Washing Our Minds of the Propaganda About Whitey: Is The Monster of Southie Still There?

south-boston-22I have been challenged in my suggestion that Whitey was involved in the murder of Bucky Barrett. If he was not then it must follow that my reconsideration of his role in the Deborah Hussey murder must also be rejected. For him to have murdered Deborah he had to have first murdered Bucky. What runs strongly up against the idea that he murdered Bucky is that he and Deborah were buried in the cellar of the house belonging to Pat Nee’s brother. Why would Pat Nee allow people to be buried in that cellar If he was not involved in their murder?

There’s another strange thing about these murders. Weeks who is always willing to help Steve Flemmi dismember the body by taking out the teeth or eradicating other identification marks, tells how Whitey after the murder goes away from the scene to get away and lie down. The murder affected him deeply while Weeks and Flemmi seem to savor it. It would seem to me if Whitey enjoyed murdering people he would, like the macabre Flemmi, enjoy all that was involved and not want to get away.

Why then would Pat Nee allow Whitey to murder someone in his brother’s house and bury the body in the cellar which could implicate his brother?

Before answering that there is another weird aspect regarding Pat Nee. Why wasn’t he a witness at the trial? Why wasn’t he immunized like others to give testimony since he was supposedly a percipient witness to Whitey’s evil. Why did nothing happen to him for his involvement in the murders to this date?

As for using his brother’s house, we have established the evidence is clear he brought John McIntyre to his brother’s house to be murdered and that probably he and Weeks murdered him there. He had the motive to do this, not Whitey. Why does it not follow that he did the same thing with Bucky and with Hussey?

These questions cast more light on who were the real murderers. To answer them we must cleanse our mind of all the propaganda that the people who have profited off Whitey being the master criminal have filled it with. It is like the story on 75 State Street. The same people who wrote about Whitey put out the lies about Bill Bulger having done something criminal involving 75 State. They have such enormous influence that they caused five investigations of his role there. Each one cleared him of any wrongdoing.

They do the same propagandizing against Whitey. They have convinced people against all the evidence showing otherwise that somehow he was the big monster. The evidence shows he is not even in the top five of the evil gangsters in Boston.

People have a hard time clearing their minds of their initial thoughts. Even when they accept what they believed is false they cling to the straw. They find it impossible to think their beliefs were in error. They end up saying “something is fishy” and walk away.

For me, there has been so much put out there that Whitey murdered so many people it seemed I leaned toward wanting to find that he must have done some of them. What if the reason for the murders of Tommy King, Buddy Leonard, and Paulie McGonagle was that Pat Nee did not want to share the Mullins take with his partners and keep it all for himself. I pointed out earlier it was strange that if Whitey eliminated them because they were  his competition that their buddy Nee never took revenge for their deaths.  Why did I not consider is that points to Nee as the possible murderer?

As they say throw a lot of mud at the wall and something will stick. It is the federal prosecutor’s trick of piling one charge upon another so that the jury finds just from the multitude of charges before hearing any evidence that the person must have done something wrong. Have I too been duped by the many charges of murder even though after reconsideration I have eliminated half of them?

When you step back and look at the evidence against Whitey it is all from people who got good deals. The more they implicated him in their criminal activity the better the deal. Whitey, and his brother Bill, were the targets of the Boston Globe and the Boston federal prosecutors. Any person interrogated by the federal investigators heard the question “what can you tell us about Whitey. or his brother Bill?”

I have pointed out how Weeks in his book Brutal covered for Pat Nee and how Pat Nee in his book covered for Weeks. Two stupid men writing books and contradicting each other because both were written and rushed to publication about the same time. Nee’s book is noteworthy for what it leaves out and the obvious lies; Weeks book is more inclusive but it too has its share of lies.

To try to give myself a starting point after being asked why would Nee let Whitey bury bodies in his brother’s house I realize the only reason I believe that is because Weeks has testified to it. I know Flemmi came along and substantiated it but we know Flemmi is going to throw Whitey into everything to save his sorry butt. How can he be believed in anything he says?

Throw out his lies and I’m left with Weeks telling us that Whitey did the murders. Now I also know he is trying to protect Nee and that Nee’s brother’s house was the scene. How easy would it be for him to put Whitey in the place of Nee? Think about it – that protects his buddy, it gives the prosecutors what they want, and it gives him a better deal.

If he told the truth about Nee it would gain him nothing. It could work against him if Nee is being protected by the prosecutors – is he an FBI informant – judging from the deals he got for his attempted armed robbery and providing arms to the IRA he got good breaks.

