The White House’s Corrupter in Chief Commences Command: Bill the Fixer

bill-clinton-cigar-gettyimages-640x480Donald Trump and Bill “the Fixer” Clinton spoke for over a half an hour, how much over is in dispute, when both knew that Hillary was going to be the Democratic nominee, within a week or two of Trump announcing his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nominee for president. It is reminiscent of the time when Bill the Fixer and Attorney General Loretta Lynch met on an out-of-the-way  Phoenix landing strip where they spoke for over a half and hour while Lynch was overseeing an investigation of Bill’s wife within a week or two of when she and FBI Director James Comey cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing in an open and shut case of wrongdoing.

Do me a favor – ask yourself what these in-plane conversations were about. Why do you think Bill the Fixer was moved to make these moves? One thing you have to conclude is that perhaps they had something to do with Hillary. The tarmac meeting I suggest is easy to smell out — we know everyone in power wants to be as the State Department emails indicated an FOB (friend of bill) – so AG Lynch who has only been in office for a short time since April of last year would like to know what her future will be after Bill’s wife gets into office. You know that Bill appointed Lynch as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York back in 1999 when she was 40-years-old so he and she go back a long time.

You can imagine that conversation quite easily. Bill: “Loretta nice to see you, have you given any thought to what you would like to do after Hillary is elected?”

Hell he didn’t have to say anything more than that. Bill knows how to get a message across. This one was simple. It was to remind Lynch that if she wanted to stay in government service it was best she play ball. Did she say she wanted to be a federal appellate  judge or continue as AG?

What was so horrible about that meeting was its brashness. It was like the old days when the gangsters of New York, not that Bill isn’t one, would walk into the local prosecutors office with bags of cash. Who else would have the temerity to meet with the person investigating his wife knowing a decision on her future was imminent and expect to be able to have a secret meeting with that person? The most remarkable thing was that there were no editorials crying foul.

Why was that? Had the media already sold its soul to the Clintons? What is the quid pro quo to the media for doing that? Invitations to the Inaugural Ball? Guests at official White House dinners? Tea with Chelsea?

Speaking of the media deal to speak no evil of Hillary I’m sure you read about the $12 million pledge from Moroccan King Mohammed V to the Clinton Foundation if Hillary would show up for a planned meeting in Morocco. Oh, you missed it. Probably because it wasn’t covered in the U.S. mainstream media but was here. A pure example of a quid pro quo and when asked about it Hillary refused to answer. Why should she? No one will make a big deal out of it plus she already said she had never had any such quid pro quos.

As I said the first contact by Bill the Fixer with Trump was just before Trump announced. What do you suppose was the quid pro quo for Trump jumping into the race? You know Bill the Fixer didn’t call him to keep him out of the race. He knew – remember how often we are told he has the greatest political mind in America – there was only one way the hated Hillary could win. That was if the Republicans during the primary alienated American voters. Who better to do that than the vile, brass, bigot, womanizer Trump.

And, don’t for a minute think the Clintons were not aware of allegations by other women against him and the NBC tape. They do do their homework. They are noted for slash and burn tactics. They spring the trap at just the right time. Remember, back in Arkansas Bill was called Slick Willy.

I suppose he had no idea Trump would get the nomination. That was too much to even dream of although he prayed to his god the Almighty Dollar each night for it to happen. He just wanted him to run to alienate much of America against the Republicans and swing the party to the far right. He knew Trump was the guy who could do it. Some day it will come out how hard Bill the Fixer and the Hated Hillary and the FOBs worked to get Trump the nomination.

Here we stand America with an enfeebled FBI, a Justice Department in the tank, and the White House getting ready to sell indulgences to enrich its occupants. Only rich FOBs need apply.


