The Watch that Peeped:



  1. kirk over and out!

  2. John King McDonald

    Jesus, I remember back in musta’ been ’95 or do using telephone before hitting train. ” Thr Net ” was new. A young black cat on phone next to me was laying down some info raising experience he had had on it shortly ago to a …. Confederate. I knew World was gonna change even faster in that moment ; the NET IS THR GREAT EQUALIZER. Bsck in late 80’s early 90’s or so when Nicholas Negroponte was head of MIT MEDIA LAB he wrote something I read then that I paraphrase, but may br exact quote : ” Out goal is to make advanced technology so user friendly that people in a certain sense are not even conscious of anything at all remarkable about using it ; we are going for complete seamlessness. SCREW THE CACHET/REVERSE CACHET EXPENSIVE/LESS EXPENSIVE APPLE WATCHES !!!!!!!!! … CALL OUT THE CYBER-GUARDS … BARAK IS GIVING THE ” HUMAN TRIBE” ….. NET NEUTRALITY !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Mr. C, you truly are a free man, it appears. Free from mindless consumerism, free from the enslavement that these dreaded digital devices demand in terms of one’s precious time (setup, tweaking, e-navel gazing), and most of all, free to regale your readership with great tales of all sorts. Keep on keeping on!