Understanding Donald Trump: Dealing With Kim, “A Smart Fortunate Cookie”

Trump DrawngAbe suggested it would have been nice if Trump engaged in a malapropism and called Kim Jong-un a “smart fortune cookie.” Maybe, but Abe’s suggestion made me think he would have been better off calling him a “smart fortunate cookie.” Had Trump thought of it he would have recognized that was the most appropriate definition for him.

As you know Trump said this  about the Kim Jong-un (KJ-un): “At a very young age, he was able to assume power. A lot of people, I’m sure, tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. And he was able to do it. So obviously, he’s a pretty smart cookie.”  Or you could based on the same evidence call him a murderous S-O-B.

You do know shortly after he assumed total power in North Korea, KJ-un, whether considered a fortune or smart cookie, executed his uncle and all the members of the uncle’s family. This is similar to what Lenin the Bosheviks’ leader did  to Czar Nicholas II and his family. I wonder if Trump would call Lenin a pretty smart cookie if he knew anything about him.

By the way it would seem Trump could easily handle the KJ-un. He is not at all intimidated by the job of president. He said: “Well, it’s a tough job. But I’ve had a lot of tough jobs. I’ve had things that were tougher, although I’ll let you know that better at the end of eight years.” I wonder what job he had in the past that was harder than deciding whether to let KJ-un develop the capability to nuke the United States or to stop him by risking the lives of a million or more people.

Trump did not stop there talking about KJ-un. He told Bloomberg news: “If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely — I would be honored to do it.”  I guess he is so bereft of friends that perhaps he figured if he buttered him up with “honored” he’d become one of his friends. Maybe one of you die-hard Trump fans can tell me how meeting with KJ-un would be an honor.

You do note there is something about Trump that he is attractive to these murderous thugs. Now it is KJ-un, yesterday it was Philippines president the bloody Duterte, just before that it was Turkey’s Erdogan; then the hardly hand clasp with the “fantastic guy” Abdel Fattah el-Sisi not to mention his hoping for Marine Le Pen’s victory and his fondness for Vlad the Invader. Jonathon Pollack of the Brookings Institute noted: “Trump seems an affinity for those who are divisive . . . leaders who don’t engage in civilities of international discourse.”

It does bother me that he finds comfort in the company of the most despicable world leaders. But it is a little over the top calling it an honor to meet with a guy who just had his brother murdered a few months ago. What then is this all about?

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, included that statement in his opinion about Trump’s remarks on his 100th day in office, “It was all just surreal disarray and a confused mental state from the president.” Another news source reported“Human rights advocates and foreign policy experts condemned President Trump’s comment Monday that he’d be “honored” to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un – saying it undermines international efforts to isolate one of the world’s most brutal dictators.”  The article noted: “But Trump’s ad-libbing has left many U.S. allies confused, . . . ” 

I find it strange that everyone is upset at Trump’s turn about with KJ-un. It is one of the few things that he has done since he took the oath that shows he is learning on the job. Trump’s been dealt a lousy hand thanks to Obama’s insouciance. He recognizes there is no exit out of his dilemma other than by kowtowing to KJ-un.

He knows he cannot let 4 years slip by as KJ-un develops more nukes and intercontinental missiles. He knows isolating him has been a failure. He’s positive sanctions will not work. He knows war is out of the question. His only course is to convince KJ-un to give up his desire for nukes and missiles.

Trump must do what is necessary to butter up KJ-un (if that is possible under any circumstance) so he ceases his aggression. Trump has no cards to play except to bribe him. Calling him honorable is part of the bribe. Money will also be necessary. Perhaps he can arrange for some great award. To reach his goal he will have to crawl through a field of insults and slanders. He will have to appear weak and cowardly.  He will be covered with excrement by KJ-un.

Trump may have to give to KJ-un thing unimaginable to solve this HUGE problem. There is every likelihood  he will come out looking like a loser even though he will actually have been a big winner. The only problem is whether a guy like Trump who has to come out on top on everything can pull it off. Nixon went to China and opened it up to the world; can Trump do the same thing with North Korea? We have to hold our breath and wait. No matter what anyone thinks of him he should be supported by all in this endeavor.




  1. Are the Iran crisis and the N. Korea crisis orchestrated events to give the U S the excuse for deploying missile defense on Russia’s and China’s borders as P C Roberts says? Are these issues ruses to encircle Russia and China and render their ballistic missiles ineffective thus returning us to the one superpower world of 1990 with America in command? If china and Russia have an impotent missile force they would be compelled to follow the West’s lead on all global issues.

  2. Politics is said to make odd bedfellows. It is also true for those one is not in bed with. The present product of the Kim dynasty is one of the oddest.

    When Harold MacMillan won the election that confirmed his hold on being Prime Minister he was asked what would determine his course of action. “Events, my dear man, events,” he replied. Trump has been in many businesses and dealt with pressures from a point of responsibility. He probably would correct you for saying, “Trump who has to come out on top on everything.” He has lost a few and learned. He can handle “events”.

    For all the fuss the fake news community makes about Trump being unprepared and, hence, not competent to handle the office it should be noted that he has more and varied executive experienced than any recent president.

    To be partisan his predecessor had zero such experience upon entering office without an avalanche of caveats broadcast about the glaring deficit. He also had very little executive experience when he departed the White House. He left a swamp to be drained.

  3. Matt:
    If, as you say, by buttering up dictators he can soften them, lessen their abuses and avoid war, I say keep passing the butter.
    1. You know FDR, Truman, and Churchill met with Stalin. Historically, the US has worked with many dictators. What do you call the Gulf Arab States? Dictatorial theocracies?
    2. Trump has been in the political arena exactly 2 years, and the diplomatic field 3 months. His phraseology is neither polished nor precise. Liberals love to batter him for every misspoken word. Conservatives praise his initiatives consistent with his campaign promises.
    3. All sane persons hope for less war, less brutality, less killing, less suffering in the world.
    4. I wouldn’t put Le-Pen in the same sentence as Kim Jung. Le-Pen, the Brexit folks, Trump are reflections of nationalistic conservative movements.
    5. Duterte’s regime has been bloodily brutal, at times, but the Filipino people are fed up with murderous drug gangs, rebels and ISIS. Perhaps Trump can tamper Duterte’s excesses.
    6. I see the solution in Syria, Ukraine will come via working with the Russians, not exacerbating tensions.