Whitey Bulger’s Forlorn Future – Why Won’t Whitey Give Catherine Greig a Chance

I’ve told how Catherine Greig who never killed anyone or committed a crime just got sent to prison for 8 years.

Oh, let me stand corrected on that.  She did commit a crime.  She fell in love.  She went off with Whitey Bulger for the 16 years he was on the lam.  Had she been his wife, she could not have been charged with standing by her man.  Whitey’s reluctance to tie the knot left her in the lurch.  Although in California she’d probably have been considered his common law wife.  I wonder if she tried that defense.

I noted how Kevin Weeks who led a life of violent crime, abetted at least five murders, and acted as Whitey’s strong arm thug for 16 years got six years and has been free for some time.

How is it  a  man who helped Whitey kill people (including Deborah Hussey, a young woman in her twenties who was Steve Flemmi’s step daughter who he had sexually abused since she was a child.  who explained when asked,  “You were there seeing Deborah Hussey strangled?”  “Correct.” “Then her neck…”  “Stevie put a rope around her neck and put a stick in the rope and twisted it like a garrotte.”) got six years and yet this woman whose crime was living with him  got eight.

It’s simple.  Weeks joined the government team rowing aside the investigators; Greig turned down its offer to pick up an oar.     Tough guy Weeks couldn’t do the time for his crime, Greig the woman dental hygienist is doing time for being in love.  There’s surly something  twisted in that result no matter how you slice it.

Whitey has to know he’ll never see the street again.  Not only that, he’s got to be fully cognizant that he’ll be living in isolation for the rest of his life.  He knows that even if he is not sentenced to Florence ADX (Colorado) he’ll never be put into the general population.   That’s because he has a big target on his back.

Our prisons are the repository of psychopaths, gangsters and others properly considered the most violent individuals that have infected our society.  They are given to acts of murder and mayhem.  A certain few know they will never see the world from outside again.  These  losers know they’ve done nothing in their lives but dwell in the house of evil.  The public has no knowledge of their existence.

To their perverse way of thinking Whitey can do for them what no one else can.  He can make one of them into a somebody.   How do we know the names Lee Harvey Oswald,  Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, John Wilkes Booth,  James Earl Ray, or even Robert Ford?

There are a few in prison who would like to be added to that list.  Every warden knows that if Whitey is let into the general population there’s one or two waiting with a shank to have the bragging rights as being the man who killed Whitey Bulger.

Whitey will be 83 years old next month.  His future is not bright.  He’s got to be out of shape — I don’t recall they found much workout equipment in his apartment in Santa Monica.  (He probably didn’t need weights, he could have used some of the guns. ) I don’t expect he’s working out too much in his cell in Plymouth.  He’d probably be unable to defend himself much anymore anyway especially since his back up muscle is not with him.

All I am saying is it seems that Whitey would want to give Catherine a chance for freedom.  Why won’t he send her a message that she should jump into the galley and start rowing.  She’s shown she’s a stand up bro.. , er, woman.  She’s shown she’s willing to do the time.  Isn’t it time for him to cut her a break.

I previously suggested  I could not understand why Whitey insisted that Greig take the hit.  I’m beginning to think that Greig knows something that Whitey cannot afford to have her reveal.  I’ll speculate on that in the future.