  1. Dear Matt,
    Here’s what I sent to Judge Wolf concerning Salvatore DiMasi.
    Judge Mark L. Wolf
    Boston U.S. District Court
    1 Courthouse Way
    Boston, Massachusetts 02210
    October 26, 2016

    Dear Honorable Judge Wolf,
    This letter requests former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi be granted a compassionate release from prison. Like yourself, I attended Harvard (twice Health Careers Summer Program) and Yale. In 1983, I established the Boston AIDS Brigade and Yale AIDS Brigade. These organizations undertook the first harm reduction outreach efforts for IV-drug users. Two years later, they became the National AIDS Brigade (NAB).
    In 1994, NAB established the Boston Veterans With AIDS (VWA) Drop-In Center at 150 Causeway Street (Boston Garden building). NAB’s Boston VWA Drop-In Center used the first floor cafeteria space (5,000 square feet) to help veterans with AIDS.
    The location was ideal. Diagonally across the street was the Veterans Administration methadone clinic. We had two pool tables, a gym in the rear and two front sections (one for daily drug rehabilitation meetings and one for watching movies).
    My desk was near the gymnasium. Often it was so crowded with veterans, I could not see the front doorway. Everything was donated. The nearby Au Bon Pain donated bread and pastries.
    Twice, we asked Senator Kerry for help. Senator Kerry wrote a letter that allowed us to remain longer at 150 Causeway Street. When the VWA Drop-In Center moved to nearby Friend Street, Senator Kerry wrote a letter to allow a Vietnam War veteran with AIDS, Thomas Tucker, to enter Vietnam. Thomas Tucker, visited NAB’s Ho Chi Minh City needle exchange program, then went to Hanoi for a meeting with the Minister of Health.
    Seeking help at the Massachusetts legislative level was not as successful. I spoke with every senator (except Senate President William Bulger) and every representative seeking help for veterans with AIDS. Only Representative Salvatore DiMasi agreed to help. This was before antiretroviral drugs and having AIDS was a death sentence.
    Representative DiMasi included a line item in the budget for $20,000. I was in the chamber when Governor Weld approved it. He said, “Veterans with AIDS deserve to get some help.”
    But NAB’s VWA Drop-In Center did not receive one penny of that funding. Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services paid Habit Management (former Boston methadone program) $20,000 to “assess” NAB’s VWA Drop-In Center. Several times a week, a person from Habit Management would briefly visit and their assessment criticized NAB for not formally separating staff from “the clients.”
    In short, the $20,000 that Representative DiMasi helped obtain for veterans with AIDS was legally stolen. When learning Representative DiMasi was helping NAB, I asked others in the state house, “Why is he helping us?” and “What kind of man is he?” The response was always the same: “Sal DiMasi a good man and he wants to help.”
    In 2007, a filed a federal lawsuit (07-12165-RCL). The letter below was sent to Judge William Young and yourself. From the letter below, and what is written above, it appears corruption is endemic in certain segments of American society. I do not know the exact reason Salvatore DiMasi is in prison, but I humbly ask that you help “a good man.”
    Thank you for considering this important request.
    Sincerely, Jon Stuen-Parker MPH

    “Judge William G. Young
    Boston U.S. District Court
    1 Courthouse Way
    Boston, Massachusetts 02210

    April 28, 2009
    Dear Honorable Judge Young,
    I appreciated speaking with you at Boston University Law School. My letter concerns media reports and several cases previously assigned to Judge Lindsay. It also concerns government corruption.
    November 20, 2003, the Committee on Government Reform approved a report entitled, ‘Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI’s Use of Murders as Informants.’ The report’s ‘Executive Summary’ states:

    ‘Edmund Burke said: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ No truer words could have been written about federal law enforcement in Boston from the 1960s until the mid-1990s. While it is undoubtedly true that some things done by federal law enforcement in Boston can be cited with justifiable pride, it is also true that there was an undercurrent of failure and corrupt practices. Unfortunately, that undercurrent traveled to Washington and through the highest levels of the FBI. It also had significant negative consequences for many states.’
    ‘Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the Boston debacle is the doubt cast on the integrity of the men and women who work for the Justice Department and, particularly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The United States Department of Justice is, without a doubt, the finest federal law enforcement organization in the world. The men and women of the Justice Department are dedicated, professional public servants. The integrity of the vast majority of these men and women is beyond reproach. Nevertheless, what happened over a forty year period raises doubts that can be dispelled only by an obvious dedication to full disclosure of the truth. It is the greatest strength of our democratic system that the mistakes of the government can be assessed and placed before the American people. This report attempts to serve this end, not only for the purpose of informing, but also as a preamble to future legislative action.
    At a time when the United States is faced by threats from international terrorism, and a number of law enforcement tools are being justifiably strengthened, it is particularly important to remember that Lord Acton’s words are true: ‘Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice.’ Federal District Court Judge Mark Wolf began the landmark decision U.S. v. Salemme with Lord Acton’s words, and it is fitting that they be repeated here because Judge Wolf began the oversight process that led to this Committee’s investigation. He is owed a significant debt of gratitude by everyone devoted to law enforcement in a democratic society.’

