millions. He has no fear of losing his job.

So what is it that ties his tongue when dealing with Putin and makes his legs go buttery. Here’s the deal that I have figured out looking at his recent moves in removing Tillerson and McMaster. You did recognize they lost their jobs after they dared criticize Russia. Why is that?

You can discern the answer by looking at their replacements. These new men are not moderates in their approach to American foreign policy when it comes to some countries. Pompeo from the CIA and John Bolton from the Iraq invasion support team have beliefs that mirror those of Trump. Like Trump they know that to carry off their plans they need to have Putin on their team. Neither Tillerson nor McMaster we’re willing to give Putin a uniform until he upped his game.

Have you figured it out? Next post I’ll tell you what I believe.



  1. John King is malfunctioning.

    • John King McDonald

      Dave is a week late and stuck in PORTLANDIA .

      This is a favorite series of mine .

      Life is full of …..

      Stage Managed … Set you off , I know … I have more sympathy for the Left than many . I stand with the Jews . As Twain said ” The Jews are human beings ; that is the worst thing that can be said about them . ”


  2. John King McDonald

    Not bullish on bully . Noted comment addressed elsewhere . It raises questions . What is a bully ? We humans make these vocalizations . We contort mouths and utter words presumably we both agree on as to meaning . Bully is cited and one scans their mental dictionary and presumably what is bully for you is bully for me . Yet , not so simple . Did we ” Bully ” Hitler back across Europe and into a Berlin Bunker ? Did we intimidate ? Were we stronger ? Did we impose our will on a steadily weakening military opponent ? I submit we did just that .

    That’s part of my semantic field for … Bully . That’s in my dictionary . Now the Left , the premier merchants of policing language and distorting it to serve their parochial agenda , appropriates … Bully …. as their own . If you disagree : Bully! …. If you exhibit the passion in argument that they call …. Speaking Truth To Power … in advocating something they don’t like , then ipso facto : Bully !

    This is the schizophrenia of the Left . Many of the fat cat Dems have understood … Bully … in their own personal dictionaries as having the expressive power to precisely describe their own Nietzschian appetition to stocks and bonds and castles on the hilll . Thus , it is a matter of poor taste , as well as hypocrisy , to be a bully , and call it virtue . The human will to power is a funny thing . Bully for US !

  3. Again the knee-jerk apology for every Trump dereliction of duty or revolting activity: “Obama did this—Hillary did that” What is next, “Obama had when she was good?” What does it take to get you off this cowardly bully’s bandwagon?

  4. John King McDonald

    A Marxist Dialectitian is a terrible thing to waste !!!

    • John, don’t your nether lips ever get tired of flapping?

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        You will nether know . God , what a pest you are . You are self-revealed as a mediocrity . Nothing special . Did a Fed Bit . You were really interested in ” turning guys heads ” in the joint as some low-rate Stokely Carmichael . That was your precise verbiage you petit-bourgeois pissant . You are as lame a prophet of revolution as they come . Spare us all your epistles of anachronistic Marxist nonsense and don’t let the padded leather door on the professor’s lounge hit you on your narrow ass on the way out . You are a complete and consummate troll . Troll someone else . Don’t be such a creep .

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          Khalid :

          I am certain that you were ” turning guys heads ” in the joint . I just listen closely . You have been blurting out your homoerotic effusions to the lusty youth of your vaunted revolution for a long time on this blog . Those vetted streetlighters of ANTIFA that you extol as the piss bottle carrier for them that you are . They exist , as do you , at the sufferance of the constitutional republic whose enlightened laws allow these cadres of the upper middle class coddled cupcakes in their collective masked cowardice to disport themselves upon city streets like the attention starved narcissists that they are . What a complete revolutionary dog and pony show .

          In Springfield , Mayor Dominic Sarno yesterday informed city agencies they should go full court press against a church offering sanctuary to a Dominican illegal immigrant and her two kids who were born here . I would advocate her and kinder staying , but they will be deported. The technology of the security state that we are is way ahead of any demographic curve if it is allowed to be deployed . The phony revolutionaries who are so badass when in an ugly mob are now steadily realizing that we will happily put up with their black bandanna drag shows , their shrill expostulations , their mindless ingratitude . They are being stage managed . And so are you !

  5. John King McDonald

    Pope wears a beanie …. Not … wear’s a beanie , Perfessor . There is no such grammatical construction as … ” wear’s . ”

    Another solecism .

    Try to do better . Your ” students ” rely on you for your infallible abilities of historical decomposition . What a pedantic fraud .

  6. “Putin never asked candidates to don a skull caps and pretend to pray at a pile of rubble. Now that is electioneering servility.”
    What do you mean, Tad? Who you shitting on, now, Muslims? Jews? Both? Hell, the Pope wear’s a beanie. You down on Paco Dos, too?

    • Skip the Mickey The Dunce act. It clearly refers to a long procession of politicians of both parties who go to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem to demonstrate their fealty to a foreign government. You understood it.

      • OK, you’re, just, picking on the Jews, as usual. I’m no friend of Zionism, nor, do I embrace Israeli policy, regarding the Palestinians, but, I can distinguish the difference between religion, and, political ideology. Wearing a yam, when, visiting the Wailing Wall is a sign of respect toward Judaism. It doesn’t connote any agreement with Israeli policy. Likewise, not wearing shoes in a masjid shows deference to Islam, but, doesn’t imply agreement with the aims of DAESH.