Is he now giving information to the FBI or CIA about what is going on in the IRA? That would make him too important to touch? It all seems to be too simple and nice throwing it on Whitey’s shoulders when the motive for the murders seem more on Nee’s side than on his. We know from his book Nee went up to a guy and tried to murder him in cold blood. We have no example of Whitey being that bold.

Perhaps there is much more to this than meets the eye. Whitey has been used as the dupe to hide the doings of much greater magnitude. Is Pat Nee who walks the streets of Southie the real monster of South Boston?



  1. Matt,
    1. Can you post the correspondence?

    2. Maybe YOU are the vehicle that he wants to use to tell his story.

    Obviously, he and his “agents” monitor this site.


    • Rather Not
      You really think Whitey Bulger reads this site and/or some of his family members?

    • Rather:

      1. I could but I won’t at this time.It is really nothing of much significance.

      2. I’m not the vehicle – he would want someone who he had more trust in.

      I have no idea who monitors this site although I am always surprised at how many seem to do it.

  2. Matt
    Have you contacted Whitey Bulger? Has he agreed to speak with you if you visit him? Any word on if someone in his family is writing a book based on what he feeds them?

    • Jerome:

      I did write to him and he sent me the papers authorizing me to visit him. I have yet to return them. I met with a person who had visited him on a few occasions and was told he was unsure whether he wanted to meet me or not. Right now I do not know the condition of his health – he is in a wheel chair. I will reconsider going to see him.

      • Matt
        What is your hesitation to go and meet with him? You are very good at detecting bullcrap from the truth plus you might be able to tie some loose ends up in the saga. I wish I was on the professional level that you are to have that type of access. Anyway I am sure you will make the right decision for yourself but will all that you have watched , read, studied, and written about would think you would go without hesitation. Just my 2 cents.

        • Jerome:

          It is not so much a hesitation as a feeling that it is unnecessary because I have a feeling that little would come of it. Especially did I feel that when I was contemplating it and was told he did not know if he wanted to meet with me or not subsequent to the time I first wrote. I figured why make the trip only to be left standing at the altar. Maybe I will reconsider my decision. I’ll send him a letter to see if he is willing to meet. If he is I’ll try to schedule it in. If that comes about I will let you know.

          • Matt
            It hadnt occurred to me that you would show up and Bulger would refuse to see you. But given his age and possibly some mental deterioration and slight paranoia then I do see your point. Whatever you decide I hope it works out for the greater good, in this case, discovering the Truth.

            On a side note, would you make a post as to what exactly you want to ask Bulger when interviewing him?

            • Jerome:

              I am sending off two letters today. One to Whitey asking him if he would like a visit from me in early September and another to the corrections facility with a request that I be considered a permitted visitor along with the appropriate form.

              If Whitey agrees and if I can manage the trip I will go. Prior to going I will ask those who are interested to submit any questions they would like me to ask him. Of course I will have to get his permission to tell his answers but that is down the road. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Matt
    I think it would be great if you went and talked to Whitey Bulger. Don’t let the fact that Bulger may have forgotten key incidents or details and may lie because you have an uncanny ability. The ability to sift through the mess and make some sense of it all.

    Dare I say that ALL of this Flemmi/Bulger saga was NEVER EVER supposed to be discovered and uncovered because they were both TEI informants. And because of that facts then so many parts of their stories and their history was never supposed to be analyzed by the public and certain parts of law enforcement. Strangely, if Morris never opened his mouth to Lehr and O’Neil inorder to get Whitey wacked as a “rat” then it would have played out how? With Flemmi and Bulger going to trial on the charges that got them indicted?

    In other words, I am sure there were many liberties taken by Bulger, Flemmi, and law enforcement under the umbrella of the TEI program that they all thought they never would have to answer for in court or among the media.

    What I find puzzling is what did Bulger and Flemmi think? were they so empowered that they really believed they would never get “caught” , tried , and prosecuted as long as they were informants. They had to know that sooner or later ?T heir usefeulness would be used up and law enforcement would turn against them, no?

    • Jerome:

      Flemmi was protected by the FBI since the 1960s. Even when he was arrested in 1995 he reached out for the FBI believing it could get him out. He was of the mindset, having had over 30 years experience,that he would never be caught; I would suggest that Whitey had the same expectations but Whitey prepared for that eventuality by setting up fake IDs and spreading money around into various safe deposit boxes.

      By the time John Connolly who had been protecting them for 16 years left the FBI they were in a position where they had backed away from the real violent stuff and starting to try to pretend they were legitimate. I have little doubt had Freddy Whysak not come to town they might never have faced the music. For all his faults it is difficult to take that away from him.