    Recently, the media reported you will review the transcript of the four-day hearing Judge Lindsay held last year on the evidence of the fatal shooting of Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue. At that hearing, Jaime Parker gave vivid testimony of a gunman shooting Brian Halloran. Judge Lindsay asked from what distance did he witness the shooting? Jaime Parker answered, ‘25 feet.’ The Boston policeman speaking with fatally wounded Brian Halloran also testified. His testimony had been earlier videotaped.
    While preparing for that hearing, Jaime Parker read an FBI report obtained by discovery. This report stated Jaime Parker described the individual shooting Brian Halloran as having ‘curly brown hair.’
    I am enclosing a notarized affidavit from Jaime Parker that states:

    ‘I, Jaime Parker, hereby swear that on or about March 3, 2008, I read the FBI document concerning my witnessing the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. This FBI document stated that I described one of the two killers as having ‘curly brown hair.’
    I never made that statement to the FBI or anyone else. None of the killers had curly brown hair. May 4, 2007, I filed a federal court civil lawsuit (07CV10863-RCL) related to the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. That lawsuit describes the two killers and does not mention ‘curly brown hair.’

    During the June, 2006, John McIntyre estate lawsuit trial, former FBI agent Gerald Montanari testified he supervised the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murder investigation. Gerald Montanari testified that two females witnessed the fatal shootings. Judge Lindsay asked, ‘Were these the closest witnesses?’ Gerald Montanari answered, ‘Yes.’ There was no mention of Jaime Parker.
    Following the John McIntyre trial, Jaime Parker filed a civil lawsuit (07CV10863-RCL) that revealed he witnessed the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. Jaime Parker’s Boston Police Incident Report concerning those murders was sealed by a federal judge.
    During the Boston University Law School motion hearing, you described the importance of your courtroom stenographer Donald Womack. You said simply reading a transcript of recorded court testimony could be misleading. As an experienced federal judge, you understand how witness nuance and body language can help interpret testimony. The Boston policeman’s videotaped testimony reveals downcast and shifting eyes. That Boston policeman resided in South Boston.
    At the Boston University Law School motion hearing, I explained ignoring James Bulger information by saying, ‘When living in a pit of vipers. You don’t face a snake.’ Of course, doing so would draw attention and might bring harm.
    When Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue were murdered (1982), every Boston policeman residing in South Boston knew implicating James Bulger in murder was a death sentence. The Boston patrolman that gave videotaped testimony reported Brian Halloran told him James Flynn did the shooting.
    At last year’s hearing, Jaime Parker testified that both Brian Halloran and the gunman yelled obscenities. After dropping Brian Halloran with bullets, the gunman started shooting the ankles and slowly moved up to the chest area. Jaime Parker testified the shooting of Brian Halloran took two minutes. It seems incredulous that such brutal torture would result in the victim implicating the wrong gunman, especially when Brian Halloran (shot at least 20 times) was a former associate of James Bulger and was fatally wounded.
    Jaime Parker’s lawsuit, and my lawsuit, state the FBI appeared at Jaime Parker’s girlfriend’s house within 40 minutes of the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. The automobile driven by Jaime Parker was registered to our mother’s home. My mother was not contacted by any law enforcement agency. The FBI followed Jaime Parker to his Dorchester girlfriend’s apartment, or the Bulger Group followed Jaime Parker, and contacted the FBI.
    In 1982, James Flynn had curly brown hair. Jaime Parker’s lawsuit, and my lawsuit, state the FBI tried convincing Jaime Parker to testify that James Flynn murdered Brian Halloran. Jaime Parker refused and James Flynn was acquitted.
    The November, 2003, Committee on Government Reform report, ‘Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI’s Use of Murders as Informants’ states: ‘Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (‘FBI’ or ‘Bureau’) began a course of conduct in New England that must be considered one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement…Federal law enforcement personal appear to have tolerated, and perhaps encouraged, false testimony in a state death penalty prosecution. When Joseph Barboza testified in the 1968 trial of six men for the murder of Teddy Deegan, his testimony was contradicted by a compelling body of evidence collected by federal law enforcement.’
    Jaime Parker’s lawsuit, and my lawsuit, state Kevin Weeks committed perjury when giving under-oath testimony concerning the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. Kevin Weeks stated that James Bulger was wearing a curly brown hair wig when murdering Brian Halloran. Our lawsuits describe similarities between Kevin Weeks and Joseph Barboza. Like Joseph Barboza, the Department of Justice has used Kevin Weeks as a prosecution witness in several mob-related trials. In short, the Department of Justice and the Boston FBI created a new ‘Joseph Barboza.’
    Recently, you combined the cases of Bulger Group victims Deborah Davis, Debra Hussey, and Louis Litif, telling the attorneys for their estates to be prepared for trial on July 6th. Any Bulger victim lawsuit trial before full disclosure would only further darken the failure of New England federal law enforcement.
    Robert Mueller was the Boston U.S. Attorney during the height of Boston FBI corruption. My lawsuit recommends: ‘Congress needs to conduct hearings aimed at examining what, if any, involvement FBI Director Robert Mueller had in the Bulger Group scandal.’
    Edmund Burke’s quote: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’ seems extremely relevant.
    May, 2007, Judge Lindsay was assigned the Jaime Parker lawsuit. November, 2007, Judge Lindsay found the government guilty for complicity in the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders without trial. Judge Lindsay admonished the Department of Justice for not settling the Bulger Group victim cases.
    The Boston policeman testifying again, with an offer of immunity, could help that happen.