        • Politicians visiting the Wailing Wall in campaigns do not do so out of respect of Judaism or out of agreement with Israeli policy. They do it out of a fear of the influence that Israel exercises in American elections through the actions of the media influence of syanim and their institutions directed from Tel Aviv. That interference makes anything the Russians are accused of look infinitesimal.

          The American government is being turned topsy-turvy over concerns over Russian influence on the basis that it is foreign. Nothing to see about other influences which are just as foreign. Why? Cui bono? What hatred is being satiated?

          Some participation in our election is tolerated because any attempt to extirpate it is impossible given the First Amendment. Liberty is not free.

          The manufactured hysteria over so-called Russian interference, as though it is singular, has motives. Chief among them is to distract attention from the Clinton Crime Family. Other motives would include projection by those touting it and a traditional hatred by some elements in the US of Christianity in Russia and its resurgence since the collapse the Marxist Horror Show. That last one describes you.

  7. “Two women allegedly in sordid romances”. An odd turn of phrase. There is not any romance in paying a prostitute.

    Interference in American elections is part of having an election in a free society. When one considers the actions of other governments, such as the United Kingdom, Israel, Taiwan, Korea, Red China, Saudi Arabia and many others, whatever the Russians are accused of doing is small potatoes – crumbs at the bottom of a bag of chips. It is of no importance even if true.

    Putin never asked candidates to don a skull caps and pretend to pray at a pile of rubble. Now that is electioneering servility.

    America has been interfering in foreign elections forever. In turn foreigners “participate” in ours. It is accepted practice. The real issue is why is this singular example of the way things are being demonized. Cui bono?

  8. John King McDonald

    H.R. McMaster will not be leaking infantile White House Memos anymore . The malady is Deep State psychosis . The therapy is YOU’RE FIRED !

  9. Obama’s long gone from the WH. Clinton, and, Obama, can’t be used to excuse Glorious Leader’s treachery. Trump’s on the hot-seat all alone. Pointing at the past won’t save him. Trump’s greatest presidential achievement? Scuttling the Republican Party. Hopefully, he can top that, by kick-starting a Socialist Revolution.
    Trump’s done more for class-struggle, already, than Bernie ever could have. Folks are asking very real questions about the need for the whole rotten Bourgeois system that spawned Trump. The rich are ripe for blame. If Glorious leader plays the war card to save his ass, it will tear the country apart.

  10. President Obama was running for re-election in March 2012, when a live microphone picked up his whispered conversation with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

    Obama told Medvedev it was important for incoming President Vladimir Putin to “give me space” on missile defense and other difficult issues and that after the 2012 presidential election he would have “more flexibility.” Medvedev said he would “transmit” the message to Putin.

  11. Hi Matt:
    Good to see you back in action. I’ve always had the idea that Trump and Putin would get together and divide the world into respective spheres of influence. Don’t know whether this has entered into your thinking or not.

    I think Trump made the right decision by kicking out more Russian diplomats, (How many do they have, anyway?) but you’ve got to wonder whether his action was prompted by his ill-advised decision to tell the world he had congratulated the Russian autocrat on his phony-baloney election victory. This was quickly followed by the “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” leak. Trump blew his top, for what, the 109th time since he entered office? The problem here was not that Trump was shown to be going against his advisers, but that his advisers evidently believed the president to be so stupid or distracted that it was necessary to put this little piece of advice in ALL CAPS.

    • Trump never saw that ‘Do not congratulate’ memo. He heard it but that note wasn’t read out.

      • You’re missing the point. Trump was publicly embarrassed by a leak that suggested he needed to be treated like a child in order to understand what his advisers viewed as very important advice.

  12. wa-llahi! Manafort is the road into the Russians. Mueller should work on getting his bail revoked. Manafort’s never done jail/prison time. Some people crack the minute they’re locked in. Of course, if he’s the FSB’s point-man for Trump, the Russian’s might attempt to spirit him away. Manafort and Snowden could room together in the Philby suite. They could keep their FSB duds in the same closet. Glorious Leader is selling out Ukraine. That’s been the prize for Putin all along, his quid pro quo for helping Trump win the 2016 election.

  13. Then again, in 2012:

    “The Russian people and international observers may not see last Sunday’s presidential election in Russia as legitimate, but President Barack Obama has now officially endorsed the return of Russian past and future President Vladimir Putin.

    “President Obama called Russian President-elect and Prime Minister Putin to congratulate him on his recent victory in the Russian Presidential election,” the White House said in a late Friday afternoon statement (read: news dump) about the Friday morning phone call between the two leaders.


    “President Obama and President-Elect Putin agreed to continue discussions on areas where the United States and Russia have differed, including Syria and missile defense,” [a] statement read. “President Obama and President-Elect Putin agreed to continue their efforts to find common ground and remove obstacles to better relations.”

  14. John King McDonald

    Strange that the realpolitik of dealing with a thorny ( not horny , Matt ) superpower in a troubled and troubling world should be seen by as something these … new guys … should eschew.

    Trump eschews airy fairy political ideology when it comes to dealing with ambitious and ruthless men .