  4. Matt, you nailed it! Well done.

  5. Both guys have a suite in hell waiting for them. Total scum. We will never know the truth of any actual events. Never. Simply put, too many years have gone by. Not to mention, If the truth emerged the good men on the inside wearing blue would look even worse than these criminals. Plenty of warped “good guys” walked away totally clean. Only if walls could talk!

  6. wa-llahi! A visit? Now, that would be something. The only thing to it is to do it.

  7. Hi Matt: There’s a phrase, “Wilderness of Mirrors”, that perfectly fits this situation. I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth. But I think we should keep trying. Maybe some new fact will pop up unexpectedly .

    • Dan:
      It is a trek. We have to keep moving forward while looking off the side of the road to see if we are still on the right track. You are right – there is no way of ever knowing since our information comes from guys who lied for a living. But at least recognizing that the truth is elusive is more than we get from the so-called “experts” in these matters.

  8. Hi Matt, I have read your columns about Whitey Bulger. You have an uncanny ability
    to pick through the evidence and testimony given at the various trials. Bulger was
    obviously doomed to remain locked up for the remainder of his life once he came
    home from Santa Monica. He had a great opportunity to come clean and tell his
    account of his life and his relationship with the U S Justice Dept, the FBI, the State
    Police and local Police. He could have taken the witness stand and told his story.
    I feel that the Feds should have let Catherine off the hook for his testimony but that
    they were fearful of what he might say. I’m interested to learn your opinion as to
    why he did not take the stand. It certainly would have been a “Perry Mason moment”.

    • Bobby,
      I was hoping he would “tell his account” also.
      It was built up in the media that he was going to testify, and then a last minute executive decision changed the strategy.
      I wonder why?

      Attorney Cardinale said his strategy would have been to attack MK ULtra. and it sounded semi-convincing.
      If he testified, I honestly don’t think he would have been manipulated on cross, and could have only helped his (and Cathy’s) case.

      For the fortieth time (mentioned by me on this blog),….don’t forget about those manuscripts found on Silver St…….they are a genuine bona-fide autobiography.

      At the recent auction “Bulger’s weapons were not for sale. Nor was his manuscript, a sort of autobiography Bulger was penning at the time of his arrest.” “A lot of the writing had references to violent acts,” Carmen Ortiz said.

      I wonder if that was his only copy. Maybe his decision not to testify was based on the security and knowledge that his family had a copy and could benefit from publication later.

      Just a theory.

    • Hey Bobby:

      Nice to hear from you. You are right about Bulger that once he got arrested he would die in prison. The federals could have tried him in California for all the guns he had and locked him up forever. He had to have known that so what was he doing going through all this hoopla/

      The feds were never going to let him plead. They wanted their show. That is why I believe he did not testify. He had no choice but to sit there during the trial but he knew all in the media who had done such an evil job on him were salivating at the thought of him testifying. He could only get one bit of revenge on all of them and that is not giving them the satisfaction of hearing his story.

      He knew whatever he said would either not be believed or would have been twisted. His testimony would have been turned into a circus — the prosecutor would have started off by asking him about his flight and who helped him and who contacted him.

      Keep in mind Whitey was never the real target and a lot of things make sense. Look at the case as the feds wanting to get something on his brother Bill. Whitey’s testimony would have convered a lot of his relationship on that subject. Th

      As for Catherine the feds would let her off the hook tomorrow if she gave them some other people so that this long drawn out saga could go on. Whitey could not save her because they wanted something from her. She actually will do a lot of time but in the end she will have been the only one who beat them.

      No one was fearful of Whitey’s testimony. What they did not like they would say was lie and there is no one in the media who would challenge them on it. Whitey basically did not testify in order to deny the feds and the media his story. And, as you know, there was no way he could ever get acquitted – he was dead meat on the second day of trial when they piled up all the guns on the table in the courtroom while showing the day before that he hung around with all the Mafia guys and other gangsters.

      Here’s my problem. I thought of going to see him. But how would I know if he was telling me the truth or not.

  9. Matt, this comment relates to an earlier post. I previously wrote that that the Minnesota Police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who shot Philando Castile, is Hispanic. Today, I read that Officer Yanez is ASIAN.

  10. P F.Mahoney B.C.H

    Chasing down the lie of 75 State is nearly impossible as has been clearly demonstrated.
    Printing the truth about it has enormous value particularly to those who have been unfairly tarnished media reports .

  11. Wasn’t Nee also the one who packed up the guns and shipped them via Greyhound to Martorano in OK for his hit on Wheeler? Why wasn’t he pinched for that?