Things of Interest in Today’s News: Governor Weld, Tim Cahill, DA Conley

Awakening the
Sleeping Giant

There’s an interesting interview with Governor William Weld today.  He apparently agrees with me that the prosecution of the probation officers by the Boston US Attorneys office is absolutely wrong.  Remember Weld was the third in command of the Justice Department as well as Massachusetts Attorney General so he knows what should and should not be prosecuted.

It’s not only that he suggests that case is wrong he also thinks the case against Tim Cahill our former State Treasurer being decided (What’s taking the jury so long to decide. The issue is simple.) by the Suffolk jury is likewise wrong. I haven’t commented on that because I have a connection to it that makes it impossible to be totally candid. What Weld is pointing out is the US Attorney’s office in Boston (and the state’s attorney general) is criminalizing normal political activity.

You can get a sense of this from what I understand happened to some of the state reps who voted for Speaker DeLeo to be Speaker. They were dragged before a grand jury and asked whether they voted for him in exchange for him giving them a chance to get a person a probation job.  Is there now something wrong with that?

All our politics is based on that from what I can see.  The Speaker of the US House or the majority leader in the U.S. Senate are always doing horse trading to get votes. So is the president of the United States. Hasn’t the Speaker said to more than one Congress person “if you want that project for your state I need your vote on Bill XYZ.”  Didn’t the woman senator from Louisiana hold up some important vote for the Democrats until she got more aid for the victims of the hurricane.  That is politics, the art of compromise and you only get a compromise by giving each side something.

It seems only in Massachusetts and only under the watchful eye of the unelected prosecutors in the US Attorney;s office who know nothing about politics is something like political horse trading wrong.  Glad to welcome Weld on board my team.  I always liked the guy.

I also see that DA Conley is in a dispute with Judge Raymond Dougan over his decisions in certain cases and filed a 61 page complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission against him.  That Commission just backed up the judge.  I’m a little lost how Conley feels that what he thinks is right the judge has to follow. His job is to present the case as well as he can, it’s up to the judge to decide what to do with it.

He is reported to have said:  “Massachusetts judges have long been afforded the greatest protections, probably in America, to allow them to do their jobs with independence of mind and conscience. But our nation’s founders never believed, and neither should we, that to insure judicial independence, we must remove all accountability.”

He’s right. He should look at The Matter of Edward J. DeSaulnier, Jr. or In Re: Jerome P. Troy, Appellant to see there are ways to control judges.  He also has it in his own hands to control his own cases. He can decide not to “move for trial” before Judge Dougan and not let his assistants participate in any activity before him.  But that would be unwise because of the turmoil it would cause.

I suppose he’s made his point in an indirect way. Going after Judge Dougan will make sure the other judges stay in line. It’s seem strange that he’s in a public fight with the judge on matters that are in the judge’s discretion. Any wrongful legal decision by the judge can be addressed on appeal.

Still wondering what’s going to be the result of the AG’s investigation into Annie Doukan’s dealings; and the Caswell Motel Decision.





  1. Shredded Justice – If, as you suggest, I have a possible claim against the Federal Government for the $6000 that John Iuele and his partner Steven Saccisocia (sp) from Hamilton Funding stole from us ( assuming that John Iuele is actually James Bulger), then – What responsibility does the Federal Government have for the damages that have been caused by John Iuele aka James Bulger’s co-conspirators?

    As I have reported, John Iuele, just before he disappeared (around June of 1989) implied that he was only a part of a larger conspiracy to steal my family’s property and to cause us personal harm.

    And, clearly as my Series of Installments titled NO WITNESS = NO CASE posted on lays out in great detail what John Iuele warned about has come to pass in a very large, and very tragic way.

    And, it is also very clear that John Iuele has been protected by, at the very least, the Boston FBI, and perhaps even as your book suggests FBI HQ.

    And, I have also testified that I was notified by an agent out of the Boston FBI Office that my complaint files had been ‘shredded’. I do not recall the exact date since my records were stolen, but the name of the Agent was Al Lamereaux (sp).

    And, then in March of 1997 right after I testified, in a case related to my complaint against Mr. Iuele, for the AUSA Organized Crime Task Force in USA v Rennert, in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, I was told by the AUSA Task Force Prosecutor that her superiors had refused her request to expand the investigation into my complaint against John Iuele, Hamilton Funding, Steven Saccisocia (sp) and Gene Phillips, First Equity Insurance Company. She implied that the resistance was coming from the FBI, and especially the Boston Office. (As I am reading your book it was in March of 1997 that the issue as to whether James Bulger was an FBI informant was of concern to Judge Mark Wolf.)

    And, finally, as I have reported it was within weeks of my subpoenaed testimony that the sabotage of my company’s branded High Birches Mountain Spring Water beverage businesses began:

    •In March 1997 the pumphouse owned by Senter Cove Development Co, Inc, a Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust holding, was severely damaged.

    •And, then on or about September 11, 1997 the main production well to the High Birches Mountain Spring was contaminated with a cocktail of chemicals to include heavy metals and other carcinogens. Netmark International Inc, a Massachusetts company of which I was sole stockholder, at that time, owned the water rights to the springs as per its permit requirements. The sabotage destroyed the business.

    •A few weeks later another High Birches Springs monitoring well was contaminated. A red van that was later identified by me to be owned by the Melotone Company of Somerville, MA was seen at the location around the time the last contamination was discovered.

    The property and business losses can be calculated in many many millions of dollars.

    The personal damages include several physical attacks upon my person, and the killing, and then disappearance of my mother’s body while in the custody of the State of New Hampshire. The investigator of record at that time was Ms. Kelly Ayotte.

    Again, I ask the age old Euripedes question – Where do we seek justice, when the injustice of power is our destruction?

    • Jean:
      I thought if you could identify Whitey as being John Luele in the $6,000 case you could then have a way to suggest he and his associates, if that was the case may have been involved in other damage that was done to you. From what you suggest, you clearly have been victimized. I believe your remedy lies in having the FBI reconsider its decision relative to your case. I suggest that in the Whitey case there was FBI involvement from the top to the bottom in accepting Whitey as a top echelon informant and protecting him. But by and large I’d say the FBI is made up of people who want to do the job right and in many areas have produced outstanding work. I suggest in my book certain changes I believe in the way the FBI does business would be beneficial. I don’t think you should be reluctant to deal with it. It seems to me you must try to convince the FBI to take another look at your case. I don’t know what else I can suggest.

    • Pam:
      Thanks for the information. He only died a year ago, pretty amazing looking at the picture on his obit bringing back memories of him.

  2. Jerry Troy. There’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Before his fall I’d see him every afternoon in Amrheins sitting with owner Joe Mul and their cronies playing liar’s poker for dollar bills and generally lying about their exploits.

    • JHG
      You saw him at Amrheins while people were waiting in the court for him to come out of his lobby. I wonder if he is still alive. He could easily have been called a rogue judge with all his adventures. He was a good buddy with a Boston (or Met) motorcycle cop who used to do the running around for him called Mel, I forget his last name. He also had a court officer as a personal valet. I think all the district court judges can curse him since the hours he kept caused the media to start looking more closely at judges. Also a friend of Sonny McDonough.