    Jon Stuen-Parker MPH
    cc Judge Mark L. Wolf”

  2. Rather, I am not going to conjecture upon the rate of ” Fade ” whence we All inevitably hit the Shade as regards Legends like JB and Trump. Death comes to us all. Bill is an extremely smart. charming and affable guy. As we all know ” Chess is a ghetto ; Run it! ” ( Mark Esterman)

    So, Time will tell who the strong players are, and whether Bill is a chess player whose checkered past mated him long ago.

  3. John King McDonald

    Trump is in it to win . End of conspiring with Bubba in an excessively convoluted plot to send Hillary flying through History on the ” Oval ” at Warp Seven ! 🙂

    • John,
      As Capt. Trump once sailed political waters as a Privateer,….and J.P. Morgan so prolifically long before him….to the tune of a one-man government bailout……..playing both sides at once……maybe Master William is schooling us all….
      No doubt El Capitan Supremo is in it to win it……his ego would not allow otherwise….but as our fast-fading friend once said……Maybe Trump is playing checkers, while Bill is playing chess….

  4. Well said.

    I find it amazing that some women will be voting for Clinton only because she is a woman.

    It’s staggering, too, that blacks will be voting for Clinton when Democrats have demonstrated that after they get the black vote nothing is done in return.

    Trump is correct when he says that blacks have “nothing to lose.”

    Finally, Hillary Clinton’s “dream” of “open borders” will turn out to be America’s nightmare paid for by lower and middle class taxpayers.

    Good luck America.

  5. And, don’t for a minute think the Clintons were not aware of allegations by other women against him and the NBC tape. They do do their homework.

    Matt, I’m sure you’ve seen the reportage of the money that was funneled by Terry McAuliffe, a Klinton Krime Family operative, to Dr. Jill McCabe, to run for state senate in Virginia – $700,000.

    As it turns out, Dr. McCabe’s husband ended up as #2 at the FBI, and was head of the FBI Washington field office in DC which was investigating Ma Barker Klinton’s corruption and crimes with respect to national security.

    Ah, but $700,000 – that would not influence anyone, would it.

    And the NY Post is reporting that the 30,000 emails that were Bleached – you know, like with a clath – may not be gone after all.

    The FBI just hasn’t gone after them.

    The Klinton Krime Family – amazing what a couple of white-trash criminals can accomplish.

  6. It all boils down to the un-even distribution of wealth and power in this country.
    The “Occupy” Movement was not wrong….they just couldn’t get the job done.

  7. MATT,
    Are you suggesting a secret deal between Bill and Trump to set Trump up as the “foil” and “straw candidate”….knowing how unpalatable Hillary is…..gaining momentum until the 11th hour until he (according to plan) self-implodes (with a little help, of course)…..
    and Hillary is the only MAN left standing……..
    I alluded to the same thing a few days ago….
    ….along with keep your eye out for a possible power-grab at the UN by Bill.

    Glad you agree.

    • Highly unlikely.

      If so, Trump is playing the part better than Academy Award performance.

      • doug,

        Consider this possible hypothetical scenario…..
        Trump doesn’t know he’s being “played.”

        Reminiscent of a witty comment made by the catalyst for this site himself…..
        “Trump is playing checkers, while Billary is playing chess….”

  8. Remember after the attempts to assassinate Castro, Diem et al, President Ford issued an executive order prohibiting assassinations of world leaders. When Obama/Hillary’s “no-fly” zone in Libya was initiated as a supposed “humanitarian” measure, one of the first targets was Khadafi’s “compound.”–his home. Imagine bombing the Kennedy Compound, calling it a “command and control” center. That’s Hillary’s glib-lib interventionist philosophy for you.
    Want more killing of the unborn and foreign leaders? Put the dynamic duo back in D.C.!

  9. In sync with Matt, Henry and GOK:
    The horrid specter hovering over D.C.: Hillary, the widely distrusted glib-lib, a dis-uniter who respects neither laws, nor rules, nor truthfulness, nor human life, and her husband Bill “the corrupter in chief”. The die-namic duo.
    2. It’s not just pre-born human life she trashes; Remember when she laughed out loud after Khadafi was killed “We came, we saw, he died. Ha, ha, ha!!!” Speaking of “vile” and “crass”.

  10. With Clintons in command, things will get MUCH worse in our country before they get ANY better. And THAT will take quite a while…if it ever happens.

    Good luck to us all!

  11. Scott Adams, creator of cartoon strip Dilbert:

    Yes, yes, I realize Trump supporters say bad things about Clinton supporters too. I don’t defend the bad apples on either side. I’ll just point out that Trump’s message is about uniting all Americans under one flag. The Clinton message is that some Americans are good people and the other 40% are some form of deplorables, deserving of shame, vandalism, punishing taxation, and violence. She has literally turned Americans on each other. It is hard for me to imagine a worse thing for a presidential candidate to do.

    I’ll say that again.

    As far as I can tell, the worst thing a presidential candidate can do is turn Americans against each other. Clinton is doing that, intentionally.


    • Good one, Mr. Barth.

    • Henry Barth:

      Correct and well said.

      What many of Americans do not understand is that the government makes money on both ends.

      They create the problem and then they pretend to work on solving the problems they created.

      A good example of that is in the news today on the claw-back of bonus money for the veterans who re-upped to place their lives on the line for America.

      What did Ashton Carter do? Instead of snuffing out the problem without a headline or stopping the claw-back and causing grief and misery to the families affected, he, like a coward, looked the other way. When he saw which way the wind was blowing he issued a directive to stop the claw-back. He should have done that in the first place, but he has no leadership ability – not up to the job.

      Another example would be the government’s well-planned discrimination against blacks. It’s a multi-trillion dollar business and no one has the will to stop it because it’s a huge money-maker and allows the racial divide to continue, which is what the government wants.

      • They create the problem and then they pretend to work on solving the problems they created.

        Boy, ain’t that the truth.

        Obamacare being another case in point.